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Stockholm 06/14


Jun 14 2012
The Globe

The sun never really sets in Sweden during the summer, but that didn't deter Tom and the Heartbreakers from playing a lights-out show to over 12,000 people in the sold-out Stockholm Ericsson Globe Arena on Thursday night.

Bass players are among the most under-appreciated professions in the world, a criminal oversight due mainly to the fact that when they're doing their job correctly, the rest of the band shines while they stand silently in the shadows.

Ron Blair was on top of his game tonight, locking in with Steve Ferrone to provide Tom, Mike, Scott and Benmont with a solid foundation to leap off of and explore.

Onstage, Ron's a rock, stoic and steady and happy to defer to his bandmates. Offstage, the longtime Heartbreakers bassist is a ham, often the one to crack a joke or provide some levity.

Oslo, here we come! Come see us at the Norwegian Wood festival tonight and check back for more from the 2012 tour.

Listen to Her Heart
You Wreck Me
I Won't Back Down
Here Comes My Girl
Handle with Care
Good Enough
Oh Well
Something Big
Don't Come Around Here No More
Free Fallin'
It's Good To Be King
Something Good Coming
Learning to Fly
Yer So Bad
I Shoulda Known It
Runnin' Down A Dream

Mary Jane
American Girl

The Globe
Tour Tracks: 
I Should Have Known It
Something Good Coming
American Girl
Oh Well
Listen to Her Heart
Don't Come Around Here No More
Free Fallin'
I Won't Back Down
Mary Jane's Last Dance
Runnin' Down A Dream
Learning To Fly


coopenstein's picture

Why, oh why did You guys have to have seating on the floor!? Great show, (as expected), but it wasn't the 20 year-waiting that was the hardest part - it was the frustration of beeing so far away from the stage!
ted47's picture

5 videos from the Globe Arena filmed at 6th row at It Won't Back Down Handle With Care Good Enough (excerpt, guitar solo) Learning To Fly Refugee Enjoy! (Sorry, couldn't write the links. This site chose the wrong songs.)
sikrot's picture

Thanks for a great night in Stockholm - Globen. Special thanks to my wishes: Do not Come Around Here No More. Unforgettable night, hoping it will not be 20 years next time.
steffe7's picture

I am very very happy that you finally came back to Sweden again and had a fantastic show at Globen! I really hope you will come back soon!! :)
larsdahlbom's picture

Tom and the Heartbreakers performance were fantastic. Mike AND Tom played guitar with style. Its Good to be King was fabulous! Thanks! Wonderful "You Wreck Me" . Four happy guys welcomes you back to Sweden. Anytime!
solving's picture

Thanks for a great show.
ted47's picture

YES! So here it came! 13 minutes of PURE MAGIC of 'It's Good to Be King'. Having heard several versions on Bluray Audio, DVD and CD, your version in Stockholm SURPASSED them all - TEN times over! thank U! Thank U!! THANK U!!! Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers - You're THE VERY BEST MUSICIANS IN THE WHOLE WORLD! t Still cannot understand what we heard - and saw! Still flying high up in the sky... You make our lives so happy!
zippzzon's picture

andersbj's picture

I´ll probably feel a whole lot better after tomorrows show in Stockholm!!
ted47's picture

choken's picture

20 years of waiting is over on thursday and the dream of my life will finally come true.... Thank you guys!!
Anonymous's picture

Welcome back T! Saw you last time in gothenburg 92" I think.. A lot of your old swedish fans are wishing for "A woman in love" & "The waiting" on thursdays setlist. Pleeease! Looking forward to a great evening!
perre's picture

I'm looking forward to see you up on stage on thursday. WELCOME BACK to Sweden!!
perre's picture

I'm looking forward to see you up on stage on thursday. WELCOME BACK to Sweden!!
kjell42's picture

is dancing at the Zombie Zoo at Globen! Welcome to Sweden, have fun playing for us!
Anonymous's picture

