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Paris 06/27


Jun 27 2012
Grand Rex

Club Rex's official capacity is 2,700, but it seemed like there were 5,000 people crammed into the intimate Paris venue on Wednesday night for Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers' long awaited return to Francve.

The buzz was huge before the show as people lined the streets waiting for Tom and the band to show. Fans hung out on the barricades that lined the path to the stage door, waiting with cameras and items in hopes of an autograph.

Right before 8 pm, a black van pulled up and out hopped Tom, sending the crowd into a frenzy with fans shouting his name, pushing vintage LPs into his hands to sign and snapping photos. Tom smiled and waved to the fans, stopping along the line to shake hands and sign autographs.

Just as he was reaching the end of the line and the backstage door, a young French girl screamed, "Paris loves you Tom!"

Ever the rock star, Tom turned around, looked down over his sunglasses, smiled and said, "Oh, I love Paris, baby!"

Italy, you're next! Come see us in Lucca and check back for more from the 2012 Summer Tour!

Listen to Her Heart
You Wreck Me
I Won't Back Down
Here Comes My Girl
Handle with Care
Good Enough
Oh Well
Something Big
Don't Come Around Here No More
Free Fallin'
It's Good To Be King
Learning to Fly
Yer So Bad
I Shoulda Known It
Runnin' Down A Dream

Mary Jane
American Girl

Grand Rex
Tour Tracks: 
I Should Have Known It
Good Enough
American Girl
Oh Well
Listen to Her Heart
Don't Come Around Here No More
Free Fallin'
I Won't Back Down
Mary Jane's Last Dance
Runnin' Down A Dream
Learning To Fly


michicha's picture

In the new picture,you are the right side man who is getting Tom Petty's autogragh just next Tom?! Congratulations for you too!! Guino Patrice, thank you again, as well!! I was in Europe for 3 weeks for vacation, and I went Tom's live in Klon,too.The day which I met Tom in Paris was the most super hightlight happening durling the vacation^^
ivan's picture

Happy to help you. Thanks Guino Patrice for pictures. I was in Paris for the first time. I came specifically for the concert in Russia. It was great!
michicha's picture

Dear IGOR Ahhhhhh !!!!!!!!!! I don't know how I can say... !!!!! Thank you !! Thank you !! Thank you !!!!! I can't put my appreciation into words..!!!!! Now I can believe that moment which was like super miracle dream !!!!! Thank you sooooo much !!!!! God bless you !!!!!
ivan's picture

Hello Michichan. Find that pictures here: Is it you?
michicha's picture

Great Idea !! We fans are taking photos of Tom, but cannot include yourself! If somebody took photos Tom's lefthand side, please up your photos !!! If i could fine myself, it will be sooo appreciated!! (I'm small asian woman in red T-shirt.) I put righthand side photo, so!! Thank you again, Tom!! You gave us the lucky!!
ivan's picture

Autograph set: man of crew in pink T-shirt-blue jeans-ring on the left hand with compact black camera. Thank you very much for shooting me with Tom to the official page! Thanks, thanks! And more thanks, that does not interfere with pictures (google translate, excuse me). Best show of my life was in Paris. I can't go to show of other artists anymore (google again, sorry). Spasibo! We wait you in Russia now.
ivan's picture

e.j.haanraadts's picture

After seeing you in the wonderful Royal Albert Hall, with a magnificent guest appearance of Steve Winwood, and in the Amsterdam Heineken Music Hall (with Eddie Vedder and raving reviews in all the national newspapers), I saw the show for the third time in a week in Le Grand Rex in Paris. Funny to see the trucks block the Paris Boulevard Poissonniere. Again it was a great show. It's amazing to see how you can keep up the high standard every night. From the first second the band hit the stage everybody was on their feet to never sit down again. Again this night the sound engineers did a fabulous job. The sound quality was immaculate: all the subtleties of Benmont Tench' keyboard playing and the different guitar sounds could be heard clearly. 2012 was a great European Tom Petty summer. Let's hope you'll be back soon as promised.
highwaycompanionfrance's picture

Big event, great show, good sound and vibrations. Le Grand Rex is The place for Tom Petty. Many thanks to Tom and the Heartbreakers. It was so amazing to see how people were looking at the amps and the stage before the show started. It was quite religious. Here is a photo as a souvenir from Tom Petty in Paris 2012. Best regards to all the Highway Companions.
listy's picture

I came all the way from England and was totally blown away. The Best show i have seen for years. They really rocked the Grand Rex. Absolutely superb. I hope it is not another 20 years till you tour again
zippzzon's picture

