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Estero, FL 05/01


May 01 2012
Estero, FL
Germain Arena

Lots of people clamor to meet Tom and the guys on a daily basis, but it's rare when the shoe's on the other foot.

That's exactly what happened when word got around backstage that Donald "Duck" Dunn would be in the house for Tuesday night's show at Germain Arena in Estero, FL.

A legendary bass guitarist, record producer, and songwriter, Dunn is most well-known as the session bassist for Stax Records, where his iconic playing backed the likes of Otis Redding, Wilson Pickett, Albert King, Arthur Conley, Sam & Dave and many more. Beyond his career at Stax, Dunn was also a member of The Blues Brothers' band and recorded with Muddy Waters, Freddie King, Neil Young, Jerry Lee Lewis, Eric Clapton, Rod Stewart, and Bob Dylan.

Dunn's connection to the Heartbreakers dates back to the band's debut album when he played bass on "Hometown Blues." Over the course of the next several years, Tom called on Dunn to play on a track, resulting in bass playing credits on "You Tell Me" on Damn the Torpedoes and "A Woman in Love" on Hard Promises and culminating with his work on Stevie Nicks' "Stop Draggin' My Heart Around," a song written by Tom and Mike Campbell.

Following an electrifying "Runnin' Down A Dream" that left the frenzied Florida crowd screaming for more, Tom and the band left the stage for a quick break backstage, where they were met by Dunn and his wife. Hugs and smiles abound as Tom and the guys and jockeyed to spend a few minutes with their old friend. As the cheers from the waiting crowd grew louder, the band was whisked back onstage for the encore, waving goodbye to Dunn and his wife with promises to stay in touch.

"Good to see those boys," Duck said with a chuckle.

Listen to Her Heart
You Wreck Me
I Won't Back Down
Here Comes My Girl
Handle with Care
Lover's Touch
I'm A Man
Something Big
Have Love Will Travel
Free Fallin'
It's Good To Be King
Time To Move On
Learning to Fly
Yer So Bad
I Shoulda Known It
Good Enough
Runnin' Down A Dream

Mary Jane
American Girl

Germain Arena
Tour Tracks: 
Lover’s Touch
American Girl
Listen to Her Heart
Free Fallin'
I Won't Back Down
Mary Jane's Last Dance
Runnin' Down A Dream
Learning To Fly


kelly1123's picture

My brother, my music guru, took me to my first concert in Austin when I was thirteen. It was 1980. Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers opened up for The Kinks. I left there in awe of you guys. I saved my money and went to the "record store" and bought Damn the Torpedoes. I've been hooked every since. I haven't missed a show in Austin since that first one. I'll be there again this Saturday night with my boyfriend's fifteen year old son. You're his favorite band (imagine my surprise and no credit to me!) and it'll be his first concert . I wouldn't miss it for the world because I know what that means - a lifetime of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. Steven's favorite song is "Saving Grace". If you guys would please consider putting it in the set list for Saturday night in Austin it would mean the world to him. Thank you so much for continuing to do what you do. We love you out here!
campfan's picture

Must have been somethin' for ya'all to play so close to hime....ya'all rocked on the pics...! Thanx Antoinette Nashville TN's picture

May 01 2012 at the Germain Arena - Estero FL Also uploaded 10 videos to YouTube (in progress!).
supernaturaldj's picture

Saving Grace was not played. Have Love Will Travel was played and dedicated to Levon Helm.
mrgolf21's picture

Dear Mr. Petty...I aint too proud to beg...PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE play King's Highway on May 5th in Austin Texas.... You are the best !!!!
seahawksean's picture

WOW!!! Tom and the Heartbreakers BROUGHT IT last night!! That was a completely mind-blowing show. Best show I've seen them perform. And I saw them with Pearl Jam two nights in a row in '06, so that's saying something. I don't know how they do it, but they just keep getting better and better. Many people I talked to who were seeing Petty for the first time were completely blown away by the show, which I told them they would be. It was great seeing them perform tracks from MOJO finally. I knew "I Should Have Known It" would rock and it did. I got goosebumps. The couple next to me who hasn't listened to MOJO yet were standing there, mouths agape in awe during that song. I told them then need to get MOJO. Such an awesome album. Thanx so much guys from coming to my hometown and rocking as hard as you did. I'll be riding this wave of joy and love from the show for a while.
hwy61rev's picture

Wow...the boys never disappoint! They were in their usual Florida spirits last night and tore it up! When they busted out It's Good to be King, that put the show over the top for me. Tom's leads were haunting, then Mike jumped in and sealed the deal. The band was tight, Tom was having fun and Mike was laying down some of the finest guitar work I've ever heard. And I'm glad to see Scott get some props in the Alpharetta review. He's like musical bacon. He just makes everything better! Great job guys, see you tomorrow in O-town!
ciscokid's picture

