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New Orleans 04/28


Apr 28 2012
New Orleans,
New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival

"I can feel the mojo in this place. Can you feel the mojo?"

Tom Petty smiled widely out over the sea of 60,000-plus screaming fans gathered in front of the Fess stage for the Heartbreakers' headlining set on Saturday at the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival.

New Orleans holds a special place in the hearts of musicians and music aficionados as the Crescent City's cultural heritage - comprised of Spanish, French, African and Creole influences - has resulted in a veritable melting pot of music. Jazz, blues, funk, cajun all call NOLA home, and JazzFest celebrates this legacy every April and May with almost two weeks of non-stop music throughout the city, attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors from around the world.

The mood was set for the Heartbreakers by a fantastic set of New Orleans standards earlier in the day on the Fess Stage from the Voice of the Wetlands All-Stars featuring Tab Benoit, Dr. John, Cyril Neville, Anders Osborne, Big Chief Monk Boudreaux, Johnny Vidacovich, Johnny Sansone, Waylon Thibodeaux and a special guest sit-in from Galactic drummer Stanton Moore.

Tom and the band were certainly feeling the vibe onstage Saturday, playing a set just short of two hours that featured a great "Something Big," the return of the band's cover of JJ Cale's "Travelin' Light" and culminating with an incendiary "Mary Jane's Last Dance/American Girl" encore.

As Tom and the guys gathered at the front of the stage to wave goodbye to the JazzFest faithful following the last notes of the encore, the sun dipped below the horizon of the Fairgrounds, the end of a historic day in Heartbreakers history.

Listen to Her Heart
You Wreck Me
I Won't Back Down
Here Comes My Girl
Handle with Care
Lover's Touch
I'm A Man
Something Big
Have Love Wi
ll Travel
Free Fallin'
Travelin' Light
Time to Move On
Learning to Fly
Yer So Bad
I Shoulda Known It
Good Enough
Runnin' Down A Dream

Mary Jane
American Girl

New Orleans
New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival
Tour Tracks: 
Lover’s Touch
Good Enough
American Girl
Listen to Her Heart
Free Fallin'
I Won't Back Down
Mary Jane's Last Dance
Runnin' Down A Dream


beckergm's picture

We go to Jazzfest every year. This year was the best! I loved that you finished with American Girl. It brought down the house. We saw you at the Bridgestone in Nashville in 2010 and I thought it couldn't get any better than that. But you did! Keep making great music.
goodfoote's picture

Two Firebirds taking flight!
mak_51's picture

The band was hot in NOLA ... Miek Campbell was on fire ...
mak_51's picture

Glad they got these babies back ...
mak_51's picture

We didn't want it to end but were completely spent after Refugee-Runnin'-Mary Jane-American Girl ... From the looks of things, Tom enjoyed himself too! I took this picture early in the show. He walked over right in front of us, smiled pretty and played a few bars.
jujucampbell's picture

Verizon Amphitheater was the best venue for this concert! Open air is just wonderful. Concert was amazing. The only thing that would have made it better would be back stage passes to meet Tom and the band. Alas a dream I've had for thirty years! While we are all breathing I have hope :) Keep rockin it Heartbreakers! We love you guys!
lisad1109's picture

That's it! We really need you to come to Seattle.
dianna's picture

....when I said I had fever! I really did and I still do!!! and, now, I can't talk......lost my voice too! But, I have lots of wonderful photos to share! I will have to upload...soon!
smgargs's picture

I want you to tour in pittsburgh! Please
Anonymous's picture

Jazz Fest 2012!!!
dianna's picture

are you ready for nola ladies? you know we got some the morning.....fever all through the night......fever in our kisses....
monicas459's picture

I'm so excited to see Tom Petty again! He is my favorite artist by far! This is the first time I'm seeing him at the NO Jazz Fest. We're traveling far to see him but I'm wondering about logistics. Can anyone provide info on the best way to see him? Do we go to the stage first thing in the am and camp out or is everyone at the fest able to see him? Thanks for the advice. I can't wait!
tpettyrocker4evr's picture

