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Mannheim 06/30


Jun 30 2012
SAP Arena

Tour closers are always bittersweet affairs, as everyone - the band and crew alike - is excited to get home to loved ones but sad to say goodbye to our friends out on the road.

Mannheim - Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers' third show in Germany this month - proved to be a perfect spot to close the band's first trip to Europe in 20-plus years.

Unfortunately, Jonathan Wilson and band were unable to make the show as bus troubles left them stranded in northern Italy, but Tom and the band didn't let the last-minute change deter than from playing a smoking tour closer.

The biggest difference between Mannheim and the other German dates on the Heartbreakers' tour was the crowd, which was on its feet from the opening chords of "Listen To Her Heart" until the final note of "American Girl."

"It's Good To Be King" proved once again to be this tour's heavy hitter, with the band delivering another spine-tingling performance of the Wildflowers opus that elicited the loudest ovation of the entire night.

Just like in Lucca, Tom decided to add a third song to the encore, once again playing a incendiary version of "Two Men Talking," a tune that has only been previously released on 2003's Soundstage DVD.

"This is the last night of our European tour," Tom said before launching into "American Girl." "Thank you, Germany, for a great night tonight. We'll be back real soon."

Listen to Her Heart
You Wreck Me
I Won't Back Down
Here Comes My Girl
Handle with Care
Good Enough
Oh Well
Something Big
Don't Come Around Here No More
Free Fallin'
It's Good To Be King
Learning to Fly
Yer So Bad
I Shoulda Known It
Runnin' Down A Dream

Mary Jane
Two Men Talking
American Girl

SAP Arena
Tour Tracks: 
I Should Have Known It
American Girl
Oh Well
Listen to Her Heart
Don't Come Around Here No More
Free Fallin'
I Won't Back Down
Mary Jane's Last Dance
Runnin' Down A Dream
Learning To Fly


jaggernaut's picture

Hi, one of the greatest concerts I´ve ever seen!!! We have still after almost two months the whole concert in our head! Hopefully Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers don´t wait too long for a next European tour!
daniarrow's picture

One of the best gigs I've ever been to! Hope you'll come back to Germany soon!
vladder's picture

great concert. I arrived with my wife from Russia specially for this concert, and certainly do not regret it. Thank you Tom. We look forward to again in Europe
haasj's picture

Thank you Tom, Mike, Benmont, Ron, Scott, Steve and the entire hard working crew for coming to Europe! Hope fate lets you cross my path real soon.
pettyfan92's picture

It was a great show in Mannheim ! Every moment I'll enjoy it in front of you. Mike..very thanks for the bracelet..yes I get it !! The Band was amazing and the feeling too. I hope to see you again in a view time ! Please Heartbreakers..don't let wait us so long !
treefrogdemon's picture

Well, now I'm getting envious...What was wrong with doing that one in Paris?
pettyswildflower's picture

Thanks for a fantastic concert and thanks for coming to Europe! WE LOVE YOU! Good to see the band was in a great mood too and the crowd really rocked!
Anonymous's picture

Please put out a DVD from your 2012 Tour. One concert and as bonus features the lesser played tracks (Travelling light, The best of everything...) and Mike´s guitar series. That woukd be awesome and we coukd feel that magic of your live music at home.
rodrit99's picture

A great show!!! We really liked the set-list, especially "Something Big". My son would like to thank Mike for the wristband, I hope it transfers some guitar magic to my son (and you have just secured the on-going popularity of Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers with a new generation). Check out my YouTube channel for some video from the Mannheim concert:
davidrossi's picture

Das Konzert in Mannheim war der Hammer. Vielen Dank Tom Petty Grüße aus Berlin David
Anonymous's picture

Normally nothing is as good as you expect it to be. The concert of Tom and the heartbreakers in Mannheim was. The band seemed to have fun and played and sang brilliant, the sound was amazing (the best sound i ever had on a concert) and there was a good vibe in the audience. Tom promised to be back. I hope so. Thank you so much. The sky cried and grumbled heavily that the music was over :-)
banjaxed5555's picture

Wonderful show in Mannheim. Travelled from the UK to see it and was NOT disappointed. Full house in the SAP Arena and everyone was up for it. No support, so straight into non-stop classics and new songs. Perfect delivery, great vocals and instruments. This was a HELL of a way to say goodbye to Europe. Tom, you'd better come back again soon... PS Steve's drumming tore the place apart...
thelonious_monk80's picture
gladbach187's picture