Reading the responses to your tour thus far..the joy and astonishment of the audience leads me to believe you are aiming to please more than ever!! We will be the lucky few to bask in all the emotions tomorrow night...Like everyone else your lyrics matched my life since I was 20...So WELCOME TO NAPLES and Tom the golfclubs actually are wildlife havens, they paved over the rest of the Everglades!!! Hope you guys had a great day off 'cause you know what you're in for!
kaliesmom7's picture

Please come to Ft. Lauderdale, FL!!! You missed us last time also. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!!!
pcpettyhead's picture

Thanks for the Twitter tickets!!!! I'm very grateful!!!
budburb's picture

I'm from Woodbridge, Va. I'm flying down to see this show and the other Florida show!!!! Where in Va are you from, I'm 25..
TPHummer - HummingbirdGirl's picture

A meet up for those interested is planned for Monday 4/30 from 2 -7 p.m. at the Lynn Hall Memorial Park in Ft. Myers Beach. Please see my posting with info/details listed in 2012 Tour section, Estero Concert Heartbreakers Beach Party Planned or follow link below:
bluewaterbill's picture

looking for friend (female)to go to concert with. have 5 rows back tix and looking to turn into a vacation email me at and lets discuss
bluewaterbill's picture

email me at
bluewaterbill's picture

have 2 tickets 5 rows from stage. need company (female) Lets get to know and then go Billl
miss___pretty's picture

this is show one i want to go to!!! Florida is very romantic. There is a nice beach close by hhhhmmmm............ thinking about driving down from Virginia!! i would drive a million miles to see that cute face!!
Anonymous's picture

Like others below, very disappointed with seat availability at 10am for FC members. All good tix are in premium packages I guess. Face it folks, no one pays for music anymore, so artists have to make their money on live shows. Merchandise and premium packages help take the place of lost sales on CD's, etc. But at $250 for a VIP package, that's just too much to pay for TP.
bonitagirls4's picture

i have been a membership fan for a long time. Not again. Tried to get good seats only to find floor 4 5 6 and so on from the beginning. What happened to floor 1 2 and 3? Love you guys but not going to keep trying for hours on end to see you after paying $40 for nothing.
dmartin59's picture

Wow...I guess the jokes on us..10:00 a.m. FL7 is the first seats I get, keep trying and still get FL7 for at least 1 hour...then got FL4/5/6 later in the a.m. Why is Ticketmaster selling lesser seats first? Didn't buy because I expect better for presale. Then check the VIP website and for $250 I can buy seats in first 15 rows, but I have to pay without knowing what seats I am buying...I don't think so. TPATH if you are reading this, fire your promotors or whoever is responsible for this garbage...I am a long time fan, but am completely fed up with this crap to the point where I may skip the show and actually feel good about it. I'm tired of all the b.s. associated with your shows...I guess I'm the Last DJ...
mpensinger's picture

I am going in a circle trying to find where to purchase tickets - have spent an hour trying to find out how to buy them and I signed up for the Highway Companion Club. Guess I'll have to wait till Friday, or is it Saturday?
vonnie's picture

Presale was a joke nothing coming up for the front 3 floor sections since 10 a.m. best available was FL6 not impressed with this presale compared to others...where's the MOJO for being a member????
amazinngrace's picture

Got my tix right away at 10am today and got FL6/Row4 - but I don't know what layout it is because it's not listed in the dropdown box :( I sure hope it's a good section. I think the BEST seats were for the people who bought the premium package or the people willing to spend over a thousand dollars on a ticket. Tom Petty was always against record label price gauging, he should be against it for event promoters too. Although, bands actually make more money by touring than they do by selling their records. Anyone wanna hang out - grab drinks or dinner with me and my hubby before the show?
jdudley's picture

Fearing a quick sell out, I snatched the first tickets I got this morning, but I may have been a little too hasty. I'm sitting much farther than I normally sit for a TP show and much better seats are still available. ...oh well, it's still a Petty show.
asaracini's picture

Signed in at 10AM and got seats all the way back on the floor. We were able to buy better seats before I was a fan club member. So disappointed. Ruined all the excitement.
dmartin59's picture

Wow, no good seats at 10 a.m. All the way back in FL 7,8,9. There have been some FL 4,5,6 but no really good seats...argh...glad I didn't renew my fan club membership. Not worth buying any of these...
dlynn's picture

Lots of good seats. I just looked again at noon and there were flr 5 and 6 available. With a Tuesday concert outside of Fort Myers, I can't believe this thing selling out....which is fine by me. Anyone notice the seating chart is for some fighting event. I clicked on the Steve Miller listing and hope the seating for TP is the same. Can't wait for May!
jmcguire78's picture

I did not receive pre sale info either?
bananarama's picture

I logged in at 10am, seats were upper level or all the way in the back of the house on the floor. Never been farther than 11 rows back. Guess we won't be seeing Tom and the gang this year. How disappointing.
rbeckman's picture

I did not receive pre-sale info for FL pre-sales that start today. Did anyone?
phononet's picture

We are visiting Naples area in April and May 12. We would like to buy 3 tickets for the Germain Arena Show. When and where are the tickets availabe. Thanks and all the best