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London 06/20


Jun 20 2012
Royal Albert Hall

The Royal Albert Hall added to its rich concert history on Wednesday night
as Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers closed out their two-night run at the
famed London venue with an epic show featuring a guest appearance by close
friend and rock legend Steve Winwood.

Backstage hopped with excitement before the show as family and friends
mingled with the band amid the road cases. Winwood - who opened for Tom
and the Heartbreakers' summer tour in 2008 - caught up with tour manager
Richard Fernandez and checked out guitars with Alan Rogan before the show.
Olivia Harrison dropped in to say hello. Father-and-son producing duo Glyn
and Ethan Johns were around. Nick Lowe and Jimmy Page were in the house
and Helen Mirren came backstage to say hi.

At the center of it all, Tom and the guys were loose, smiling and laughing
and generally soaking it all in.

The biggest difference between Monday and Wednesday's shows was the
swagger the band had as it took the stage following Jonathan Wilson's
opening set. There was no hint of nerves, despite the fact that Benmont
Tench's organ was on the fritz and some of the guys were fighting
off colds. When the house lights dropped and the crowd erupted into
cheers, the band strode onstage and did what they do best.

Hit after hit after hit, they barreled through the show with singular
intent, locked in and focused. Just after he finished introducing
the Heartbreakers, Tom talked about their love of the British Music
Invaders that they heard growing up as kids as a member of the sound crew
set up a microphone between him and Mike Campbell.

"Ladies and gentlemen, Steve Winwood," Tom said with a smile. The Albert
Hall welcomed Winwood with a roar, and out of the deafening madness
emerged the delicate acoustic fingerpicking that opens "Can't Find My Way
Home." Mike Campbell took the first solo, Winwood the second. As the song
headed for the outro, Campbell wove slide guitar swells in with Winwood's
soaring vocals. Beautiful.

If anything could have topped "Can't FInd My Way Home," it would be "Gimme
Some Lovin'." Led by Winwood on the Hammond organ, Tom and the band nailed
the 1966 Spencer Davis Group hit, evidenced by the entire Royal Albert
Hall dancing floor to gallery.

"This has been a tremendous honor to play for you in this room tonight,"
Tom said before the band blasted out the iconic "American Girl" riff.
"Thank you very much, London. We'll see you again soon."

Isle of Wight is next! Hope to see you there. Keep checking back for more
from the Heartbreakers' 2012 Summer Tour!

Listen to Her Heart
You Wreck Me
I Won't Back Down
Here Comes My Girl
Handle with Care
Good Enough
Oh Well
Something Big
Don't Come Around Here No More
Can't Find My Way Home*
Gimme Some Lovin'*
Free Fallin'
It's Good To Be King
Something Good Coming
Learning to Fly
Yer So Bad
I Shoulda Known It
Runnin' Down A Dream

Mary Jane
American Girl

* with Steve Winwood

Royal Albert Hall


saphire52uk's picture

Please give me some hope that dvds will be available for each individual concert , I so want to re-live Dublin and RAH 2
eelaines's picture

I was there at the AH and also at Newport, both nights were amazing! I've also seen Tom and the Heartbreakers in Tampa. You've given me so much happiness and joy. I totally love you and your music, just the best. What am I going to do with no more concerts to look forward to? Please come back to Europe soon. I love you all!
saphire52uk's picture