The ULTIMATE ! I am so excited that TPHB will be at NOLA JAZZ FEST. I haven't been to the fest. in quite a while. Too many years. There is no way I would miss this concert. It's a dream come true, and right at my back door. Man are we gonna rock. It will be "standin room" only. ROCK ON Y'ALL !
sunshine1's picture

Yeah baby!!!!!! Vamping!!!!!
dianna's picture

hahahaha! And, we're vamping up to go to New Orleans! hehehehe! And, I do mean vam-ping!!!!!
sunshine1's picture

I am so incredibly THRILLED to be going to New Orleans....(where all of my ancestors hail from) for the first time to see TPATH (!!!!!!!!!) and to finally meet these incredibly wonderful freinds that I have made on and FB!!!!!!!!!! This is so epic only in my wildest dreams could I imagine something so awesome and now's happening!!! so Mel, Dianna, hopefully Amy , Danny and Rob will make it too!!! This is going to be sooo much fun!!! Buckle up!!
treefrogdemon's picture

Ordinary tickets are still available for the NO Festival - they're $120 for a weekend ticket and £45 for one day. See you there!
jynissen's picture

Mike, Can you help me here!!!! :( so I'm Petty Fan and The Heartbreakers Fan!! I was totally excited about tickets going on sale for fan club members :) so I picked a venue that I had never been to before New Orleans. I live in Alaska the past 7 years and have NEVER missed a concert since 85 and been a fan since 1978 We travel to Washington every time you are there. So I'm waiting and waiting (the waiting is the hardest part) for the tickets to go one sale so me my and my niece can go and find out that we can't get them they went on sale and members don't get pre-sale for that event :( You can Imagine I'm totally BUMMED They have them for 650 and that is out of my league and I can't get the time off for Florida Can you help me buy 3 tickets PLEASE!!!!! I am sooooooooooooo bummed out!
treefrogdemon's picture

Hey, it's a festival. You pay your forty bucks, turn up and sit on the grass.
venusgirl09's picture

So...I just re-upped my HCC membership thinking I would get the pre-sale tickets for NOLA and the fun stuff too?? However, it looks like no pre-sale or special tickets for HCC members wanting to go to the NOLA Jazz Fest show?? The only way to see my favorite band for the last 35 years is to buy the Grand Marshall tickets @ $650/ticket!!! Does anyone have any other info. on this show, April 28th? Is there anyway to get all the goodies listed below for HCC members? Specially designed Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers jersey sweatshirt Collectible tour poster (numbered, limited) Exclusive tour tote bag Official set of Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers guitar picks Commemorative ticket Commemorative tour laminate Early entry into the venue for crowd-free merchandise shopping On-site event host
pfblack's picture

Sorry you misunderstood. In New Orleans you buy tickets for an entire weekend if you want or the particular day but you must do it through the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Foundation. just go online to their website
tepfan's picture

Haven't been back to New Orleans nice Katrina and have really been meaning to. Let's hope I can use this as an excuse.
treefrogdemon's picture

That's a mistake - the New Orleans Festival is selling its own tickets.
rkc's picture

Too Excited: How did your husband buy the tickets to new orleans concert? The tour page shows tickets not on sale yet.
millhopper's picture

this will be my first trip to nawleans in 40 years...can't think of a better reason to come on down... :)
kmarcus's picture

Looking forward to Jazz Fest. My daughter and I drove to Atlanta in 2010 to see you. My brother in Austin will be so excited. I asked who the one person you want to see and he told me Tom Petty!
kmarcus's picture

I definitely will be there. I brought my daughter to see you guys in Atlanta in 2010 who was 14 at the time and she hasn't stopped listening to you. I enjoy Jazz Fest but may have to come see you in Austin.
pfblack's picture

I just wrote about hoping he would tour again and the announcement for the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival comes out. My husband bought the tickets the minute he heard. I'll end up standing up all day next to that barricade but at 60 I'm not too old to do it!
dianna's picture

Can't wait! So excited! What a shocking surprise!
themama's picture