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Orlando, FL 05/03


May 03 2012
Orlando, FL
Amway Center

It's interesting how some shows boil down to snapshot moments.

Just as the band was winding down the show-closing "American Girl," Tom wandered over to the section of Orlando's Amway Arena directly facing stage left, lifted his trademark Rickenbacker in the air and strummed a few chords for cheering friends and family seated just below him.

Walking to the microphone at center stage, Tom bowed his head, raised his hand and placed it over his heart.

"Florida, we'll never forget you," he said as the sold-out Amway Center roared with approval. "We'll be back again real soon."

With that, Gainesville, Florida's favorite sons gathered at the front edge of the stage amid camera flashes and waving fans and bowed.

Listen to Her Heart
You Wreck Me
I Won't Back Down
Here Comes My Girl
Handle with Care
The Best of Everything
I'm A Man
Something Big
Saving Grace
Free Fallin'
Travelin' Light
Something Good Coming
Learning to Fly
Yer So Bad
I Shoulda Known It
Good Enough
Runnin' Down A Dream

Mary Jane
American Girl


Amway Center
Tour Tracks: 
Something Good Coming
Good Enough
American Girl
Listen to Her Heart
Free Fallin'
I Won't Back Down
Mary Jane's Last Dance
Runnin' Down A Dream
Learning To Fly


rick56's picture

so what's witht he paktry 6 song broadcast then? you surely could have ok#d a lot more than that
cbortner's picture

After 60+ shows with you guys, the thrill never ends. My amazing husband and TPATH supporter flew in from NJ and had the best time rocking out with you guys in the second row. Cheers to another heart-stopping performance. Hope to see you later this year after Europe. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
miater's picture

really enjoyed all, especially jjcale tune. I didn't miss breakdown I 've heard that enough. I hadn't seen the heartbreakers since they opened for j . geils band at cape cod coliseum in the summer of 77 . and I didn't even know who they were then. I sure do now.
rowdybtm2004's picture

Flew in from Syracuse, NY to catch Tom. Out of the six Petty shows I've been to, this one was tops by a long shot. Special thanks to all of the cool people we met at Amway and Orlando/Gainesville (Ian and Trista, Tom and Di, Amber and Justin).
ambert's picture

It was one of the best concerts I have been to in my life. Thank you Tom for the deep tracks!! It was a dream come true to hear and see the band play "Something Big", "Best of Everything", "Something Good Coming" etc. There was a very different atmosphere in Orlando compared to the show in Alpharetta. I am so glad I decided to do both. I hope the guys return to Florida real soon......:)
hhipettyfan's picture

After seeing the Atlanta show on Sunday, I thought it would be fun to take in the Orlando show on Thursday. Both shows were great. The audience in Atlanta was a more hip crowd, singing along on as many songs as they could. The audience of the indoor arena in Orlando only sang along on "Free Fallin". For the Atlanta show someone gave some front row seats to a couple of beautiful young Georgia Peaches. Some eye candy for Tom and the boys was surely appreciated. The Boys were really in a great grove in Atlanta and the atmosphere in Orlando did seem a bit tense. Tom aknowledged there were many extended family members present Both were great shows and I would travel anywhere, anytime to see these guys play.
thewildone1975's picture

I still am in awe from the Orlando show. It was awesome. I still can't get over how much I should have known it rocked live. By far my favorite concert ever. My first Petty show and even got to meet singsinfrench. Very cool time! Can't wait for the next show!
singsinfrench's picture

Here we are in line for the concert in Orlando: Amy, Amber, Marion and Susan
tonimcvay's picture

I could see and feel the essence of the younger Tom Petty of 30 years ago moving across that stage. His music is timeless and the lyrics are meaningful and romantic. There is no band like this one on the planet!!!! I just wish I could have been a little bit closer. Got my tickets in January and was still to the far left on the floor about 10 rows back. Next time they comes to Florida, I'm going to order tickets the second they go on sale, and hopefully I can get closer tickets,
singsinfrench's picture

This was probably the best show I've seen. Lots of Buried Treasure! Thank you Tom and the band!!!
daisy1122's picture

Saw the show in Orlando, we were all a bit disappointed that the band spent so much valuable show time on obscure tracks while leaving out some of their greatest songs like "Breakdown" and "Even The Losers." Loved the encore set, but came away disappointed when they didn't perform "Breakdown" or even "I need to know." The band sounded awesome - much better than I expected, but the set list was not nearly as great as it could have been.
singsinfrench's picture

Thank you to Tom and all the Heartbreakers for a wonderful show in Orlando. You played, "Something Good Coming." It was just what I was hoping and begging for! Thank you!! You will always and forever be my favorite band. Your concerts are the best, especially this tour with more buried treasure! What a thrill it was! I was so high, and I haven't come down yet! My heart is near bursting - thank you so very much!
buzzbar's picture

Paul, The song you're asking about is, I believe, "Crawling back to you", and it's on the Wildflowers album. Have fun! Saw TP in Colorado, and it was fantastic!
floridapaul's picture

