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Wichita, KS 04/26


Apr 26 2012
Wichita, KS
Intrust Bank Arena

All Heartbreakers concerts are cause for celebration, but Thursday night in Wichita had a particularly celebratory mood as Steve Ferrone celebrated his birthday earlier in the week.

Ferrone was a monster tonight, dropping some killer fills when appropriate while laying down a solid rhythm foundation all night along with bassist Ron Blair for Tom and the rest of the band to shine.

Tom once again dedicated a gorgeous version of "The Best of Everything," a track off Southern Accents produced by Robbie Robertson, to the late great Levon Helm, and "Have Love Will Travel," one of Tom's personal favorites off The Last DJ, returned to the set list. "Saving Grace" made its debut on the 2012 Summer Tour, but it was "It's Good To Be King" that rocked the Intrust Arena in Wichita to its core, leaving thousands of Heartbreakers fans cheering as Mike Campbell squeezed everything he had out of his sunburst Gibson guitar.

JazzFest! We're on our way to New Orleans for Saturday's show on the main stage at the legendary New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, so come on out and see us!

Listen to Her Heart
You Wreck me
I Won't Back Down
Here Comes My Girl
Handle with Care
The Best of Everything
I'm A Man
Something Big
Have Love Will Travel
Free Fallin'
Saving Grace
It's Good To Be King
Time to Move On
Learning to Fly
Yer So Bad
I Shoulda Known It
Good Enough
Runnin' Down A Dream

Mary Jane
American Girl

Intrust Bank Arena


tdb222's picture

It took me 30 years to FINALLY get the chance to see a Heartbreakers show but it was worth it! Thanks Tom and the Heartbreakers for an awesome evening!
crowder's picture

This was my 5th Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers concert that I have attended. They were all great and that is why I tell all my friends that, "Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers are the sound of Rock and Roll." The last show I saw in Kansas City Tom said that if we keep coming, you will keep playing. I say you keep coming back and I will keep coming to see you.
bons's picture

five stars!! so great to see the band again! great set list! EXCELLENT show! thanks heartbreakers! so cool that you are spending some time in Europe with you fans there!! all the best! bon
janer's picture

The best show I've ever seen, bar none. Including other TPATH concerts I thought could not be topped. I'd have to say "I Shoulda Known It" blew the walls down. Of course, every song on the set list is hard to beat. The road trip with my family more than worth it. We have great memories and stories to last a lifetime. This is pure joy and love. Europe?: You are going be blown away.
tdb222's picture

It took me 30 years to FINALLY get the chance to see a Heartbreakers show but it was worth it! Thanks Tom and the Heartbreakers for an awesome evening!
eric_white's picture

My wife and I had an incredible time at the show last night! Regina has a beautiful voice, I just wish everyone had stopped talking so we could hear her. It sounded like amateur night in a bar with all the conversations. Mr. Petty and the HBs were great. Watching Tom bounce around the stage and play off all of his bandmates was a joy and everyone in the band did an incredible job. I really enjoy his narration of each of the songs they played, and how the selection spotlighted each band member. An incredible concert and we can't wait for you to come back to Wichita!
tdb222's picture

It took me 30 years to FINALLY get the chance to see a Heartbreakers show but it was worth it! Thanks Tom and the Heartbreakers for an awesome evening!
literate1's picture

This was my first time to see TP&HB and we got seats on Row 5 -- it was -- well, I loved every bit of it. I've seen many concerts all over the country but this was truly a kickass concert that ranks up there with concerts I remember from the 70s -- the Stones, the Who with Keith Moon -- it was really something else. I heard a lot of songs I knew by heart and a few I wasn't that familiar with but really enjoyed a lot. By the time the music ended, the band was spent, I was spent and my dreams last night had a Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers soundtrack, (much like my waking life). Wonderful concert, not to be forgotten!
frantheman39's picture

Can't wait until May 1st here in Florida!!! Last nights seltist is the best on the tour so far!!! WOW!!!!
cooljh74's picture

I have seen Petty several times over the years and they never let me down. This was the first time for my girlfriend and she said it was the best concert she has seen yet. We were in the second row on the floor. Awesome view! We love you all and hope to see you again on the next tour. Take care!
htina10's picture

