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Cork 06/08


Jun 08 2012
The Marquee

The rock 'n roll life is often compared to running off to join the circus, so it seemed apropos that Friday's show was in fact held underneath a circus tent as a part of the Live at the Marquee concert series held every summer in Cork, Ireland.

Hot off a scintillating performance in Dublin the night before. Tom and the band didn't step off the gas pedal in Cork, playing a set that clocked in just over two hours with songs pulled from throughout their catalog.

"King's Highway" sparkled in its second appearance on this tour, but it was the triple scorcher of "I Shoulda Known It," "Refugee" and "Runnin' Down A Dream" to end the set that really got the big top hopping in Cork.

By the time Tom and the guys returned to the stage for the encore, the fans in Cork were on their feet, cheering and clapping for the band to take to the high wire again. The Heartbreakers were happy to oblige.

Listen to Her Heart
You Wreck Me
I Won't Back Down
Here Comes My Girl
Handle with Care
Good Enough
I'm A Man
Something Big
King's Highway
Free Fallin'
It's Good To Be King
Something Good Coming
Learning to Fly
Yer So Bad
I Shoulda Known It
Runnin' Down A Dream

Mary Jane's Last Dance
American Girl

The Marquee
Tour Tracks: 
I Should Have Known It
Something Good Coming
Good Enough
American Girl
Listen to Her Heart
Kings Highway
Free Fallin'
I Won't Back Down
Mary Jane's Last Dance
Runnin' Down A Dream
Learning To Fly


treefrogdemon's picture

I've compiled a playlist too, of the songs done at Dublin and Cork...I was a bit disappointed that the setlists are so similar. What's happened to the 'deep tracks' that were played in the US? Best Of Everything, Have Love Will Travel, Time To Move On, Melinda are among my favourite songs; and when The Damage You've Done and Crawling Back To You turned up in Halifax, I was so excited, sure that those two at least would be played in Ireland. But no. Not to say that I don't like the songs you DID play, chaps, but I hope you're going to vary things a bit as the European tour progresses. Here's what the Marquee looked like when I got there!
liam100's picture

Hi Guys, Inspired by the gig I have put together this TPATH playlist which you can listen to as a radio station: I hope you like it and I hope it works! Cheers.
mikeneville's picture

Many thanks Tom & The Heartbreakers for two fantastic shows in Ireland. We were at both of them. "Kings Highway" brilliant!! & "Something Good Coming" a classic. Thanks!!! Your mucic has been a big part of my life for the past 30 years & will live on forever. We love you guys over here & you are always welcome back. God Bless.
treefrogdemon's picture

The Dude main The Dude spare What's your sound man's name? I love him.
ladyblujay's picture

Once again it's good to see Scott "out there." He is sooo talented and for way too long he hid in the shadows.
johnbroomhall's picture

a fantastic night tom petty and the heartbreakers where awesome i saw them in dublin the night before cant wait to see you guys in london you are one of the best bands ever please dont leave it another 20 years before you come back
Anonymous's picture

Fan since 1980. Waiting for this all my life' Tom Petty and Heartbreakers playing in my hometown. Hope they start with "Something Big". Lyrics seem very appropriate for tonight. Getting ready to head back home to Cork. Looking forward to a great night, See you all there.
andy67's picture

We are finally getting to watch TP live; we're travelling from Granada, Spain, and we're looking forward to the gig!! See you all on Friday!!!!!
liam100's picture

I've got my standing ticket - inspired by you coming all the way from Portugal Nuno! I only have to travel from Limerick! Cheers, Liam
countrynuno's picture

I m waiting this for years. Im going to Ireland from Lisbon Portugal just to see Tom Petty in both shows!!!
janieclement's picture

To the fortnight I saw TP&HB at Knebworth June 1978, & have been waiting ever since for a glimpse of a northern england gig. Yeah have got tickets to see a smaller venue in Cork hoping it will be a great warm up for his european leg. Don't want to do 02 massive arena. A request from someone who has been waiting a long time to hear you play live again please please please play American Girl - take me back to being a skinny teenager without a care in the world excited that I was going to see Tom Petty, Bob Dylan and Grace Slick FANTASTIC thank you.
koss's picture

Yes it is 4,000 so will be special gig.
pdrydenuk's picture

Does anyone know how big this venue is? I read 4,000 but that seems quite small compared to the O2 the night before. Going to both and to Isle of Wight, flights and hotels booked. Can't wait.
scotteevil's picture

this is going to be so good!!!
koss's picture

Tickets still available for both Irish shows.
treefrogdemon's picture

Glad I looked again - I now have a Cork ticket!
aalana33's picture

I got the Tickets, Sooo happy. Thanks a millon HCC :)
oscarinez's picture

Whats going on with cork presale? No way to get into for 2 hours.
tphb4ever's picture

Hello, the link on the tour page is incorrect. The correct link to the Cork pre-sale is:
criminaltips's picture

Did anyone get tickets on the presale this morning for Cork? I tried from 8:59am all the way through to 10am and it just said on ticketmaster that the tickets are unavailable at this time! Please help! I only wanted 2 standing tickets! :(
treefrogdemon's picture

My computer crashed 5 minutes before the presale started, which I presume meant the presale started early and there was a huge demand - because as soon as I got back online, and ever since, the message has been 'tickets not available.' Of course I'll try again tomorrow when the general public sale starts...
aalana33's picture

Is the link working for anyone. I's saying tickets not awailable for me?
aalana33's picture

Anyone able to get these Tickets, Ticketmaster keeps saying they are not available yet. dublin seems to work fine. Cheers.
loucanova's picture

i am not familiar with this venue so does anyone know if it will be an all -seated show or is there a standing area too and from those who have attended a show there before, where is the best place to be - standing or a the tiered seats on the side pretty close to the stage as well. decisions, decisions, decisions. also wondering about the Dublin show too, will that be all-seated or not? Thanks.
loucanova's picture

i intend to book for both cork and dublin via the presale if i can. can anyone tell me if i will have to complete the ticket purchase for say cork before purchasing for dublin or vica verse or can i sort of do it simultaneously before proceeding to the credit card stage. i don't want to waste any time and miss out. Thanks.
bridgem1's picture

Can't believe you are coming to Cork.Going to be a gig to remember.Will be in the front row.Saw you the last time you were here...20 years ago!
jimmyl's picture

One of the best artists ever...I'll be going to both Irish gigs for sure!!!!
aalana33's picture

Oh fantastic. Wow, its going to be so hard to get tickets for this. I can't believe he's playing the Marquee, never in my wildest dreams :)
kellsbells76's picture

So happy you're coming to Cork!
dcjnr's picture

yessss!!!!!! at last and only an hour up the road!! bring it on tom