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Amsterdam, NL 06/24


Jun 24 2012
Amsterdam, NL
Heineken Music Hall

Friends have been coming out of the woodwork lately on Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers' 2012 European Tour.

First we ran into Lenny Kravitz in Oslo. London was a star-studded affair both offstage and on, with Steve Winwood sitting in with the band for the second night. Amsterdam proved to be just as special as the others as Eddie Vedder showed up a night before Pearl Jam was slated for the Ziggo Dome.

Ed's love of Tom and the band is well-documented in countless interviews and serves as one of the highlights of "Runnin' Down A Dream," the band's documentary directed by Peter Bogdonavich.

In it, Eddie brings the house down singing "The Waiting," and the version played Sunday night at a jam-packed Heneiken Music Hall was just as good.

Smiles were aplenty across the stage after Tom introduced the band and then welcomed Eddie out. Mike Campbell launched into the iconic guitar riff, and Eddie hopped right up to the microphone. delivering a stunning performance of the Hard Promises hit that propelled the band for the rest of the night.

After hugging Tom and walking offstage, Eddie settled in sidestage, eyes glued to the band like the fan that he is.

Oh, and did I mention Jack White was also in the house? He came out to catch the gig on his day off before playing the very same venue the next day.

Cologne, get ready! Check back for more for the 2012 Summer Tour.

Listen to Her
You Wreck Me I Won't Back Down
Here Comes My Girl
Handle with Care
Good Enough
Oh Well
Something Big
Don't Come Around Here No More
The Waiting*
Free Fallin'
It's Good To Be King
Something Good Coming
Learning to Fly
Yer So Bad
I Shoulda Known It
Runnin' Down A Dream

Mary Jane
American Girl*

* with Eddie Vedder

Heineken Music Hall
Tour Tracks: 
Something Good Coming
Good Enough
American Girl
Oh Well
Listen to Her Heart
Don't Come Around Here No More
Free Fallin'
Mary Jane's Last Dance
Runnin' Down A Dream
Learning To Fly


djgold49's picture

Great Show in Amsterdam! had a great time and my wife is cool that you didnt play honey bee...she was more excited to see Eddie join the band. With him joining in on "the Waiting" - it was a magical night for all of us. Thanks! To TP, the band and the crew!!
dianna's picture

yes!!!! Jack White in the house! Alright! He has good taste.
marina_croatia's picture

I'm from Croatia, and me and my sister came to see Jack White in Amsterdam! One day before the concert, we were sitting in some restaurant and right next to us sat two nicest and greatest men ever Mark and Richard. We started talking about music and finally they invited us to come to a concert! They gave us two tickets, and backstage pass!! It was amazing and unforgettable! In backstage we got to meet the Heartbreakers, Eddie Vedder and Jack White! I'm still waiting for someone to wake me up!! Miracles do happen!!! I love you guys, you were all great!! I'm gonna remember this for the rest of my life!
hugoschneider's picture

What a Great show. Second time I've seen you and the Heartbreakers. First one was in the Hollywood Bowl LA during the Mojo Tour 2010. Thanks for all those great songs and great guitar work...especially Mike's.
TPfanNL's picture

It didn't feel like Sunday, didn't feel like June,...those words came to my mind when I heard that you were coming to Holland / the Netherlands on Sunday 24th of June. And the ticketsale was on my birthday...there's a sign....Well, I was 19 years old at the concert in Utrecht Vredenburg in 1982 and fan since 1979. Had to be there, asked my younger brother to go with me. And 30 years later asked my husband to go with me. So I made a T-shirt to celebrate this special day. When we arrived, we saw a lot of busses. You were here....Minutes seemed hours until the concert started. Great concert again! Minutes went by like seconds...Well, now have to do with memories...of again a special day in my life. Thanks!
jptoombs's picture

Please post a set list for this show.
frankdelbeke's picture

It was un unforgettable evening in Amsterdam.. Although I was a sad I was not in London to see Steve Winwood, but it was even "better": Eddie Vedder joined the band during the show to sing "The waiting" and in the encore "American girl". A word of gratitude is in order.. Jonathan Wilson is a promising opening and I reckon we will hear more of him.. I'm anxious to know whether a second album is forthcoming.. But once again, thanks Scott, Steve, Ron, Benmont, Mike and .. Tom
retbuzz's picture

Thx for the gig in Amsterdam last night. As a fan trough the years I'm very happy that you played good old Holland again. What a surprise when you got Eddie Vedder 'on board' for a few songs. It was a long time ago that I feld myself so happy during a gig. Long may you and the Hartbreakers run. Free fallin Fred.
newyorktown's picture