Wonderful show! Last saw the band with Bob Dylan at Wembley in 1987. Fantastic then and still awesome now. Good to see a band interacting with the audience so well. Don't leave it so long next time. Love Two Men Talking BTW. New album in the bag soon?
daniarrow's picture

I was actually a little freaked out about breaking my leg including torn logaments and a bone fracture at the end of may. I had to go to the hospital, sell the tickets for the Hamburg show. Bummer. Still had tickets for this show though, debating whether it's smart to travel alone on crutches from Munich to Mannheim and back. Of course I couldn't drop the show, I had to ge see them. So I did, was rough travelling and by now I haven't slept for almost 50 hours. But hey, it was SO TOTALLY WORTH IT!!! I love Tom & The Heartbreakers, I've seen most of the big ones like Dylan, Springsteen and so on, but what Tom and the guys delievered last night was a rock and roll celebration of the highest class! An amazing reportoire of hit songs, but still enough space for a cover or two and some longer jams inbetween. The perfect mix. I was close to tears during my favourite song and even though I couldn't stand, clapped and sang along like a lunatic. So much fun, so much feelings, so much rock'n'roll! Thanks to the band and please come back to Europe soon! (picture wasn't taken by me - found it online, from yesterdays show)
klaus's picture

COME AROUND HERE MORE AND MORE AND MORE! It was a really great evening in Mannheim. I'm so excited, breathaking...speechless... simply just cant find no more words. So... dear Tom please don't let us wait another 20 years!
grimbsel's picture

Yesterday in Mannheim the concert was awesome. finest rock'n roll ; the audience wents crazy, a new song, thank you very much tom. it'was a night which i will never forget in my life!!!!
fanfan's picture

Bestest Petty gig 2012? I am pretty sure the one in Mannheim was the one! You made it into a gret celebration with us - thanks for coming around and see you again soon (with a new album?)!
running_boy's picture

Oh what a night...Tom Petty was in Mannheim, sold out venue with about 10.000 people I guess, really AMAZING, UNBELIEVABLE, I am flashed...I don't know who came up with the stupid idea of putting chairs in the inner area - was that also the case in previous venues? - but anyway, no one really cares, the crowd was standing from the very beginning, really cool crowd, fantastic of the evening definitely was "Runnin' down a dream" that was really blasting the roof off...the setlist was the same as in Lucca,IT, 20 songs with "2 men talking", the show was about 135 min...And Tom closed the fantastic evening by saying "I promise we'll be back"...Oh what a night...
big_boss_man's picture

I'd also love to hear songs from Southern Accents -- an album that I feel has aged very well. Rebels is great, as is DCAHNM (remember its Alice in Wonderland-themed video? -- maybe TP will bring out the top hat!). As for slow jams, I've become really fond of Square One (Highway Companion), Crawling Back To You (Wildflowers), and Keeping Me Alive (Playback). Icing on the cake would be Insider duet with special guest Stevie Nicks :) (One can dream!) Whatever the set list, TPATH are pros and always put on a really tight and entertaining show. I can't wait! For first-timers, you're in for a real treat tonight in Mannheim...
dman's picture

Please, please play 'Rebels'! My all time favorite song! Looking forward to tomorrow D-Man
mateluna's picture

Very excited about the concert in Mannheim! Been a fan since the early 80s... I've seen TP live 3 times, but they have never played "Don't come around here no more"! One of my favorite songs!! I've noticed it is on the playlist of the last couple of concerts. Please play it in your last one! The other one that I've never seen live is Rebels :(
jorgeisury's picture

Why do not you come to Spain? PLEASE TOM PETTY. Te esperamos en Madrid, We miss you
davidrossi's picture

Nach Jahren kommt Tom Petty wieder nach Deutschland. Vor 2 Jahren war ich live in Mansfield und jetzt in Mannheim, super. Wird ein geiles Konzert. Ich sag nur "Free Fallin"
katnjimc's picture

I've seen you in 3 venues and 2 this will make it 4 venues and 2 countries!! You guys kick it every time!! Keep rockin'. I'll be in the Mannheim audience with my good German friend singing along with you.
Anonymous's picture

See you guys live on stage is gonna be awesome. It´s something I always wanted to do. I can´t wait. Thanks I think in the name of all your European fans for making this happen!!!
allan_lemmens's picture

Tom Petty after all those years waiting and my 26th Springsteen gig two weeks later. A European Bob Seger Tour would make summer complete. The Dutch are coming to Mannheim
vladder's picture

ll be there June 30. Moscow Russia
fransted's picture

8th Row! I'll take it.
daniarrow's picture

Can't wait, I'll be there :-)