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Dallas, TX 09/21


Sep 21 2010
Dallas, TX Center

Bill Graham built his reputation as a legendary rock promoter through producing fantastic double bills at his Fillmore venues in San Francisco and New York throughout the '60s that paired artists who on the surface may not appear to have much in common but were artistically simpatico.

While the industry has largely moved away from Graham's practice in favor of booking big-time headliners with smaller opening acts, the pairing of ZZ Top with Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers on the current leg of the Mojo tour feels like something Graham might have put together back in his hey day.

This felt especially true in Dallas when ZZ Top took the stage to rapturous applause at the Center. The Texas trio absolutely rocked for 90 straight minutes, rifling through their hits while also finding time to tip their hats to Jimi Hendrix with a spine-tingling "Hey Joe."

"What a beautiful night for rock 'n roll!" Tom said as he stepped to the microphone after "I Won't Back Down." What a beautiful night indeed. After a sexy, drawn-out version of "Breakdown," Tom introduced the band. Following Mike Campbell's intro, a gorgeous brunette waltzed out instead of Chinner, Mike’s guitar tech, to deliver his Gibson Les Paul for "Jefferson Jericho Blues." Wide grins and laughs spread across the stage as band members stared in Mike's direction with envy.

Without missing a beat, Tom stepped to the mike, glanced back at Mike and said, "Man, I need a new guitar stand!"

Tulsa, here we come! Remember to check back for more from the Mojo tour!

Dallas Center
Tour Tracks: 
Jefferson Jericho Blues
Running Man's Bible
I Should Have Known It
Good Enough
American Girl
Oh Well
Listen to Her Heart
Kings Highway
Don't Come Around Here No More
Free Fallin'
I Won't Back Down
Mary Jane's Last Dance
Runnin' Down A Dream
Learning To Fly


tanya_bradham's picture

WOW!!!!! That show was the BEST time of my entire life!!!!!!! I am so priviledged to have been able to see Tom and the boys in Dallas!!!!! Yeah, I had tickets for the June/Sat. nite show that ended up on a Tues., yeah I lost a lot of money on my prepaid hotel, yeah, I drove 5 hours to get there-see the show and drive back in the same night, yeah I sweated profusely (as did Tom and the HBs-for us!), and I'D DO IT OVER, AND OVER, AND OVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Play ANYTHING-please!!!!!!! I WILL NEVER GET TIRED OF HIS CLASSICS!!!!! The show was SUPER FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you Tom!!! You have made a great impact on my life!!! I can only say positive things!!! The Dallas venue was awesome!!!!!! It is a perfect place for a concert! How about "Meet and Greet" tickets next tour?????????????????????????????? I'd pay... I'm still in LaLa land!!!!
gentle_texas_spirit's picture

I was hoping for more of the Mojo tunes but I can understand why the band didn't play them. Everyone was standing & dancing to the same ol' same ol' songs but sat (VERY quietly) during the couple of tracks that they did play & I enjoyed those most. Its a shame that people don't really want an artist to grow. they just want to drink alcohol and listen to the oldies which they know all of the words. I absolutely LOVED Highway Companion. A lot of growth showed in that album. I have felt the serious tone in Tom's music as he gets older, especially since his friend, George Harrison, died. I don't think the show was as good as I've seen with the band. I got the feeling that they are just as tired of playing the same old 20 year old stuff. When they played the new tracks, I could feel the difference in their enthusiasm.
nick07's picture

Hey bro, or brosephette?? Haha I love your writing, I love almost everything you've written on this website! But one thing I GOTTA say... Breakdown deserves to be drawn out.. You did call it sexy so I cant hate on your writing, really.. But Ive always thought breakdown should be atleast a 7 minute song! Definetely when its live! Studio, keep it to 4 mins.. But when I saw them live this year, both nights I wouldve liked Breakdown to be a little longer, and to be givin the depth its deserves, yes its a simple song, but it so simply relates to anyone who has ever loved... So I gotta say, when Petty and the Breakers play a long ass sexy version of Breakdown.. I love it!
nick07's picture

Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers put all other rockers in the dirt ;) Wether, it is hot out, or re-scheduled, or he plays the same set list five tours in a row. Hands doown this band, is the best American Rock n Roll band of all time.. Love you guys... and all you sucka emcees that continue to hate, what can I say.. Elvis is King, But Diddley is Daddy... and If Elvis is dead, guess whos head the crown has fallen upon...
wingatprsct's picture

TPHB really rocked in Dallas! The weather was perfect and Tom and the band sounded better than ever. And to top it off.....ZZ Top! This was our 3 boys' first rock'n'roll concert. They had a blast! We took them out of school for two days and drove 3 1/2 hours to Dallas. Children need quality music education!
lyfestyl's picture

Thanks Mike Campbell for the fantastic tickets you donated to The Tazzy Fund...our seats were worth twice the amount we gave. What a great cause, and what a great concert! Thanks again!
barbara_brown55's picture

TOM PETTY AND THE HEARTBREAKERS WERE AWESOME! I was surprised we didn't get to see many MOJO tunes performed, but the old tunes just get better and better, as done Tom and the Heartbreakers. I had never seen Tom Petty in concert before and I said a couple of years ago I have to see Tom Petty and Eric Clapton in concert before I die...I'm one step closer to death.
karenre's picture

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers are always wonderful to see and hear. I've been a fan for over thirty years and I never get tired of seeing them. I've never been disappointed in their performances, except when the night has to end. Their albums over the years have always been top drawer. I'll never get over my love affair with Tom and the Heartbreakers. It was a lot of fun to see ZZ Top too. All around great show.
barr0765's picture

I was completely blown away by this concert..These guys are truly connisseurs of music. I love to hear real rock and roll from people who eat, sleep and live it. I must say I have always been a fan and I don't care if it was 115 degrees.. I would be there naked! My only regrets is Benmont Tench hiding behind his Steinway.. but I do love a man who can rock a piano like he can...I was center stage, six rows back in the middle (the crazy brunette who never sat down or stayed still).. I really wish I could have had a better view of Mr. Tench (Sorry Tom.. you are sexy also, but I am partial the hot man behind the piano :)). Sorry I missed you guys in Tulsa (since I am from OK).. I but I was rescuing a horse..(seems to be my part time job)..Hope to see you guys again soon.. you really rocked my world!!! I will never forget it!! THANK YOU!!!
wildflowers1994's picture

The Dallas show was fantastic! This was my second time to see the band and what and experience it was from the second row. We won tickets in the video contest. THANK YOU!

I've spent a lot of years listening to Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, much of it in the car, so you have truly been a Highway Companion to me.

Keep making great music! See you down the road.


rohnthack's picture

This is all such a shame. I've loved TP since the 70's and to see him going out for this type of show is such a shame. Same setlist night after night with very, very little "tinkering". I saw the Milwaukee show (front row) and Chicago show and I will not be giving anymore money to TP's retirement fund UNLESS he does something "nutty" and plays smaller venues like he did here in Chicago (The Vic) a few years back....THOSE Shows were priceless and the way I will choose to remember my TP concert experiences.....
memahone's picture

Who was the gorgeous brunette?!
coolgary's picture

that show was a very very long show WOW!! 17 song's how much was your ticket's. thank's tom what a long show.some guy would pay 500.00 to see the same set list AGAIN..he got alot of money.maybe money became king to him to.LOL REFUND?
campfan's picture

Thanks for wearing my favorite shirt...Michael... What's up guitar!! Ya'll just rock.....anyway! xx
okrdrfan's picture

Took my son to his 1st big concert and we were on the second row in front of Mike Cambell and man has he gotten better, having seen Tom many times over the years never have they played as well as they did Tuesday night, I wish I could have made teh Tulsa show last night as well ! Keep rocking Tom your style is timeless, saw kids from Jr high age through 70's all having fun...
okrdrfan's picture

Excellent show from start to finish, was my 12th time to see TP and probably his best show all around, who cares if the set list was the same as other shows when the band can play it as well as TP and the guys did, I was within 10' of stage so didn't really see the video stuff but when you have TP and the guys that close "it's good enough".. thanks Tom and backup ZZ Top for one helluva great show, ZZ set the bar high and Tom went over the top..
iteachushistory's picture

