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Darien Center, NY 06/21


Jun 21 2008
Darien Center, NY
Darien Lake Performing Arts Center
Darien Center
Darien Lake Performing Arts Center


HaveL0veWillTravel's picture

This was my first time seeing TP&HB in Darien Lake. It was more than I could have ever hoped for. Although I did miss meeting them by a few feet at the hotel, we were able to get to the front against the gates and watch the concert standing five feet from Tom. There was a thunder and lightning storm half way through, that flooded the arena and knocked out the power for a little while. They were all amazing and got right back to playing as soon as possible. It is still one of the best nights of my life so far, right up there with this years performance @ Darien. Right back up front again, Tom and Mike were super smiley as they interacted with the audience, especially the ones crammed up front. Once again they sounded amazing. Mike also threw me his wristband that night, that I will cherish always. What a great place to see my All Time Favorite Band!! Like they say, Have Love Will Travel!!