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Charlotte, NC 09/19


Sep 19 2010
Charlotte, NC
Charlotte Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre

I never fully appreciated how good Steve Ferrone is until I sat behind Mike Campbell's amp stack in Charlotte and watched the drummer play "Breakdown."

Steve is a gentle giant off stage, funny and gregarious, but hand him a pair of drumsticks and put him behind a kit and the guy turns into a drum-pummeling maniac. On songs like "Runnin' Down a Dream" and "You Wreck Me," Steve pounds out galloping rhythms with precision and ferocity.

On "Breakdown," Steve's playing is all feel, driving the song from deep in the pocket with a funky groove that gives the song a slinkiness that perfectly compliments Tom's pleading vocals. It's part Zigaboo Modeliste, part Bernard Purdie and part Clyde Stubblefield, but it's all Steve Ferrone.

We're headin' for Texas! Dallas, you're up first! Remember to check back for more from the Mojo tour!

Charlotte Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre
Tour Tracks: 
Jefferson Jericho Blues
Running Man's Bible
Good Enough
American Girl
Oh Well
Listen to Her Heart
Kings Highway
Don't Come Around Here No More
Free Fallin'
I Won't Back Down
Mary Jane's Last Dance
Runnin' Down A Dream
Learning To Fly


butterahfly's picture

Sorry Tom, but I love you sooooooo much, y’all rocked ♥♥♥ Much Love, Amber Can’t wait till next time, hurry back mister Petty :)
butterahfly's picture

Sorry Tom I couldn’t keep quiet, but you waved at me, probally thinking, I see you now shut up, ha :(( I just love you so and about 9 years ago, you gave me a front row ticket, wow, then the next month Sting did also, Thanks ♥ Much Love, Amber Can’t wait until the next show, you are awesome !!!
sierabarbre's picture

I am 13 and I am obbsessed with Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers. I went to this show and it was the best ever. I would love to see them again.
carly123's picture

Absolutely fantastic show! I'm Carly, I'm 24 and came all the way from the UK! You didn't let me down! Every song rocked and I'm so happy I saw you guys live. Awesome from start to finish. And ZZ Top? Genius!
coolgary's picture

17 song's WOW!!!! i hope those two encore song's was enough for his fan's give it to me one more time tom..OH WELL!! lol lol
orangerocker's picture

Thank you Tom and Heartbreakers for an incredible show. I've been a fan since the 70s and finally got a chance to see you and was not disappointed. I had always heard you were a better live band than studio and must admit you guys really rocked!!!!! Hope you do it again next year----I'll be there for sure! ZZ Top was a great opening act also.
epopdaddy's picture

This was the greatest concert we have ever seen. Thanks guys for the music for almost 40 years and for sharing it with us. We will definitely be looking forward to the next album and tour. Thanks again and God bless.
eddickens's picture

Petty is always a great show, sound wise. Tom Petty has sold out to making the show as profitable as possible. What happen to the days when the artists used to play 2 hours? When I pay over $100 for a ticket but only get little over an hour of the band playing is not a positive experience. I have seen Tom Petty over 15 times and this will be my last time seeing him. The music is always great but the band is all about the money now.
orangerocker's picture

Thanks so much for a GREAT performance. ZZ was excellent too and the weather was perfect. I will remember this the rest of my days. Been a fan since the 70s and finally got to see you guys. Tom and the Heartbreakers were every bit as good live as I had heard they were
internetpeddler's picture

Hey !! For those of you still havent seen the MOJO tour yet, IT ROCKS !!! I am over 60 and dont go to many concerts except Tom and the boy's ,, My son started taking me to the Starwood in Nashville apox 5 years ago for fathers day to see Tom Petty but since he lives in Charlotte and there is no longer an outdoor theater in Nashville anymore, we waited out the cancelation in Charlotte to the new date and it was well worth the wait !! I wished the gang would have played a little longer for the crowd due to the long wait cause of the cancelation but, thats my only complaint. I wished that I could have gotten some photo's with a good camera but they were'nt allowed.. ZZ Top was the opening act and BOY DID THEY LITE THE HOUSE UP !!! The Z gang played there ass off and got the house "SMOKEIN", Literaly !! and figuratively !!!... ZZ played all there hits and gave Charlotte 40 year's of there experienced show... with the video's and lighting and of course the BAD ASS GUITAR PLAYIN G !! I will drive to Charlotte next year for my father's day and son attendance to Tom and the Boys concert...... A MUST SEE EVENT !!!!!
dabjab06's picture

Just wanted to say thanks for the great show and personally thank Tom for signing my Mojo Record. I had a great time and look forward to seeing you the next time you go on tour..... Hope it is Soon :)
biggdaddii's picture

Mr. Petty and The Heartbrackers, thank you very very much for that awesome show last night. Thanks for still coming and rocking with those sweet guitars you have. Thanks you, thank you very much!
djv's picture

Tom, My whole family have grown up on your music and my childred at young ages were able to "rock" to many of your tunes. Our son who is so musically talented plays an incredible piano cover of "Won't back down" I'm sure you and your band would like to have a relaxed atmosphere with no media. We would like to invite you to our home for a great home cooked meal and conversation. You will probably be in the Ballantyne area and we are as well. Our whole family has been huge fans of TP and the Heartbreakers and promise to provide a private and great experience you and your band and our family will remember. To ensure your privacy have someone from your team send an email and I will give them my cell. Thanks, DJ and family.
johnc's picture

Tom please wish my wife Kim a happy 40th birthday on Sunday night!!!!!!!!!
dabjab06's picture

