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Dublin 06/07


Jun 07 2012
02 Arena

Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers made their triumphant return to Europe Thursday night, rocking a sold-out show at Dublin's O2 Arena to one of the best crowds of the 2012 Summer Tour so far.

Fans packed the O2 early, braving stereotypical Irish weather - drizzling rain and blustery winds - for Jonathan Wilson, the North Carolina-born, California-based singer/songwriter who's opening the band's European shows.

The O2 was buzzing with anticipation following the end of Wilson's opening set, fans cramming up to the front rail in hopes of getting a glimpse of Tom and the band. The crew bounced around the stage, adjusting microphones here and tuning guitars there.

As the clock crept closer to 9 pm, the band began to gather in the hallway outside their dressing room, smiling and nodding to each other as they got ready to take the stage.

Tonight's moment was just before "Free Fallin', right after Tom introduced the band. As Mike Campbell walked to centerstage with his Rickenbacker strung around his neck, ready to launch into the song's iconic riff, Tom mentioned that he'd run into some Spanish fans that day as he walked around Dublin. Suddenly, a small group of fans - presumably the Spaniards he met earlier that day - on the back of floor started the "Ole, ole, ole, ole! Ole! Ole!" chant heard at European soccer games. Instantly, the entire arena picked up the chant, and the O2 was transformed into a soccer stadium.

"It was funny," Steve Ferrone, the band's resident Englishman, said after the show. "I'm not sure Tom and Mike knew what was going on, so I leaned down over my kit and yelled, 'It's a good thing! That means they like it!"

It was a special, special night, one not soon forgotten by the band, crew or the fans in attendance. After a tremendous "Mary Jane's Last Dance/American Girl" encore, Tom stepped to the mike and said, "Dublin, thank you so much for this special night. Let's not make it 20 years until the next time, ok?"

The Irish crowd roared in response, clapping and cheering as Tom and the guys waved goodnight and exited the stage. If these Heartbreaker fans have anything to say about, Tom and the band will be back very, very soon.

Listen to Her Heart
You Wreck Me
I Won't Back Down
Here Comes My Girl
Handle with Care
Good Enough
Oh Well
Something Big
King's Highway
Free Fallin'
It's Good To Be King
Something Good Coming
Learning to Fly
Yer So Bad
I Shoulda Known It
Runnin' Down A Dream

Mary Jane
American Girl

02 Arena
Tour Tracks: 
I Should Have Known It
Lover’s Touch
Something Good Coming
Good Enough
American Girl
Oh Well
Listen to Her Heart
I Won't Back Down
Mary Jane's Last Dance
Runnin' Down A Dream
Learning To Fly


germax52's picture

Just discovered to my great joy that I'm in this photo from the site's Dublin Recap! Front row, arms raised, seeming to touch Tom's left leg with my head (Didn't get close enough ;)) ! Hope I'm not infringing any site rules if I have it printed and framed? WOULD THERE BE ANY CHANCE OF GETTING AN AUTOGRAPHED COPY? God, would I die happy!!! Still on a high since June 7th. The gig was totally unforgettable and I can't believe the buzz it gave me. How will I ever again be able to go to a live show that isn't TPATH! Have re-watched Running down a Dream, Gainesville and Travelling Wilburys. Also the various videos Tom has tweeted including Amsterdam with Eddie Vedder. Really, I've been so lucky as I came away from the Dublin show with a TPATH plectrum from the MIGHTY MIKE Campbell. Now the on-site photo, and ... I was a winner of tix for London 1 on the April Twitter Giveaway. Didn't manage a backstage pass tho'... that'll be next time!!! Thank you Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers for reminding this aging fan how to cast away the years every so often!! Hope you all take lots of wonderful memories back to the USA. Look after yourselves, get some deserved rest and....COME BACK TO EUROPE SOON. WE LOVE YOU.
leigh's picture

What pure class the boys are, it was great to hear all the fantastic songs live. I wish I could go and see them again. The only mad thing about the O2 is that I could not stand up and dance, I was surrounded by dead heads just sitting still! I was requested to sit down by staff and I found it very hard to sit in my seat while hearing all this fantastic music. I wish now that I got standing tickets. Great to hear my all time fave You Wreck Me! and the fantastic Oh Well The quality of their playing is so impressive they are fantastic live and will always remember that night.
fcuenca's picture

