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Cleveland, OH 08/31


Aug 31 2010
Cleveland, OH
Blossom Music Center

A little more than a month after postponing their show due to Mike Campbell's heat exhaustion, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers returned to the Blossom Music Center Tuesday night to bring the rock to Cleveland.

Affable, Athens-based rockers Drive-By Truckers reprised their role as the show opener, dropping a nifty hour-long set that featured several songs from their new album, The Big To-Do. Frontman Patterson Hood dedicated "Road Cases," a deep cut off the band's much-lauded Southern Rock Opera album, to "the two best road crews in the world - the Heartbreakers crew and the DBT crew."

The roar from the nearly 20,000 screaming Heartbreakers fans at Blossom Music Center Tuesday night following Tom's introduction of Mike Campbell after "Breakdown" is something no one in attendance will soon forget. Visibly moved by the thunderous ovation, Mike tapped his fist over his heart before raising it to the crowd, a classic rock 'n roll moment on this epic summer tour.

Blossom Music Center
Tour Tracks: 
Jefferson Jericho Blues
Running Man's Bible
I Should Have Known It
Good Enough
American Girl
Oh Well
Listen to Her Heart
Kings Highway
Don't Come Around Here No More
Free Fallin'
Mary Jane's Last Dance
Runnin' Down A Dream
Learning To Fly


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I agree with dabjab06 - 3 September, 2010 "Actually there have been complaints" I would rather cut my own tongue out, than to ever voice a negative opinion of TP & HB's! But. . . Every 2 years I buy my tickets (treated myself to front row 2008), and wait with great anticipation for concert night. Will the playlists ever change to include more than a sampling of the latest album, or anything other than the greatest hits? I too have been a TP&HP's fan for 30 years and screamed through 15 concerts at Blossom. For the first time, I will consider passing on the next tour, rather than spending the cash to hear another phone-in performance of "Mary Jane's Last Dance" or "Free Fallin'".
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I cannot believe it but I won tickets to see the show tonight in Raleigh, NC. I am so very excited and grateful that I won. Man, did I sure need some Petty in my life!!! It was meant to be, and that is just awesome!!
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I made the drive from NC to Cleveland in July to see the TPHB show for my birthday present. I used to live in the area, and moved away about two years ago. I had not been home to visit all of my great friends since. A group of us were all going to go to the show. It for sure would have been the best night of my life. I was so jazzed. Unfortunately, the show had to be cancelled, and I couldn't attend the re-schedule. I entered the contest for the tickets to the Raleigh show, maybe I will luck out and win. I learned to love Petty from my dad, and I have taught my own children to rock out to it. My three-year-old daughter does an awesome "Free Fallin'"!
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I wonder if Tom still does the bit he did when I saw him 30 years ago during Breakdown! It was the coolest!!
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Hit our 4th concert here in Ohio, was the best of the 4 this summer. Hit the MI, IN, Nashville and this show. I think the best part was the people backstage of who Tommy got bs passes and GREAT seats. Alot of us, as well as me, didnt realize how much Tommy does for our special children. This young man that has autism will forever remember this concert the rest of his life. Rock on Tommy!
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I would like to commend your photogragher on his excellent choice of my sweetie and me for your picture of the fans at this concert. I'm the blond gal pointing. We are huge Petty fans. I've given my sweetheart multiple Petty CDs and DVDs for his birthday and Christmas.They are a sure hit with him. We have been constantly playing the Mojo album download that came with this membership. We really enjoy it. It grows on you. I just wish we could get that cute "Cabbage" song out of our heads. Dancing around to something like that is something to be done only in private. You don't get tired of Tom's stuff as his live anthology album proves. We had a great time and look forward to " doing it again real soon."
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enjoyed looking at the photos here. great job, really like the one of Ron, Scott, Benmont's hands and of course all the Tom/Mike shots; wish i was there thanks again
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I was in 6th row for this show. Had a fantastic time. Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers rocked! They looked great, sounded incredible and put on one of the best shows I've seen yet. This was #19 for me! The first one was in 1979. Forever a Petty Fan!!! I too was amazed by the talent of Mike Campbell right before my eyes. He was awesome. And such a great guy too. (caught my banner and held it up!)I had the best time. My friends and family also enjoyed the show. Thank You Guys! And thanks to all for posting great video...Until next time Keep Rockin... #1 TP Fan in Ohio, Kim
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Ive seen Tom and the Heartbreakers I'm guessing somewhere around 20 to 30 times over the years. As we get older I keep thinking this will be his last one and think that the show will slow down. And much to my surprise Tom and the band comes out every year even more energetic than the last. A tribute to and a toast to the guys. Like you said at the end of the show Tom. "Lets do this again real soon" Cheers
stellacamuso's picture

