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Boston, MA 08/19


Aug 19 2010
Boston, MA
Comcast Center

Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers returned to Boston on Thursday night, one of the towns that helped break them over 30 years ago, for the first of a two-night stand at the Comcast Center.

My Morning Jacket is the youngest opening act of the Mojo tour, with no band member old enough to remember the release of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers in 76. Yet it's easy to see how the Kentucky quintet's dynamic rock anthems might have been influenced by hearing "Free Fallin'" on the FM radio as kids. Their set last night was powerful and dynamic and was greeted with excitement by the members of the audience who were able to leave work and get out to the suburban venue early.

Tonight's Mojo mini-set was tremendous: "Good Enough" was dark and menacing, "Running Man's Bible" rocked and rolled and "I Should Have Known It" was just plain mean. As they left the stage to euphoric applause, Tom paused at the mike and smiled, saying, "Boston, thank you very much for tonight and all the years of support. Goodnight and God bless!"

Night two in Boston on Saturday night! Come see us at the Comcast Center and keep checking back for more photos, videos and more!

Comcast Center
Tour Tracks: 
Jefferson Jericho Blues
Running Man's Bible
I Should Have Known It
Good Enough
American Girl
Oh Well
Listen to Her Heart
Kings Highway
Don't Come Around Here No More
Free Fallin'
I Won't Back Down
Mary Jane's Last Dance
Runnin' Down A Dream
Learning To Fly


laurenashleyt7's picture

Hands down was the best concert I've ever been to. I grew up on Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers from listening to their music with my parents and now I'm a fan for life. Every song is wonderful Please come back to Boston ASAP :-)
ashyboy's picture

We were lucky enough to be able to go to this gig whilst on holiday in the Boston area from UK. My wife and I last saw TP and the Heartbreakers at Wembley Arena, London supporting Bob Dylan (they blew him off stage by the way!) and were pretty excited to get the chance to see them again. We were not disappointed. This band was on fire tonight! From Listen to her Heart onwards the band played their hearts out - is there currently a better guitarist in the world than Mike Cambell? To hear his playing on Good Enough made the hairs on the back of your neck stand up - just awesome! There was not a duff song played tonight - the hits were great and the stuff from Mojo was brilliant and you could see the band were having a blast playing it. You lucky people over in the USA get to see this band regularly - any chance of persuading Tom and the boys over to the UK?
stevinks42's picture

i got to sit in the 5th row which was grand!! (last time they played here i was in last row!)... saw them in worcester, MA many years ago in the 5th row, and it brought back lots of memories. i see TP&HB every time they come to MA and every time they do something special (like the time they started the show with the Standells 'Dirty Water', which was hysterical!!). everyone, seemed to know every word to every song on the 8/19, it was a great crowd, young and older!! mike was really 'on'... this guy is great, he should get the recognition he richly deserves. the thing about TP&HB, is they are so gracious and charming. TP always goes way out of his way to say how much he appreciates 'the fans' they are very sincere, it really shows. they always play great shows in MA., i think they really do like us a lot here... and we adore them!! they had ovation after ovation thursday, and were at a loss for words after a while, class act's all the way!!
campfan's picture

Those Boots are made for walkin............... and look at that Firebird!!!
byzanicon's picture

TPatH's music has gotten me through a lot ... the death of my daughter and a divorce ... and it has been empowering all along. It was a dream come true to see them in concert and to be in the front by the stage when both Mike and Tom made their way over to the side where my husband and I were seated and watching in awe. This was by far the best concert I have ever seen in my life. Tom treats his fans with respect and his smile and confidence on stage are a joy to watch. We've been listening to Mojo all summer long and to see them played live was unbelievable.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your your music! It's meant so much to me over the years!

kristenlouise's picture

I was so fortunate to have a front row seat to see the GREATEST rock & roll band that ever lived! It was such an incredible, magical was so much more than I expected. Being so close to Tom and Mike was so surreal. Tom still got it man! You belted out those tunes like it's nobody's business. Mike Campbell is the greatest, coolest guitar player ever! I wore my MOJO t-shirt and Ron pointed at me with approval! Tom was about 10 feet away and it blew my mind to have actually made eye contact with him!! I will NEVER forget 8.19.10! THANK YOU Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers for putting on the GREATEST show I've ever seen. I still haven't come down from this natural high. I only hope they will make plans to tour again.
tops10's picture

