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Stockholm 06/14


Jun 14 2012
The Globe

The sun never really sets in Sweden during the summer, but that didn't deter Tom and the Heartbreakers from playing a lights-out show to over 12,000 people in the sold-out Stockholm Ericsson Globe Arena on Thursday night.

Bass players are among the most under-appreciated professions in the world, a criminal oversight due mainly to the fact that when they're doing their job correctly, the rest of the band shines while they stand silently in the shadows.

Ron Blair was on top of his game tonight, locking in with Steve Ferrone to provide Tom, Mike, Scott and Benmont with a solid foundation to leap off of and explore.

Onstage, Ron's a rock, stoic and steady and happy to defer to his bandmates. Offstage, the longtime Heartbreakers bassist is a ham, often the one to crack a joke or provide some levity.

Oslo, here we come! Come see us at the Norwegian Wood festival tonight and check back for more from the 2012 tour.

Listen to Her Heart
You Wreck Me
I Won't Back Down
Here Comes My Girl
Handle with Care
Good Enough
Oh Well
Something Big
Don't Come Around Here No More
Free Fallin'
It's Good To Be King
Something Good Coming
Learning to Fly
Yer So Bad
I Shoulda Known It
Runnin' Down A Dream

Mary Jane
American Girl

The Globe
Tour Tracks: 
I Should Have Known It
Something Good Coming
American Girl
Oh Well
Listen to Her Heart
Don't Come Around Here No More
Free Fallin'
I Won't Back Down
Mary Jane's Last Dance
Runnin' Down A Dream
Learning To Fly


ted47's picture

I got row 6 at 9:00 am on pre-sale date January 19th. FANTASTIC! Near the stage! Hope for a smile Tom! No problems for me to get in to the site. (You got to PAY the fee for the Highway Companion Club to get the pre-sale code.)
svebban's picture

I bought a Tom Petty High Way Companion Club membership yesterday. When I used my pre sale code at lost my internet connection for payment. When I try again it says that the Coden is invalid. Have called Swedish and they say they can not help me. Please can you help me? I have called around and become connected around the United States and to England without anyone helping me, just connect me on. I pray that you take your time and help me get my long awaited tickets for TPH. My username is svebban. My username on (Swedish ticnet master) is I am really sick of just being diverted without anyone taking hold of my problem, the numbers I find on this page links me just continue. When I talk to ticnet says they want me to talk to those who gave me Coden! I refuse to give up, bought a membership here to get good seats, now have one day passed without my having had the opportunity to buy good seats
teemu's picture

I got row 5, on the right side. I suppose you can pick up the tickets at the Globen box office before the show? I'm asking because those were not traditional "will call" tickets (if I understood right) and you can collect them from any Ticnet location. But there is one at The Globe, right?
solving's picture

I got row 7. Bought tickets 9:00 am sharp
manueljohansson's picture

Dang, came by so late only got row 10, better than row 30 or something though! I'll see good from row 10 =)
gallneby's picture

I can´t find out how to buy tickets on pre-sale, please help me?!
kennet's picture

Guess you have to be a paying member. The code is visibble when you log in. Had no problem getting my places where I wanted.
mikaelh1's picture

Well, I got 3d row myself. Out on the right hand side. Of, course I should be pleased with this. However, there are two more presales. On for Livenation-members and one for a phone company customers. There are so many presales now when you're trying to get tickets. I just hope they didn't save the first two rows for the Livenation- or phonecompany-presale. I think those tickets should go to fan club members who have taken the effort to support the band via membership fee etc.
michaellundell's picture

I've been here for a few hours trying to find the unique presale code and get the tickets - Anyone know why it doesn't work??
mikaelh1's picture

What kind of tickets did you get for the Stockholm show? Did anyone get first row?
cajunmoon's picture

5th row, nice. Se you in June
erikelvedal's picture

anyone got throug to tickets?
ted47's picture

Two different pre-sale dates for the June 14 Stockholm concert can be found at this website, i.e. January 19 and January 29. Which is the correct one?
ted47's picture

At the this site there are 2 different pre-sale dates (January 19 and January 29) mentioned for the Stockholm The Globe Arena June 14, 2012 concert. Which is the correct pre-sale date?
jorgeffazevedo's picture

Olá Tom! Will need to travel to Sweden to see you performing live. Hopefully the concert will be as good as the ones I saw in DVD and listened in CD! Can't wait for June... Abraço desde Portugal! PS - When will ticnet start to sell the tickets?
teemu's picture

Well, Stockholm and Oslo will do. Thanks for finally coming to Europe!
hlnro14's picture

Waiting since 1979.
polarstar's picture

Please come to Finland, too! Best regards, a fan from the very beginning.
aliciakeys's picture

Wow, there is a swedish tribute band? I think we should organise a concert a week before Tom Petty to get us into the mood!! And Tom and the Heartbreakers- just ... THANK YOU! I'm over the moon. I saw my other musical idol Cat Stevens in Berlin this year, and now you guys. This is the best. We're so happy!!
m_bengtsson's picture

This will be a great night! I had my first big rock show experience March 6th 1992 in Gothenburg, and it has really made me attend several big rock show through the years. July 28th, 2010 in Madison Square Garden TP&theHB was amazing! Hat off also to David Myhr here in the comment section, I just love the Merrymakers since i first heard you back in '94-'95, somewhere. I will check out your new stuff! I guess I'll take a trip to Oslo the day after this Stockholm gig aswell... See you all! Let's rock. And roll! /Martin
larsdahlbom's picture

When Tom comes to Sweden the 14th of june it will be an extra holiday for many swedes. It will be greater than national day (6/6) and even greater than midsummereve (22/6). It will be a great party in the Globe.I wish to hear Its Good To Be King when King of Rock comes. Lars Thomas.
viktorbuck's picture

Thank you guys!!AMAZING! We´ve been waiting for so, so long... and it was a hard wait... I even went to New Jersey last year to finally see you play (wich was amazing...); but the fact that you guys will finally play here in Stockholm, my hometown, is making this swedish dark winter feeling more like Jamaican sunshine!:-) Thank you so much!! Viktor Buck- big fan and a member/co founder of the swedish Tom Petty tribute band-"Tom Petty to Sweden" , and a member of the Tom Petty to Sweden- movement. ;)
davidmyhr's picture

Hey Tom! Great to have you back again in Stockholm! I was there the last time you came to the Globe Arena and it seems like "it was twenty years ago today", man... your music has influenced me a great ideal which hopefully can be heard on my coming album Soundshine. Thanks for everything! David Myhr
supersvensson's picture

Yippi, yippie, yey, bring on June 14th :-)
zippzzon's picture

Otroolit....rocknroll....vintern blev plötsligt lättare å mörkret känns ljusare.....!!!!
mattias_swe's picture

I'm so happy I could cry
hagront's picture

It's gonna be legendary!!
mystery_man's picture

We have waited since 1992!