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London 06/18


Jun 18 2012
Royal Albert Hall

Since its opening by Queen Victoria in 1871, the Royal Albert Hall in London has hosted some of the world's biggest concerts and events with the most famous artists on the planet.

Yet over the course of its illustrious near 150-year history, the Albert Hall has never hosted Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, an oversight that was rectified Monday night with an epic show that those in attendance will talk about for years to come.

"Ladies and gentlemen, we can't tell you how excited we are to be here in London tonight," Tom said after "I Won't Back Down." "It's been a dream of ours to play this hall for our entire lives, and we've got a lot of songs for you tonight."

With that, Tom and the guys launched into "Here Comes My Girl" off Damn the Torpedoes, and the band was off and running. The version of "Handle with Care" which came next, performed on a stage graced so many times by fellow Wilbury George Harrison, was particularly beautiful and poignant. Indeed, Mike Campbell's sweet slide guitar solo brought the sold-out crowd to its feet.

"Oh Well" - dedicated to its author Peter Green, "one of our British heroes" - was a rager, with Tom racing around the stages shaking maracas as the band roared.

Coming off stage after a phenomenal "Runnin' Down A Dream," Tom and the guys were all smiles, buzzing off the crowd energy in Royal Albert Hall and giddy after their debut in the landmark venue. By the time Steve Ferrone pounded out the last drumbeats of "American Girl," the room was ecstatic, giving Tom and the band a standing ovation and a fitting end to their first night at Royal Albert Hall.

Listen to Her Heart
You Wreck Me
I Won't Back Down
Here Comes My Girl
Handle with Care
Good Enough
Oh Well
Something Big
Don't Come Around Here No More
Free Fallin'
It's Good To Be King
Something Good Coming
Learning to Fly
Yer So Bad
I Shoulda Known It
Runnin' Down A Dream

Mary Jane
American Girl

Royal Albert Hall
Tour Tracks: 
Something Good Coming
Good Enough
American Girl
Oh Well
Listen to Her Heart
Don't Come Around Here No More
Free Fallin'
I Won't Back Down
Mary Jane's Last Dance
Runnin' Down A Dream
Learning To Fly


mrstonk41's picture

Can't wait for tonight. My 11 year old son will be going, it's his first ever concert. Hoping we hear 'Dont come around here anymore'.
jfarrellkw_2's picture

I have 2 tickets for Rayal Albert Hall - Monday night section s contact
stevieboy1962's picture

After 20 years of waiting the day has finally arrived, tonight I'm gonna see Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers for the third time, best of all I've only got to wait 2 days till the fourth ! To all you moaning about not getting tickets it must be tough, but all I did was get online the moment they went on sale, no fan club, no inflated prices, and managed to get tickets for both nights, must just be lucky getting through. I just hope they play Built To Last, as we had it as our wedding music in March.
jfarrellkw_2's picture

I have two tix for section S, two seats together on Monday 18th of June. Unable to use, will sell at facevalue is £122.00 I wil provide letter of authorisation from Ticketmaster so that you may poickup the Tix at 'willcall' contact jfarrellKW@gmail if interested
germax52's picture

Well, have been "On the Road" myself, following Tom and the incredible Heartbreakers from Italy to Dublin for the unforgettable O2 gig. Tomorrow I leave with my daughter for London in time for Monday's RAH show which I was so lucky to win last April and which is still too much for my mind to take in!!! TPATH TWICE in less than two weeks OMG. I'm not normally a cheeky or forward type but there's one question I just have to ask before Monday or I'll regret it all my life: IS THERE ANY CHANCE AT ALL that my daughter and I could get to meet Tom and the band for just 3 little minutes for 1 photo or even without the photo? We'd die happy. But we'll always be your biggest fans whatever the outcome. Roll on Monday!!!
rick56's picture

2 days and counting, the waiting is the hardest part, and can we have 'will call' up for the 18th please
kburton's picture

I have a spare ticket for Monday nights show. Stalls row M. Just looking for ticket face value (£65) and admin fees. If interested email Cheers and here's to a great show.
eden's picture

Hi Tom,Please can we have Rebels,Southern Accents,Shadow Of A Doubt and The Waiting(be nice if you could get your mate Eddie Vedder to join you on that one)over the two nights at RAH please XXX
grahamproctor's picture

Just received 2 tickets for Monday nights show and cannot go. If you need 2 tickets, Section J (Stalls). Face value £65 + £10 admin fee per ticket. Contact Graham on 07876 475464.
rogerbehagg's picture

Just joined the community today as I have a spare ticket for Royal Albert Hall on 18th as one of our friends now has an hospital on that day. I know how hard they are to come by and would want it to go to a genuine fan at face value plus booking fee paid. £(78.50). Grand Tier seat. Can meet in London tomorrow or in Bucks before Monday. Hope I'm not breaking any forum rules posting here but thought that this was a way to be sure it went to a genuine fan.
rick56's picture

