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London 06/20


Jun 20 2012
Royal Albert Hall

The Royal Albert Hall added to its rich concert history on Wednesday night
as Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers closed out their two-night run at the
famed London venue with an epic show featuring a guest appearance by close
friend and rock legend Steve Winwood.

Backstage hopped with excitement before the show as family and friends
mingled with the band amid the road cases. Winwood - who opened for Tom
and the Heartbreakers' summer tour in 2008 - caught up with tour manager
Richard Fernandez and checked out guitars with Alan Rogan before the show.
Olivia Harrison dropped in to say hello. Father-and-son producing duo Glyn
and Ethan Johns were around. Nick Lowe and Jimmy Page were in the house
and Helen Mirren came backstage to say hi.

At the center of it all, Tom and the guys were loose, smiling and laughing
and generally soaking it all in.

The biggest difference between Monday and Wednesday's shows was the
swagger the band had as it took the stage following Jonathan Wilson's
opening set. There was no hint of nerves, despite the fact that Benmont
Tench's organ was on the fritz and some of the guys were fighting
off colds. When the house lights dropped and the crowd erupted into
cheers, the band strode onstage and did what they do best.

Hit after hit after hit, they barreled through the show with singular
intent, locked in and focused. Just after he finished introducing
the Heartbreakers, Tom talked about their love of the British Music
Invaders that they heard growing up as kids as a member of the sound crew
set up a microphone between him and Mike Campbell.

"Ladies and gentlemen, Steve Winwood," Tom said with a smile. The Albert
Hall welcomed Winwood with a roar, and out of the deafening madness
emerged the delicate acoustic fingerpicking that opens "Can't Find My Way
Home." Mike Campbell took the first solo, Winwood the second. As the song
headed for the outro, Campbell wove slide guitar swells in with Winwood's
soaring vocals. Beautiful.

If anything could have topped "Can't FInd My Way Home," it would be "Gimme
Some Lovin'." Led by Winwood on the Hammond organ, Tom and the band nailed
the 1966 Spencer Davis Group hit, evidenced by the entire Royal Albert
Hall dancing floor to gallery.

"This has been a tremendous honor to play for you in this room tonight,"
Tom said before the band blasted out the iconic "American Girl" riff.
"Thank you very much, London. We'll see you again soon."

Isle of Wight is next! Hope to see you there. Keep checking back for more
from the Heartbreakers' 2012 Summer Tour!

Listen to Her Heart
You Wreck Me
I Won't Back Down
Here Comes My Girl
Handle with Care
Good Enough
Oh Well
Something Big
Don't Come Around Here No More
Can't Find My Way Home*
Gimme Some Lovin'*
Free Fallin'
It's Good To Be King
Something Good Coming
Learning to Fly
Yer So Bad
I Shoulda Known It
Runnin' Down A Dream

Mary Jane
American Girl

* with Steve Winwood

Royal Albert Hall


diveulike's picture

I got block O in the stalls at 9:10 on Tuesday so I am quite happy with my Highway Companions subscription. However if I hadn't had been checking the websites regularly for days before I ould have still thought it started at 10am by when it appears all the good tickets had been taken. Also how does ticketmaster remain the main booking agent for all artists when it is virtually impossible for the general public to have any chance of seats at the front of concerts these always seem to be pre allocated elsewhere before tickets go on sale. I speak as someone who has been going to concerts for many years and always buy my tickets the minute they go on sale. Also Ticketmaster "best available" is not always that......
treefrogdemon's picture

I twigged that the presale was to begin at 9 not 10, but that didn't help me - because I assumed that the most expensive seats were the best ones. Nuh huh. So I got seat 5 in a loggia box, with no idea where that was except that it was on the right side of the stage. Stage right, did they mean? or right as seen from the audience? They didn't say, and I wanted stage right so as to see Mike and Benmont better (no offence, Scott). When I looked the seating up on TicketMonkey, it turns out that seat 5 in a loggia box is one of the worst seats in the house - unless you're very tall, which I'm not, and can see over the 4 people who'll be sitting in front of you in a very tiny box. I call it prejudice against people who only want a single ticket. Oh, and I wasn't asked for my access code. Pshaw.
kaighan54's picture

Coming from the US for the show and was wondering if my seats are good? Stalls Row J1? Please let me know
hayabusadon's picture

Had a day of work Tuesday to book Premium Package for myself and the wife only to find it had been put back a day. Then thought i'd book 'Tickets Only' so i didn't miss out on tickets as i've been a life long fan and wasn't going to miss them after all this time. Didn't realise tickets had gone on sale earlier than 'Ten' so only managed to get circle tickets right at the back like you other guys, talk about being disapointed !! Would have been better off buying on Fridays public sale and not through the fan club ! Thought i'd see if the premium package sale was up and running tonight out of curiosity, nope ! what a joke !! I used to belong to the Genesis fan club years ago and we 'always' got premium tickets on pre-sale. If you read this page or someone brings it to your attention Tom get it sorted for the 'True fans' as i'm wondering why i payed my membership fee !!
ncheal's picture

Does the "pre-sale" thing work? I have yet to get my unique number. GRRRR!!!!! Been waiting patiently since the Shepherds Bush gig.
junkyardangel's picture

Got my pre-sale ticket for the 20th@ RAH.. but not through highway com' was O2 phones.Stalls O at the front amazing seat over the moon!
hamiltonian's picture

How do online 'ticket' sites manage to have blocks of the first 10 'best rows' and more at mega markups while if you got in early online with Ticketmaster the good seats were very limited? TP needs to get this checked out as it looks pretty bad for his reputation given his stances over the years. Maybe they're scams but it all looks a bit odd..
ziggy's picture

