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Halifax, NS 05/31


May 31 2012
Halifax, NS
Halifax Metro Centre

So many of the memorable moments on Heartbreakers' tours happen onstage, but it was a special visitor the band met just before they went on at the sold-out Haifax Metro Center that won't soon be forgotten.

Adam Keys has been a fan of the band for as long as he can remember. Growing up in Whitehall, PA, he and best friend - Jesse Reed - caught a few Heartbreakers shows together over the years. Thursday night was his fourth show; he'd seen them twice in Camden, NJ and once in Madison Square Garden.

On July 14, 2010, Adam - an Army Specialist in the 618th Engineer Company - was injured when his vehicle was hit by a large IED in southern Afghanistan. He was the sole survivor in the five-person patrol, but sustained severe injuries that required the amputation of an arm and both legs. Unfortunately, Adam's loss didn't end there that day. Reed - his childhood friend who enlisted with Adam in 2009 - was one of the soldiers that died in the incident.

After 15 months recovering at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, Adam transferred into outpatient care earlier this year and is already learning to walk on prosthetic legs. In Haifax to attend his grandparents' 60th wedding anniversary, Adam found out the Heartbreakers were in town and bought a ticket. After hearing about his story, Tom and the guys invited Adam and his family to visit backstage before the show. After all the pictures were snapped and the last autograph inked, Adam leaned over to Tom.

"You guys are freaking awesome," he gushed as only a true fan can. "I'll remember tonight for a long, long time and can't thank you enough."

"You're the awesome one, Adam. We're just a bunch of guitar players," Tom said with a grin. "We're so honored to have you here with us tonight."

Normally in these reviews, we comment on special songs or particular moments during the show, and there were plenty in Halifax: a stunning "The Best of Everything," the return of "Oh Well" and a phenomenal "Crawling Back To You," to name just a few.

But the memory of Halifax will be the look on Adam's face sitting side stage when the house lights came up after "American Girl," as the band made their exit to the cheers of 10,000-plus screaming Nova Scotians.

"That was incredible!"

Listen to Her Heart
You Wreck Me
I Won't Back Down
Here Comes My Girl
Handle with Care
The Best of Everything
Oh Well
Something Big
Free Fallin'
Damage You've Done
It's Good To Be King
Crawling Back To You
Learning to Fly
Yer So Bad
I Shoulda Known It
Good Enough
Runnin' Down A Dream

Mary Jane
American Girl

Halifax Metro Centre
Tour Tracks: 
I Should Have Known It
Good Enough
American Girl
Oh Well
Listen to Her Heart
Free Fallin'
I Won't Back Down
Mary Jane's Last Dance
Runnin' Down A Dream
Learning To Fly


amandaphillips's picture

I was the 'dancing girl' in the 5th row. I was having the time of my life. Tom & the HBs have been in my head since as far back as I can remember. I just wonder; why was no one else dancing and standing and grooving to the LIVE tunes of TB &the HBs??? I am aptly named 'the dancing girl' cause I guess I was one of very few who were so captivated by the music there was no possible way I could sit down and clap humbly. I am pretty sure that Tom recognized us as he drove by in his limo afterwords since he rolled down the window to wave! HAPPY times!
lorinelson's picture

The story of Adam and how the band embraced him is truly wonderful. The guys showed their appreciation to his sacrifice . God Bless Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers.
danstey's picture

I have had the Heartbreakers on my Bucket List for long time and finally got to see them from Row 2 which was like "Running Down a Dream" Wish I had tickets to St Johns show so I could Learn to Fly and see the show again and again Please Come Back soon!!!
danstey's picture

I have had the Heartbreakers on my Bucket List for long time and so finally getting to see them play from Row 2 seats was WICKET. Wish I had tickets to St Johns show as I would gone again for sure. Great show and PLEASE Come Back Soon
2wittchen's picture

Im going to Horsens to see the show, but the ticket says it is prohibited to bring your camera., Is it possible to get an allowance for bringing my Canon 30D 85 mm ordinary camera inside to concert area ? - in oder to bring some photo to sites like this ? Torben, Denmark
roshams's picture

Thank you soooo much for coming to Halifax. What an amazing show. I will never forget it!! Worth every penny, and I will be there again if you ever come back :) THANK YOU!!!
heather709's picture

There was a song played at the Sunday June 3rd show in St. John's NL that I hadn't heard before. I'm searching to find it! It was beautiful! Is there a set list from that show available?
donyboi's picture

what a blast thanks tom
trigger's picture

God Bless you, Tom Petty and each one of the Heartbreakers as well. You went out of your way to acknowledge a disabled vet, how classy is that? One of the main reason's I like you boy's so well is that unlike many rock stars, you are humble and down to earth. Keep up the great work, and have fun in Europe!
jayarnold_2's picture

Words cannot express how grateful I am, Tom Petty signing a great album, for the first time playing in Nova Scotia, a truly amazing evening. I told my wife, nevermind heaven, I'm here already.
tphbfan's picture

i did not attend this concert but i read the recap and i am tearing up after reading the story. you guys are truley amazing. i am so hoping that you decide to come to the east coast when finished in Eupore. please don't pass us by !
dreadscought's picture

