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Newport 06/22


Jun 22 2012
Isle of Wight Festival

Rain, wind and mud didn't keep Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers from the Isle
of Wight Festival and their headlining set on Friday, the first day of the legendary
three-day festival located on an island in the English Channel.

Fans trying to reach the Isle of Wight in time for the first notes of
music Friday afternoon had their hands full with gridlock traffic all day
Thursday and early Friday that left some waiting and sleeping overnight in
their cars for more than 10 hours. Even a Heartbreakers crew bus was
entrapped, spending 12 hours getting to the festival site before working
through the night to prep for the next day's concert!

While artists including Groove Armada, Lana del Rey, Crystal Castles and
Best Coast played out on stages throughout the grounds on Friday, Feeder,
Noah & the Whale and Elbow opened things up on the Main Stage before the
house lights a few minutes after 10pm and Tom and the band hit the stage.

With the sunlight fading into night and the winds dying down, the guys
blasted through a set that made the 60,000-plus fans in attendance forget
the weather and terrible traffic. "Here Comes My Girl" was the last in a
massive three-song sing-a-long with the audience fronted by "You Wreck Me"
and " I Won't Back Down," tonight's big highlight.

Amsterdam, we're here tonight! Come out and see us and keep checking back
to the site for updates from the 2012 Summer Tour!

Listen to Her Heart
You Wreck Me
I Won't Back Down
Here Comes My Girl
Handle with Care
Good Enough
Oh Well
Something Big
Don't Come Around Here No More
Free Fallin'
It's Good To Be King
Something Good Coming
Learning to Fly
Yer So Bad
I Shoulda Known It
Runnin' Down A Dream

Mary Jane
American Girl

Isle of Wight Festival
Tour Tracks: 
I Should Have Known It
Something Good Coming
American Girl
Oh Well
Listen to Her Heart
Don't Come Around Here No More
Free Fallin'
I Won't Back Down
Mary Jane's Last Dance
Runnin' Down A Dream
Learning To Fly


lofric_2's picture

I was at the Royal Albert Hall last Monday and even though it was the same set I loved every minute - as did my wife who was at both but didn't know what to expect at RAH. A triumph all round.
haughtunes's picture

Cheers Tom for an immense performance by you and the guys. You really showed 'em what it's all about. The last time i saw the band was at wembley on the "INTO THE GREAT WIDE OPEN " tour. Missed you at sheperds bush and was gutted. it's been a long time since you rock n' rolled as far as the uk goes. please do a proper british tour sooner than later. Again, fantastic performance, i'm still basking in it's warmth.
velda's picture

Stood for many hours in ankle deep mud waiting to see TPATH. Well worth the discomfort and wait (and I'm pushing 60)! Thanks for a great night guys.
rootytoot80's picture

Tom Petty has been my musical hero since I was a little girl, I thought I would never get the opportunity to see him live and I realise I am lucky to have finally managed to see him play live. I bought a 3 day festival ticket for the IoW just to see him alone and it was well worth the money. There were plenty of people there who had obviously done the same, judging by the number of people who i spoke to. It is an experience I will never forget - I spent the entire gig singing every word to the songs through tears of joy. It was magical. Please, please, please announce another set of dates for more uk dates, I for one would book to see as many as them as possible and by the sounds of it, there are so many people who would love the opportunity to see this legendary band. Tom Petty-you have got me through bad times and been the soundtrack for all the good times, you made my dreams come true in June 2012. I love you x x x
rootytoot80's picture

Tom Petty has been my musical hero since I was a little girl, I have been waiting years see a live gig- I thought I would never get the chance. I paid for a 3 day festival ticket just to see him and it was worth every penny -I have done the one thing I wanted to do before I die. His music is the soundtrack of my whole life and I thank my lucky stars that I have seen him, I can't put into words what it means to me, I spent most of the gig singing through tears of joy. Please, please, please get another uk tour on the menu, I would book for as many gigs as i could and by the sound of it, there are so many other people who would love the opportunity to see this absolute legend. Tom, I love you, you made my dreams come true.
jptoombs's picture

Please include a complete set list for this show as part of the summary.
mogball's picture

Thank you for a terrific night on the Isle of Wight! Seeing the band live for the first time brought home to me how very concentrated and intense the business of making this textured, interesting music is - it has to be treated seriously to be as good as it is, and the band are deeply serious about what they do. Slurping through the mud in the early hours of the morning, the crowd was beaming with happiness and amazed at what a great gig it had been, and though I am not a young fan, I was surrounded by huge enthusiasm from teen and twenty-year olds, many of them in bands themselves. And we all knew every word of every song, including the ones from Mojo.
pearllefeuvre's picture

Was watching my TV in great anticipation of watching Tom and the band play their headline set. What a shame, we were only allowed to see the last 30 minutes! Whats that all about! So glad I saw them live at the RAH on Monday 18th. Will always cherish this as one of the best concerts ever. Come back soon.
treefrogdemon's picture

nigelbcreative, I was just grateful to see them at all. What about the fans in the rest of the world who are still waiting? You are the one who's being insulting.
rick56's picture

Could someone please explain why there was such a mess happening about the broadcast from IOW. The presenters didn't have a clue about what they would be showing. Therefore could someone in the Tom camp have the decency to explain why 6 songs, would it have really hurt to allow a lot more, after all a lot of us over here have waited a long time adn many were not fortunate to be at the RAH, like I was. This is not too much to ask after a 20 year wait
nigelbcreative's picture

