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Phoenix, AZ 10/07


Oct 07 2010
Phoenix, AZ
US Airways Center.

It's 1 a.m., a little more than two hours after Tom and the Heartbreakers walked off stage at the last show of the 2010 Mojo Summer Tour, and the floor of US Airways Center in Phoenix is clear.

Gone are the guitars and amps, sound system, lights and stage, packed away in trucks headed for California. Arena employees have finished clearing the seats and a lone janitor stands at the center of the floor with a broom in his hand, a pile of empty plastic cups at his feet.

For the final show on the 2010 Mojo tour, Tom and the boys went all out, bringing on the one and only Chuck Berry and his crack five-piece band to open the festivities in Phoenix. With his 84th birthday coming up later this month, Berry would have been excused if he�d kept his set brief, but the rock legend would have nothing of it, leading his group through an hourlong set of hits including "Around and Around," "Reelin' & Rockin'," "Maybellene" and "Johnny B. Goode" as many of the Heartbreakers gathered sidestage to watch.

Tom and the Heartbreakers took the stage just after 9 pm and promptly launched into a bouncy "Listen to Her Heart." "You Don't Know How It Feels" served as a nice opportunity to sing-a-long with Tom, but the real highlight of the show was an exquisite "Learning to Fly" with a beautiful bit of piano work from Benmont Tench.

"It took us a while to get here, but we did it! Thank you so much, Phoenix!" Tom said before Mike Campbell tore into the opening riff of "Runnin' Down A Dream." "American Girl" closed the show, a fitting end to this 46-date North American tour that spanned the entire country over the last four months.

Thanks to everyone who came out for the 2010 Mojo Summer Tour. Stay tuned for more videos from the end of the tour!

US Airways Center.
Tour Tracks: 
Jefferson Jericho Blues
I Should Have Known It
Good Enough
American Girl
Oh Well
Listen to Her Heart
Kings Highway
Don't Come Around Here No More
Free Fallin'
I Won't Back Down
Mary Jane's Last Dance
Runnin' Down A Dream
Learning To Fly


howardpackman's picture

best Tom Petty Show was with Dylan 1986 Buffalo ...2 hour show with TP and HB then 2 hours with Dylan. oh Forgot Greatful Dead played for 2 hours as well TP played Southern Accents cd plus all hits
hagront's picture

Come to Europe! It would be totally amazing in every way!!
piaseckimusic's picture

i agree and disagree with shug. tom has been there and done that. lucky he is still here. mojo is great. and some of echo is underrated. tix price is high and i wish that would come down. wish i'd done half of what tom's done in two of my lifetimes, most of us never will.
pattieboy's picture

Just come. There's so many fans of TP and TH and they are the one band I want to see before I die. The O2 Arena is waiting.
nick07's picture

you said it all! I love the band and all the positive energy! I caught him for two different shows this past summer! If I had more doe I wouldda been out there following em all over the country! Thats cool you caught 9 shows!!.. Rock n roll.. My life woud not be the same without this band!! Without these 6 guys! and all the bitchin and moanin.. Just a few weaklings in the bunch I guess?? ;) Sendin the best, American Girl!!..
michellemybelle's picture

I looked on here thinking I would see a bunch of excited comments from a kickass show in Phoenix. Instead I see a bunch of whiners. I went to 9 shows this tour. I drove around 5000 and flew about 15,000 I did a total of 20,000 miles all on my own. Yes, I drove to Phoenix and back for the canceled show (800 mi). And then I drove back the next week for the remake gig (another 800 mi). Needless to say, I am unempathetic to the whiners. Toughen up!! Out of the 9 shows I attended, I can honestly say Phoenix was SPECIAL! Phoenix was the only gig where everyone stayed on their feet dancing to the Mojo tunes. Every other venue I attended, people sat their lazy asses down for Mojo or went for more beer. I was always in the first 5 rows for all 9 gigs I attended. I LOVED seeing everyone staying on their feet and NOT going for more booze during the new music. The band seemed the happiest I saw them all tour....I was there in the beginning in Red Rocks...the middle...and the end. Tom even did extra little dance moves...which always makes me laugh! all the bitching whiners here...toughen the hell up!! You had the best fucking show of the whole tour...even without an extended set list. To my band...thanks for a kickass 7 months of shows and travels. You guys make my life so much fun with all my journeys of following you around this great country! The REAL "American Girl"....peace.
shug909's picture

