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Broomfield, CO 04/19


Apr 19 2012
Broomfield, CO
1st Bank Center

The celebration of the return of Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers to the stage for the kickoff of their 2012 Tour was dampened a bit on Thursday with the news of the passing of Levon Helm, the legendary drummer for The Band. But in true Heartbreaker fashion, Tom and the band chose not to mourn Helm but to celebrate the incredible life he lived with a powerhouse set of two-plus hours of music that left the sold-out crowd at the 1st Bank Center in Broomfield, CO cheering for more.

"You Wreck Me" and "Here Comes My Girl" also got everyone dancing and singing along early in the set and just as the final notes of "Handle With Care" rang out (which Tom dedicated, "to all those Wilbury guys, wherever they are traveling tonight"), Tom stepped quietly to the microphone to say a few words about Helm.

"We lost a good friend today, Levon Helm," Tom said. "Levon was one of the greatest human beings that ever was and a friend of everyone in this band. We're gonna play this one for him."

The Best of Everything, the album-closing track off Southern Accents, was an apt choice to honor Helm, but one couldn't help but wonder if the Turkey Scratch, Arkansas native might have enjoyed more the monstrous "Something Big" that followed, a bluesy stomper with a driving rhythm that�s any drummer's dream.

April 19, 2012
1st Bank Center, Broomfield, CO

Listen to Her Heart
You Wreck Me
I Won't Back Down
Here Comes My Girl
Handle With Care
The Best of Everything
Something Big
Have Love Will Travel
Free Fallin'
Travelin' Light
Time to Move On
Learning to Fly
Yer So Bad
I Should Have Known It
Good Enough
Runnin' Down a Dream

Mary Jane's Last Dance
American Girl

1st Bank Center
Tour Tracks: 
I Should Have Known It
Good Enough
American Girl
Listen to Her Heart
Free Fallin'
I Won't Back Down
Mary Jane's Last Dance
Runnin' Down A Dream
Learning To Fly


stormgrl's picture

Hey Deni - I think that most of the people at the front of the GA line WERE fan club. We were fan club and we queued from midday and it was worth it! :-)
buzzbar's picture

We flew in from the Seattle area because Colorado was the closest TPATH would come to us. Normally, we go to the shows at the Gorge, but alas, not this year. We couldn't possibly miss a tour, so we cashed in on some frequent flyer miles. We were down in the 'pit' about 5-6 rows back (if you want to call them rows!), and the view was fantastic! The setlist was incredible, not your 'run of the mill' list of songs, Tom and the boys dug deep. It was very appreciated from long time fans. I'm 48 years old, but the adrenaline was rushing through me throughout the night! Thanks for a great night, and I hope to see you guys back at the Gorge on your next tour.
gandoff1's picture

I bought the premium package for my friends and I. An obvious advantage. The seats were excellent. Access was simple and fast. There was a host to make certain you were satisfied and comfortable. TP had a great smile when he came knew he was enjoying it as much as we were! After all these years I still have to put my elbows on the stage (ya the edge of the stage was right there-no moat) so with a little effort I was there in less than 5 minutes. Everyone was cool and no security in my face. For all you younger guys, Tom Petty is just as bad-ass as Johnny Cash, and he puts on a show well worth the experience. My boys are in Austin, so I bought us-awl tickets there too. A box a Dots.
merc4151's picture

The show was FABULOUS as always!!! SO enjoyed it, though, I do agree about fan club members getting better seats...only because I would have loved to have been CLOSER to Tom!!! Much love and can't wait for the next time you're in CO!
deni's picture

Cannot believe fan club tickets were GA, and you could not pick them up until 5:30 and then go to the back of the long line that had been standing there all day with their regular GA tickets.....Fan clubs deserve their own section of seats......and or to have their own line and be the first ones in after the VIP ticket holders are let in, what a shame....
mgglasier's picture

Brilliant. Truly brilliant work. 4/18 in Broomfield was fabulous. Thanks!
liam100's picture

I hope you have a great time tonight! Cheers, Liam
webdevtstpd's picture

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Anonymous's picture

How come he's not coming to Washington state this year!!
lucky52's picture

Just wanted to say that Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers music is food for my soul, can't wait for april.
jinxkmdh's picture

Best concert I ever saw in Reno NV 1992. Was hoping to bring my son to see the best show ever but if you didn't get them quick the scalpers got them so now for good tickets it's $600. Never had this problem before for any other show and can't spring for that big a price, think I'd be more willing if the money was going to the band. Hope all of you that got tickets have a great time.
jscovil's picture

I see that Tickethorse doesn't have any more tickets, but the 1st Bank Center does for about 3 times the original price. I don't get this. What ever happened to buying your tickets at Ticketmaster or a Ticketmaster outlet without a price difference? I am really disgusted and cannot believe this is legal. It seems like scalping to me.
corkyorca's picture

