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Darien Lake, NY 08/28


Aug 28 2010
Darien Lake, NY
Darien Lake Performing Arts Center

25,000 feet above Buffalo and more than an hour after the last notes rang out at Darien Lake Performing Arts Center, and Tom Petty is still buzzing about the show.

"Did you hear Crosby, Stills and Nash tonight?" he asks excitedly, taking a sip of coffee. "I stopped by the stage when we got there and listened to them for a few minutes. Man, they were great! Stephen's guitar playing was so good, and David and Graham sounded amazing. What a show!"

What a show, indeed. Playing their last date on the Mojo tour, CSN shined, delivering a set worthy of their legendary reputation with classics like "Our House," "Teach Your Children," "Almost Cut My Hair," "Love The One You're With," "Woodstock" and a whole host of others that utterly captivated the 22,000-capacity amphitheater for their 90-minute set. Seemingly sensing the high bar set by CSN, Tom and the boys took the stage promptly at nine and didn't let up for the next two hours. "You Don't Know How It Feels" got the place rockin' early, but it was "Free Fallin'" that really drew the crowd in tonight. "Good Enough" is turning into a Petty classic before our eyes on this tour, and Mike didn't spare any expense on it tonight, strangling notes out of his Gibson like his life depended on it.

We're headed to the Blossom Center outside of Cleveland to wrap up the third leg of the Mojo summer tour! Come out and see us, and be sure to check back for more photos, videos and recaps!

Darien Lake
Darien Lake Performing Arts Center
Tour Tracks: 
Jefferson Jericho Blues
Running Man's Bible
I Should Have Known It
Good Enough
American Girl
Oh Well
Listen to Her Heart
Kings Highway
Don't Come Around Here No More
Free Fallin'
I Won't Back Down
Mary Jane's Last Dance
Runnin' Down A Dream
Learning To Fly


scoop388's picture

It my first time in the front and those guys were larger than life! Truly an amazing experience. They are the best in the world!! Thanks for a fantastic show and something I'll never forget
soulsarah's picture

Mike, you are truly a guitar god !

I'm the girl in the front who didn't catch your wrist band ! It's ok though because you gave me my most memorable concert experience ... ever !

You're truly amazing and there should be a chapter in rock and roll history devoted to you !

Thank you, Tom, and the entire band for such a memorable night of pure, raw rock n' roll. And thank you for having Crosby, Stills & Nash open... what a treat that was.

Thank you !!!

milonliangl's picture

Dear Tom, I felt you watching CSN .. I thought to myself, WOW .. what if Tom Petty is looking out from the stage... PREMONITION was born in me - it helps me in the financial business - but - how can one follow their dream, as you did, when life's strains keep us "chained" to our current environment. COME BACK TO BUFFALO, NY!! (Grand Island, NY) .. we'll show you more than one of the 7 wonders of the world - 5 minutes from Niagara Falls!!!! TOM PETTY is "MOJO" !!!!
bribomaster2k's picture

I saw Tom petty and the heartbreakers in 2005 when the black crows opened the show, I saw them again in 2008 when stevie winwood opened it up, and I just saw them for the third time on august 28th. Every time I see them the show just gets better and better. While watching crosby Stills and Nash perform I was thinking to myself "Man, Petty is going to have to step it up tonight." Foolish of me to think because he never fails to amaze me. This show was no different He came out and did lit the place on fire, ripping out hit after hit. The new songs on Mojo fit in perfectly with the older hits. The thing I enjoy most about seeing Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers is that they are on stage playing at the peak of musical perfection, and all of them have the biggest smiles on their faces, laughing, and genuinely enjoying everything they are doing and everything the crowd is giving to them in return. I have been to too many concerts where I honestly could not say that the artist seemed to enjoy it, but Tom Petty and the heartbreakers have never been on that list. I will not ever forget any of the shows of theirs that I've been to and look forward to seeing them some more.
campfan's picture

The color Red is awesome.....Thanks for wearin' it! That shirt on Mike is awesome.....and thet pics is even more awesome.....I could see it was a hard rockin' night!
cyndyluhu's picture

Content is King!

Your concert rocked Darien Lake. The multimedia show was high quality & the music was top notch.
I knew it was going to be a great show and really appreciated that SRV set the stage for you with "If The House Is Rockin'..." on the (near) anniversary of his death.

Wanted to stay and get an autograph - but the youth of the family was exhausted.


carlevy's picture

Is the hardest part. Never played "The Waiting".....but I saw him three times this tour. Great show great vibes. See you next time around!
dannyboy1's picture

What would Elvis say today if he saw the multi media light/laser/video show put on by Tom? Tom Petty for President but he's too cool to take the job... Graet show as always!!
milonliangl's picture

Tom Petty - broke my heart


TOM PETTY is "The MOJO" !!

ericjaskula's picture

avatar's picture

like your new song good enough- pertains to lots of things- keep on playing TOM- can't wait to see u tomorrow nite at darien lake.. have a special surprise for my american boyfriend- i am canadian..was hoping for a backstage pass- i must be dreaming lol
cyndyluhu's picture

Hey Tom!
It's been a long time comin', but "Even the Losers" get around to seeing you live. Can't wait for this Saturday night - bringing the family!

I don't love you, but I really, really, really, really, really, really like your stuff.

I hope you like the pic!!!
You look good in vector format!
Cyndy @
milonliangl's picture

Jerry, IV .. Loves Tom Petty ` MOJO `

Jerry, IV .. just turned 4 on August 16th .. and can

already sing 3 of the MOJO SONGS!!
milonliangl's picture

My grandson, Jerry, IV .. turned 4 on August 16th!


Tom Petty rocks ALL AGES .. YOU GO BOY!!

milonliangl's picture

Love Tom Petty .. looking forward to Saturday, August 28th ~~ 6th row, seat 1 = front & center, babyyyyy !!! Whoooaa !!
mizery013's picture

Gonna miss both shows, and I really never miss one. With me not working due to back surgery in April, I can't stand on the lawn, and can't afford the handicap seats under the tent. So people of buffalo, let me know how awesome of a show this is. I'd really appreciate the feedback. Thanks!
milonliangl's picture

..can't wait to see you AGAIN Buffalo, NY Darien Lakes ~ row 6 seat 1 center stage My grandson, Jerry, IV & I Love You!!
milonliangl's picture

How does one get to meet Tom Petty???? YOU were AWESOME .. in Buffalo, NY .. see you on AUGUST 28th in BUFFALO FOR SHOW #2 !!! 6th row - seat 1 - center stage TOM PETTY ROCKS THE WORLD!!!
milonliangl's picture

The Buffalo, NY show ROCKED!!!!

SEE YOU AGAIN ON AUG. 28th - 6th row, seat 1, CENTER STAGE!!

I LOVE TOM PETTY!!!!!!!!!! -You are, by far, the most talented of musicians, rocking ALL AGES!
milonliangl's picture

The Buffalo, NY show ROCKED!!!! SEE YOU AGAIN ON AUG. 28th - 6th row, seat 1, CENTER STAGE!! I LOVE TOM PETTY!!!!!!!!!! -You are, by far, the most talented of musicians, rocking ALL AGES!
cofey's picture

Look for me in the second row Tom....absolutely can't wait!!!! We wouldn't mind hearing one or two deeper tracks mixed in either! Runaway Trains would be really cool!!