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Alpharetta, GA 04/29


Apr 29 2012
Alpharetta, GA
Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre

Scott Thurston is like musical glue.

Whether it's his acoustic guitar strumming on "Yer So Bad" or "Runnin' Down A Dream," his intertwining electric guitar on "I Should Have Known It" with Mike Campbell, or his high harmony vocals on songs like "I Won't Back Down" and "Here Comes My Girl," the Heartbreakers' multi-instrumentalist on stage left does it all, always tastefully providing whatever is needed to best serve the song.

Sunday night's show in Alpharetta was just another example of Scott's integral role in this band, beginning with his vocals on the band's cover of the Traveling Wilburys' "Handle with Care." Filling the shoes of the late great Roy Orbison is a monumental undertaking in and of itself, but Scott nails the Texas troubadour's part in the Wilburys' classic night in and night out, always eliciting a wide smile from Tom and the rest of the band. On "Takin' My Time," Scott's harmonica playing provides a crucial foil to Tom's slow growl and the dirge-like blues played by the rest of the band. On Bo Diddley's "I'm A Man," his harp takes center stage, sparing with Mike Campbell's lead riffs before the song explodes like a church tent revival.

Florida, we're almost home! Come out and see us in Estero and Orlando this week!

Listen to Her Heart
You Wreck Me
I Won't Back Down
Here Comes My Girl
Handle with Care
Takin' My Time
I'm A Man
Something Big
Cabin Down Below
Free Fallin'
Travelin' Light
To Find A Friend
Learning to Fly
Yer So Bad
I Shoulda Known It
Good Enough
Runnin' Down A Dream

Mary Jane
American Girl

Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre
Tour Tracks: 
I Should Have Known It
Takin’ My Time
Good Enough
American Girl
Listen to Her Heart
I Won't Back Down
Mary Jane's Last Dance
Runnin' Down A Dream


chudgens's picture

Timeless Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers prove once again, they are arguably the best live preforming rock band in America. Their 100 min. set sounded near studio quality and the band never let off the pedal as they drove hard through the Georgia night. Great set-list of hits, covers and even a few from the vaults. Kudos to the set designer for a simply beautiful well lit stage. It doesn't get any better than this. Thanks TP and thank-you Heartbreakers. See you next time around.
curtsims's picture

I just wanted to say this concert was my first TPHB's concert. My friends and I were well pleased. The setlist was great. I enjoyed the cover's, the classics, the new stuff, etc. By far the best outdoor venue I've been to. We're back on the road in 20 mins. after the show. I hope y'all are messing around with the fans and will come back to do another leg across the US. I was totally blown away by the band. Tom have you ever worried about "the Heartbreakers" leaving you to pursue a "solo" career? Y'all are the best!
hotsand's picture

On April 29, 2012, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers rocked Alpharetta, GA. Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers brought a little something for everyone. For the young fans, or the top 40 crowd, the band performed many of his greatest hits. For his career fans – he went deeper and performed the tunes necessary for the “Petty Heads” in the crowd. There were a total of 22 songs performed – about two hours and 15 minutes. Even this extraordinary performance left us hungry for more. Mr. Petty entertained the crowd with much more than just his musical talents. The real Petty fan knows he – all by himself – can deliver and entertain – he’s a show man – a guitarist – a singer - a story teller – a comedian – a dancer – a chick magnet! Being the quientiscential southern gentleman he allows each of his band members to solely perform their magic on the crowd – allowing the fans access to a show entirely different from seeing Mr. Petty perform alone. Mike steadily leads and superbly rocks his guitar throughout all of Petty’s many personalities – Benmont’s trademark “head down” piano performances – occasionally looking up at the crowd with his sly grin – tipping his hat to us – the multitalented Scott performed them all – playing the harmonica, the keyboard, and singing with Petty was awesome to see and hear. The quiet, debonair and handsome Ron stays far too back from the front of the stage; and then there is Steve, who continues the large drum sound tradition began over 30 years ago. This leaves Mr. Petty. While his band tries to outshine him - he is running from one side of the stage to the other – grinning and winking – putting the “Elvis” moves on the women in the front rows. He continues his signature stances – guitars pointing to the sky. Petty is a show himself without singing. But, he is at his best when he sings – and plays his many guitars; telling us his stories through the lyrics of his songs. We saw the “Tom Petty Show” as he performed his acoustic versions of his legendary songs. Though we love Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, this portion of the show held the sweetest moments. Petty is delightful. He is slim, energetic, his hair blonde, long, swinging back and forth, his raspy, gritty voice strokes us all. At age 61, his mystery remains intact – he has got what it takes to turn the heads of woman age 6 to 60. For those too young to remember; his concerts come closest to the “Elvis Experience”. Maybe you noticed, the woman arrive to his show dressed to the nines – in low cut dresses, platform heels; makeup and big hair; each one of them holding a wish that he will grin at them and call them “Baby”. Thanks Heartbreakers and thanks Mr. Petty! It was a remarkable, amazing show - we hope to see you again and God bless you all too!
atlantamax's picture