Wow... just ridiculous. I dont get why its just now saying that it sold out. I wondered why I was unable to buy any tickets literally the day the went on sale. How lame. Way to ruin it for everyone, looks like we wont be able to go this year.
aspenruzz's picture

Tickets sold out through Tickethorse but tons available on Craigs list at 2-3X the price. Not sure whether this is a band, venue, or ticketing issue but it is lame. But thanks for putting more more in scalpers pockets. Same thing happened at same venue with Black Keys. Sold out through thorse in 1min but tons on craigs list. Suckage.
vnguyen22's picture

it says tickets were suppose to go on sale today, what is going on?
septflwr1's picture

From Colorado - This will be my 5th concert seeing Mr. Petty & the Heartbreakers!!! I prefer Red Rocks venue over all but the Mile High Music Festival rocked too. It will be interesting to be indoors for once - clam-bake! "Something Good Comin'" ......
honeybeeme's picture

Just called Tickethorse and she said that if you want the reserved seating you need to unselect the "best seats available". They consider GA the best seats, and evidently if you take that off you can have the seats. We had already bought the GA tickets so I couldn't try it out, so hopefully this will help someone. She said seats are sold out about three sections back from the stage right now. As for me, I'm ready for the floor and singing with all the other Tom Petty fans!!!!
smartgal360's picture

Why are you guys complaining about getting the tickets early? For the CO show, your personal ticket access code can be found under your account information, and if you wanted the premium packages, the presale code is BROOMTPHB. It worked just fine for me; going through both venues, AND by using the links that are found on this site.
jkinsey9615's picture

I can't believe all they offer is GA for fan club members! Shame on Tom Petty for letting that happen...why do we pay the fee then???
briansmith957's picture

I agree that the ticket sales for CO were messed up and the link did not work. Went to ticket horse too. The staff needs to fix that in the future, but in the meantime, being the best Tom Petty fans in the country we wouldn't mind a second show to make up for the confusion!
mamala53's picture

Yes, I'm late to the party but worked ungodly hours the last few days. Am I missing something obvious?
honeybeeme's picture

Has anyone contacted Tickethorse regarding the mix up and find out what they will do? Since presale is over tomorrow, perhaps they will work with anyone with a GA ticket and switch it to a seat?
bamboothroughsnow's picture

For some reason I have yet to receive my access code so I can grab tickets. Has this happened to other folks and anyone got any advice? This show will sell out in 5 minutes once they go on sale to the public.
ctmeisel's picture

I'm really disappointed as well. I've been a member of the fan club for years, and this is what they give us? I'm 5'1 and in my 40's! I would rather do without the mosh pit! We might be heading to another town to see them.
coldcase's picture

GA sometimes is the entire venue except the VIP section. For Tom it looks like the bowl is assigned seating and the floor is GA. The links on the tour page was not working at 10AM MT (noon eastern), but if you went directly to the tickethorse site, searched for Tom Petty and entered your code, you were there. I had no issues for either GA or bowl, but the folks that run the Petty tour page may have messed things up a bit.
zydeco_mama's picture

Got great tickets for Broomfield concert but did have to go through the TicketHorse site rather than use the link. And by the way the song is actually called Psychotic Reaction not Psychotic Addiction.
lauralea17's picture

I was not given an option for premium tickets. I would have gotten them. All that was offered were general admission tickets when I went on there to buy them.
honeybeeme's picture

Have any of you been to a concert there (Broomfield) on the floor in a general admission concert? We bought presale tickets for them and since it's a smaller place thought that may be great! It sure beats being up in the nosebleeds! I asked if the whole concert was general admission but they thought that it was just the floor. Does anyone know for sure? How early does one need to get there?? We are from out of state. TOM PETTY ROCKS!! ( I've seen him over 10 times!)
fcmaclean's picture

The pre-sale was a disaster, paid $45 to get 1 good ticket (I was trying to get 4), I had to call Ticket Horse directly to find out why it was so screwed up. After waiting on hold for 20+ minutes the Ticket Horse representative (admitting the process was all screwed up) was only able to get me 3 general admission tickets. I wasted a least 2 hours and $45, and we don’t even get to sit together. Tom, fire Ticket Horse and run the presale yourself like other artists. If you want a good process follow Keith Urban’s he handles the pre-sales tickets directly through his web site and he takes care of his premium fans. Really disappointed!!!
bpross01's picture

GA floor? Really? I blocked out time to get on the site and buy GA floor?? So I thought maybe I'd spring for the premium package but putting the code in results in nothing. I'm a huge TP fan, but not a huge fan of this fanclub.