I was at the RAH on the 18th and the atmosphere throughout the complete 2 hour performance by Tom and the Heartbreakers was utterly electric and orgasmic inside the RAH. It felt like one gigantic family of TP fans! everyone showing their fullest expression of pleasure and one after the other of standing ovations and screaming, cheering and whooping!! So Tom do your diehard UK fans a HUGE FAVOUR AND HONOUR THEM WITH SOME MORE UK AND LONDON STADIUM SHOWS AND NOT JUST 3 GIGS THAT TAKE THE PISS AND INSULT ALL YOUR FANS THAT HAVE PUT YOU WHERE YOU ARE TODAY. HOW ABOUT JUST A EURO TOUR 2013??? I saw you and the HBs at the 2000 seater Shepherds Bush Empire in 1999 (Great Wide Open Tour)!!! If you could play that fantastic London venue before then why not again??? or the just as legendary Hammersmith Apollo which is so well known by millions throughout the UK!
grandmasarah's picture

little over 24 years ago I saw 24 years ago I saw 'Pack up the Plantation" concert on MTV and fell in love with TP meantime my now husband was playing in a band with friends. my Mike and his friends knowing and playing TP"S music well so when we met Tom Petty was the big topic that night so much that we bought the dvd of Pack up the Plantation and the next week was spent watching it over and over again and Mike and I have been together ever since. just over 24 years of watching and listening to TP all the time and as many concerts we could and we have never had a fight no reason .my story is I live in Clewiston Fl. and looking up my family tree they started out in Newport England. and I have just started out talking to other people in with my family name still living in Newport on the Isle of Wright this family has always lived in this area as farback as they could find so Tom Petty Please know you are a reason for my 24 year if we ever feel down one of us just pops in a concert or a cd of yours and it's back to our first night and the remembering how great life is . so if you would like someone from your home state to go across the pond to their town of their roots Mike and I would love to go with you and then see you again in Estero Fl. thanks Tom for all the years of great music family you are like family thanksSarah Ball
jo_haines86's picture

Please let there be another UK date...I have wanted to see you ever since I was little girl when my late father used to play me all your records....I have been a massive fan ever since and been waiting for UK would be such a dream come true....come on Tom! x
castlerockjammer's picture

Im only 31 but have been waiting 20 years to see you guys live. About 3 months ago I told my girlfriend we would have to travel to America to see you then, just before christmas I get the word that you are headlining the Isle of Wight festival. Now the tickets are bought, flights booked and apartment rented for a week. Bring on the festival! PS I hope you and Eddie Vedder have something special planned for us!!!
billy60's picture

Saw you supporting Nils Lofgren at Cardiff's Capitol Theatre in 1976 (first UK gig I believe?). First time I ever saw the audience (including me) rush the stage for a support band. You must be able to do better than a festival date at IoW.
lizzieh's picture

Was so excited to hear you were coming to the UK. Very disappointed that only one UK date is included in the tour. Isle of Wight is nearly impossible for me. A choice would be great...please, please add some more UK dates!!!
fleur's picture

The one band I want to see while I can still twist and shout! I've waited 20 years! And you are going to disappoint so many people. Your true fans probably don't want to pitch a tent in the mud at a festival any more - been there, done that. C'mon Tom - pretty please! We need a couple of shows mainland.
sutton's picture

Only 1 UK date ???? We love you Over here. The UK love you guys. Please make some more dates available. We have some great venues.
samgriffin's picture

1st European tour in 20 years and only 1 UK date? Can't believe TP will only play at a festival. This is too good an opportunity to visit other parts of the UK. Come on add more UK dates...
martinlee's picture

Tom This can not be the only UK date, most people at the I.O.W. will not be fans they will just be very lucky to see you., At 50 I dont want to go to an open air concert I need to go to an arena what about the 02 London
treefrogdemon's picture

That's the wrong Newport, you guys...
genevared's picture

There just has to be another date in mainland UK & it has to be Liverpool - what better way to commemorate George than coming to his home town - Echo Arena or Anfield - even better bring Dylan & Jeff Lynn too!
alethea's picture

Cannot believe that you and the band would only do one date in the UK for 2012, all that way for one gig ! Come on guys, there are so many wonderful venues across the UK with thousands of fans aching to buy a ticket to see you and the band, try Cardiff in Wales, Bristol, Manchester, Birmingham, etc Don't disappoint your British fans guys, let us have the time of our lives and book more UK dates, please !
duncan's picture

I'm really disappointed that there are no other UK dates,especially since it's at least 20 years since you were here. .Probably means I'll never see TP and the HB's again before I die !!!.Been a fan since '76 and the UK fans were your original supporters before The USA.Can you help ? - I've got a big back garden for a private show or The Wedgewood Rooms in Portsmouth as second best please - Merry Christmas
alderfish's picture

Shame we can't have a proper stand-alone date at a decent venue, like the rest of Europe. Looks like I'll have to travel to Ireland, France or Germany to see one of the greatest bands of all time!
Anonymous's picture

Cumon TP You have got to give other fans all over the country a chance to see you live. Please add more dates troughout the country.
sucram's picture

WHAT !!!! no more UK dates Tom, Manchester would be Heaven !
stevenh1's picture

IOW where are the other UK dates - Manchester?
helen12's picture

Been waiting 20 years for this so hope there are some dates in the UK other than Isle of Wight! There's currently a week's gap between Oslo on 15th June and IOW on 22nd so really hope some other UK dates are being fixed up. Seriously cannot wait!
perchbloke's picture

Please add some more UK dates. I remember seeing first tour here in 77, the UK broke TP. Isle of Wight is no good for us oldy fans. Loads of big TP fans in the UK