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Hamburg 06/10


Jun 10 2012
02 World

Heartbreakers shows are typically loud affairs, but Sunday night's show in Hamburg was the anomaly.

Not sure whether it was just a quiet Sunday night, if German crowds are just that polite or if they were so in awe of finally seeing Tom and the band live, but you could have heard a pin drop in the near sold-out O2 World when the first notes of "Listen to Her Heart" burst out of the PA.

Just as the band wound down the opener, a young blonde-haired boy walked up the aisle on the front of the floor and rested his chin on the front rail, his eyes transfixed on Tom as he sang and moved around the stage.

After two hours of music, hit after hit, the boy hadn't moved an inch, but the mood in the O2 had changed dramatically. By the time the band returned to the stage for the encore, fans were on their feet, screaming out song requests.

Horsens, Denmark - we're getting ready for tonight and then on to Sweden and Norway! Keep checking back for show recaps, photos and videos!

Listen to Her Heart
You Wreck Me
I Won't Back Down
Here Comes My Girl
Handle with Care
Good Enough
Oh Well
Something Big
You Don't Know How It Feels
Free Fallin'
It's Good To Be King
Something Good Coming
Learning to Fly
Yer So Bad
I Shoulda Known It
Runnin' Down A Dream

Mary Jane
American Girl

02 World
Tour Tracks: 
Something Good Coming
Good Enough
American Girl
Oh Well
Listen to Her Heart
Mary Jane's Last Dance
Runnin' Down A Dream
Learning To Fly


minime13's picture

Hey, I think it was awesome too!! I´m 19 and I´m the second gerneration in our family who loves Tom and the Band. Maybe it was a little quiet but at all it was an awesome show. And i think most of the people sat on their chairs because their were just old.. When I stand up the People behind me and the Security told me to sit down.. But I gave my best to rock the hall^^ I´m so happy that u were here! The last time I "saw" Tom and the Heartbreakers were in 1992 in the belly of my mom :P I hope I will see them again!! It was unbelievable
daniabalos's picture

Nothing bad 'bout the show. I was in row 7. I think the reason why people were quiet was that the volume wasn't too loud. Instead of screaming, people chose to listen... There were so many details an subtle arrangements to catch that I believe people preferred to sit, relax, listen and have an experience rather than to sing along, which we can do everyday in the shower. Best sound I ever heard! And Tom has got "something" that makes you look just at him. Call it magnetism, charisma or whatever.
Anonymous's picture

I remember seeing old footage of the Rockpalast concert in 1977 where the audience sat down for the entire show and clapped politely while you guys put on a killer show. I couldn't believe they kept their seats. Maybe it's just German etiquette?
dianna's picture

thanks for the new pic for my picture frame! Although, my husband's comment was 'Oh, I see you've finally added a picture of me in the house' I told him it wasn't him, oh well, never mind. If he wants to think he's tom petty, who am I to crush his dreams. they're both born in florida, so, whatever turns ya on baby!
oliver_hamburg's picture

It was an awesome show! I am 29 and a fan since I am 16... I was so happy when you announced your Europe tour! Thanks a lot for coming! Actually it was so good I just bought tickets for the show in Cologne for me and my girlfriend! Regarding your recap: I don't know why the audience was so quiet in the beginning. I think most of the people were really awe-struck and in such a deep respect for Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers that they forgot to scream and make noise! It had been ages when he last played in Germany. I once screamed "Tom Petty" very loudly in the moment of such silence and I think he heard it... :-) But I have heard only the best from visitors and also the press celebrated the event. The songs Oh well It's good to be King and Something Good Coming were just staggeringly awesome past all belief! Maybe Tom Petty reads this: I would be so delighted to hear one of my Top 3 songs in Cologne: Crawling Back to You The Best of Everything Straight into Darkness Thank you for the show and please return soon for another Tour in Germany! Oliver
callaendia's picture

This was my first time to see TP and the Heartbreakers live. It won't be too much to say: my dream came true (I've been the fan for about 20 years now, and yes I am not even 30 y/o!!! :)). Thank you for the great time and for all the energy you had onstage. For amazing music. Wow. I am really impressed!! I will never forget that concert... hope it will be the life changing thing for me. All the best for everyone! With love
mojogirl72's picture

You let us wait for so many years and now I am waiting for Köln...... For more than 25 years it needs two times. Thank you so much !!! x
haasj's picture

Great concert, great venue, great setlist! Happy to see you guys again in Köln and Mannheim!
haasj's picture

Great concert, great venue, great setlist! Happy to see you guys again in Köln and Mannheim!
jhnham's picture

Tom, Heartbreakers and Team, thanks so much for playing the great sell out show yesterday in Hamburg. What a great show, from the beginning to the end! It was amazing to hear the TW track "Handle with care" You could almost sense that Roy was there. Brilliant. A sad feeling as my wife and I stood alone and waved goodbye to your tour bus as it was leaving. I hope we don't have to wait too long again before we can see you again to Hamburg. Enjoy the rest of the European tour. John
yvonne78's picture

Wow - great show yesterday!! What a party! Love Yvonne
Anonymous's picture

Hi Tom, welcome in Hamburg and i see you tonight. Greetings Klaus
10miles's picture

It is a pity that The Waiting is not on your European set list. This song is in the upper pantheon of Petty hits and a lot of us were hoping for to hear it.
Anonymous's picture

THANK YOU for making the trip over. drooling for the show in Hamburg tomorrow night and know you can't give us all the treats at once but i'd sure love to hear me some Don't Come Around Here No More and some Breakdown. and being an American Girl myself i hope you guys'll give us that again too. if you need any supplies shoot me an email ;)
Anonymous's picture

I am missing a grate song in set list. I think many other fans are missing too. The song is It'll all work out. If it's possible, send this message to Tom Petty. I love this song, and it will beautefull see he playing here in Hamburg. Thank you !!
wolfgang's picture

The show I saw in Glendale Arena a few years ago was absolut brilliant. I think you're all getting better. I'll see you in Hamburg and Mannheim in June
ivan's picture

Dear Tom, Mike and the Heartbreakers. Have you ever considered to visit The Red Square or the Kremlin? You mentioned that Russia is the first thing on your list, so come to us and show these bears who is the boss! We have such big matroshkas, that even Steve Ferrone can easily stand inside them!
haasj's picture

Got 500 miles to get there, but I'll be there - 7th row! Man sieht sich an der Waterkant!
wolfgang's picture

I saw the show three years ago in the Glendale Arena with Steve Winnwood and now you're coming to my country - it's great.
wolfgang's picture

See you in Glendale Arena three yaers ago - but it's great that you come now to my home country.
deloreanschuur's picture

Friday 23 april 1999; the first and last time I saw you play in Hamburg. Will be seeing you again after 13 years of waiting, which is the hardest part. Looking forward to it.
arvid's picture

well thank you! that was a long wait...totally looking forward to the show!
tobitown's picture

Finally my dreams are coming true. Thank you guys, you made my day.
pittdeluxe's picture

It is so amazing and great!!!
posizion's picture

thanks a lot! Do i have to take a plane? Any possibitity of spanish date?