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London 06/20


Jun 20 2012
Royal Albert Hall

The Royal Albert Hall added to its rich concert history on Wednesday night
as Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers closed out their two-night run at the
famed London venue with an epic show featuring a guest appearance by close
friend and rock legend Steve Winwood.

Backstage hopped with excitement before the show as family and friends
mingled with the band amid the road cases. Winwood - who opened for Tom
and the Heartbreakers' summer tour in 2008 - caught up with tour manager
Richard Fernandez and checked out guitars with Alan Rogan before the show.
Olivia Harrison dropped in to say hello. Father-and-son producing duo Glyn
and Ethan Johns were around. Nick Lowe and Jimmy Page were in the house
and Helen Mirren came backstage to say hi.

At the center of it all, Tom and the guys were loose, smiling and laughing
and generally soaking it all in.

The biggest difference between Monday and Wednesday's shows was the
swagger the band had as it took the stage following Jonathan Wilson's
opening set. There was no hint of nerves, despite the fact that Benmont
Tench's organ was on the fritz and some of the guys were fighting
off colds. When the house lights dropped and the crowd erupted into
cheers, the band strode onstage and did what they do best.

Hit after hit after hit, they barreled through the show with singular
intent, locked in and focused. Just after he finished introducing
the Heartbreakers, Tom talked about their love of the British Music
Invaders that they heard growing up as kids as a member of the sound crew
set up a microphone between him and Mike Campbell.

"Ladies and gentlemen, Steve Winwood," Tom said with a smile. The Albert
Hall welcomed Winwood with a roar, and out of the deafening madness
emerged the delicate acoustic fingerpicking that opens "Can't Find My Way
Home." Mike Campbell took the first solo, Winwood the second. As the song
headed for the outro, Campbell wove slide guitar swells in with Winwood's
soaring vocals. Beautiful.

If anything could have topped "Can't FInd My Way Home," it would be "Gimme
Some Lovin'." Led by Winwood on the Hammond organ, Tom and the band nailed
the 1966 Spencer Davis Group hit, evidenced by the entire Royal Albert
Hall dancing floor to gallery.

"This has been a tremendous honor to play for you in this room tonight,"
Tom said before the band blasted out the iconic "American Girl" riff.
"Thank you very much, London. We'll see you again soon."

Isle of Wight is next! Hope to see you there. Keep checking back for more
from the Heartbreakers' 2012 Summer Tour!

Listen to Her Heart
You Wreck Me
I Won't Back Down
Here Comes My Girl
Handle with Care
Good Enough
Oh Well
Something Big
Don't Come Around Here No More
Can't Find My Way Home*
Gimme Some Lovin'*
Free Fallin'
It's Good To Be King
Something Good Coming
Learning to Fly
Yer So Bad
I Shoulda Known It
Runnin' Down A Dream

Mary Jane
American Girl

* with Steve Winwood

Royal Albert Hall


jamie_bosanko's picture

Please Please Please can you play "Have Love will Travel" on June 20th? beautiful song just love it ! cheers jamie
cecilia's picture

Does anyone have a spare ticket for RAH on 20th June for Gregg? if you have can you contact him on Thanks
cecilia's picture

I have a spare ticket for RAH 20th June as my partner will be away. it's in the west choir and I only want what I paid for it, so if anyone is interested, please contact me asap at
gigglingem's picture

Hello, I have a spare ticket for the Albert Hall show on 18 June. This site doesn't list that night for a 2nd London concert so look on the Royal Albert Hall website to check! I have the other ticket! The cost is £45 (£40 for the ticket plus booking fee etc). I would like to sell the ticket beforehand so you have it and I have the money. This is a genuine offer! My name is Emma and my email address is
jax's picture

I've just re-discovered my love of Tom Pettys music, then last month read that there was a tour! Imagine how lucky I felt! Then read it sold out quickly, I know they have very loyal fans but I see a lot on sale for silly prices(£400+ by the tout/ticketbarstewards. Gutted. I'd love to see a gig but hate lining the pockets of those greedy so and so's. :( If anyone has spares they'd like to sell at cost drop me a line. Does anyone know if any tickets will go on sale at the door (to stick two fingers up at the touts outside)? RAH is such a great venue!
kaktuskris's picture

Come on Tom, more UK shows please. It's years since we've seen you over here. Please, please, please - more dates !!!!!!
Anonymous's picture

This is pure shit man. You made it here before you did in the USA and you come over here with three dates for all your British fans. "77" you supported Nils Lofgren, "82" long after dark tour, "92" Great wide open tour. That prety sumsd it up. You don't give a toss. Do you.
brianpaterson's picture

Hey Guys, First seen you back in Manchester 79' and dissapointed you are not coming to Scotland in this tour.
Anonymous's picture

I heard that this is their last tour! :( I've never seen them in concert, and with all the shows sold out, I might never get to see them. Well, best of wishes to you Heartbreakers in your retirement!
tompettyamsterdam's picture

there are still tickets for the show in Amsterdam on June 24th , go to for tickets !
unocrew's picture

Does anyone have any extra for this show? We changed our travel plans for the IOW Festival and will be arriving 6/20... I canceled my HCC membership (no shows in my area), so I cannot access the boards. If anyone has extras please let me know. Thanks! musicman224 @ gmail
jesthecat's picture

I'm 31 and grew up listening to and loving you. Wildflowers was played at my mum's funeral 10 years ago and i have the music for Time To Move On tattooed on my arm. I cannot believe I don't have tickets. please please please put more dates on. Or if anyone has any to sell please email me. I can't tell you how much it would mean to me to see you!
orangerinnie's picture

