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Houston, TX 09/24


Sep 24 2010
Houston, TX
Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion

Hometown shows are always special nights.

Next weekend, the Heartbreakers will bring the Mojo tour to Los Angeles for a homecoming show at the Hollywood Bowl that will no doubt be full of friends and family.

Friday night at Houston's Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion was much the same way for Billy Gibbons, the 60-year-old Houston native and frontman for ZZ Top. A few songs into their set, Gibbons introduced his mother, Lorraine, who appeared onstage to thunderous applause and blew a kiss to her son.

That Little ol' Band from Texas dusted off classics including "Waiting on the Bus," "Tush," "La Grange" and "Legs" before gathering at the front of the stage for a bow amid a standing ovation.

Tom and the Heartbreakers fed off the tremendous energy ignited by ZZ Top with a fantastic two-hour tour-de-force featuring hits spanning the band's entire career that left the 17,000 in attendance screaming for more. As the band exited the stage after the "Running Down A Dream > American Girl" encore, Tom smiled and said, "Thank you and thank you to ZZ Top! What a night!"

Phoenix, here we come! Remember to check back for more from the Mojo tour!

Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion
Tour Tracks: 
Jefferson Jericho Blues
Running Man's Bible
I Should Have Known It
Good Enough
American Girl
Oh Well
Listen to Her Heart
Kings Highway
Don't Come Around Here No More
Free Fallin'
I Won't Back Down
Mary Jane's Last Dance
Runnin' Down A Dream
Learning To Fly


dianna's picture

Cool.....check out the map quest above. Do you see Bolivar Peninsula? That's where I live :) Won! Yes, Won! front row tickets to see Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers! Nobody can believe me....I think I'm still pinching myself and it's been a year now! Really is kinda unbelievable....sooooooo unbelievable......but, sooooooo true.......
iluvtompetty86's picture

I had never seen Tom Petty in concert before this. I grew up listing to him. Let me just say I love him and this was my dream concert. I did not have a very good seat due to my financial situation but it was perfect simply because i was there. I was so happy I cried the very first song and the last one. I could not believe I was at the concert. I can say that seeing him in concert only made me love him even more! I love Tom Petty!♥ And if he ever comes here again i will make sure i have the very best ticket i can get of him. lol Im thinking backstage pass front row seats and well maybe even a little hug from him. AWESOME SHOW!!! And thank you to those of you that made it possible for me to go to this concert. I love yall! ♥
randz's picture

Special Guest? Nicks Jagger Just excited to see Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers... Thanks for being in Los Angeles. Your music means alot to your true fans...
mlovell's picture

I hate to say, after driving for six hours, and, being this was my first chance to see Tom Petty live, the FOH mix was terrible. I actually though that they were intentionally screwing up the audio when ZZ Top came on to make TP sound better, but, that wasn't the case. The vocals were buried so far in the mix that if you didn't know the words to the songs you were just out of luck! We were about twenty rows back in section 101. I just don't understand how you can have that bad of a mix? If the stage monitors were that bad, that could possibly explain the expressions on Petty's face? He looked pretty tired (I'm sure from all of the time on the road) and he didn't look too pleased with what was going on! All I can say after this is, "Tom; you don't know how it feels, to be me"!
stns440's picture

Tom delivering with authority
stns440's picture

So close I could see Tom's soul pouring out!
stns440's picture

Houston Show
stns440's picture

This was the 3rd show from the front row for me and it was so hot! Really! Both in scope of performance and tempature night of show. It was well worth leaving the freezing cold of Edmonton to come to Houston to see my fav band. We got seated with some other good fans and when the Heartbreakers came on after ZZTop the place was all ready pumped and exploded with Tom's opener. Being so close we could see the faces of the band easily and you could see how hard they were concentrating and how much they were sweating from the effort they were giving. Very impressive show. I brought a poster I made that was very bright. on side 1 it read "Canada loves TP & Heartbreaketrs showing the Maple Leaf and a red heart with their guitar through it. That is because of the great shows they did in Canada and I wanted the band to see the faithful following them. Tom found the right moment to come over and squint at it. He read it and gave me a big smile and saluted me just as he did in each show prior to this. mike C also made his way over and read it. He gave a big smile and nodded at me and later in the show we flipped the sign around and on the back it said "George and Roy see you". Well Tom read it and his whole face lit up with happiness and understanding and he gave me such a look I will remember it for ever. Mike came over and read it and my fiance got a photo of him pointing at me and saluting me. I think it was really cool to quietly think up something to share with them that reminded them Of Harrison and Orbison and that they were watching over the Heartbreakers. These guys got it immediately and others in the crowd came over to see it and everyone smiled at it too. So now I will try to post some of the pics and I hope it turns out OK. If anyone has a suggestion I am open to them.
campfan's picture