I was at the RAH in London on the 20th June ,if I used every superlative known to man the words would be totally inadequate to describe this show ! I had previously travelled from Wales to Dublin for the show there which was completely awesome (my first TPATHB show ) but the show in London on the 20th was beyond anything I could have wished for ! The energy throughout the whole show was so electric it could have lit up London on it's own ! Tom running around and twirling with hair flying was so exciting that I actually screamed and I'm not a young girl but I certainly felt like one ! The band always and completely wonderful surpassed anything I've ever ever seen or heard before ,it was pure magic and the best I have experienced in my life ! I stayed overnight in London before going home the next day and as the song says coming down is the hardest thing lol and I couldnt do it I slept for only 2 hours I was on such a high ! I had 6 months to look forward to these concerts and now I am bereft I have no concerts of yours to look forward to ! Please please come back soon I'm sure that you have seen how much Europe loves you ! Thomas Earl Petty I love you ! You and the Heartbreakers are the best band ever ! Long may you continue with the very best of good health ! Please come back soon ! xxx
mgomes's picture

another fine moment of a tremendous concert
mgomes's picture

Tom and the Heartbreakers with Steve Winwood. One of the highlights of a perfect night. What else to say?
samcat's picture

Cracking night. Perfect birthday present. Thank you!
johnbroomhall's picture

tom petty and the heartbreakers were awesome and it was great to see stevie winwood thanks so much for makeing it a fantastic year for me has i have seen you guys 3 times this year please come back soon as i would love to see you guys again the best band ever tp&hb
shaunskelly's picture

Great shows, thanks guys. See you in Paris (any excuse for a steak-frites...)
stevenh1's picture

Great night Great gig well worth the wait fully enjoyed by 4 old rockers. First time since 1980 @ Manchester Apollo Don't leave it so long again and come uo North. RAH a great venue
lillian57's picture

Thanks for a brilliant night on Wednesday, best I've ever seen in my sixty years. You've got to come back! Mike campbell Awesome.
paolobrillo's picture

Hi I have posted some pics from London second night in my FB page:!/media/set/?set=a.374077159308529.76227.229443... enjoy Paolo
rbayliss88's picture

I have been a fan since seeing the Super Bowl half time show they did but knew the songs so I wanted to listen to more songs. Well I am now a huge fan and simply had to get tickets for Wednesday. I managed to and although I had to pay a lil extra because they were from ebay I really didn't care because I can safely say Wednesday was the BEST show I have been to. I am from the Valleys in South Wales so the trip was a lil daunting but I had the Greatest Hits playing on the way and excitement was building. Listen to her heart was a fantastic song to open! got everyone clapping along and the vibe was amazing!. Steve Winwood joining the group for 2 songs was a lovely touch and the 2 songs they played together were stunning!. Personally I loved their performance of Oh Well, Refugee, and American Girl which all rocked the hall to its foundations but all the songs were fantastic! Actually had goosebumps during Free Fallin .. hearing a sold out Royal Albert Hall all singing every word along with Tom was a moment I will never forget! .. so ultimately I have seen my favourite all time band live in the most historic and beautiful venues I have had the pleasure of visiting with a legendary suprise guest and a very very good and length song set with solos galore too!! .. price was not an issue :) dont leave it another 20 years guys!! love you all!!! :D and il be watching skyarts tonight with keen anticipation!! youl rock!!
rosa71uk's picture

Brilliant Show. I am still on a high, but then of course coming down is the hardest thing! So great to see you guys here in the UK, Please don't leave it so long next time. PLEASE COME AROUND HERE SOME MORE!
krishead's picture

Tom even in his sixties delivered a show reminiscent of those old rockpalast, old grey whistle test quality. The band were on form, the set list was tight.. good to be king was great.. I want to see this band as individuals getting their dues as musicians in the press and musician magazines, Steve, Benmont, Ron, Mike and Scott are simply the best at what they do. Mike Campbell is king!
tanya's picture

What a great show - one of the best concerts we have been to in a long time, and we go to loads. Saw them 4 years ago, we went to Texas especially to see them, thinking that it would be the first and last time. so the surprise when the announcement came that they were coming to the UK was great news/!. Great set list and everything I wanted them to play was played - and more!!! Well done to you all and don;t leave it too long till you come back to us again.
darchiefrink's picture

I grew up listening to Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, just a few miles down from Gainesville in a little place called Ocoee. I've moved a lot since then, but these songs always remain. I would love to hear Southern Accents--because it's been too long away from the States this time--or Wake Up Time, which will bring me back home to LA next month. Well, see you from the fourth row--and thanks. Archie
fleur's picture

