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St. Johns, NF 06/03


Jun 03 2012
St. Johns, NF
Mile One Centre

Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers rocked The Rock for the second night, closing out their two-night run at the Mile One Centre in St. John's, Newfoundland on their way to Europe for the first time in 25 years.

The Blind Boys of Alabama once again opened the show on Sunday, delivering an incredible hour-long set highlighted by their stirring performance of "Amazing Grace" set to the tune of "House of The Rising Sun." Everyone with the Blind Boys of Alabama - from the band to their crew - were incredible to have for these Canadian dates, and the entire Heartbreakers family will miss having them out on the tour.

It was clear from the first notes of "Listen to Her Heart" that the second show in St. John's was going to be special. With two shows on this leg of the tour under their belts, the band was tight, knocking out a raging "I Won't Back Down" that featured some killer guitar work from Mike Campbell. Mike was at it again on "Good Enough," lacing into the slow blues burner off Mojo that was moved up earlier in the setlist for this show from it's customary spot in the latter part of the night. "You Don't Know How It Feels" make it's 2012 Summer Tour debut before giving way to a beautiful "Free Fallin'" that had nearly everyone in attendance singing along with Tom on the chorus. "It's Good To Be King" continues to be a mid-set scorcher, but Sunday's highlight had to be the sublime "Something Good Coming." It's not a big hit or crowd favorite yet, but you can tell how much the band enjoys playing it by the smiles on their faces.

Listen to Her Heart
You Wreck Me
I Won't Back Down
Here Comes My Girl
Handle with Care
Good Enough
Oh Well
Something Big
You Don't Know How It Feels
Free Fallin'
It's Good To Be King
Something Good Coming
Learning to Fly
Yer So Bad
I Shoulda Known It
Runnin' Down A Dream

Mary Jane
American Girl

St. Johns
Mile One Centre
Tour Tracks: 
I Should Have Known It
Something Good Coming
Good Enough
American Girl
Oh Well
Listen to Her Heart
Free Fallin'
I Won't Back Down
Mary Jane's Last Dance
Runnin' Down A Dream
Learning To Fly


plug's picture

Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers Rocked St. John's on June 3rd. I waited a long time to see you guys and it was well worth it ! Best concert I ever saw ! A huge thanks to the entire band for autographing my album!!! The first Heartbreakers album 1976. What a keepsake!!! Will be framed and hung on the wall in my guitar room. Thanks !!!!!! Paul Pearcey Huge fan CBS Newfoundland
burmoose's picture

Thanks for an awesome show guys. Didn't want the concert to end. Enjoyed every minute of it. Cheers!
cmlfarr's picture

I went straight to St. John's after seeing TPATH in Halifax and I'm soo happy I saw both shows! I think I was a little too worked up for the first one and it flew by too fast! it was good to just sit back and really mine into into every song from the SJ show. Awesome venue, awesome people, beautiful city and relaxed atmosphere. SJ has the best singers too! I SAW TOM PETTY TWICE!
trogers709's picture

Reading through the comments this morning to get opinions on what folks thought of the shows...only to read negative after negative comments about the 'effin' fanclub presales. I've been a fanclub member for years...had no problem at all getting my tickets secured in St. John's, and for two nights as well. The instructions were simple, just as they've been in the's not rocket science. You never get a 'guarantee' being a member, it's giving you a chance along with hundreds of other people...only so many presale tix to go around. Buying tickets to any legendary artist is a crap shoot. I am thrilled beyond belief that an artist of the caliber of TP&H came to our Rock for 2 nights..2 nights!!...Unbelievable :) Huge thanks to Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers!!!
rrowlands8's picture

My daughter and friend ( traveled back home from their "out of town" lives for concert only, lol) were at Miile one last night ( we go tonight). I satyed up 'til they came home to see what they thought, and what I am in for etc. I heard them keying through the front door , sort of whispering-chanting "we saw Tom Petty, we saw Tom Petty, we saw Tom Petty.....' Through bouts of "you shoulda seen when..." and then back to " we saw Tom petty, we saw Tom Petty...." I never received much info.. I guess all the better for me though. I just wonder what the folks at work will think tomorrow , when all they can get from me is "... I SAW TOM PETTY!!!
bishcup's picture

Ok, St. John's... Get ready for the time or your life. Dont' leave your seat for a second because you won't want to miss a note. The guys were absolutely fantastic last night. The best concert ever...ust me, my husband and 11,000 other friends hanging out with the band. Truly gifted gentleman. They will far surpass your expectations. Enjoy every talented minute. Can't praise them enough. I'm still on a high from the night Halifax Metro Centre Sec 8, row E seat 2
rosekolubinski's picture

Please Tom when you do your show in St John;s, NL do the apartment song...I know it . isn't a big hit but I love it.... it sure would be worth the ticket price.,.
cmlfarr's picture

Hey! It's the Mile One Center, compared to Halifax, there are no bad seats! Go Tom & the HB's you are good to your fans!
grooveman74's picture

there are still some tickets left for the june 2nd show.
grooveman74's picture

Like others have said, the presale is a chance to get tickets early. You join a fan club because you are a fan first of all. If you benefit from presale tickets, then all the better. But blaming Tom Petty and his website for your ignorance will get you nowhere....
mikeba's picture