Red is sooooooooooo beautifull......OMG..
amartindale's picture

Thank you for a night my daughter and I will never forget!
jdnash's picture

Is a night I will never, never, ever forget. I have been a TPHB fan for over 20 years now, not to mention TP solos. I have been to other bands concerts over the years but I have never experienced having tears coming out of my eyes at seeing TP on stage for the very first time in my life...Yes, I cried....took me about 3 songs to really stop! No I wasn't sobbing, it was those happy, amazed, I can't believe I'm here kind of tears!!! Laughing, singing and tears all at the same time...What an experience! It just completely caught me off guard.... It always gives me chills when I hear an audience of 17,000 (I think ) fans singing every word of songs from beginning to end. Thank you all for such an amazing night of my life that I will never forget....Oh and a VERY HONORABLE mention to ZZ Top who got us all so riled up into a lather with their music, even TP came out and commented how crazy we all sounded and that this was the place to be tonight!! Yes I spent that $40 for the T-Shirt and the $15 shot glass for my well spent..If I had to do it all over again I would!! We didn't get to hear Swingin' but when it was all over we and would we have loved to have heard some of the stuff that only TRUE fans would know about? Sure but in the end we just didn't give a da** it was great anyway...Thank you again for coming to Houston and giving us such an amazing show to be at!!!!.
frogdaddy1954's picture

I have seen this band several times & I sear, they just keep getting better. What a great show last night!!!
angeleyez712's picture

Tom Petty and the HeartBreakers will always Rock my world!!! Thanks Guys for such an awesome show!!! Hope I get the chance to see you all again!!! Love always!!!!! ANGEL
rwflash's picture

The show tonight was one of the best concerts I've ever attended. Thank you Tom Petty for one hell of a show!
djgold49's picture

Killer show tonight! Sat in the Pit and felt some amazing energy from the guys this evening. I gave two tickets that were won from this site and my wife and a friend rocked too! Thanks for another great evening.....that would have to be near 25 for me over the years. Still sound so good live!! THANKS!
lucida3106's picture

Can't wait for tonight!!! He and ZZtop will rock CWMP down!!!!
coolgary's picture

well he should play 15 song's and 2 encore song's sweet.this is going to be a long show.i hope they have seat's
tpgal's picture

Tom, you Wreck Me Baby if you don't play this, I'll be Out in The Cold, and all you have to do is Deliver Me!!!! I love you, you have been with me since 1981, show some love back for your longtime fans by playing a couple of songs they never play on the radio. We all have Free Falled one too many times!!!!! I've been Waiting for Tonight!!!! Seriously, you could turn your younger, newer fans on to your own music that they never get to hear.
rayslewis's picture

Tom welcome back to Houston. I know you have a special place in your heart for us as we do for you. Love the set list! Love the new album! Hope to see you return many years to come. Also can't wait to see the home team ZZ Top as well. See ya"ll tonight!
tpgal's picture

You have been the soundtrack of my life, literally. I have seen you many times and will be in the second row - if only you could play You Wreck Me or Out in the Cold - Wildflowers - Change of Heart. I will never understand why Oh Well. We live to hear you play your stuff, the songs thay mean so much to us.
chkirk44's picture

I've seen TPHB so many times!! I get totally amped every time! I just married my high school sweetheart earlier this year and our song was Woman in Love. We would love to hear it! Can't wait to heart Tom!!!!
mandiee's picture

cant wait i am so excited my mom turned me on to tom petty years ago and we first saw him at the CWMP years ago with the wallflowers and even more excited to see him with zz tops and introduce the next generation to tom pettys music my son is gonna love it he is 5 and it was awesome living in tom pettys home town gainesville Florida go GATORS
jdnash's picture

Please play Swingin'!! My husband just LOVES that song and would LOVE to hear it!!! We have been waiting an extra 4 long months for you guys to get here......Can't wait!! Just giddy!!
dhaynie's picture

We went to the Astros game today and after the game this band named MercyMe played a concert, They played "I won't back down", I couldn't believe it!!! They nailed it!!! I was pumped! A good primer for Friday night!!!
dhaynie's picture

love the set list!! and don't mean to complain but please play "it's good to be king" say instead of "don't come around here no more"'s good to be king, it's good to be king, it's good to be king......FRIDAY NIGHT!!!!! I can't wait!!!!
therover's picture

Saw the band with The Georgia Satellites and Del Fuegos @ the Summit and have never forgotten that show! Toured with a horn section and background singers.It was the Southern Accent Tour and have not missed a show since!!! Let's dust off "Have Love Will Travel' for the Woodlands!
leannpesek's picture

This will be my first time to see Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers live but I have listened to them over and over since I was a child. My father use to play your music all the time; especially while we were bbq-ing and had friends over. The stereo was upstairs but we could hear it through-out the house. I had a devient sister who caused our family so many problems and eventually ran away for good. Unfortunately, with all of the problems mounting, he chose suicide in 1995. Your songs always bring back wonderful memories of him.
heatherrose's picture

Can't wait to hear Tom and the Heartbreakers again. Walked down the isle to Here Comes My Girl. Hope to hear mystic eyes or Louisana Rain. Some of the songs they never play on the radio. All of their songs are great. Huge Fan.
heatherrose's picture

My daughter is 14 and has spent the last year having chemo treatments. Her last appointment was June 9th. To celebrate we are taking her to the woodlands and Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers. We have seen him numerous times. Can't wait to see her face and experience a true rock and roll band. They always play 150%. this will be awesome like all the other shows.
kimseyffert's picture

Can't wait for the Houston concert! Only my 2nd TPATH concert, first saw the band in Saratoga Springs about 5 years ago and became a fan after that concert. I find for the last 5 years I pretty much only listen to TPATH so I'm constantly looking for songs that are not played on the radio. It would be so nice to hear those types of songs along with the new Mojo stuff. My fav cd is live in Chicago!!! Keep on rockin guys!!!!!