What an incredible show! Took my 22 year old daughter. 1st time we saw the band was at Sandstone 17 years ago. There were a few songs I was really hoping to hear live, but guess we couldn't stay and play ALL night. Hope you come back soon!
jptoombs's picture

Thanks to all of the band members and the crew. It was maybe the best TPATH concert that I have ever attended. Special thanks to Mike Campbell for playing his heart out all night long. I was in row 2 in front of Mike and it was truly incredible watching him play from up close. I stayed in town to watch another guitar player that I enjoy tonight - Joe Bonamassa; then back to Iowa tomorrow. what a fantastic trip. I've got to do this more often.
topang_cg's picture

Really fun show last night! We were freezing over the ice hockey rink but I got warm when the guys played and got me up and moving! LOVED Good to be King and Good Enough esp. but overall another wonderful show. Thank goodness we didn't have drunks shouting behind us, that would have been awful. So sorry, BYUBUF. :-( Tremendous lighting job by Jim Lenahan. Regina Spektor was a great opener. My dumbphone always goes dead in big metal buildings so no photos, unfortunately. But our seats were really great and I remember it vividly.
wichitashaw's picture

Fantastic show last night from TPHB. They've written too much good music to fit into one set.
byubuf's picture

Just got back from the concert. Got a beer bath twice, I wish the security would do their job. It's not a good time when you have drunks behind you yelling the whole concert and spilling beer all over.
yooperss's picture

Leavin' soon for Wichita...picking up ticktets at will call. Will be listening to TPHB music the whole trip! Still hoping that they'll play Girl on LSD for us. Can't wait 'til you hit the stage!
kevin_smith's picture

I called Select-a-Seat yesterday at Intrust, and they said will call opens at 4 PM for this concert. Mainly called as I bought tickets in Jan at pre-sale which included the Fan Club cost of $45. Anyone know how to get the membership ID? I've emailed TP Fan Club..nothing. Select-a-Seat said my reservation number was my sign-on password...but nope.
Anonymous's picture

Too bad he's not coming to MKE this time, so I'm getting ready to drive 800 miles to Wichita to see a show. It would be awesome if "Something Good Coming' or 'Southern Accent' could be on the set list. This is my 8th time seeing him, and I'm just as excited as the 1st time.
bobh's picture

According to the box office fan club tickets are available one hour before the doors open. The doors open at 6Pm so .... 5Pm
bobh's picture

The box office says- "fan club tickets are ready one hour prior to the doors opening". According to the web site, the doors open at 6:00PM. So I guess that means tickets should be ready at 5:00PM.
jptoombs's picture

Does anyone know what time will call opens at this venue?
sherivincen's picture

A week from today!!! So excited!!!
bons's picture

rooms at the Drury Hotel close-by @ $129 includes 3 drinks at happy hour and free breakfast ! see you there!
janer's picture

Third time with my family to see TP&HB, 2008, 2010, now 2012. I've grown up with them, my kids have too. I have to drive a bit to a new town (no problem). Tickets were smooth, hotel was harder. Matching TPHB shirts, dancing with my girls, husband by my side, "even the losers get lucky sometimes". The last concert in KCMO you said "you keep coming back, we'll keep coming back". Awesome. See you there. Epic. "YOU WRECK ME" (please open with that..?) Peace and Thanks jr
mcgaugh1's picture

selestaseat has chart & virtual chart
mcgaugh1's picture

2nd time for TPHB, never thought they would make it to the Air Cap. I saw them @ Sandstone w/ Jackson Browne several years ago, MY BEST CONCERT EVER. Thanks to all that made it happen. CUON the FLOOR. Sincerley Magoo
ericpahls's picture

Im 17 years old and two of my friends got tickets yesterday and I will be traveling to see this one! So excited!
rscavana329's picture

How did everyone find out where they are sitting for the floor seats?
rscavana329's picture

This will be my 3rd time seeing Tom Petty! I am beyond excited to have purchased floor seats to this show. TOM PETTY!!!! SOOOO EXCITED!
tblair's picture

Bought tix @ 10:00 and 30 seconds. Best seats available in second section from the front. Who gets the front section?