Dear Tom and great band! What a show yestersday. Great setlist great sound. Also great you asked Eddie Vedder to join you all on stage. Thanks again for winning tickets for your show, and i hope you will be back soon (please let me not waiting 25 years haha).
djgold49's picture

Looking forward to the show! Was in Austin and am looking forward to Something Big! Once again. Hope Tom can squeeze in a rendition of The Weight for the encore.....Come on ....its only five minutes. It will be a blast. An old school acoustic version of The Waiting would be cool and my wife is begging for Honey Bee..
jpvdw's picture

Very muck looking forward to see the show in A'dam next sunday. Hope you'll play a stunning setlist as I have seen being listed in several recaps. Being a fan since 1988 when (just became a huge Stevie Nicks fan) I heard the Pack up the Plantation album. Now finally after 24 years I'm going to see! Please play Breakdown!
raul_deboer's picture

I can´t buy tickets. I have trouble buying tickets. when you put the card number then get a window saying that there are problems with trade.
richie_sd's picture

I missed Tom Petty, and the company of a beautiful lady, a long long time ago in SD. Time to catch up and I can't wait to see the band, in the great company of TP, rock in Amsterdam
richie_sd's picture

After missing the opportunity to see TP on stage in the company of a beautiful lady I am finally getting to go to the show... with the great bass player and brilliant journalist TP.
ejhaanraadts's picture

When you try it shouldn't be a problem when you've got a regular credit card. There are still tickets left and there's only one type.
palmtree1204's picture

I am trying to purchase tickets to see Tom Petty but for some reason I am not able to with my credit card. Does anyone know how I should go about this? I think maybe to call the place it is showing perhaps.
gv4u's picture

Hi, I'm a huge fan. My daughter became also a huge fan. It's really great to see you afther all these years live in Amsterdam... Love it...!
jeepeete's picture

Despite the cancellation of the Zürich show, we'll be there at Amsterdam's Music Hall to see what we expect to be the greatest rock band of the decade. After the sadness, it's hope and joy again. IIt's good to be king ! Jeepeete
e.j.haanraadts's picture

Even the losers get lucky sometimes!! After 20 years it was a shock to see that Amsterdam wasn't in the European tour schedule. So off to the nearest place: Paris,got good tickets. Then London was added: must be great to see TP & H Runnin' Down A Dream at the Royal Albert Hall. Got also good tickets for that one. And now you're only playing 25' (by bike) from my house. I won't miss that one either. It'll be an expensive summer, but I'm sure it'll be worth it. Sorry for the Swiss, but they're welcome of course!!
germany's picture

YES! Four concerts this year!! 1. Estero, FL 2. London, GB 3. Amsterdam, NL 4. Mannheim, GER runnin' down a dream!!
orobo2002's picture

Got tickets to Zurich unfortunately not able to afford trip due to loss of job...I have 2 tickets on ROW 3 - SEATS 10&11...NEED TO SELL IT...for the cost...CHF 245.50...or $ 350 dollars...there is CHF 6.00 included cancellation insurance that I will try to see if it is transferable....saw them in Dallas 2010 would love to be able to see them again in Europe...if you know great deals in flights...Dallas-Zurich round trip...please let me phone in the USA is 469 287 2351...if you want to buy my tickets please call me. JC...Zurich is going to rock !!!!
leoauf's picture

Greeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaat!!!!! See you in Zurich!!!
vansue's picture

After.... Basel 1987 / Tampa,FL ca 1989 / Basel 1992 (a few of you guys had fun at Route66) / Chicago,IL 1999 / GrandRapids,MI 2002......welcome back in Switzerland...2012.. I am so happy
vansue's picture

1987 Basel, with Bob Dylan...approx 1989 Tampa,FL.. 1992 Basel, 1999 Chicao,IL, 2002 GrandRapids,MI. and now 2012 ZUERICH... thats very cool.. Thanks for coming back to Switzerland.
swissrandy's picture

For coming to siwtzerland!!! I HOPE you also play Montreux ;O)!!!!!!
kashmir68's picture

20 years later.... HE's back ! I remember your amazing gig in St.Jakob's Halle in Basel during the "Into The Great Wide Open Tour".... What a beautiful Xmas gift ! Welcome back to SWEETzerland, Tom Petty & Heartbreakers
swissrandy's picture

I saw you with Bob Dylan on Tour. Between then and now I only had you CDs and DVDs. And now my dream comes true!!!! ........And !!!!!!! I hope that Claude Nobbs contacted you already ;O)
ericclaptonfanclub's picture

as the president of the eric clapton fanclub in switzerland I am very much looking forward to this great musical event. to see tom petty live is one of my last musical dreams which comes true in 2012. and with steve ferrone as one of my longtime friends in the music business makes this date complete. keep on rocking and rolling!!!