SO SORRY, in my haste of writing about how great Mike Campbell is on guitar I titled my comment "Mike Campbell better than Campbell!" OMG! I meant to title it "Mike Campbell better than Clapton!" Sorry everyone.
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Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers totally rocked Blossom Tuesday Night. This was my 20th TP show since 1979 and I can honestly say they just keep getting better! I had 6th row seats! This was the best! What a show. The Set List was Fantastic. You guys are amazing. To Mike Campbell, You are incredible! I Really love to hear your brilliance on MOJO! Great Stuff! And thanks to this class act band for providing their fans with a fabulous Tour and this really cool website. I can relive the concert again and again. Please come back soon. Your Loyal Fans need your music. As they say it.....You have played the soundtrack of my life. No matter what happens, I always have my TP & HB to get me through it. Your #1 Fan in Ohio, Kim
dabjab06's picture

The music nation whether you want to believe it or not, is busting real bad on the Heartbreakers for this tour. I have been a long time fan 25+ years and I even thought Tom and the band was going to do something different this tour since they made Mojo out as a refreshing start. After seeing 3 concerts this tour with one more to go, I am a little disappointed that the set list has barely changed. The band has such a long catalog of music they could play I can understand where a lot of people are upset that they have seen the same concert 2 to 4 times. Idols of the band like Dylan and the Beatle members make it a point to play different set list every show with maybe 4 of the same things and also their shows are way longer meaning 30-40 songs and not just 17-18. I do not think age should be a factor since these other musicians are older. To be honest I personally would rather hear different songs (even if Tom feels he does not sound exactly like he used to) then the same songs over and over. Now I guess we will see if Tom makes up to those 10 show he rescheduled. Maybe play an extended set list or throw in a couple different songs to apologize. If not then I will see the show for a 4th time and if it is the same I honestly wont be that excited even when I am in the first row. We will have to wait and see
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Thank You so much for the AWESOME show. I won tickets and took my kids, We had such a great time. That made my 6th concert and you never disappoint. Our seats were great. I would love to meet you all sometime, meet and greet, or back stage pass. If there is ever a way that you can hook me up with that, it would be much appreciated you. I dont remember not listening to your music, been a fan for 30+ years. Love to You all. Keep Rocking, and me and my kids will always be there to watch/listen!!!!!!!
Pettygirl79's picture

Thank You, Thank You, Thank you, Tom and Heartbreakers I have seen 20 of your shows since 1979(i was 13 then) . I honestly can say you guys just keep getting better! Had 6th row seats, what an experience! Best concert i've ever seen. You guys are the greatest American Rock N Roll Band ever. I agree with last comment, Mike Campbell is amazing! Definitely Top Ten(forget Top 100).And thanks Mike for catching my MOJO banner and placing on stage. That was such a thrill for me. Thanks to Chinner for giving it back too! I enjoy Mojo so much cause i can hear how much the band enjoyed making it. Such a wonderful group of talented musicians..and with such class. I Thank You for all your wonderful music that has been the soundtrack of my life. I feel as if your my best friends, I can always count on your music to keep me going...Im going to stand my ground, I wont back down is my motto! Thanks again for making up the Cleveland was so worth the wait!!!! (Your #1 Fan in Ohio!)
stellacamuso's picture

........oh, and one more thing about Blossom's concert - my husband says Mike Campbell is a better guitarist than Clapton! Hubby knows music, too, (he has a master's in music from Ohio State!) My husband says Mike should be being mentioned when great guitarists are listed, not just Clapton and Jeff Beck, (although we like Clapton and Beck, don't get us wrong. This isn't meant to be nasty! We just want to see Mike Campbell mentioned, too. Mentioned as NUMBER ONE!)
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Koolgary, you sound so bitter, why don't you just listen to another band and not post ugly scarcism on this website. You can't be old enough to know anything about TP & the boys or else you should have a great respect for their committment to perfection. Tom and the Heartbreakers don't need to come to play for you, they could be sitting back enjoying retirement. But it's their passion to give their fans increadible music -- tour after tour. Someone must have done something to you to make you this bitter, I heard not one negative responce from the last night. Just what I read from you below. Spare us, and the band, your anger! By the way, thanks for a great evening guys, rock on!
babuzz's picture