Al igual que la mayoría de los fans que nos dimos cita en el 02, la espera en mi caso ha durado algo más de 20 años. Tom, descubrí tu música con 17 años, cuando publicaste Full Moon Fever. A partir de ese momento comencé a bucear en tu carrera discográfica y a encontrar tantas y tantas conexiones con toda la gente que musicalmente me influía: Dylan, Byrds, Harrison...tantos y tantos. Desde aquel momento, siempre quise ver una actuación en directo de Tom Petty &The Heartbreakers. Con la publicación de Into the great wide open se abria una puerta a la esperanza de una posible actuiación en España que nunca llegó. Me quedé con las ganas de viajar a París, pero claro, no había Internet, en una ciudad como Burgos no era fácil conseguir las entradas, etc... Y eso fué lo más cerca que estuviste. Desde entonces cada publicación de uno nuevo de tus trabajos discográficos ha sido un pequeño acontecimiento en mi vida, por cuanto pese a que uno va haciéndose mayor, el rock sigue siendo una constante en mi vida. Al igual que en el popular tango argentino los años han pasado y han sumado la friolera de 20. Realmente parecen un suspiro, pero a través de los mismos llegó la madurez, el trabajo, las responsabilidades, la propia familia...y en la lista de cosas pendientes por hacer, ahí seguias´Tom. Finalmente el encuentro se produjo. Hemos tenido que poner tierra de por medio hasta Dublín, pero ...¡vaya si ha merecido la pena!. Tuve la suerte de ser el primero "y encima español" en la cola de acceso al O2, y pese a que el lector de entradas jugó una mala pasada pude posicionarme en una provilegiada segunda fila junto a otro grupo de incondicionles fans españoles. El concierto fué impecable, Tu comunicación con el público cálida y cercana, el guiño a los fans españoles el acierto de la noche pues se caldeó el ambiente ¡y de qué forma!. El set list increible, aunque seguro que todos y cada uno de los presentes echamos en falta alguno de nuestros muchos temas favoritos. La banda...¡increible! Querido Tom, los 20 años pasados han merecido la pena y puedo poner una marca junto a tu nombre en las cosas que me gustaría hacer en esta vida. ¿Sabes cual vas detrás de la tuya? Pues verte una vez más tocando tus canciones en España, donde tienes una auténtica legión de fans incondicionales, muchos de los cuales, no han tenido la suerte o la oportunidad de poder desplazarse miles de kilómetros para verte actuar en directo. Spain calls Petty!!! Te esperamos. Un beso para Inés de Escridiscos y el resto de los foreros. Una gente estupenda, amante del rock&roll. Federico
chrismelville's picture

I bought your first album when it came out. I was 16 years old, still at school, and it's taken 35 years to see you in concert. It was fantastic, and a night I will remember as long as I live.
karolwall's picture

We bought our tickets months ago and flew from London to enjoy this show. I discovered you in 1979 when living in Seattle for a couple of years and have been a massive fan ever since. Now back in England, I was so excited that you were touring Europe. PLEASE don't leave it 20 years again. This was the best concert I have ever been to, and the warmth that the crowd exuded towards Tom and the band was overwhelming. You guys rock! Thanks so much for giving us so much pleasure - see you next year, PLEASE????
bramblebyrd's picture

My trip to Dublin with my friend Ed is one I'll never forget. Will I ever get wetter going to a gig!! I couldn't get to see TP and the band in '92 and so Thursday night at the O2 was a day I never thought I would witness. Sitting on the balcony four rows back in the centre I was able to witness a stunning show - without doubt the best I have ever been to. It was great to sit next to a couple from Ashington in the north-east of England who like me who are true fans, not like some concerts I've been to where my evening has been ruined by the people sitting around me. The atmosphere as Tom and the boys took the stage was electric. Mike Campbell was awesome and the band incredibly tight. One of the highlights has got to be the impromptu Spanish chorus. Tom you have been away too long but after a reception like that you must return to Europe and very soon!! I am only glad I made the effort to cross the Irish Sea for a night that will live with me for ever. 'It's good to be King' and Tom was surely that in Dublin on Thursday night.
st3verog3rs's picture

had my tickets for the gig in cork been waiting 4 this 4 a very long time flight gets delayed by 5 hours which meant we would have go straight 2 the venue and just get there in time 4 start of concert we was called to board the plane, by the way we had travelled from wales to birmingham airport,when in depatures eventually we was told that the aircraft would not be taking off until maybe 9oclock no guarentee it was going to go at that time needless to say my dream of seeing one of the best bands in the world was shattered we was so upset by it that did not hang around to if plane left airport we got back 2 our car and travelled back 2 wales were ended up in our local pub where there was a cracking band playing guess what song they were playing when we got there yes runnin down a dream
karolwall's picture