I have a spare ticket for 20th June (tonight) - face value for a genuine fan. Circle W. Not the best seat in the house but it will be awesome if Monday is anything to go by! £50 plus booking fee.
crza78's picture

Had tickets for Monday but couldn't attend as had to go into hospital for an operation, so looking for 2 tickets for Wednesday if anyone has any spares, please contact Cheers.
algraham's picture

The best concert I have EVER been to. Do whatever you have to - sell your grandma, rob a bank - but get yourself a ticket for the Wednesday gig. The guy is a genius and the band is awesome....
krishead's picture

2 days to go and I can't believe it after the hour wait for confirmation from the box office getting a ticket the day of the sale I'm looking forward to rocking with the heartbreakers finally! I have a seating seat in stalls wondering if anyone wanted to swap a standing ticket for a seating ticket? long shot probably but I thought I'd try my luck, here's to hoping that TP brings the California sun with him! if it was my dream gig I'd hear Like A Diamond, Swingin' and Dogs on the run... peace & love! Kris Head
sharonellen19's picture

Have tix for Wednesday and now getting really excited! Saw TP and the Heartbreakers first in 82 and then 92 can't believe it has been so long. Set list for previous shows looks amazing: the song that really started it all for me was Listen to Her Heart so as the band have opened with it all the way through really hope it doesn't change now. Bring it on!!
lacoltrane's picture

I've been keeping an eye open for a couple of tickets to the Wednesday show, but WOW, they are expensive. I'm hoping the venue, or somebody might release some more tickets closer to the day of show. My wife and I will be on our honeymoon and are both big fans... If anyone is has a couple, or knows a good way to score a couple of tickets at a reasonable price (even above face) please let me know. Chris
lacoltrane's picture

I've been keeping an eye open for a couple of tickets to the Wednesday show, but WOW, they are expensive. I'm hoping the venue, or somebody might release some more tickets closer to the day of show. My wife and I will be on our honeymoon and are both big fans... If anyone is has a couple, or knows a good way to score a couple of tickets at a reasonable price (even above face) please let me know. Chris
dipole's picture

If anyone has one spare ticket for either night please mail me. Many Thanks
dipole's picture

If anyone has one spare ticket for either night please mail me. Many Thanks
marqueeal's picture

If anyone has one spare face value seated ticket for RAH June 20th, A to O sections of the hall or Choir east or west, please get in touch. Genuine fan, was at Cork and Dublin shows, would love to see the band in this great venue too.
paulbrooks589's picture

There were tickets on sale at this morning if anyone is still looking, that's where I got mine from. Over face value but not extortionate plus guaranteed next day delivery. Phone number is 02088888888. Have also seen a few on ebay. Can't wait til Monday!
wuzz's picture

If anybody has a spare ticket for one of the gigs at the Albert Hall next week I am desperate to see TP after all these years.Please email me at
claxtonnick's picture

If anyone connected with the band ever reads this . . . I am a massive fan of the band. I've flown to Florida twice to see them, as I was so upset to have missed the 1999 show and thought they were never coming back. I taught myself to play the guitar to the greatest hits album, tom's songs and mike's guitar, and those songs still have the greatest significance in the musical landscape of my life. I'm not the sort to ever write to a band or hassle them or turn up looking for an autograph, but they haven't been playing Don't Come Around Here No More and it's the song that started it all. All in favour of an eclectic set, in fact they could sit and hum for 30 seconds and it would blow my mind, but my favourite song, in the country I'm so glad they've come back to would probably be a fine moment to die. I'm at both RAH shows and the Isle of Wight. If I was a girl I'd show you my tits for it. Please please please. And a bit more. Thanks for coming back, though.
siobhan's picture

Looking for 1 ticket for the show on wednesday 20th. If you have a spare please email me on Thanks