That was AMAZING!!!! I'v never experienced something like that! That is the First rock concert I enjoyed and remembered! This is the third rock concert I've been to and it was astouniding! I was jumping up and down, waving, screaming "BENMONT" as loud as I could. Mike looked 100% better just like Tom said. Man, it was great. there was some drunk guy infront of us. He was funny. But I'll remember that forever! Thank you Tom, Mike, Benmont, Steve, Scott, and Ron.
stellacamuso's picture

The concert last night was fabulous. Saw you in Pittsburgh back in July, too, where you were also fabulous. The instruments sounded great at Blossom, vocals a little hard to hear at times. In Pittsburgh, it was the opposite. This was with very close-up Pavilion seating at both venues. But,there is nothing on Earth like a Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers concert. What an experience! Nobody can write like Tom and Mike, and the performance was just unbelievable. Light show great, too. My husband and I have seen a lot of concerts in our 54 & 56 years - everybody from the Beatles, Hendrix, Doors, Stones, you name it. Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers beats them ALL. Thank you Tom Petty and all the guys for still composing, recording and performing live. PS We wanted more MOJO! What a cd! We love Pirate's Cove. Would have loved to have heard that live. We wrote to Tom's show on Sirius Radio (Buried Treasure) with a question - Are the lyrics on Pirate's Cove mentioning "a Canadian dime" and "harvest time" any reference to Neil Young?
bobbypatton's picture

We can't wait to see the boys rockin out tonight! It would be the greatest if i could hear the first song i ever played in a band "Change of Heart". That was 28 years ago and I played it cause it was hot then. I still play it even though it isn't on the charts but because it is still hot. Rock 'n' roll from the guts the way Mr. Tom Petty and the infamous Heartbreakers keep showing the world how Rock'n'roll is truly done.
vikki's picture

So sorry "coolgary" had to leave such a horrible message on your website. He obviously has not been listening to your music. TP & HB are the best rock band of all times. There aren't too many bands who sound as good live as they do on their records. This will be my 3rd TP concert and I can't wait. My son & his friends went to the Cinci show and they all agreed it was the best concert they had ever been to. Please "coolgary", don't go to any of their concerts. Jerks like you aren't needed. True TP fans just want to hear and see a good show and people like you will just ruin it for the rest of us. So, please just stay home.
ericajeanre's picture

so glad you guys are in town! this is my 10th petty concert and each year gets better and better..... u have never let me down! I dont care what you guys play! All your music is great music.... ill be there in the lawn...... with my fellow tom followers ...... swinging to the music and feeling the groove!!!
arcticfox's picture

The foul mouthed review below should be removed from this forum. To the person who wrote this, Please do us all a favor and stay home from the concert tonight. Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers are a fantastic band that deserves much respect. I for one am grateful that they continue to tour and give their fans one heck of a concert. The showmanship and talent of this entire band shines through any song list they choose to play. For his Cleveland area fans, we have been so disappointed that our concert was postponed but now we can be excited today to get to go listen to this great band tonight. CAN'T WAIT! LOVE YOU TOM and the BOYS!! Please play Carol tonight for your Cleveland fans!!
st1977's picture

Please disregard the horrible comments below, obviously this person hasn't sold 20 million records...I am a thankful fan, and I am happy no matter what this band plays. There aren't many bands out there any more as good as this let's be thankful...and ditch the attitude..if you feel that way, don't go-we'll have fun without you!
coolgary's picture

but you didn't miss a f---ing thing its not like he would of played something else.the same old shit WOW!!! "tom faker and the old players".the set list sucks ass. f---k you and your covers "oh well" what happen to the waiting? even the losers, spike, oh and breakdown is only a 3min song so stop f---in giving us a 15min one.. you could play two more songs in that frame of time.i'm a long time fan since you said you loved your fans oh wait you never said that. but MONEY BECAME KING to tom faker and the old players,!, the worst tour of all old man you f----ing suck mojo dick and mike tickles my balls.thats what i hope to get from you at the hollywood bowl i need some.listen to your fans tom and quit laughing all the to the BANK,,!,,f-y
st1977's picture

I hope CSNY open....
dempseycindy's picture

can you play dont pull me over and candy!love all those songs on that cd. it is the best! looking forward to august 31st blossom show. many thanks for rescheduling us back in the tour. take care of yourselfs on this tour .signed a happy fan!
dempseycindy's picture

could you play " Woman in Love " ( its not me ) for us? i love the new mojo cd, i have been listening to it nonstop since June and cant want to hear "Runnin Mans Bible" , Pirates Cove, maybe Candy? your my favorite band of all time for 30 years? i cant remember how long!! my older sister, me, and my niece are counting down the minutes to see your show! keep up the good work! and stay all healthy!
bangkokfed's picture

I read that Aimee Man is opening the show... is that true?