I joined the Dylan presale a couple of years for no cost. They know before tickets go on sale that they will be raking in fans money who will get no benefit. That is the real story here. Rip off and they know it and love it.
niki_m21's picture

Guys its like any other concert anywhere. You have a better chance getting tix by joinging the fanclub, BUT nothing is guranteed. There's only so many tix available, its not anyones fault. 2 sold out shows...what else do you want? Quit bitching about it being a farce
snowman2011's picture

Hope for a second show, Halifax hasn't been announced yet.
spudlennon's picture

I am a paying fan club member as well people - got 4 tickets total (2 and 2). You had to keep trying - it seemed every so many minutes they released some!?! Anyhow for those that whine that they paid $45 for membership and got screwed out of presale....there are only so many presales available and I have to laugh - you join the club a day or 2 in advance just to get tickets that some of you may be scalping anyhow. I joined, and love the limited edition poster, the contests, the little's not just so you can get a quick grab at tickets after being a member for 1 day!
heathermt's picture

I am really disappointed today. I paid the money to get a membership and when I went to the presale I actually got 4 tix and was really excited but then the website decided to refresh itself and those tix were lost. Then the show sold out in 4 mins today and I couldn't get through. I have been waiting my whole life for you guys to come here and now I may never have another chance. I'm sure it'll be an amazing show though and thank you for coming!! I know Newfoundlanders will give you a very warm welcome and I promise you will love it here.
jake9000's picture

I got 4 tickets together but they are in the cheaper seats near the back of the stadium. I knew I wouldn't get great seats because I wanted 4 together, however I was surprised I was that far back considering I logged on at 10:00 on the dot. I believe the pre-sale started earlier than announced. I am happy to be able to see them and had I selected non-adjacent seats I could have been closer. These pre-sales are always a bit of a gamble.
jennyrockstar's picture

Just like when tickets go on sale at the set time on the announced date-they last about 10 minutes. The same goes for pre-sale tickets. They went on sale at !0:00am Ya think of the 200+ tickets that are available they're still going to still be available 10 hours later? Good grief people, ya wouldn't know but Tom Petty himself set it up to disappoint the morons who join his page to late and and then immediately bitch about it. And it's a ticket provider that sells the tickets, Not Tom Petty! Peace!
burryt's picture

No Pre-sale tickets left.
nealedav's picture

I too am a victim of paying $45.00 (USD) with the thought of buying tickets before they go on sale to no members of Tom Petty's Fan Club. For the longest time could not find the friggning code to get in - had to write to Fan Club on where this code even was - in looking at the number of disgruntled "new" members - the only one sleeping great tonight is Mr. Tom Petty who made a bundle of cash for abosolutely nothing today - Tom Petty the Heartbreaker - should have known - its in the name
dmbnewfie's picture

I'm yet another person who bought a membership to try and get tickets because I'm a huge Tom Petty fan. I also got frigged over and never got tics during the pre-sale for Newfoundland. Another fan who paid $45, which would have went a LONG way this Christmas...but, thought it would ensure tics to see one of my favourite bands that I've ALWAYS wanted to see. Extremely disappointed by the pre-sale when I couldn't even manage to log-in most of the entire day. I tried the whole time during my lunch time...but, as a teacher I couldn't try for tickets at 10am when they went on sale because of my Profession. I'm a longtime member of the Dave Matthews Band fan club, U2 fan club, and Pearl Jam fan club and everything goes great for tics in those fan clubs with pre-sales....This is f'in brutal!!!!
ericmakkovik's picture

Awful to see Im not the only one the presale screwed over. Don't even know why I tried after all the BS that went on last night. Tickets on sale for Broker groups, then today people with memberships and passwords can't get tickets. Not even ONE!!! Total screw job by tom petty and this ticket group. Thanks for nothing Tom.
jlbradley123's picture

We went ahead and spent the $45.00US for the membership, intending to take advantage of the pre-sale and to pure dissappointment, not a look in. The Heartbreakers have broken our hearts.
janettekelly's picture

member of club, paid membership fee but cannot get seats. I have selected every option including 1 (had to see), that even came up as no tickets available! Not sure what has happened here but I'm not impressed. I joined club so I could get presale, this is not good enough.
gfraser's picture

even the losers get lucky sometimes!!!! 4 tickets together Santa came :)
gfraser's picture

Can't wait!!!4 tickets together on the floor!!!
andrewgreid's picture

The SAME thing happened when I joined the fanclub for Elton John tickets - paid my fee and didn't have a chance for presale -- it's a big money grab.... I'll be taking my chances tomorrow and am GLAD that I didn't pay $45 for such a farce. Congrats tho those who managed to get a ticket in presale. It's always a crapshoot. Now I can add $45 to my holiday shopping :)
riggss's picture

trying to get tickets online, can't change # of seats
chrisokeefe's picture

Has anyone managed to get presale tickets? I was just there, punched in the promo code and could not get seats.
jojocox32's picture

I dont understand how to buy presale tickets... i had an email that they were onsale from 10am to 12 midnight but I cant find where! Help!
ratcub's picture

received an email at 0430 Newfoundland time, for the 1000 fanclub presale... wtf ? ? ? Tom, it looks like you and your crackpot team of administrators are starting this tour the same place you ended the last one... argh?