In general, although I have been a follower for many years, I have a big sense of disappointment about Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers concerts in the past 10 years because of his play-it-safe, please-the-mainstream-casual-fan approach. Even though his radio hits are very good songs, there are many many equally good songs in his songbook that almost never get played live. There is so much potential for brilliance in a Petty concert (the Heartbreakers seem to get better and better as a rock band as time goes by) and yet what fans are hearing on the Mojo tour is a short show (17 songs, 90 minutes) of all radio hits, a Peter Green-era Fleetwood Mac cover that has been played regularly in the past decade and four new songs from the Mojo album. The setlist has been virtually identical every night of the tour (although First Flash Of Freedom and You Wreck Me were being played earlier in the tour, they have now been dropped). There are no back-catalog rarities, no classic duets with Stevie Nicks, not a single bone thrown to the hardcore fans tired of hearing Free Fallin’ at every concert since 1989, and only one song from the quintessential Damn The Torpedoes record. We are in the times when former concert staples Here Comes My Girl and Even The Losers have become hoped-for rarities that don’t get played at all anymore. I find that astounding. Tom was even apologetic about playing King’s Highway, not exactly a rare song in the concert repertoire, because “its not a single or anything, I just thought it would be fun to play”. And 90 minutes is not even enough time to cover all the radio singles, if radio singles is all that is gonna get played. Passed over on this tour were I Need To Know, The Waiting, You Got Lucky, Don’t Do Me Like That, and Jammin’ Me. Playing all of these songs (or better yet, 5 or 6 nuggets from the past like Stop Draggin' My Heart Around, Straight Into Darkness, Change Of Heart, The Wild One Forever, etc) would add only about a half hour to the show, making it a solid and respectable two hours. If Springteen and Bob Seger can play over two hours at their ages, I'd think Petty could do the same. But that being said, when I went to see him in Phoenix last week I had a good time and a renewed appreciation for what you get at a Petty show at the end of this decade. After all, all those radio hits are freakin’ great songs and its fun as hell to sing along with an arena full of fans, be they casual or hardcore. That renewed appreciation might have been in part due to the embarrassing experience of Chuck Berry’s opening set. You gotta give Chuck credit for still taking the stage at age 84, but he was painfully out of key on every song and seemed genuinely confused about what song was being played. He was given a loving response by the audience as befits his stature in rock ‘n’ roll history, but it was very sad to see him playing so badly. So one never knows how long the rockers will be able to keep rocking with a minimum level of competence. By comparison, Petty and the Heartbreakers, most of whom are approaching 60, sounded as much as ever like the powerhouse rock band they’ve consistently been for well over 30 years! Listen To Her Heart was as always two and a half minutes of jangly Byrdsian power pop pleasure. I Won’t Back Down is a great song of defiance no matter how many times it has been played live. The epic ending solo on Runnin’ Down A Dream was as hot as ever. So even if The Heartbreakers now ignore the vast majority of their recorded songs when they play live, at least they are still in fine form and playing well and we gotta enjoy that while we can, because it won’t last forever. In some ways, The Heartbreakers as a band are playing better than ever. A lot of the music on Mojo was inspired by Mike Campbell’s acquisition of a classic Les Paul and Petty’s urging of Mike to cut loose guitar hero-style and get a Peter Green kind of sound. Campbell has always been an economic tone-meister of a guitarist, but at this show anytime he strapped on that Les Paul, that song instantly became heavier and dirtier. Mary Jane’s Last Dance, in particular, benefited from the Les Paul tone. The solo in Good Enough (the slow blues rave up from Mojo) was suitably killer. All the Mojo songs were played in a group about ¾ way through the show. Missing were the Grateful Dead/Allman Brothers-ish First Flash of Freedom and the lovely ballad No Reason To Cry. All in all, a satisfying show only if you take it as it comes and appreciate it for what it is. I still dream, though, of Petty concerts where the songs get mixed up every night in which a revolving selection of a handful of the radio hits are blended with a rotating cast of back-catalog nuggets from night to night. If you want to hear your favorite popular song, you might need to see a few shows, but in return you are rewarded with the chance of hearing some less-well known songs that are liked buried treasures. This keeps the fans anticipating what they might hear and presumably keeps the band from being bored by playing the same show and songs night after night after night. That is basically the exact model that The Black Crowes have been following for years in their live shows. Maybe one day, Petty will do a rarities tour in which he digs deep and shows off the impressive song catalog he has amassed over the years. He could let it be known that coming expecting to hear the hits, might leave you disappointed.
agp3075's picture