I have been a Heartbreaker fan, true fan for over 20 years. Play a different set list if anyone in management reads this. Seen the same show already 3 times this year. I have everything imaginable from autographs to the Tom Petty Rickenbacker Guitar. Don't feel like you are expected to play the same songs for these "Greatest Hits" people. They care nothing for your true talent and only see you once and a while. I see you 3 to 4 times every tour. Tom you are the man and its time to take back the stage and rock in roll with different set lists like your idol Bob Dylan.
iwillnotgoquietly's picture

iwillnotgoquietly's picture

my name is Zach and im 23 year old, good looking guy that is tailgating it up that night! we will have free beer for the ladies all night! if your interested in hitting us up email us at we would love to have any and all just hanging out and talkin!
kateekewl's picture

Hey Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers!
I just found out I am going to get to see you guys for the first time ever in Charlotte!
I have always been a HUGE fan for as long as anyone can remember. I used to only listen to classic rock back in high school and was known as "classic katt" - You guys really influenced me in many positive ways and I would like to thank you for your wisdom in your lyrics and music. You have taught me to deal with life in a really easy going & loving way. I just try my best to be kewl, chill & always enjoy life. Thank you for providing the PERFECT music for that. - And just about every other situation. haha -So many great memories I have with your music. My greatest dream is to some day sit at your feet and hear "honey bee". But if it never happens atleast I have the records :) God Bless you all & your familys with Great Health, Great Wealth & Great Happiness.
Love Katee
rocknmamma's picture

So excited...just got our tickets last night!!!! It's my husband birthday(Nashville show was my birthday) anyway getting ready for another road trip this time our 13 year old daughter will be joining us...growing up with us as parents of course she too is also a HUGE fan. What a great tour this has been so far...we are blessed enough to be able to say this is our 5th show. We just love to watch you guys play.....MUCH LOVE!!!!
timbaker's picture

Father and 14-yr old son have waited 4 months since the date was re-scheduled but it is going to be worth it. ZZ Top and Tom Petty & the HBs in one night. "Worth the Wait" said my son. Now only if we could be closer to the stage and meet the band. Welcome to Charlotte Mr Petty and the Heartbreakers!!!
nicko10121979's picture

tom petty your the man and hope there to meet you
lovableladybug's picture

Tom Petty doesn't have to apologize. Let him play what he wants. Regardless of what songs he plays, the concert will still be KICK ASS!!! I CAN'T WAIT!
jcwildman68's picture

My wife & I are big fans and this song has so much meaning for us. We can't have kids, but we help rehabilitate and release hawks & owls back to the wild. We will be in the 7th row. Thanks! Rich & Coralee.
vlatham's picture

Tom & HBs: I never thought I would actually get to see you guys. 'The Waiting' was the hardest part. My Mom is a fan & we're coming together. I am flying 700 miles home to NC to see this show. Please show the South some love and play Southern Accents. It's such a beautiful tribute and I'm sure Charlotte would feel it. I would FLY ANYWHERE to hear SOUTHERN ACCENTS live. If not the song itself, then something else from the album - like Rebel (my Mom says it's been my theme song my whole life - also born on Sunday morning . . .with one foot in the grave and one foot on the peddle). I'm so looking forward to being in the presence of greatness.
dabjab06's picture

I guess we will find out if the set list change happens on Sept 16th. I would like to have an 4-6 song extended set list (25-30 more min). It would be a great "I am sorry" to the fans who have had to wait for 4 months. I have seen the show and do not want to hear the same stuff again. True fans are there to experience everything not just the greatest hits that has been beat to death since 03. Tom, we do not care if your vocal range is not the same as before. Please Play Different Songs since we stood by you and did not return our tickets once the show was rescheduled. I think Swingin would sound great (be fun if the audience got to sing Howie's harmony spots) Everyone "She went DOWNNNNNNNNNNNN Swingin" lol
clarence28713's picture

Heartbroken when the first show was cancelled...please play an extended list and play your hits....please! The Waiting, Even the Losers, would be great! Please Tom, pretty please....!!
salgourley's picture

My wife & I absolutely loved the Nashville show!!! We've seen you guys on every tour since Echo, & there just isn't anything better than a TP/HBs show in the summertime! However, we would love to have some more Mojo songs in the set. The album is just too damn good & fresh not to be celebrated in a live setting. Of course we're happy with anything, but we have seen & heard "the hits" for a long time now. Seriously, your fans would probably be super stoked to hear Mojo front to back, and if the people there don't care for that then they are at the show for all the wrong reasons (you guys aren't a novelty act). Regardless, we love you guys & will be super amped to experience yet another TP/HBs show!!! Thank you for all the years of joy! Peace, Love & Happiness - Sal G.
kathygilmer's picture

Somebody please tell me the set list changes. TOM! I am comin to hear There's Been a Change (the song that always gave me the strength to move on from loser guys!) and Here Comes My Girl (the song my brother Wayne used to tune the 'equalizers' in his cobra...that eventually took him out. and Refugee (for the energy!)...and Rebel (for my best friend who loved your music and gave me her Playback box). and then you can play what you want. ha! oooo...and I Dont Scare Easy would be cool...i'm sure the boys know it. Looking forward to draggin my hubby out of this one horse town and lettn my hair down!
bosslion's picture

This has been the longest summer waiting for this show. Heartbroken when the first show was cancelled. I have been a TP fan since the beginning. Now, I finally get to take my 18 year old daughter to her first Tom Petty show. She gets it! She understands that we will be in the presence of Rock and Roll royalty on Sept. 19th. I am very thankful that I can share the music that has meant so much to me in my life with my daughter. I hope Tom and the boys put a little something special in the set for us. It's been a long wait. How about Southern Accents, Even the Loosers, Straight Into Darkness??? Come on Tom, do us right!
scruskie's picture

Is there a campground near the concert location? I have a 27ft trailer and need a place to park it on the 19th of sept. Thanks