We have to get "It's good to be king" in Stockholm! Please! It would be nice get "Down south" as well. This will be the highlight of this summer
aliciakeys's picture

Selling one of the below: Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers på Ericsson Globe Datum: 2012-06-14 19:30 Platser: FLOOR, Row 16, Seat 7 and 8 (Fan Club Presale) Price 1400 Kr for both (this is the same price I paid without the ticketmaster fee).Tix can be picked up on concert day. Alternatively, my wife can sit with her friend in Row 16. In that case you can purchase our Front Row ticket, Seat 27. That costs 900 KR (I think it's about 980 through ticnet) and you'll be sitting with the biggest Petty fan in Stockholm :-) Email or sms/call +46766345279. Petty Pre Party @Nada Bar fr.o.m. kl. 17!!!
aliciakeys's picture

Hi I found front row tickets and am now selling my tickets I pruchased through the fanclub. The tickets are Row 16, Seat 7 & 8. These are the best two seats in second price category (Row 15 are first class). As a fanclub member I have to pick up tickets on the day, but you can have them in the morning. Tickets cost me 1480 with all surchages, but those I stand for. So both tickets go for 1400 KR. Email me if you are inerested Pre Party at Bar Nada (Åsögatan in Söder). Petty tunes from 5 PM, then a 10 min subway ride to the show!!
osmokille's picture

I got two tickets close to the stage. Can not go to the concert. It´s sektion A7 and A26 send a e-mail if you are intrested. Must be sold before friday this week.
sikrot's picture

Would like to hear two songs, one new: Something Good Coming and one older: Don't Come Around Here No More. Has been waiting for this concert since Malmö Concert 1992 "Magical Evening"
roffi223's picture

Hi! As me and my friend recently got two tickets on the floor for this show, we´re now selling to good seats (at section A7) for this show in Stockholm. By face value of course :) Anyone interested, send me a mail at, or text me att 0046707356879 David
arangocaro's picture

hi me and my husband are traveling from colombia, south america and we would love to go to the concert we need two tickets please thanks a lot
wrexman's picture

Upon finding yourselves in Stockholm...Please extend beyond with: (both gruesomly fantastic songs, indeed) Then go all in with Hard Promises (from the bottom of my heart, I mean it, really mean it, ALL SONGS from the best album of that century [Bob may differ, but nevermind...;)])... ...'n simply, please, never stop... Cheers, luv'n all! Warje Warglund, luny, madman 'n all PS All spelling errors are or is the play of a random divene unstoppable force... but apologies from my heart, of course!
matiboja's picture

I a pretty good seat for this show but I cannot attend, I'm happy to sell my ticket at face value. If you know someone who needs it please send an email to: Thanks!
helena_lindroos's picture

Hi!! The song "Walls" has become one of the most important song of my life, I has meant SO much to me over the last years. I will be both in Globen and in Oslo and if there is ANY small chance that you could play it on one of the concerts that would mean the world to me!!!!!
aliciakeys's picture

14 JUNE: STOCKHOLM PETTY PRE-FEST @ NADA BAR, ÅSAGATAN 140 (T-BANA: MEDBORGARPLATSEN). From around KL. 17 all Petty fans can have a few drinks, listen to Pettys tunes over the loudspeakers and even buy finger food at Nada Bar. The bar is 5 mins from the subway and the subway is 10 mins from Globen. Be there or be square! PS: I don't know the ppl at NADA, I just like the bar and asked and they said it sounds like a good idea. So, what songs do we wanna hear? :-)
elkiaer's picture

You can also come to DK here you can by real beer and not water-beer as in sweden
davidmyhr's picture

David Myhr welcoming Tom Petty to Sweden by singing Wildflowers:
2mas's picture

The Stockholm show is now SOLD OUT! But of course I got my tix ;)
andegg's picture

Got me two tickets at The Globe :-) only been waiting 20 years LOL See ya! Anders