I saw what I call a class act 4 times on this tour. I enjoyed Michigan the best as I know TP's wife who is from Flushing Michigan. She arraigned for several of our friends from Flushing to have main floor tickets together and a back stage get together before the show. She is so sweet and adorable. I can not wait for the next tour as we always enjoy the show and the people that attend.
hagront's picture

Come to Europe now!!! :D
pcpettyhead's picture

Thank you to EVERYONE who made this such a great tour. Thanks to the roadies, the sound guys, the light guys, the tour photographer, Michelle Mecca, Ramona Mark, Ken Graham, Chinner,, and of course, THE GREATEST BAND IN THE WORLD... T O M P E T T Y AND THE H E A R T B R E A K E R S !!!!! I'll see you guys next time!! Bet on it!!!
maryscrazyfortom's picture

Hey Tom, Mike, Benmont, Steve, Ron and Scott. This is for all of you from the bottom of my heart. You are the best and I really enjoyed the show. It was well worth the airfare and accommodation. Came down from Edmonton and was in the 3rd row center on the floor. I saw the show from 2nd and then from 1st row in Edmonton in June. I am so proud of you guys and the way you perform. It must have been an exhausting 6 months of touring, but you all are perfection. Thanks for the wonderful sing alongs and great energy. Time for a deserved rest and relax. Tom take care of yourself and get better soon. Lots of love. Mary Ann
willsffan's picture

Been a fan since probably 1980 or so. Never saw the band live - until Sunday night in Phoenix! What a great show! Everyone sang so many songs together - nice backup vocals!! Thanks to the band for rescheduling - hope we ended your tour with a bang!
brandysburke's picture

Great show and totally worth the wait - thanks for coming back to Phoenix!
d49r's picture

I enjoyed the show, never disappointed with the concerts i have seen over the years. I was disappointed in the # of songs--only 17 with the two encores. I felt that moving Phoenix dates twice, once becuase the tour started later than originally planned and the 2nd time because of TP's throat ailment, would have brought a couple more songs in the mix. Especially since this turned out to be the last show of the tour. With no other shows, seems like he could have played some of the songs that he did in other stops like Honey Bee, You Wreck Me, and First Flash of freedom.
Anonymous's picture

6 airplanes in 48 hours - 2 trips to Phoenix - last show of the Mojo tour - SO worth it!! You guys rocked it out!! Thank you! TPHB fans are such great people everywhere! It is truly a wonderful and amazing thing how you all touch so many people's hearts and souls and I thank you again for the way you have touched mine. Take Care.
sel4more's picture

In this day and age, technology being what it is, you'd think they' get the sound mix a little better. Sometimes, all you could hear was a pounding drums that drowned out just about everything. TP is a guitar based sound, and it was a bummer the drums were leading the show. Aside from that, it was funny to see TP firing up the one-hitter when the lights went down after a "thoat ailment" stopped the tour!!??!!
alainajoan's picture

We were devistated with the postponed shows. Almost cried on September 26th. No joke. But last night was INCREDIBLE! We had great seats, a great time and the sound from the Heartbreakers was epic. I have been to many, many concerts and I was still blown away. Thanks for coming back and not just cancelling. WE ALL NEEDED IT! Will see you again!
coolgary's picture

kristyk76's picture

It was worth the wait! Thanks for playing all my favorite songs! I have been a fan for since the beginning, but this was the first time I got to see Tom and the Heartbreakers play live... amazing!! Love you guys!
rockinrob2112's picture

