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North Little Rock, AR 04/21


Apr 21 2012
North Little Rock, AR
Verizon Arena

"Thank you, Little Rock. This is our first time in Arkansas, but it won't be our last. We'll be back real soon!"

With that, Tom waved goodnight to the 15,000-plus screaming Heartbreaker fans that packed Verizon Arena. Saturdays usually make for rowdy shows, but when combined with the fact that this was the band's first visit to Arkansas, tonight's show in Little Rock was arguably the band's strongest performance on the tour to date.

Tom and the band love opening shows with the jangling rocker "Listen to Her Heart," but it was the one-two punch of "You Wreck Me" and "I Won't Back Down" that whipped the crowd into a frenzy.

"Takin' My Time" - off 2010's Mojo album - emerged for the first time this tour, pairing perfectly with the band's cover of Bo Diddley's "I'm A Man" for a nice blues interlude in the middle of the set.

"Melinda" also made its debut on the 2012 Summer Tour in Little Rock, giving Benmont Tench room to stretch out in the song's breakdown and pound away at his Steinway with reckless abandon.

By the time Tom and Mike Campbell strapped on their Firebirds for "Runnin' Down A Dream," Verizon Arena was buzzing. Another great night with the Heartbreakers in the books.


Listen to Her Heart
You Wreck Me
I Won't Back Down
Here Comes My Girl
Handle with Care
Takin' My Time
I'm A Man
Something Big
Free Fallin'
Learning to Fly
Yer So Bad
I Shoulda Known It
Good Enough

Mary Jane
American Girl

North Little Rock
Verizon Arena
Tour Tracks: 
I Should Have Known It
Takin’ My Time
American Girl
Listen to Her Heart
Free Fallin'
I Won't Back Down
Mary Jane's Last Dance
Learning To Fly


crybaby's picture

Got on at 10 am and spent 1 hour and 15 minutes trying to get the best seats possible. Closest I could get was floor 22nd row. I want closer. We are #1 TOM PETTY fans.
marthawprice's picture

This really sucks!!! I've been trying all morning to get the "code" & now that I have it I STILL CANNOT BUY TICKETS!!!
karlaspipkin's picture

Just bought tickets for Little Rock Show! I am SO excited! Birthday surprise for my husband! We both are HUGE FANS! Looking forward to an awesome show!
dannore's picture

I ordered my Little Rock tickets easily on the pre-sale. I was done in literally two minutes and got great seats. Yeah !!! I hope everyone had as good a transaction experience as I did....can't wait for the concert. This will be my fourth Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers concert....they're always great and sometimes have special guests. See ya'll there !!!!
timgreer's picture

Got my tix and they are great! Go, Highway Companions! Rock the Rock, TPATH! Mike=Legend
markaber's picture

Into the Great Wide Open Loca Luna and Red Door welcomes you to LR
sonyarellis's picture

when are the pre-sale codes released for Little Rock
pammaggioli's picture

Can't we purchase tickets any earlier please??? Other ticket venues have them on sale already!!!!
pinkbuggie's picture

Omg Tom why are you not coming to st. louis again?! I guess i will be driving five hours to see you!!!
martypruitt's picture

Wife and I saw the mojo tour in Nashville. We live in little rock, and are taking our 10 yr old son to this show. He loves the songs like we do. Thanks for coming to LR!
tentiltwomusic's picture

Looking forward to the Little Rock show. Could someone please tell me when the presale password will be sent out for this show. Thanks so much! Faith Hope Peace Bruce
jmmyk's picture

Saw TPHB Mojo in St. Louis last year in the heat. Can't wait to see them again right here in the Rock! Thanks for putting Arkansas on your tour schedule. Lot's of bucket lists will become shorter because of this show.
skfooter's picture

I'm 70 miles east of Memphis and sure am disappointed that you're not haveing a show in Tennessee. Hopefully you'll add one.
bushwhack's picture

I live near Tulsa, OK, so its a perfect split between Little Rock, AR AND Wichita, KS! :D I get to see you TWO times!! Rock on Tom and Crew... you guys are one of the few original/true rock bands! You show the world how its _really_ done. Its such a privilege to see you perform in person - WOW!!!
taylordawnnealey21's picture

I've been listening to you since I was 3 years old! My mom's excellent taste in music is much to blame. I carried around my cassette tapes EVERYWHERE. Now I've upgraded to collecting your records. Haha I'm so exited you are coming to Little Rock! I've been learning and playing your songs since I first started playing guitar 7 years ago.... This is literally a dream come true! Only thing that would top this would be meeting you and singing/playing with you :D Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers will always be my number one! :)
ekennon's picture

This just made 2011 a very happy year!!! Been to St. Louis to see Mojo Tour...can't believe I won't have to travel out of state. Love it!!! Rock On!!
madjack's picture

count us in. Thank you for making a stop in Arkansas. You guys rock.
hubbard813's picture

I am so glad Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers are coming to Little Rock. My son Cody is 10 years old and he is such a big fan. He wants to one day meet Tom Petty. Just to see him in concert is going to be a dream come true for him. Just the other day we heard the story on the radio about Tom Petty meeting Elvis when he was 10 and that was what got him interested in music. Cody says to me.."Mom that means one day I can be just like Tom Petty." My response was anything is possible just keep dreaming big! Anyway, very happy he is going to get to see his favorite singer/band in concert!!
alamkarb's picture

My wife and I will be at the Little Rock show! This is such awesome news! We have waited for so long for this.
jwhite2637's picture

Serioulsy can't thank whoever's idea it was for TPATH to come to LIttle Rock. I've seen TPATH 9 times, and have always had to drive or fly somewhere out of state. Being able to see TPATH in my own backyard is a dream come true!!!! Can't wait!!!! If you need somebody to open the show, my band is always available : )
cleann13's picture

I am so excited that you added a show in Little Rock!!!! Thank you Tom and the Heartbreakers!!!
velma's picture

OMG!!!!!!!!!! I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!!!! I have traveled to Memphis, St. Louis & other places to see you - I didn't think you would ever come to Arkansas - your fans here will not be disappointed. God Bless You!!!
sprkmanjam's picture

I just wanted to say thanks to Tom & Heartbreakers for putting Little Rock on the 2012 tour and I look forward to seeing you guys for the first time.