I hear the song at work all the time,but did not know what album and the title.Thanks to all of you for the answer.::)))) Concert was really nice. Loved the new bluesy tunes off the new album and many oldies.Can't believe he is not doing "Breakdown" though. I picture that song as one where they start the song instrumentally and Tom just holds out the microphone and lets the whole crowd sing the whole first verse if not the entire song. I'm a HUGE Bruce (Boss ) fan and he routinely does that.Always a crowd pleaser and gets the crowd fired up....
treefrogdemon's picture

That's 'Crawling Back To You' and it's on the Wildflowers album. xxx
supernaturaldj's picture

Tom is changing the setlist more than in previous tours. He changed 4 songs if you compare Estero to Orlando. Paul - "Crawling Back to You" is the song you're asking about off the Wildflowers album.
chakra6's picture

What a beautiful show filled with deep tracks. Thanks for coming home, for not forgetting us. Last night we had good sound and the band was amazingly tight, I mean, you all played as one. We were a couple of the, slightly mad for you guys, section to your extreme right. Thanks for coming over to see us. And such a treat to be present for so many rarely played live. Something Good Coming knocked me out. Every single one of you are gave your all. I just love this church :-).
buzzbar's picture

Paul, The song you're asking about is, I believe, "Crawling back to you", and it's on the Wildflowers album. Have fun! Saw TP in Colorado, and it was fantastic!
tjconnor08's picture

floridapaul, I think the song you are referring to is "Crawling back to you" which is on the Wallflowers album.
floridapaul's picture

Excited to go .I haven't seen Petty since the 80's. I looked at the setlists so far and he DOES NOT change up very much.I am quite surprised to see this since he has soooooo many great songs.Wonder why that is.I could not follow him around like Springsteen who with each concert you may get 6-8 different songs from the previous one.Also can anyone help me identify a Petty song,with the lyrics. " ooh ooh ooh ooh I keep coming back to you" What is this songs title and what album is it on..Thanks Paul
katandson's picture

I bought tickets for the show in Orlando tonight, and I was new at this ticket purchase thing. I was hoping to get somehow a back stage pass for my Husband. (Of course I would like to also, but it is more important for him to go) You see, he is a Army Vietnam Veteran and a purple heart recepient. He is not in a wheel chair. It has been his dream to see Tom Petty, as he is 65 now, and I bought these tickets for him as a surprise anniversary present. (I happen to be a retired Woman Marine). If there is ANY slight possibility of making this happen, would someone please contact me? I know this is short notice, so I can be reached on my cell at 863-207-4200. Thank you, Kat in Lake Wales, FL
cbortner's picture

The alarm is set for 3:15am tomorrow morning as we take an early flight from Phila. to rock out with America's best and most true band EVER! We're soooooo ready! How about NJ, PA, & NY after Europe!!!!!!!
cbryson36's picture

I am so Excited to see this concert. However after looking at the song line-up from the earlier dates I noticed 'You Got Lucky' wasnt played... I SOOOOO Hope that changes in Orlando!!! PLEASE Guys you gotta Play It For Me!!!!
singsinfrench's picture

I'm packing for my trip to Orlando, and flying in tomorrow. Please play Something Good Coming at Orlando! I would be eternally grateful! Rock on!
tednkell's picture

I have 2 tix available (In hand - Electric format) Sec 106, Row WCC, Seats 6 and 7 Just looking to sell at cost $210 for the pair ($105 each) They are handicap seating (my best friend, who was supposed to go, is in a wheelchair. She and her two kids are having some health difficulties and can't attend) I'm bringing my kids to their first Petty show and one of my daughters also needs handicap seating, so we're still legal for the seats. I gave one ticket to my mom. It will be her first show too! I'm a HUGE Petty fan (some 20+ shows now, including 4 in Gville, and front row in St. Louis for the MOJO tour!) I just want to get what I paid for them, plus any fees. They're GREAT SEATS! email me at
jermepa's picture

I hope this is as good as the 2008 Boston show. It was like being in a car with 10,000 of your closest friends singing along to the radio with the windows down. And on a summer night!
kristenlouise's picture

My 9 yr. old son Harrison (named after George) and I will be flying in from RI to see you. He just had his first gig at his school where he played "American Girl" We're so lucky to have won these tickets. You guys are so generous to give so many chances for your fans to win. Thank you so much!!! Not only will be a moment my son and I will never forget but I know will inspire him as a young musician. Thank you and God bless you all!
singsinfrench's picture

Tom it's Susan from Turtle Lake. You gave me a big hug at The Buried Treasure Show. All I ask is that you play Something Good Coming in Orlando for me. It would be the coolest gift I could ever get!
jimhostetter's picture

Coming from Buffalo, New York. Would love to hear Mystic Eyes...
hippaula's picture

Staying at the Sheraton across the street from the Amway Center. Florida residents get 20% off.