We bought our tickets months ago and flew from London to enjoy this show. I discovered you in 1979 when living in Seattle for a couple of years and have been a massive fan ever since. Now back in England, I was so excited that you were touring Europe. PLEASE don't leave it 20 years again. This was the best concert I have ever been to, and the warmth that the crowd exuded towards Tom and the band was overwhelming. You guys rock! Thanks so much for giving us so much pleasure - see you next year, PLEASE????
treefrogdemon's picture

This was a wonderful show - I've seen 3 so far and this was the best. Little did I know that I was going to be at the front in the middle in Cork...
saphire52uk's picture

I first became aware of Tom when I worked in a bar in 1992 when a cassette was played over and over which I soon found out was The Wilburys. I acquired a copy of the cassette and played it over and over until I no longer had a cassette player and the tape was lost somewhere along the way. Then in 2007 the cd and dvd was released of The Wilbutys and I fell in love with Tom ! I went to HMV and bought all the dvds and cds that they could find for me and fell in love with the music too ! Since then I so wanted to see Tom and the Heartbreakers live that I once contemplated going to the USA to see them ! In I think about 2008 Tom was interviewed and he said the he would like to take the band to Europe ,now I was getting really excited ! I joined Highways Companions and waited and finally autumn last year it was announced . The only UK date initially was IOW festival which I couldn't do so thought well I will have to go somewhere else .I booked for Dublin and then RAH London was announced so I booked that too ! I travelled from Wales to the O2 in Dublin and my first experience of that city and it's people was absolutely incredible ! Everyone we met was so friendly and welcoming ! Then came the concert night and well when the band came on stage I cried tears of absolute joy ! The set list was wonderful with all the songs that I could have wished for ! It was one of the best nights of my life and I mean that sincerely ! Tom ended the night by thanking Dublin for a special night and he hoped that the next time would not be in another 20 years ! Thank you so much for coming to Europe I now still have London to look forward to too ! I love you all and thank you for the music and the good times which have brought me so much happiness !
fishroe's picture words can describe this epic performance by the band...tom petty was in touch wit the audience and gave a fabulous performance
blindwilliehighlight's picture

Oh me, oh my... It was worth it. The whole thing. The waiting (six long months after getting the tickets), the weather (some of us in Northern Spain are used to this blessing water almost the entire year), the effort (money became king, you know, and it's not easy to go to another country on week days just to attend a concert). But it WAS WORTH IT. God bless Irish people, Dubliners, what a beautiful lovely city. What a fair way to understand living, all (teenagers and grandpas) sharing the pubs until closing time, what a spirit about singing and dancing and cheering... And then, the show. We were also lucky about that. We met Steve Ferrone where looking for shelter from the storm! Coolest guy, we took a picture with him, explained we came from Spain. He looked impressed. Then we had "our moment" during the show, hahahaha! I can't say more. Thanks Tom, band and Dubliners for some of the best days of my life. Hope there's a next time... God bless you all.
Anonymous's picture

Gracias Tom & Cia por el super concierto en dublin, fui el hombre más feliz del mundo, gracias, gracias
germax52's picture

As you guys say, "Comin' down is the hardest part". It was pure, pure magic and I can say without any hesitation that the Dublin show was the best I've ever been at anywhere and one of the greatest thrills of my life to stand in the front row, 2 metres from the man himself and his BRILLIANT musicians. The set piece was like I'd drawn it up myself and I marvelled at the ENERGY of the band, going practically straight from one number to the next and really bonding with us. The O2 was on a high from start to finish and for some of us that hasn't ended. If I wasn't travelling to London for the RAH next week (thanks to your so generous Twitter give away in April when your precious guitars were thankfully restored to you) life after the show would be grey indeed. Thank you TPATH. Best wishes for the rest of the tour and COME BACK TO IRELAND SOOOON!!!
weetoonlass's picture

What a show! Ole Ole moment fantastic! check out this link Tom and Mike's face a picture But for me it was Oh Well, if anyone can make a set of maracas stylish it has to be Tom. Been inspired went straight out the next day to buy some! Please, please don't leave it 20 yrs and throw in a Scottish date. Never played my song but your forgiven there's always the next time and the set list summed up my trip to the emerald isle anyway. Left Scotland heading into the great wide open, freefallin' and learning to fly. Here comes my girl just listen to her heart as she traveled the king's highway running down a dream Dublin knew she wont back down, something big and something good was coming checking in to her hotel room she should have known it, met an american girl called Mary Jane 'You staying here too cause we don't need to live like a refugee' she said 'Yeah this place is good enough, Oh well it's been nice meeting you' I replied, Got to go i'm off to the O2 got to go see Tom and the lads. Hey Tom yer so bad, you wreck me! what a fantastic night, bet it feels good to be king? thanks for the memories. Dublin Rocked! Now home safe and sound recovering and suffering from Dublin's shenanagins! Need handled with care!
10miles's picture