I would pay another $500 a ticket AGAIN to hear this performace AGAIN and I can't wait until they tour AGAIN. And I won't be asking for a refund.
dltdocs's picture

I had the best time ever! It was a really great show! Thanks Tom, Mike, Benmont, Ron, Scott and Steve for giving a great concert performance! It was worth the 8 hour drive to see you all! THANKS!
bradley_jack's picture

No clue what siqueen's issues are but they belong with him or her because Tom and the Boys certainly don't have any. Musicianship was just outstanding. Nothing was "off" about this show. They were in top form; enjoyed themselves and rocked the house. And ZZ was just what you would expect for a homecoming. The State Band of Texas rocked it also. But TP and the Heartbreakers are just in a class to themselves. Way to go guys and look forward the next time. I'll be there.
iteachushistory's picture

This show was amazing. Definitely worth the wait after rescheduling from May. I was in the second row - and I simply couldn't get close enough. Thank you TPHB for letting us get a glimpse of your souls. I'll be on a high for weeks.
slqueen's picture

Wasn't one of their best shows. Would have preferred to see Joe Cocker as advertised. Never was a big ZZ Top fan. Something was off about the show. Tshirts were $40 & that shocked me. I've been a fan since 76 & have seen them at least 20 times but I won't spend $140 a ticket to see them again.
pettyhound's picture

Thanks Tom, Mike, Benmont, Ron, Steve, and Scott for rockin the house last night. This was my 22nd Petty show and they just keep gettin better. The Top were awesome as well. Please guys don't ever stop playing and making great music! Heartbreakers Rule!!!!
xyyz's picture

Looking forward to the show tonight. Hope the band will add Mystic eyes back in the set. My favorite TP song.
gilliand's picture

Counting the days and hours until TP and the HB are in Dallas. Seen them in Austin and Selma, TX. One fabulous, rocking show! PLEASE do "Walls" sometime! Thanks to Mike for helping Tazzy's Fund for the animals! You're the greaatest! Time is ticking until you're in Big D! Tom Petty is truly TIMELESS!
iteachushistory's picture

TP - I would walk through fire and ice to see you perform. If it was 5 degrees for 105 degrees. I will be in the 2nd row in Dallas rain or shine. I'll have a Room At The Top Of The World that night!!!!!
flyingfinn's picture

I agree if it was going to be 103 that would suck, but you just drink a few more beers and deal with it. But let me inform you all that currently The Weather channel is saying it will be 85 degrees. heck by 7:30 pm it might be down to 80. I cant wait, have never seen Petty and have wanted to for sooooo long.
jeff_quick's picture

Too hot?? You've got to be kidding me. Sure it might be a little warm, but not like it was just a few weeks ago in the 105-107 range.'s Tom Petty!! Definitely worth enduring the warm temperatures. I've turned my wife onto TP & The Heartbreakers in the last few months and we are lookin forward to going to the show together.
brohemianrhaps's picture

All of you complainers are either obese women, major pussies or 70 years old. This is a CONCERT... even more and Tom Petty/ZZ Top concert! Grow a pair or get your panties out of a wad and have some fun. What's better than sweat, beer and great music? It's not even that hot in late September anyways... you people are ridiculous.
acousticgirl's picture

I can't believe you guys! I have been to every outdoor Petty show in Dallas and San Antonio, since the beginning of time.Yes, sometimes it was very hot with sweat dripping down, but I sucked it up, because I was there to see Petty no matter what. This is Texas folks. You know that going into it. I mean really, people passing out left and right? It was not the heat, it was too much booze and pot. If you're going to whine about it, don't buy tickets. Otherwise, suck it up and have fun!
mthurmond's picture

i would love to go to this concert, but I'm not sure I'm up for that kind of heat, why do they keep scheduling concerts in TEXAS! when its like 100 degrees every day? American Airlines center (indoors) makes a lottt more sense, or even like a late october concert! Idk, I might try to stick it out.