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Dublin Recap

  • June 8, 2012
    Dublin Recap

    Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers made their triumphant return to Europe Thursday night, rocking a sold-out show at Dublin's O2 Arena to one of the best crowds of the 2012 Summer Tour so far. Full review, photos, set list, and leave your own comment or upload your own photos, here.

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on June 8, 2012

Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers made their triumphant return to Europe Thursday night, rocking a sold-out show at Dublin's O2 Arena to one of the best crowds of the 2012 Summer Tour so far. Full review, photos, set list, and leave your own comment or upload your own photos, here.

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cearns's picture

We travelled down from the western isles(scotland), flew to Edinburgh on the monday night before the concert then flew over to Dublin on the tuesday afternoon.We checked into our hotel and spent the next few days doing all the touristy stuff around Dublin using our Dublin pass and HO-HO bus tickets.Fantastic place and fantastic people!!! Then Thursday night was upon us and we eagerly boarded the tram to take us to what can only be described as an amazing concert, even the support act was great(sounded kinda early tom petty to me!).Great to see Tom and the band live at last, and PLEASE visit Scotland the next time you hit europe...possibly Stornoway!!! ;)
irelandfan's picture

thanks tom and the band for a night to remember! Two hours of non stop music from the legends themselves. Never to be forgotten but hope for a repeat visit as soon as possible please! 20 years way to long to wait for this fantastic concert - thanks for the unforgettable night!
larosmona's picture

My God, my life concert, Tom and Heartbreakes, very exciting, I cried.that sound, you can play better,I went from Spain to Dublin, dublin people charming, and a Portuguese Nuno.Thank you very much, Rocio
Anonymous's picture

this was a real dream come true for me to finally see Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers - the show in Dublin was outstanding - we had a fantastic night - many thanks for coming to Europe!
countrynuno's picture

Thank you so much Tom and the rest of the band. I went from Portugal to Dublin and Cork shows, it were amazing, been in front row on both. I wish you could rock portuguese audience, play there. I met many people from Spain, specially from Vigo and Murcia, there's a big base of fans there. To all I met on the first places of the queue, a big hug. Hope I could see more shows... All the best nuno Portugal
jacque56's picture

Just re- read my comment from below....of course I meant Mary Jane not silly....but just wanted to say I am still bowled over by the gig and really want to get to another one while TP is still in Europe xo
gilmore's picture

fantastico concierto de tom petty and the hearbreakers en dublin , perfecto set list , Here Comes My Girl una de mis favoritas el foro de powerpop action estuvo presente en Dublín yeah fantastica noche de rock n roll
blindwilliehighlight's picture

Oh me, oh my... It was worth it. The whole thing. The waiting (six long months after getting the tickets), the weather (some of us in Northern Spain are used to this blessing water almost the entire year), the effort (money became king, you know, and it's not easy to go to another country on week days just to attend a concert). But it WAS WORTH IT. God bless Irish people, Dubliners, what a beautiful lovely city. What a fair way to understand living, all (teenagers and grandpas) sharing the pubs until closing time, what a spirit about singing and dancing and cheering... And then, the show. We were also lucky about that. We met Steve Ferrone where looking for shelter from the storm! Coolest guy, we took a picture with him, explained we came from Spain. He looked impressed. Then we had "our moment" during the show, hahahaha! I can't say more. Thanks Tom, band and Dubliners for some of the best days of my life. Hope there's a next time... God bless you all.
johnbroomhall's picture

what a fantastic show tom petty and the heartbreakers are one of the best bands in the world i hope you guys dont leave it to long before you come back thanks for giving a fantastic night
Anonymous's picture

Hi Tom, welcome in Europe, and see you in Hamburg Greetings Klaus
markvic's picture

What a brilliant show. The guys played so well and some extra crowd singing (ole' ole') made it so very special. Good to be king was just awesome. It was worth bringing the family from the UK and my 8 year old daughter is now just the biggest fan. Hopefully you will all return in a year or two??
treefrogdemon's picture

OK, I've seen three so far, and Dublin was the best. It was immaculate - you really raised the roof there, chaps!
treefrogdemon's picture

OK, I never moan. I am famous for it. But we could NOT get our tickets at 5 in Dublin. I tried and tried to persuade them but they wouldn't open the box office (hich was inside the venue) till 6.30, which was when everyone else was let in, so people queueing for box office collection lost out. However, in Cork the box office was outside the venue in a caravan and they opened early as sweet as you please!
jacque56's picture

We flew over from Leeds UK. What a night!. All my fav songs ......was hop hop hoping for Last Dance with Lady Jane and and you can hear me shout woo hoo when I hear the early bars of 'Here Comes My Girl'......just about 10 people back from gooood- thanks Tom and the band you were truely brilliant xo
redskybag's picture

Well how good was THAT?
angiejez's picture

With London sold out I travelled to Dublin 7/6/2012. What can I say..... I was absolutely thrilled and in tears to see Tom Petty and the Heartbrakers on the stage after years of checking for UK (or somewhere near!) gigs. It was superb - Tom was great, the band were great the audience were great - Thank you so much Tom Petty and the Heartbrakers - please come back soon! Can we have Too Good to be True on the next set list too? Angie xx
paddy's picture

Best show ever with the crowd singing along to so many hits . Please don't leave it another 20 years.
dhat1964's picture

I was at the dublin gig. Fantastic. Delighted to be able to see Tom and the band live after all these years. Great set and perfect performance. You can tell they still love doing it after all the years. Hard to find better band anywhere than the Heartbreakers
Anonymous's picture

can't wait for tomorrow night's show in Hamburg! might there be a Breakdown in store?