I've been lucky to have seen practically every one of my favorite artists perform over the years, with the exception of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. Until May 31 in Halifax, that is! It took 25 years, but it was worth the wait! You Wrecked Me was a monumental live experience for me! I was a mess. Best show ever! Please come back. Must have set an attendace record!
only4you's picture

Well that was an absolutely fabulous evening that I can now officially cross off my Bucket List!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! It's TWO days later and I still have a huge smile of contentment!! I absolutely love how you acknowledge, support and respect your adoring public - from taking your time to meet with lifelong fans, to posting pictures of the places you visit, to responding to every tweet, and then putting on THE most amazing show known to man!!! All greatly appreciated!! Safe travels and good karma!! And I thank you, Mike, for looking up - it made my night!! Cheers! :D
hatringer's picture

I can see what inspired you for your show in Halifax.It is important to thank those who sacrfice everything for us. Keep picking those guitars slamming them keys, crashing them skins and loading that gear..
ouijarepair's picture

For your service,your sacrifice and for being an inspiration. Tom Petty is right again. You're the awesome one.
cressy11's picture

I've been to see the band 5 times over the last 20 years - I've gone to Toronto and Boston to do so and was wickedly happy you came here for the first time ever. All of Halifax was pretty excited too and all of the patios on Argyle Street had signs welcoming you. Thank you for another magical show and thank you for a lifetime of music that I, and millions of others, love. :)
gypsyforever's picture

Just another reason why we love him.
linduh's picture

Touché, Adam Keys...Touché, Tom Petty...two bulleyes from my kind of heros...Sacrifice for a greater cause and paying it forward...Thank you for the inspiration
coopenstein's picture

Where's the setlist...? With only ten days to the shows I'm going to, I'm dying to get to info about if thesetlist has changed anything fromt the earlier dates or not...
biggerfish's picture

Awesome show from start to finish. Will go down as one of the best concert's to grace the Metro Centre. Tom's voice and showmanship still amazing. Heartbreakers tight and on their game. Big props to the Blind Boys of Alabama!! Thanks for coming and please think of Halifax on your next Canadian Tour.
markafraser's picture

The air was sweet and the sounds were sweeter! The Blind Boys were soulful, energetic and fun, and set the tone nicely. Having peeked at the recaps from the US tour, the opening of the Petty set was as good as expected and we were loving it, but then when TP & The Heartbreakers dug deep for Fleetwood Mac's "Oh Well", the whole place just shook. "It's Good To Be King" was transcendent, with Tom's solos at times sounding like Neil Young and early Peter Frampton. The only down side was that that occasionally whoever was switching the video didn't seem to know who was playing what and when. The sound guys did a great job, however, managing to mostly mitigate the usual boomy echo of the Metro Centre. All in all it was one of the all time great Halifax rock concerts! Tom - keep moving...on.
bishcup's picture

I don't think I've been to a more initimate concert with 11,000 friends. I'm still on cloud nine. Totally beyond my expectations and a memory I'll hold close forever. Thank you band for one of the best nights ever! Section 8, row E, seat 2
amandaphillips's picture

When do they arrive? and when is sound check?
quinner's picture

Not sure if they are ever looked at before a set list is made but I would love to hear Wildflowers at the Halifax show. I have never seen Tom Petty so I am looking forward to all of it - just thought I would throw out a request. Can't wait for tomorrow night!
shelleysue2's picture

I am soooooo excited to see this show!!! Have been a HUGE fan since I was a little kid.. First time seeing them live, sitting here listening to TPATHB tunes!! The setlist looks killer, I will be happy with anything they play, but would really like to hear "Wildflowers", or "You don't know how it feels".... cheers to a great show!!!
roshams's picture

Hey Bishcup, I called Ticket Atlantic today, the earliest you can pick up your tickets is the day of the concert at 6pm. That is at Ticket Atlantic, which is at the Metro Centre. LAME!!! See you at the show!
Anonymous's picture

When we have picked up our tickets from "will call", we just take the receipt and ID proving we are the person who bought the ticket and our original card we bought the ticket with. There is generally a well marked booth/office at the site where the concert is taking place. This is where you pick up your ticket(s). So far, we have never found a problem. I think the idea is to insure the person who BOUGHT the ticket is actually going to the show....I know I am going to!!!!.......hope this helps.
pcpettyhead's picture

TPATH are playing in Canada on my birthday and I guess I have to miss it. Unless some kind of miracle happens. I'll pray to the unknown, and hope it's real.
bishcup's picture

Purchased four great seats for the concert. Receipt says Ticket Atlantic 'will call' when I can pick them up. However, Ticket Atlantic said fan club email states to pick up day of concert. But I didn't get a fan club email because I bought directly from Ticket Atlantic. I'm confused. Anyone who ordered via presale, can you tell me if/when you got your real tickets? Thanks
fisherman121's picture

Are the Blind Boys of Alabama replacing Jimmy Cliff as opening act in Halifax?