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Albuquerque, NM 04/24


Apr 24 2012
Albuquerque, NM
Tingley Coliseum

Originally built as a a rodeo and horse show auditorium in 1957 with funds provided by President Franklin Roosevelt's Works Progress Administration, Albuquerque's Tingley Coliseum was packed to the rafters for Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers on the fourth night of the band's 2012 Summer Tour.

With prior stops in Colorado and Arkansas last week, the Heartbreakers' tour picked up some serious steam heading into New Mexico, and both the crowd and the band did not disappoint.

Welcomed onstage by an ear-piercing ovation from the capacity crowd, Tom and the guys launched into a hit parade that featured songs from across the band's catalogue. "Here Comes My Girl" continues to be a huge crowd-pleasing sing-a-long, but tonight's highlight was surely the sultry "Lover's Touch," Tom's smokey vocals accented beautifully by Mike Campbell's guitar riffs and Benmont Tench's organ swells.

"Hard livin' killing me
I need that woman to set me free
And I want her
I want her so much
Cause she got the lover's touch"

Listen to Her Heart
You Wreck Me
I Won't Back Down
Here Comes My Girl
Handle with Care
Lover's Touch
I'm A Man
Something Big
Free Fallin'
Travelin' Light
Time to Move On
Learning to Fly
Yer So Bad
I Shoulda Known It
Good Enough
Runnin' Down A Dream

Mary Jane's Last Dance
American Girl

Tingley Coliseum
Tour Tracks: 
I Should Have Known It
Lover’s Touch
Good Enough
American Girl
Listen to Her Heart
Free Fallin'
I Won't Back Down
Mary Jane's Last Dance
Runnin' Down A Dream
Learning To Fly


lee10oreo's picture

So if the pre sale tic code is not given..does it mean that the pre sale tix are all bought?
mstshank's picture

I can't find it anywhere either. That sucks!
glroy's picture

15 row is not the best seats but worth the price. I was disappointed I could not spend more to get closer. I have paid more for the front row and would Spend 250.00 + to be in the first 3 rows. Hope there will be a few more dates after Europe. Would spend the big bucks to see them at the Holly Wood bowl again.
gbrittelle's picture

I cannot find the Albuquerque presale -code -does anyone know where i would find it?
Anonymous's picture

Again, poor seat availability at 10 am when FC tix went on sale. Best opportunity was Row 18, mostly Rows 20 and higher. For the price, not good enough. Could have had decent side view seats, but again, my choice is to pass for the price. Saved me a bunch of money though. TPATHB always have offered very good seats to FC members, this is the first time I've passed on a TP show due to poor seats. Thanks to the band for keeping FC members in great seats for a long, long time. Nothing lasts forever...
leland_1701's picture

Caught them at the Pavilion long ago, then drove to Denver to see TP & HB in 2006 and it was the best concert I have ever experienced. Heard new material for the first time which was great, and then when I heard them cover one of my personal Fleetwood favorites "Oh Well" I thought I was in heaven. The crowd was wonderful too! Looking forward to this big time and hope the venue is better than usual with Tom's great sound.
sotero1975's picture

Drove 600 miles to Phoenix for last concert that got cancelled...missed my guys! Couldn't make it back..this time only 200 miles away and wouldn't miss it!
jlente's picture

I went to Phoenix last summer for his concert & could not believe he cancelled just before the show!!!! I was so disappointed, I thought I'd never see him in the future, until I get this email that he's coming to New Mexico!!! I could not be so happier to have heard this, I JUST HOPE THAT NO CANCELLATIONS TAKE PLACE HERE!!!!!!!!!!! I JUST DON'T KNOW IF I COULD EVER GET OVER ANOTHER DISAPPOINTMENT LIKE THAT.
charliet93's picture

how much are they?? have prices been listed yet?
manuelnm2000's picture

MOJO I think is their finest work! Ready to ROCK
heatherlee's picture

Man they were on tour last year and the tickets were wayyyyy less, of course they finally come to ABQ and want to charge $125>... Come on tom, your fans are excited to see you in NM but not if its going to cost my family our mortgage just to see you live!!!
pincurl68's picture

Drove to Phoenix show last summer--rescheduled twice, no more money or time from work to go back. Sooo happy my Tom is coming back to ABQ. I saw him here when he played at the Journal Pavilion and in 1987 in Orange Cty, CA. So excited!
spokenword's picture

Anyone have any idea when the tickets go on sale for this? Will they be through TM?
valerimo's picture

Tried Phoenix concert last summer--rescheduled twice, ran out of money to go back. So happy coming to ABQ.
sikelianos's picture

Too bad it's at Tingley. They so rocked at the Journal Pavilion last time. One of the best concerts I've ever seen... I will be there with bells on!
Anonymous's picture

Won his Mojo listening party contest a couple of years ago and got to see him perform in Raleigh, NC. We have traveled to many venues over the years and it will be nice to see him in our hometown. Love the fact that he sells tickets to his fans first and we have really good seats each time. Last time I was on row 2 and Tom and I had a "moment" at the end of the concert. Can't wait!
drjodie1's picture

Finally the Land of Enchantment!!!!
jenningswriter's picture

i will be there like stink on a mule.
magnolia505's picture

YES!!!! They're finally coming to NM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot wait!!
agreenwood's picture

I have been waiting for Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers to come to Albuquerque. Unbelievable.