I am coming to London and I see how many of you have been trying to get tickets for Tom's shows at RAH. I have moved my flights forward a week to hopefully get a ticket. I saw some of your comments and find it amazing that there are tickets available but at sometimes double the cost through ticketing agencies (??) what is that. It means the real fans miss out while other make money - I think it is disgusting. Please put on another show so the real fans can go and not go to the "scalpers" or whatever they are called in the UK. Ok now off my soapbox.
antony23's picture

Was gutted to miss out on getting tickets to see Tom at the RAH in London. I last saw him at, I believe Shepherds Bush empire, in 1999. If anyone has either a single or ideally a pair of tickets spare at a reasonable price, I would be very grateful. My e-mail is Cheers Tony
chloe24's picture

Cannot believe you guys! Your 2012 tour consists of 27 dates and only two are the UK! You are always touring in america and havent came to the UK for 20 years But when you do, you do 2 dates! My mum has loved you since you first came out and she hasnt seen you for 20 years. Absolutely gutted. We would love to see you! Could cry. Its so not fair!
stevenh1's picture

Big Thanks to Vaughan for getting in touch regarding TP tickets at RAH. You are a top man and a gentleman.
stevenh1's picture

Anybody got 2 spare tickets for 20th June at RAH, would you please e-mail john
samgriffin's picture

At 9.00 on the friday both RAH dates had sold out on ticketmaster and see tickets. The RAH site had a queue of over 1000 and yet you could buy literally hundreds of tickets at £150 or more through "authorised" ticket exchange sites. I feel somewhat cheated that I don't feel I've had a fair chance to get tickets. I know bands like to play smaller venues but two UK dates in 20 years seems rather cruel to their fans. I for one cannot afford the huge resale prices and am resigning myself to not seeing the tour. Shame
sundstedt's picture

Hi, I have missed the pre-sale for RAH. If anyone has great ticket(s) spare from pre-sale or from normal sale please contact me on Needs to be very good seats or standing. Cheers Anders
veejiis's picture

I see no dilemma in getting tickets to Tom's gig's. I'm from Finland with zero tour dates happening in my home country... So what do I do? I buy concert and plane tickets and go to the destination where Tom is playing. See you all in Zurich, still plenty of tickets for sale. Stop complaining, start acting as this is most likely the last visit to EU from TP & HB.
kazhawk's picture

My partner tried to get tickets for the RAH on 20th as it is my 50th birthday but was unlucky. Does anyone have any spares? I refuse to pay the inflated tout prices.Soooo want to go. Email me at if you can help. Thankyou Kaz.
stevenh1's picture

Anybody got 2 spare tickets for RAH 18th or 20th please e-mail Thanks
tpfan_inwalesuk's picture

hearnl - 24 January, 2012 "london concert anybody got a spare ticket for the RAH concerts. true fan who tried very hard but will not pay inflated prices out of principal. Kind regards" Hi Jenny, I responded to your true fan plea this evening but have heard nothing back!? Kindly check your "Junk E-mail Box" as you won't know my email address. If I don't hear from you within 48 hours I shall assume that you've managed to get tickets elsewhere and will look to another genuine TP fan to help. ENJOY the Show as I will. Kind regards, John (0.50 hours GMT 26.01.2012)
christopher1's picture

anybody got a spare ticket for the RAH concerts. true fan who tried very hard but will not pay inflated prices out of principal. Kind regards
roniboy's picture

ticket sale a kick in the rear for all proper fans ...because of this bad treatment I for one will not be buying any more tom petty records or cd`s long live the BEST BAND EVER THE LED ZEPPLELIN no way would peter grant have put up with this shambles ..ticket touts(the legal ones ) would have got NOTHING IN the way of tickets ...goodbye
stevie_a1's picture

Look at his schedule. No way they are going to fit Arena Tours in this time. Bet you a tenner he'll be back later in the year with more UK dates,
gazza57's picture

Great news - sort of. You try and get tickets - no problem if you want to pay hugely inflated prices at the legalised touts that pass for ticket agencies for sold out concerts. They literally had hundreds up for sale before the London dates had even sold out. Do your fans a favour please Tom, play a bigger venue like the O2 if there is a next time. It's about time that this blatant profiteering on ticket sales was made illegal..........
fleur's picture

Curiosity got the better of me! Ticketmaster - one date sold out - the other date had Circle T as best offer. Can't remember which way round. Which proves that many club members were offered the dregs last Tuesday. (The tickets that would be the most difficult to shift.) RAH had a queue of nearly 2,000 which was moving fairly quickly. My Circle seats have become ever so slightly more desirable but I'm still furious about how we were treated on Tuesday. So sad that nobody at TPHB has come forward to explain/apologise re the confusion re the pre-sale start time and the terrible seats that were dumped on the Real Fans. So sad.
gagamike's picture

Got to say the whole process of initial 1 date ie festival then followed by 1 date (20.6.12) at small venue (RAH) followed by another date (RAH) and the confusion as to how you got tickets Community ?? RAH or TM or Live Nation made the whole process the worst i've experienced. Should have been at a Stadium 20000 capacity £50 per ticket sorted . The fans have been messed about and no doubt touts have now got tickets going at £200 a ticket. Pathetic
fleur's picture

I guess there'll be four routes for Friday 9am? Ticketmaster and The Royal Albert Hall's own website x two dates. I wonder how the seats are shared between them. Depending how quick you are you could have them all at the ready before 9am and no codes to type in. I wasn't asked for my code at 10am Tuesday (yes, I thought it was 10am too). Does that mean ANYONE could log into Ticketmaster and buy? Also noticed best tickets for 18th were being sold by online touts at 9.30 this morning for double their value. How?