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Orlando, FL 05/03


May 03 2012
Orlando, FL
Amway Center

It's interesting how some shows boil down to snapshot moments.

Just as the band was winding down the show-closing "American Girl," Tom wandered over to the section of Orlando's Amway Arena directly facing stage left, lifted his trademark Rickenbacker in the air and strummed a few chords for cheering friends and family seated just below him.

Walking to the microphone at center stage, Tom bowed his head, raised his hand and placed it over his heart.

"Florida, we'll never forget you," he said as the sold-out Amway Center roared with approval. "We'll be back again real soon."

With that, Gainesville, Florida's favorite sons gathered at the front edge of the stage amid camera flashes and waving fans and bowed.

Listen to Her Heart
You Wreck Me
I Won't Back Down
Here Comes My Girl
Handle with Care
The Best of Everything
I'm A Man
Something Big
Saving Grace
Free Fallin'
Travelin' Light
Something Good Coming
Learning to Fly
Yer So Bad
I Shoulda Known It
Good Enough
Runnin' Down A Dream

Mary Jane
American Girl


Amway Center
Tour Tracks: 
Something Good Coming
Good Enough
American Girl
Listen to Her Heart
Free Fallin'
I Won't Back Down
Mary Jane's Last Dance
Runnin' Down A Dream
Learning To Fly


kaykay1561's picture

I remember when the way to get good the great seats was to be first in line! Now we just get screwed and don't even get a kiss. You pay $150 for a nosebleed seat. When you get it in the mail it has someone else named on it and the price that person paid was $45 according to ticket. I wish someone could tell me how to line up for tickets on the computer. I wouldn't have a problem camping out all night for the best seats like the good ole days!! I sure hate not getting to see my all-time favorite buddy TP. I've only missed a couple shows since the '70s. but it's hard to justify the money for crap seats! I guess scalping is done legally now. Tom you're not gonna start doin' LIGHT BEER commercials are you? I Love You Tom Petty and thanks for making me feel good for many years!
miater's picture

with jacked up prices.
miater's picture

2 lower bowl seats have to meet me at will call. after paying to join the club and buying them, my wife got loge seats without doing that and we'd rather sit there.. i'm not happy I bought lower bowl seats and the loge was not even available for the now we have to sell the ones we'd rather sit in, or go thru this rigamarole of trying to get someone to meet us at will call and buy mine. sucks.
hippaula's picture

Would love to stay at the same hotel as other fans. Where is everyone from out of town staying?
rcboy52's picture

tom--please change the set list.......include call out the instigators....
gstoddard's picture

Wont be able to get to show until 8:00 and I was wondering I would miss Petty opening
madjournalist1981's picture

Hey Tom Love to hear me some "Louisiana Rain" and "Zombie Zoo" I hope ya throw some rarities for your true fans!! Hope the concert is as good as the Gainesville show. I don't know if you'll ever top that one :)
sdoucette's picture

What are all the "good tickets" that stub hub bought? I'll be sitting somewhere within the first 3 rows, and I had no problems. I just had to pay f$250 each. I did it perfectly legally, through the TP website. I think it sucks that you have to pay so much, but that's the way it is. The same goes for any other concert. I just paid $300 for two tickets to see Neil Diamond this summer, and and I can assure you, we are NOT sitting in the first 3 rows....I paid $300 to see Paul Simon last year and it was general admission in a really crappy venue. It isn't 1990 anymore. Tickets for concerts are expensive. That's the reality of it. I NEVER go through ticketing agents because I think they are the antichrist. If you're expecting to see live music for $30 a ticket, you're going to have to go see garage bands in nightclubs. I spoke with the woman who sells the TP tickets, and she said that half the time, these ticketing agents don't actually have the tickets they say they's a scam. They're selling tickets they don't actually have, and once someone actually pays the dough for them, then they go scurrying for them. The tickets are out there. There are still tickets available in the first 15 rows. Just go back to the ticketmaster page and purchase the package. You'll get your tickets and a bunch of other junk....a sweatshirt, guitar picks, etc.
socialdare's picture

trying to find good seats w/o being robbed on studhub. anyone have any extra tickets?
socialdare's picture

Looks like studhub has bought up all the good seats debating if I wanna go or not. Who am I kidding I wanna go! Not happy about the prices the vendors are charging. Are all of the presale tickets will call tickets? Anyone out there have extra tickets/ good seats thats not looking for a hearty profit? I at least want t-shirt money haha.
cookie's picture