My experience with the re-sale was awful, as was for many others, so many congratulations to those of you who have tickets. My alternative was to buy tickets for Paris - more expensive, but the Grand Rex is small and cozy (about half the size of the RAH). Saw Plant & Krauss there a few years' back and swore I would return - Culturally I reckon it'll be a blast..... That said, I'll still try for the second night in London too!
aidan1959's picture

Fingers crossed that I will get tickets for the second date at the RAH. The scalpers are charging double on the resale sites for the first show and I'm not sure I can afford 300 quid for a pair of tickets. After a 20 year absence, I'm really surprised that the O2 wasn't booked. We Brits 'discovered' this band so demand was always going to be huge.
saphire52uk's picture

I posted a comment here yesterday about being disappointed with my tickets for London but it isn't showing on here for some reason! By 9.30ish when I started to look for tickets (the pre sale was due to begin at 10am) the best available were in the circle ! I am ridiculously excited about seeing the band but would have preferred to have had ground level seats
evesp's picture

There were good seats available but you had to get in early. The presale actually started at 9am local time, not 10am as stated on this website. I did try to post this yesterday, but the comment didn't make it on here - I guess because this site is US based? Good luck tomorrow with the new date though!
roniboy's picture

As apaid up member ..worst ticket sale ever .spent over an hour trying .offered tickets for back only.yet another ticket vender had tickets all over BEFORE PRESALE but I had already got three for THE BACK even free members were getting a better deal,as a long time fan I am very disappointed might not even go !!
roniboy's picture

The worst tcket sale ever ,spent OVER AN HOUR paid up members could only get seats at the back 0208888888 sold tickets BEFORE 10 am and THE BEST SEATS free membership also got better seats ,as along time fan and supporter of the band Ifeel let down I am not even going even though I got tickets FOR THE FURTHEST BACK I would have paid ANYTHING FOR CLOSE UP SEATS , sort it out Tom
ianhey's picture

you will not be surprised to know that there are excellent seats for sale on ebay already - for megabucks!
stevie_a1's picture

Pre-Sale worked fine. TM site was a bit (word that rhymes with site) but once it locked in it was fine. NOTE to folks wanting the arena seats. Don't bother they are bloody horrid. They are those brass and crimson "Conference meeting chairs" on the flat floor. You are far better taking some other seats. No matter where you are in the RAH you're not far away. Just book it and stop moaning.
johnbroomhall's picture

this is a dream come to for me i have a super ticket in the stalls for the RAH london and i have dublin and cork tickets to i cant wait to see the best band ever thanks so much TOM PETTY AND THE HEARTBREAKERS
carlus's picture

100thwindow's picture

i noticed the 1st date is sold out to current members but tickets are available if you want to pay an extra £30 to become a member. So current members can't buy tickets but non-members can? What is going on here? this pre-sale system is a kick in the teeth.
joelannon's picture

Am I the only one who thought I was a member of the fan club only to find that you needed to pay £45 dollars after the pre-sale tickets are all gone?! Also when I logged on yesterday to buy ticket the site said that pre-sale was now 9am on Wed 18/1/12 so how at 8.55am are they all sold already!!! Not impressed with this confusing site or with the fact that I was misinformed about the ticket sale date.
fleur's picture

There may have been a few decent seats on pre-sale but the rest of us were offered the WORST within price range. I haven't found one person who is not stuck high up at the back of the hall. What an insult - the fan club members should rightly feel insulted. Or worse... Who was responsible for choosing the pre-sale seats?
roz's picture

I have been trying to get tickets now since they went on pre sale, I have even stayed up all night and re entered my code every 15 minutes but could not get a look in. Utterly disappointed. All I have for my trouble is 2 tee shirts and a coupon!!! Is this a booby prize. Roz.
coplgeon246's picture

I agree with jules 75 comments. I was looking for arena tickets. No success . Yet two hours after the presale started ,lots of good seats were advertised on several sites,at up to three times their face value.Such individuals are not fans ,but blatent ticket touts .I plan to try and get tickets on Friday when they go on sale to the general public .If I have no success ,then a weekend in Cork is on the cards. I have a feeling that Tom and the band may play Hard Rock Calling at Hyde Park in mid July,so that becomes another option .
tanya's picture

I was disappointed with the pre sale tickets - only circles ones - I thought there would lower teir ones available. I logged in at 10am on the dot.... however, I am pelased with the fact that I have managed to get tickets as I think they will sell out very quickly on Friday.
tompetty_var_me_uk's picture

I spent an age and ticketmaster kept offering me various tickets in the circle - went for circle block V in the end - I was at least hoping for the somewhere in the stalls ! Not much feed back on today's pre-sales on this forum - I see someone saying they got stalls - I'm over the moon to be going to see TP but very disappointed with my ticket allocation...
jules75's picture

Have to say that the pre-sale tickets weren't great. Could only get seats right at the back. Plus, they changed the URL for the pre-sale so while I was hitting refresh on URL provided in the email, tickets were being sold. Still after only a couple of minutes I would have thought I could still get better than four from the back. I'm still very excited about the gig, but I somehow feel the pre-sale was a bit rubbish and I could probably get better tickets during public sale on Friday!
marinom's picture

No joy trying to use my HC membership on the pre-sales. Is it just me or have they all gone?
davidhargrave's picture

just bought my fan club tickets - they are probably the worst tickets you can get at the Albert Hall!
diveulike's picture

Got excellent tickets for the Royal Albert Hall, stalls at the front! Worth the Highway Companion membership fee!!
ejdowski's picture

I got 2 in 2nd tier but no arena floor tickets were there....anyone get these area ones and are they standing or seats?
sarahetludlow's picture

is anyone going to try and get tickets on friday? I don't want to join HCC and find out I don't get em.