Stockholm,London and Paris…..that was a great start of this summer…….me and my friends are so haappy……. What a PARTY we had!! Thanks, Tom and band!!
olivierkienlen's picture

super concert de TOM PETTY & THE HEARTBREAKERS avec dernier album mojo signé à la sortie par TOM ... extra vivement qu'ils reviennent jouer en FRANCE ... thanks TOM .
treefrogdemon's picture

I feel I must apologise for letting out a whoop in a very inappropriate place during It's Good To Be King; I got so carried away listening to TP's magical solo that I just couldn't help it, and it spoiled a quiet bit. I noticed you had an audience mic up so, if you were recording the gig, please go ahead and delete me digitally. I'm very sorry. xxx
tonym42's picture

Managed to get tickets for the Paris gig after no luck at the Albert Hall. So glad we did - Tom and the Heartbreakers were just brilliant....what a show.
ericbaldini's picture

We came from Toulouse with my wife and it's a double special event for us: fans till 79 of TP, still together and 50 birthday of my cherie, so what a show ! One of the top ten between the hundreds we saw in our lives, so not in 20 years for the next one ! A dream come true... Rock on ! Eric and Hélène.
dianna's picture

yes! I'll be checking back! so exciting! more touring! Tom loves Paris, baby! Love it!
treefrogdemon's picture see Jonathan Wilson! (Whom I'd seen 4 times already...) *sobs* Um...could we rerun that one, please, TP?
charly's picture

At the end: "I promess I come back before twenty"... I Hope. The show was amazing, Top of Petty! Grand Rex in Fire! Thank you Tom
djgold49's picture

Wi' Paris! What a show! The guys were on fire in the beautiful le Grand REX! Steve pounded the drums - Mike tore up every note - and well, TP plays a pretty nice guitar, too. Ben, Ron, Scott played great and the energy felt in the front row was an experience I'll never forget. Having my daughter to my side makes it more unforgettable! Thanks!! It is good to be King!
limey's picture

After so many years, finally got to see Tom and Co. Took the Eurostar from London Paris for the show and loved every minute of it. The jamming on Good to Be King was simply spellbinding. They really need to come and play in Europe more often I just want to say thank you as I can now die a happy man!
pedromenorca's picture

I have an extra ticket (a good one!) for the Paris show next wednesday. A friend can't come to the show, and I need to sell his ticket, it's a good one! If you are interested email me! Can't wait for the show!
Anonymous's picture

Hi there, Due to some last minute plans I will be in Paris and would love to catch the Tom Petty show! (Huge fan...) Please email me directly if you have an extra ticket for the concert. Thanks! Dan
richardlawley's picture

With great regret we not can't get to Paris on Wednesday so I've got two Orchestre tickets (in Row 11) which we can't use. They could be picked up in London (close to Waterloo) during the day Monday to Wednesday. Face value 89 euros - open to offers. Email
birivoli's picture

Hi! I'm an Erasmus student in Paris, and I always wanted to see Tom Petty on the stage. If someone could help me find a ticket, it would be much appreciated. The cheaper ticket would be welcome, according to my budget-of-a-student! Merci! Antonio e-mail:
pbc54's picture

After a transfer here 20-odd years ago, looking forward to seeing Heartbreakers in Paris. Saw Cash here with June Carter their last time, following Unchained, when he introduced 'Southern Accents' as a "great song I wish I had written." My 13-year old, who plays the song whenever I long for Atlanta, will be with me up front for the show (he doesn't know). Hope you do ol' John, and all expats with southern accents, most proud. If you manage to work 'Accents' into your set list, I'll be the old Braves fan sobbing shamelessly on his kid's shoulder. Can't wait.
marqueeal's picture

I would be very interested in buying a spare face value ticket for the Paris show. Seat locations ticket preference for Orchestre or Mezzanaine section though would consider Balcon Bas or Balcon Haut section as well. Please get in touch and let me know if you have a ticket to spare, would love to see Tom Petty and Heartbreakers in a seated intimate venue like this one in Paris. Genuine fan.
celinik's picture

I purchased 4 tickets for the next Tom Petty show in Paris the 27th of june via the Tom Petty website but now I need just 2 tickets. I´m looking to sell my spare tickets now but just at face value. Anyone interested in the tickets then drop me an email at
10miles's picture

Tom and Mike, Love your show. Saw you in Dublin. Can you mix up the setlist a bit and perhaps to The Waiting in Paris? The problem is, there are many songs not on the list which are classics, but my personal favorite is The Waiting. Great if you can do it....
ivan's picture

play a magnolia. just magnolia. Only nardkor.
netraam's picture

Hi all, I have two tickets for the Paris show, but unfortunately can't make it there. If anyone is interested: I'd like to sell them for the original price! I'm a fan (going to the Hamburg and Amsterdam shows) and not a trader. Drop me an email ( if you want the tickets! Cheers, Maarten