Ok I guess my idea wouldnt work cause Stubhub would just buy them too....Hmm got to be a way to keep that from happening any ideas out there? In case I get rich and want to do this...Maybe there can be a void once purchased where you can resell it....Hmmm got to be a way so all fans can go to a concert without going broke and making stubhub rich....
cookie's picture

If I were rich I would buy up a ton of tickets like all these others but the difference between me and them is I would sell them and not make a profit at all just for the fans! Now that would be FUN!! Of course Stubhub would hate me...LOL!!!!!
cookie's picture

Guess I wont be going to see TP and the HBs...I sure do wish I could but the price is way too much...I just dont get why it costs so much even for the seats far away...I am happy I got to see them in the prime time of their lives...Hopefully I can win some on a radio station...And its so unfair and shouldnt even be legal that people buy them up in mass quantities and sell them way over priced on ebay...Very wrong...
jennd119's picture

spartanfan1992 - call ticketmaster on thursday (the day of the public sale) and they will more than likely refund your floor tickets to everyone else looking for a code - i have a code but i'm not sure if it will allow you to use it because it may have a limit on the number of tickets...i bought 4 tickets...if you want to try, email me at i agree that devoted fans such as myself (been with Tom since 1982) and others on this page shouldn't have to pay to be in a club but if that's what it takes, i'm in. hope everyone has a great time at the concert! i know i will, after all, it's Tom and the boys :)
kklicker's picture

I didn't get the email with the presale code. Anybody know the presale code for the Orlando concert?
dlynn's picture

You should consider traveling down to Fort Myers. It's Wed pm and there are still plenty of tickets on the floor available.
spartanfan1992's picture

Bought 2 floor level tickets by selecting "best available" to find out they were at the back of the main floor. About 30 minutes into the presale the ticketmaster site then showed you a virtual seating where all seats were available. I'm not sure why this wasn't there at the beginning. I purchased 2 additional tickets 5 rows up lower level by the stage. Now I'm going to have to find 2 more people to go. "best available" doesn't always show you the best seats.
mackguyver's picture

The tickets available right when the pre-sale opened sucked - they were all 100-level in the back, rows 15+. After a bit, I scored some back floor seats and thinking that those were the best, blew $200 on them. Then I searched again a few minutes later, and got F2 seats, and yes, blew $200 again to get them. Now, 40 minutes into the sale, there are even better seats. What a raw deal for those of us motivated enough to wait for and jump on the seats at first. I have never regretted my HC membership based on previous tickets, but now I'm bummed and I'll be out an extra $200 until the day of the show...Excited to see the show, but disappointed by this experience.
stevegatorboy's picture

We can't find how to buy tickets to the Orlando showing.
kbtaylor79's picture

I thought the tickets for Orlando were going on sale at 10 a.m. today?
melymel83's picture

I think if you are a true fan and on the fan club you should get a pre-sale code and not have to pay for it. Hopefully someone will share the code with us true fans that r in the fan club
cookie's picture

So I can get a code without paying 40 bucks? Hey by good old days I meant when you get in line like everyone else and you dont pay a price to get into a fan club to have an advantage...Not sure when they started doing that but alot of bands have where you join the fan club in order to get first dibs...I just dont think you a fan should have to pay to get into a fan club in order to have a chance at good seats...I am a big fan too but it cost enough just to go see them for me so I cant get the same advantage of having a great seat because I payed to be in the fan club...Thats what I meant...Hope I get good seats whatevers left over....:D
jennd119's picture

Presale starts 10am tomorrow (1/4/12) for HCC members and 1/6/12 for the public...members will be getting an email with the code sometime today according to the info on this can also log in tomorrow and find the code next to the tour date...see you in May, Tom!!!!!!!
shore1's picture

Anyone know where I can find more info on Premium Ticket package prices?
coldcase's picture

You mean the good old days, where you pay a broker $1000 - $2000 for a good $60 seat?
buttercup311's picture

does anyone know what time the presale is going to start?
cookie's picture

I clicked where it said to for info on presale tickets but it just takes me back to the same place...Any info on presale...I am hoping I dont have to pay a membership fee just to be able to get a chance at a good seat...What happened to the old days when we could just be a fan and not have to pay for it? Please say it aint so...Any info?
rcboy52's picture

they grew up in gainesville.68-76........nicccccccccccce,,,,,,,,,,cookie tench lets get together for the show!
howie63's picture

Presale starts 1/4, and tickets are $48.55 and $100.10.
aerocid's picture

This will be my 4th time seeing Tom Petty and the Heart Breakers! My husband and I are thinking about bringing our son who is 5 and LOVES them. I was about his age for my first Tom Petty concert :)