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Tulsa, OK 09/23


Sep 23 2010
Tulsa, OK
BOK Center

"Are you ready for some rock 'n roll, Tulsa?"

Tom grinned at the capacity crowd in the beautiful BOK Center before launching into the opening chords of "American Girl" on his blonde Rickenbacker.

Two teenage blonde girls in the front row shrieked with delight as they recognized the melody of the Heartbreaker hit. A few rows behind them, three college-aged guys bobbed their heads along to the beat while trading smiles and high-fives. A few seats away, an older couple swayed to the music in each others arms, exchanging smiles and knowing glances.

There may be no song more universal than "American Girl." Everyone loves it, which is why Tom likely chooses to end most shows with it on this Mojo tour. It gives every body a chance to dance, a chance to sing and a chance to remember the first time they heard about the girl "raised on promises."

Houston, here we come! Remember to check back for more from the Mojo tour!

BOK Center
Tour Tracks: 
Jefferson Jericho Blues
Running Man's Bible
I Should Have Known It
Good Enough
American Girl
Oh Well
Listen to Her Heart
Kings Highway
Don't Come Around Here No More
Free Fallin'
I Won't Back Down
Mary Jane's Last Dance
Runnin' Down A Dream
Learning To Fly


lovetompetty's picture

You are a legend Tom and your music is so magical. I listen to your music everyday. I hope you come back to Tulsa or even closer to Arkansas. Don't ever stop playing! You are my hero and above all the greatest singer in the whole world!
lovetompetty's picture

I have to say you guys played tremendously awesome. I am so happy that I actually got to see y'all live for the first time ever. I always dreamed of meeting you. I love your music. I really really hope you come back very soon. Next time I will be in the front row. I wish I could get a back stage pass some how. I love you Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers!!!!! Please come back.
stonesr's picture

The show was tremendous. I have seen most every rock show at the BOK and thought this was the best overall - yeah, better than Clapton's show or overall better than Springsteen. (I think Springsteen's Born to Run was the single best live song I've seen, but Tom doing Runnin' Down a Dream was about as good). For those complaining about the setlist being short, it did not seem short to me. It was a solid two hours of music, and no way can they play everything you'd want to hear - there is too much. The set from Mojo in the middle was mesmerizing. Loved every minute of it. Give it 4/5 because a couple more songs would have been nice, but there can't be much to complain about on this show.
campfan's picture

The pics tell a story...of a great band playin' so passionately still after all these years... Mike like always.....awesome...!
mynamesjoe's picture

That was the best concert Ive ever been to! Totally changed my life.. sad its over though. ) : But so glad it happened.
carmijok's picture

Unbelievable show...fantastic. I've always liked TP's music but when I saw his concert on Soundstage on TV, I HAD to have tickets to see his show in person. He does NOT disappoint. Unfortunately we had seats that were so high up we needed a Sherpa to guide us, but that did not stop his energy from reaching us. Even the 'big screen' projections made him look like a postage stamp from where we were, but you could see how much fun they were having. They say they are coming back to Tulsa and I WILL be there...closer to the ground and hopefully the stage. They are worth the money!
smgeller's picture

I would like to thank Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers for preforming the most amazing concert I've ever seen. I was completely mesmerized from start to finish. Thank you so very much. You guys are the best. Sincerely, Sarah (I was the overly excited girl in the second row, in front of Mike, that couldn't stop smiling.) Thanks again!! Best Wishes!!
kathelove123's picture

I was totally blown away! 50th birthday gift to myself, I was really down for months, but last night I got my MOJO back!! Taken in, turned around and set back down during the mind blowing concert. 10 times better than I thought. I knew it would be good since I have always loved his music, but the concert was beyond compare. FANTASTIC-THANK YOU GUYS!!!!
barr0765's picture

withrou7's picture

Went to the concert last night and it was far and away THE BEST concert I have EVER been too!! Tom you rocked it.....Thank you SO much for coming to Tulsa.....You said you were coming back and I can promise you that everyone here feels like it cannot come soon enough!!! I am booking a flight right now to LA to watch you next Friday.....Just bought a DVD and your documentary.......I thought TP was great before but after seeing him live it takes it to a whole new level!!!!!!!!!
davefleg's picture

It was worth EVERY PENNY to see this concert!! I think Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers must have liked us. This was the first trip to Tulsa for Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers & they did say they would come back, and I will definitely be there !!!!! TOTALLY AMAZING CONCERT!!!!!!!! It is a MUST SEE CONCERT!!!!!!!
surfin64's picture