With the reschedules and changes in opening act, I wasn't sure what to expect from tonight's show. I'm a 32 year veteran of arena rock shows. Ole Chuck Berry was a riot! Playing out of tune and, it seemed like, at times in different keys than the rest of the band. It was like somebody unleashed him and that;s what we got. The crowd was generous with their love and appreciation to still be able to see him do something musical and live in person. He was fantastic! Tom and the Heartbreaker's set was absolutely tremendous. The sound was incredible, the MOJO songs fuckin rocked and the light show was amazing! He said they wanted to burn the house down and I thought they came pretty close. Tom seemed sincer in his apologizes for the reschedules and the band really seemed to be diggin their last show of the tour. The audience was fabulous singing along with all the songs, the women were beautiful and a rockin time was had by all! Goodnight Phoenix. You were beautiful tonight.
d49r's picture

since the original show was rescheduled from May to September, and the sept show was postponed due to Tom's ailment, and this is now the last show, can the band play a few more songs than the 17 they seem to be playing at each stop? Since there is time to rest after a long tour, the band can play an epic performance, one for the ages. How about a few songs from Echo, the Last DJ, maybe a Traveling Wilburys song or two? Make an already great show, the best one. Darin
holokai's picture

For those of you moaning about changed dates, Chuck Berry, etc. Just be happy you are going to see the Hearbreakers. I saw them twice on this tour and they are in as good a form (or better) than I have ever seen them. And, Petty has huge respect for Chuck B so I would bet you will be the lucky ones to see them play together....just maybe.
sneech's picture

My parents took me to see Chuck Berry many years ago and it was one of the most memorable concerts I have ever been to. And I go see just about everything! I am so FIRED UP about this change. You will not be disappointed. HALE HALE ROCK N ROLL!!!!!!!!
d49r's picture

I like all the other concert goers here in Phoenix has gone through a May cancellation, a September postponement, and now finally this Thursday, the show we have been waiting for. To make it up to us hardcore TP fans, since this is the last show on the extended tour, can you play the longest set of the tour here? A few more songs for us would be awesome. Try a few songs that have not been on any stops: how about something from Echo? The last DJ? Something for us to be even more excited about and also for bragging rights that we saw the best show on the tour.
grndshaker's picture

Gonna have a great time in Phoenix. Tom Petty Rocks :)
alexandrahc's picture

No offense to Chuck Berry, but I have been psyching myself up to here ZZTop...playing their tunes on my iPod for over 4 weeks. I guess it's just the rescheduling of the lead band on top of a reschedule due to illness (totally understandable), is a little too much. I didn't see any comments in the negative about seeing ZZTop. I, personally, and very disappointed they aren't brining back have brought back others from previous stops; or just a band that makes sense to replace ZZTop. I am in no rush to get to US Airways, even though I have to drive about 2 hours to get there. Others are sacrificing so much more to see a great show. I am excited to be there, ultimately, though!!!
coolgary's picture

dsdcarlson's picture

I had to take off work which is about $500 lost. Then the tickets were $250. Now I have to take MORE work off which is $500 more lost. This concert is costing me about $1250!!!
henry's picture

I'm a huge Tom Petty fan fist off...But i was so excited to see ZZ Top like everyone else.. But like we all know it was canceled last week here in Phoenix..I understand stuff happens,but to find out this morning that ZZ Top can't be there and Chuck Berry is... Really,Chuck Berry ...How do you go from ZZ Top to Chuck Berry!!! I'm not happy at all!!!
camefrommontanattwice's picture

(Big boss man) gave me some more time off next week so (I wont back down), I'm (learning to fly) back to Pheonix.Looking forward to another (big weekend). (You wreck me) last Saturday, but I (got a thing about you) and ZZtop. I know you will be (jammin me)(straight into the darkness) (The waiting) makes me a (refugee)(running down a dream).I am coming from montana twice looking for (somthing big).So I will (breakdown) and end this,my (american girl) and I will see you Thursday cuz (our love was meant to last)!!!!!!