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Video Message to the Fans from Tom Petty

  • May 9, 2012
    Video Message to the Fans from Tom Petty

    From the final US date in Austin, Tom gives a shout out to the fans!


    2012 Tour
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on May 9, 2012

From the final US date in Austin, Tom gives a shout out to the fans!


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angeleyez712's picture

Hope you come back to Austin! Already miss you all! Great show!!!! Thanks a million! ANGEL
dgclark90's picture

Hoping and waiting for a Connecticut show!!!
laup's picture

hey tom come on , whens downunder going to get a visit??? you will luv it here
curtsims's picture

Hey, my wife is going to be asking me what I want for Father's Day soon. I sure would like to ask for tickets to see Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers in Nashville or Chattanooga. If you can go to North Little Rock why not Chattanooga. Come on, I NEED TO KNOW. Europe enjoy!
sunshine1's picture

Louisianarain here! Saw you in NOLA with Oneworldview and Mermaid, and you guys rocked! It was great meeting them and seeing you all play made it epic!! See you next year???? ;-))
mokeen's picture

Have a safe trip and come back to New England. Boston really loves you! At least I do.
jrw1960's picture

Cant wait for the two shows at the Royal Albert Hall,because I am going to BOTH of them !!.
se_otken's picture

Loved the show in Austin Tom. Hope to see you again in the "Live Music Capitol of the World". Just a request, but if you come back, see if ZZ Top ain't too busy to open up for ya! I was depressed to miss that show in Houston/Dallas on you're Mojo Tour. Two of the greatest classic rock bands in one show. You couldn't ask for more???
tanya_bradham's picture

I Can' tell you how much it meant to me and my husband for YOU and the boys to come to Little Rock!!!!! It was the best show I've ever seen!!!!!! Bar None!!!!! I could not sit down the entire show!!!! (Heels and all!) I was only able to get second row, a few seats from the center, but it was mind blowing!!!!! F@#!ing AWESOME!!!!!!!! I saw the show in Dallas in 2010 for our 25th wedding anniversary and it was unbelieveable, but this show was over the top!!!!! All our Thanks and Love goes out to YOU and the boys for coming to Little Rock!!!!! It was the best thing that ever happened to Little Rock!!!!! The review in the Arkansas TImes said it was the loudest fans they had ever heard at a concert and you blew us away!!!!!! PLEASE come again!!!! PLEASE don't wait 2 years to tour again!!! Tom you are THE MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your music fills my soul!!!!! Keep on rockin'!!!!!!!! P.S. Thanks for the FANTASTIC video message!!!!! It made me smile!!!
seashell63's picture

We here in Kentucky LOVE TPHB. We drove to Alpharetta - Atlanta, Georgia to see you in the beginning of this 2012 world tour. It was worth every mile and every dollar spent. Please come to Louisville soon and we will love to come and see you again. You have many, many fans here who have loved you from the beginning, so many years ago and still we do. Have a great European leg of the tour and remember where home is!
josy's picture

Please will you ever consider coming out to Australia at all?? Would be magic to be able to see you guys in Melbourne!! Thanks for the great updates and the buzz of the tour!
agrego06's picture

Hope you guys try hard to get back to the midwest for some summer fun. We should could use some of it in Cleveland!!
YomamabirdRhonda's picture

Yomamabird Rhonda says...It's just been way too long since the last time! Y'all come back now...hyuh?? <3
jahakline's picture

Tom please come to the Gorge! My first Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers show was when I was 12yrs old and I am now 32! I have yet to miss one of your shows in Portland or the Gorge, so please come back, two years is far too long!!! We are keeping our fingers crossed!
blumuze's picture

Ha! Tom looks so baked in this video. Hey kids, don't try this at home. Cheers!
Anonymous's picture

I hope it is close to the Canadian border!!! How about crossing the border and come to Ottawa Ontario as well!!! If not, Toronto or Montreal will suffice...have wheels...will travel! See you in Halifax!!! Enjoy Europe come back safely
Anonymous's picture

I know the band is heading up to the east coast of Canada soon where they'll be playing only two cities. I just wanted to remind you that Canada is still a very big country, and you will always have huge fans here in Toronto, ready to welcome and rock on with you! Please keep us in mind! Your virtual groupie, MCS Rupert
tompettylover's picture

Indianapolis could sure use a dose of TPATH!! You guys have done a an amazing job so far and it just keeps getting better and better!! Every show is my favorite!! Safe travels and hope you have a blast in the next leg of the tour!
dianakemp's picture

and I'll definitely be at as many concerts as I can get to! Thank you!! I've sat (well, we actually stood) with some of your European fans at concerts who traveled to the states to see you, so know they'll be excited that you're on their turf ... hope you have as much fun playing as we do watching, hearing, etc.
nancyde's picture

i haven't been able to catch you in any cities this year and i would LOVE to see you somewhere near me (wisconsin) when you continue your tour in the U.S. i'll be waiting on pins and needles. hope to see you this summer!!!!!
qantastic's picture

I just returned to Brisbane from seeing TPATHB,s (my 1st show) in Austin Tx , and am hearing reports of an upcoming tour DownUnder ! Looking promising for all the fans in Aussie and NZ maybe ,, I can,t wait to hear more about this ! Tom Petty Rocks
katiemccarty's picture

So glad there's a chance for more US in the near future! We love you guys and love Buried Treasure. Here's hoping you play some songs a little less familiar in an upcoming concert. Please bring "Swinging" out of retirement, and maybe that wonderful version of "Psychotic Reaction". We'll be there, cheering you all on. Your friend in Joisey, Monya
rkc's picture

I flew back to California from Austin with one of your lighting guys. I was so disappointed that he had not heard any plans about you extending the tour. Then I saw this video....YES!!!!!!!!!
tof89's picture

Chicagoooo loves TP!!!
grndshaker's picture

We traveled to Broomfield to see you. It was my 24th and 25th Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers shows. After hearing your message I am hopeful you will be coming to Washington state soon :). Seeing you perform live is just one of those things that I have to do whenever you go out on tour. Thanks for all of the great music. It just makes my life better.
Anonymous's picture

Yeh the States ? What about britian ? You know the place that made you what you are. If you wanted to play more dates here you could. Come on Tom. Some European tour..
sabbeth1's picture

Tom you kick ass! Your AWESOME, how about a shout out for Scranton PA when you boys come back home. LOVE YOU!! sabbeth1
Anonymous's picture

Tom, please make sure to stop in to Grand Rapids or Clarkston after you come back from Europe. We love you guys!
zitazone's picture

Had the good fortune of seeing you guys in Little Rock and New Orleans. Just cannot get you guys out of my mind. 49 and feel ilke a high school kid again. Thanks Tom, Mike, Benmont Tench3rd., mr Scott Thurston, Ron Blair and your own steam locomotive Steve Feroni......god bless Howie think I heard him somewhere in the set.....God Bless till we meet again Goodnight!!! You guys be safe out there.....Tell Ron to drink plenty of water with the hash this
dabjab06's picture

While I wasn't planning on seeing Tom this year to the setlist never seeming to change. He is switching it up and playing longer. If you guys come close to VA, like in NC. I will be there brother already decided. Front row like before. I have seen you guys every 2 years since 2006 and want to see you again since changes were made. It's Good to be King is one of my favorite tunes and if you play that I will surely die in peace when my time comes.