My mistake. I meant to post this one....
atlantamax's picture

Classic Tom. What a great show - what a great place to watch him from.
bucpetty's picture

Great show but enough with the amphitheatres. Im sure with the record biz the way it is, you have to play arenas with lots of seats sold to make money but half the crowd gets screwed. Not to mention the souths heat!!! If your under the roof but to any side, the sound is horrible. Right down the middle is fine. I miss the arena shows in Knoxville,Tampa ,Orlando and St Pete. I live in Bristol Tn and Im stuck seeing you in Charlotte or Atlanta which usually means amphitheatres. A TP and the Hbs show is always great but Im looking forward to seeing you in an arena full of true fans. Been going to see you guys since 82 and will never miss you.
ladyblujay's picture

I've always felt that Scott was underrated. So happy to see him getting his just dues. He is sooo talented.
rastrong1963's picture

My first cassette was Damn the Torpedoes, saw you in Indy 1981. Took my wife to this (her second concert of her entire life) she had been pumped for weeks and you guys did not disappoint! Next to the King (Elvis) you all are the best! Just rock-n-roll! My wife Karen and I were definitely “waiting for tonight”. Thank you! Next time we are doing the VIP tickets! Thank you for all the music, it has helped carry me over the years and deployments and time away from family.
peterjfolger's picture

Been listening to you guys since 1977 and you keep getting better and better with age! The concert here in Atlanta was awesome. Thank you guys for mixing it up and playing some different tracks. We especially thank you for playing "Cabin Down Below" (one of my wife's favorites ;-) ) We'll see you guys next time!!!!
samuelrobinson3's picture

But I was really wanting to hear JJ Cale's "13 Days" - but I know that's an extra special treat that he doesn't pull out often. Would've also like to hear "Something Good Coming" but didn't get that either. Maybe next time!! Overall we had a great night and will come back to see them again. Great times (except for the drunk, obnoxious midwesterner seated next to me). The opener was grrreat too (Listen to Her Heart).
randypmartin's picture

Ferrone never ceases to amaze. I have been to the TPHB on every tour since 06' Last night in Atlanta was by far the best I have ever heard them play! They were so tight. I love Thursto sining the Roy Orbison part on the Willbury's song but he adds so much to the band anyway. The set list was great and the guys just seem to be having more fun than usual. Hard to explain. Tom and the Band: Thank you all for coming out every couple years and letting us see you guys. I know that touring is a grind but as a fan I just want you to know I appreciate what you guys do. Keep it coming!
42itous's picture

Even though I can't be sure any of you guys will ever read this I just have to say that I've waited practically my entire life to get the opportunity to see you guys play honest to God rock and roll, and last night I finally did. I'm 29 years old and the music you guys have made throughout the course of my life, the music I've grown up listening to and continue to cherish and rock out to on a practically daily basis was finally mine to hear live, to see you perform, and it was amazing. I piled up in the car with my lady, drove the hour or so to Alpahretta, and enjoyed one of the most cathartic, happy, and just plain rock and roll experiences of my life. I wanted to thank you guys for that. It's not something I can afford to do very often, but that only added to how special it was. Thank you so much for being the most inspiring group of musicians in my life. You guys rock and you always will. -H. Hawkins
atlantamax's picture

What a fantastic show. Watching from front row was unparallelled to shows I've seen in the past. Enjoy the photo.
Anonymous's picture

Just got back to the hotel after the truly GREAT TPATH concert! It was wonderful to hear the deep cuts. Really the best one ever!! I will have sweet dreams tonight...
HaveL0veWillTravel's picture

I absolutely loved the show! Thanks for the surprises! Great crowd too. Happiest place (& Girl) on earth tonight! Saw the tourbus on my way back to the hotel tonight and met Margaret Cho at the show. Great Night! Need you back in Darien Lake asap though! NY loves you!
bucpetty's picture