Tom, with all due respect, The Waiting is one of your top 2-3 songs (well, we might put Even the Losers up there too), which means that you were 1 for 3 in Dublin. You could have added these tunes to your set list, without necessarily removing some of the other stuff that you were keen to retain. This would have added perhaps 7 minutes to your show. Would that be too much to bear? We're going to see you in Paris. So, I am hoping that one of your staff sees this email. I hope that other of your fans write you similar messages, so that it is good and VIRAL by the end of June. I want to see you playing The Waiting in Paris. In the Bogdanovich documentary, you explained how you wrote the tune. So presumably, you might have a hankering for it yourself. So, let's get a move on, Tom. The waiting really is the hardest part...... Frank Frank
audreyw's picture

what an amazing night/set! Loved every minute, down in the crowd near the front. First time I've seen the band since 'into the great wide open' tour..long time ago, well worth the wait ..and the flight delays, to be there! Atmosphere me a fan who didn't love this night! PS didn't take photos, too buy enjoying the night!
campfan's picture

Mike looked so handsome and fine in that red's great pics of all.....The Luck of the Irish...rock on boyz! Antoinette Nashville TN
Anonymous's picture

This concert was the first major concert I have ever been to. No other concert will ever compare to this, unless it involves Tom and the Heartbreakers of course. I was truly moved by the performance. I could barely control my emotions as they were bouncing all over the place, Happiness and excitement nearly brought me to tears. I have only been a fan of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers for about two years. Oh how I wish I had discovered this music a long time ago, such feel good music. Brilliant musicians and song writing. A great inspiration to the world of music. Thankyou for the best music I have ever heard.
doco85's picture

Gig was absolutely fantastic, it's up there with Neil Young and Noel Gallagher as the best I've seen in this venue. The performance and sound was great. Would have topped it off to hear Breakdown but there's always next time....
Anonymous's picture

Hey Guys, just got of the military and I'm studying abroad in Dublin on the GI Bill. I have watched you guys for the past 25 years and can't wait to see you live for the first time since Great Wide Open tour. Have a great show!
Anonymous's picture

Cannot wait to see you guys tomorrow night - so very excited!!! My son loves you so much he has previously cobbled together two tribute bands and has been to the States a few times to see you guys, so it will be an extra thrill for us to go together to see you. There's a TPATH after show party in the Gypsy Rose Rock and Blues Bar after the gig if your interested in coming along to hear yourselves without having to play! Will be a great night! Welcome back to Dublin and don't leave it so long next time...!!!
Anonymous's picture

Tom, PLEASE PLEASE Play Don't come around here no more.... dying to hear you perform this song since buying these tickets in October!!
Anonymous's picture

Welcome to Ireland Tom Petty / Steve Ferrone/ Mike Campbell / Benmont Tench / Ron Blair / Scott Thurston and crew. Last time you guys played here was during my Maths exam in my Leaving Cert !! I've been looking forward to this day ever since !! Roll on Thursday night - As you would say yourself Tom, "The Waiting" is the hardest part ....
potatocaster's picture

Anybody with a spare STANDING ticket willing to sell it to me? :p Thanks!!!!!
hueylewis's picture

Hi guys! Coming all the way from Barcelona to see you! I'm beyond excited. Please play as many songs from "Wildflowers" as you can! Much love, Carlos.
fernando_sanchezurquia's picture

El Foro of Alta Tension, Spain, with Tom Petty in Dublin. Vamos Parroquia!!!! Waiting for "American Girl".
mikeneville's picture

Hey Tom. Delighted The Heartbreakers are coming, so we will be at both Irish shows please God. Thanks for the many wonderful years you have given me listening to your music. God bless you. Thanks man. Mike
mikeneville's picture

Hey Tom, Delighted that you and the Heartbreakers are coming to Ireland. So myself & my better half will be at both Irish shows please God. Would love to hear Kings Highway. Thanks for the many years of happiness you have given me listening to your music. God bless you Tom. Mike.
rosierose's picture

Going to Dublin on 7th June. Sooooo excited. Would love to hear Keepin me Alive as think this was a great song but seldom heard. Roll on the 7th.