Can't belive that it's a week to RAH a very long wait is about to come to an end
stevetull's picture

I count myself very lucky to see TP on both RAH nights. Guys you must join the fan club to have a chance to see him.
karak23's picture

Got my tickets for RAH on the 18th and so excited!!! Coming all the way from Cincy OH to see you. Ready to rock out with TP&theHB!!!
duckersj's picture

So - no extra gig for the many disappointed fans in the UK? Tried to buy tickets for the RAH as soon as they came out on general sale - but they had all sold out within SECONDS. Now they are on "agency" sites for £140 at least. Feel so let down - There are so many fans here disappointed - how about another gig on the 19th June - or ANYWHERE IN THE UK
jesthecat's picture

Tom Petty & The Heratbreakers are the soundtrack to my life. Grew up with them, Wildflowers was played at my mums funeral 10 years ago and I have the music to Time To Move on tattooed on my arm - THERE MUST BE A WAY TO GET TICKETS? Please help Thank you!xxx
stevenh1's picture

Genuine fan still looking for 2 RAH tickets please e-mail
baldybates's picture

For a band who made it in the UK before the US, their sparse visits to these shores have been disappointing to say the least. Now it's London only as usual so the cost of the tickets and travel have ruled me out. I've consoled myself by purchasing the first four wonderful albums on CD for £16.88. It's also a consolation that I saw the band in 1980 and 1982. RAH are sure to be good shows but, I can guarantee, they won't be a patch on Hammersmith Odeon on 6th March 1980. Probably the best gig of my life! Anyway, thanks for taking the time to visit us again Tom. See you in another 20 years perhaps when I'll be 77 years old. Hopefully I'll be able to afford it then!
rick56's picture

It will be great seeing TP on 18 June but it's on the anniversay of the death of the Big Man, so touched with some sadness.
jo_haines86's picture

Any thoughts on if and who may be a support act????
annck's picture

So happy to have got 2 tickets for 18th June RAH, have been waiting for this for a loooong time and will be there with my favourite person, BLISS. It will be a great evening ,i'm such a happy bunny xxx
ncheal's picture

Having failed to get a pre-sale code (no idea why) and failed to get a response from TP email, I spent 90 mins on Friday and eventually got through to RAH box office on the phone. Old technology still works! I brought up my twin daughters on a diet of TP etc. Their birthday is 5 days before the gig. Liz and Helen are beside themselves with joy that dad got tickets. See you in the choir stalls! N, L & H.
gel's picture

Brilliant got my tickets but not from the RAH box office, spent 40 mins trying to get through from 10am this morning only to be told that they have only single tickets in separate boxes. Had to go through another website and pay a high price. Should be worth though. See ya soon TP&H
crza78's picture

Anybody got any spare gallery tickets for the 18th? Missed out and i'm gutted. you can email me at cdjones@hotmaildotcodotuk. Cheers.
stevieboy1962's picture tickets for both shows this morning, not the best seats in the world but who cares, still better (at my age) than at the back of a muddy field in the Isle Of Wight. Glad I didn't pay extra for membership now !
dondo's picture

Excellent get through to the payment details screen Complete that hit confirm (all within the time on the on screen timer) and it comes up "sorry unable to process your request" try again - same thing Start all over again- of course tickets sold out Phone Ticketmaster and they say that for busy events that even though it's allocated you tickets and says you have so much time to fill in your details before the tickets are released they can still sell the tickets you think are yours!!!!! Not impressed
jeffreykubiak's picture

I only got the news today that TP is finally coming to Europe. I've been waiting for this exactly 20 years. 1992 was the first and only time I've seen him and it was only after that gig that I was really hooked, bought all albums (and have been ever since), can play all songs on the guitar (heck, I actually LEARNED playing through and because of his music!), all the lyrics etc etc. But as usual with me and gigs, I hear about it (almost) too late and so only got seats furthest away from the stage...I was prepared to pay more than I have now, but those were the only ones that came up (thursday evening, after work). I'm very happy indeed, but for someone who basically would love to grab his Rickenbacker and be ON STAGE with TP being at the very back is a tad disappointing... Cheers
john116's picture

Looking forward to seeing TP live again last time was at the Brighton Centre 12 December 1982 £4.50 standing ! (still can't see my number yet) - why is it so difficult??
stevie_a1's picture

In the rules it does say you can use your code for every show as long as your membership remains valid.
rick56's picture

I got mine just before 9am and it was easy possibly beacuse a lot of club members had used their ticket allocation for the later show
lofric_2's picture

The code is also on the top left of the Tour page where you click to leave these comments after you've signed in!