Just a few hours til showtime. I wish I hadnt sneaked a peek at the set lists . I am such an idiot. In the old days, you had to wait for the surprises. I know Tom dont read these but if someone does that talks to him please ask him how come he is so cool? Also tell him to quit smoking. Also ask him to do Southern Accents tonight. Well Im glad they got their guitars back. Im looking forward to seeing my favorite band tonight. Oh also tell him I named by dog after him. Sir Thomas Earl of the Hounds
fjvanwet's picture

My first TPATH concert. When I mentioned my plans to my friends, all I heard was: "They put on a great show. You will love it." Looking forward to tonight. Rock on.
tinagrvtwn's picture

And I guess you know the rest! Haven't heard that in a while! (Jus sayin--) Anyway,Georgia is ready for you, Mr.Petty,and we can hardly wait!!!
tylerreynolds's picture

Leaving Wisconsin tomorrow CANT WAIT!
hotsand's picture

It's a big weekend, gonna kick up the dust - a big weekend, if you dont run you'll rust! The waiting is the hardest part - and its finally here! My third concert - each one celebrating a milestone in my life - this time - my retirement - 38 years of service to this great country - I love you Heartbreakers - thanks so much for your music - it got me me through - give em 20 years theyll take care of you - wake up one day and wonder why? Let me up I've had enough! We've been talking bout' GA - Goodbye, that is all she wrote!
colhard's picture

I haven't gotten a parking pass but looking at Verizon website it looks like they will give you one when you pick up the tickets from will call: The Box Office will open for Will Call two (2) hours before show time and will remain open until the headliner takes the stage. The Box Office is located at 2200 Encore Parkway Alpharetta, GA 30009. Please park in the short-term Box Office parking area near the Main Box Office next to the East Gate. Once you have your ticket(s), please park your vehicle in the assigned lot designated on your parking pass. IF YOU ARE PICKING UP YOUR TICKETS FROM WILL CALL, PLEASE BRING A PICTURE ID, THE ACTUAL CREDIT CARD USED TO PURCHASE THE TICKETS AND YOUR ORDER NUMBER.
Anonymous's picture

I have been counting down the months, then weeks, then days till my 6th TPATH concert!! It will be so awesome, as always. My date every two years and each concert I see gets me through till the next one! Love you guys! I read on some of the posts of concerts already given that the set lists included some deep cuts. Awesome.....I would love to hear "Face in the Crowd" and "Mystic Eyes" and "Crawling back to you". I will be there in row 14, your biggest fan!
domestacat's picture

I am looking so forward to this show! Can't wait until the week is over and Sunday morning appears. I have been waiting so long to see TPATHB live in concert and have VIP Package tickets! They are truly the greatest group of rock n roll musicians and song crafters and I bet live performers in the biz!
ztoongirl's picture

Hey Tom, We are looking forward to next Sunday and Tom Petty!!! This is just 2 days after we close on a new house in S.C. The last 2 months has been very stressful. It'll be great to unwind with Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers... Mark & Kim
elisabethpetty6's picture

My daughter didn't want a car for her Sweet 16. She wanted to see her FAVORITE...Tom Petty! We are driving TWELVE HOURS from the northern part of West Virginia to see you, Mr. Petty!!!!! I know it will have been worth the drive and the wait!!!! I'll be the crazy, weary looking Mom with the sobbing 16 year old towards the front! WooooooHoooooo!!!!!
theobviouscure's picture

I've been listening to Tom Petty ever since I was a baby! I'm only fifteen now, but I have known his music all my life. He is completely amazing and I love all his music. It has got me through the rough times in life and has made the great times even better. I cannot believe I am lucky enough to go see my favorite musician! As soon as I found out about the 2012 concert tour and how close it was going to be from where I live, I knew I was going to have to beg my mom til she got me a ticket! I want April 29th to come faster! I'm on a exciting, but nerve wrecking countdown.
mysticeyes's picture

Love this song on your Live Anthology album. Please play it for us in Atlanta!!
HaveL0veWillTravel's picture

Less than 3 weeks to go!!
hipechic's picture

coming from NC - can't wait to see the man!!!!
scottmcdaniel's picture

It's the best large venue in Atlanta, IMHO. Saw TP and the HBs and Stevie Winwood there (and what a show it was!), and had the best time. Can't wait until Apr. 29!