Great show 8/19! What a great mix of old and young in the audience, and everyone seemed to know all the words to so many of the songs! Plus, I enjoyed hearing that old Fleetwood Mac song, too. I have been to many TP concerts since 1979, and this one was one of my favorites. Keep rockin' guys! BTW, Running Man's Bible is awesome...
hbchick_2's picture

I was so happy with the tickets I picked up for hosting as Mojo listening party in June. I brought my friend that owns the blues bar to her first Tom Petty concert and she has fallen madly in love, just as I had warned her. Mike was SO on - and it was great that we could actually see Benmont with the piano facing us. As always, Tom you were such a great host, and totally rocked... and you look as beautiful as ever.
kuehn52's picture

The first Boston show was sensational-I've been to many over the years and they've never been better. What a high to ride those rifts with the crowd of both old and new fans-it was really heartening to see young people who connect with good old- fashioned American roots rock and roll. We had floor seats and also met some of the people who came from Barcelona. As all the newspaper reviews noted, the band has really rejuvenated some of the old standards by tweeking and extending the arrangements. The bluesy Mojo tunes sizzle and Mike Campbell's brilliance is finally being recognized and showcased. Some great guitar duets with Petty. The band members all seemed energized and into it; there was nothing "rote" about this set-it was fresh, powerful, and transcendent. Thank you Heartbreakers for making the world seem magical.
ccringan's picture

I loved the show, the professionalism, the guitars! Great performance the energy is amazing. I always go to T P & The H shows. My ears are still buzzing. I did not care for the opening act...My morning Jacket. Tom usually has great opening acts but there were many of us that had to wait outside the area until they were through because the sound was way too much. Steve Winwood is a great opening act and so is Jackson Browne. Tom - you and the band are great!
dancewithmjane's picture

a little adivce to "all my fans" : DON'T BUY THE TICKET!! stay home so the resf of us can enjoy the show
dancewithmjane's picture

a little advice for the two "fans" who posted the negative comments below:DON'T BUY THE TICKET!
nicko10121979's picture

your the man tom lots of old song and new i love all them your the best
islandblossom's picture

Too old to play...? Come on, I just got back from a 4 show run with Dickey Betts & Great Southern. At the Norwalk, CT show, in a heatwave, it was 98 degrees with high humidity... I know from dancing front row, who from into the first 2 minutes, the sweat dripping off him onto his guitars for the rest of the show of almost 3 hrs, at 65 years of age. I'm all for guidelines, but, when did such rigidity enter rock n' for the $$$...some things can't be bought...such as the joy I hope you experience when playing a sold out show... we paid $150 per ticket. I can only hope it's not about the $$$, but the music you are blessed to be able to create & share. I know my world has been touched by your musical genius & because of your reflections, I'm a more beautiful Being... been a fan for over 30 years...does it even matter? Maybe the band should be renamed to simply, The Breakers, as the last post bears witness to little Heart.
willow919's picture

My daughter and I are coming to see ya'll tomorrow night. But I'll always remember the Full Moon tour where you came to my side of the stage and stayed to sing Face In The Crowd....and if i had my eyes open, I'd have gotten an eye full of Tom Petty and his guitar..too overwhelmed to do so, and worried then about making that s.o.b. of a husband jealous...well..he's gone, Praise the Lord...and there's no one! Just my daughter and I coming for a ripping, rocking, rolling time! Many thanks for your music over the years! Say Hi to Winstead, Janette says...Peace
coolgary's picture

thank you for making me rich,haha i dont give a shit what you want to hear.i dont even look at this shit!! so say what you want to say.i'm rich hehehehe.18 songs is all you're gonna get i'm to old to play any more then 18 songs. peace i'm out!
copenhagen_calling_tom_petty's picture

Tom and band Please play your great rendition of "while my guitar gently weeps" when you finish of the concert and make a great evening unforgettable to me and a lot of other fans. Saluting George Harrison can not be done to often! Henrik
santi's picture

We come from Barcelona (Spain) too, It will be the FIRST Tom Petty show, and we're going to repeat on 21. GREAT!!!!
santi's picture

We come from Barcelona (Spain) to see for the first time a Tom Petty show. It's my dream. We are going to repeat on saturday!!!!!
jota's picture

We are a group of 8 persons who comes from the other side of the sea (Madrid-Spain) to see and enjoy with one of the greatest composer and musician at the whole world. We never seen Tom Petty before so we are very exciting. We also go to 21 show on saturday. You & Me and the road ahead...........
bpdsteve's picture

I'm so pumped to hear my old favorites and the new album is great too!!
bpdsteve's picture

I'm so pumped to hear my old favorites and the new album is great too!!