It was great to finally see Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers after first listening to their You're Gonna Get It album my sister had back in 1979. Opening with Listen to her Heart was awesome. The song selection was great! Can't wait to see them again!
rhondu4u's picture

I just wanted to thank you for the BEST live show I have ever seen. Flawless and outstanding! LOVE the new material. Especially "I should have known". Out of all the shows I have seen in my 41 years, Petty blew the doors off my list, hands down. Next time I need floor seats since I was at the "summit" of the BOK Center furthest from the stage. WE LOVED YOU! Come back soon. Thanks for decades of mind blowing rock and roll!
ugottamove's picture

Tom and the Heartbreakers KILLED last night. You guys just keep blowing me away everytime I see you. Tom made an inaccurate statement from the stage last night. He said it was the first time they have ever played in Tulsa. Wrong! You played The Brady Theater on the "Damn The Torpedoes" tour 30 years ago. Maybe it's the first time with your current band line up but certainly not your first time to play Tulsa. I know because I was there. The mind is the second thing to go when you get older Tom!
coolgary's picture

well maybe if he keep's playin' the same set list you'll get 17 song's or 22 song's what?can't stop a man from dreamin'..well tom petty can...LOL its goin' to be a very long show..i hope you paid the baby sitter.were gonna have a lot of fun people.
latsyrc612's picture

A million times thank you Mr. Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers for staging an unforgettable concert in Tulsa last night! It was everything I expected and something I will not soon forget. Please do remember to visit us again!
latsyrc612's picture

A million times thank you Mr. Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers for staging an unforgettable concert in Tulsa last night! It was everything I expected and something I will not soon forget. Please do remember to visit us again!
pgp's picture

Just got back from a fine show - both bands sounded tight and seemed to be enjoying themselves. BUT I noticed that TP said they'd never played Tulsa before. Wrong. I saw them during the Damn the Torpedoes tour at the Brady Theater just a few blocks NE of the arena they played tonight. Probably the early spring of '80. That was a really great show, not just because we were all younger then, and the hall was smaller, but also because they did a cover of Route 66 as one of the encore numbers. Great fun.
rhondu4u's picture

I just have to say, I cannot wait for this show. I could only afford the purple section seats for BOK Center.........but I'm grateful!! Thank you for inspiring some of the most memorable moments of over 3/4 of my life!!! You are the only band I have ever wanted to see live, and NOW I GET TO GO!! Thank you for adding Tulsa on to your list of cities on this tour and for making my musical heart go pitter patter for over 30 years :)))
davefleg's picture

I had been putting off buying a ticket, thinking I could wait a couple days before the show, and I got one HELL of a seat!! (120,C-10) WOW!!!! I can't wait!! I just looked again and could have had 120,B-3. I guess the fan club Tickets have been released!!
kwtwew's picture

I saw TP and the band in KC in July. They were AWESOME. Very good show. Looking forward to seeing TP and band again. At KC they played Honeybee. Don't see where played it again. Mr. Petty that was GREAT to hear Honeybee. If taking any comments. Would like to hear HoneyBee again. You guys did a GREAT job in KC.
mynamesjoe's picture

Tom Petty's better than beer.
mynamesjoe's picture

ALMOST TIME!! : D Im so excited.. Its gonna be awesome.
davewilliard's picture

Tom has always been more than fair and super loyal to his fans, so this free download problem in Tulsa...either he doesn't know about it, or it was the only way he could make the Tulsa thing happen. Been to about 7 TP&HB concerts. Really glad to see him stopping in Tulsa! I hope Tulsa gives him the same love that Kansas City always does.
mynamesjoe's picture

Totally agree with you PJB!
threedogarmy's picture

quit yer bitchin about the download. They are well worth it. I'm traveling from OR to see them again. Well worth the price. You'll have a great experience.
katcoats62's picture

Yall please come to OKC!
Anonymous's picture

Ya'll need to (please) come to Oklahoma City and play the Ford Center!!!! Please
f1man's picture

ZZ just played here over Memorial Day Weekend. They are also scheduled to play Stillwater next month and they was here last year as well. ZZ is no stranger to Tulsa. They are a good opening band, they have just been here alot.
idblake's picture

Just bought tix for the one band on my list I still haven't seen. I am very upset that I will not be able to get the live downloads or the album. I know some are saying that it's a $10 album and quit complaining, but if every ticket came with a voucher for a free beer and we didn't get the voucher you'd want the beer. It's only fair. I couldn't be happier to see them, but I think we deserve the same product as every other fan.