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Boston, MA 08/21


Aug 21 2010
Boston, MA
Comcast Center

"Saturday night, and time for a little rock 'n roll!"

With that, Tom Petty tore into the rollicking guitar riff for Chuck Berry's "Carol," the first surprise of the band's second night at the sold-out Comcast Center outside Boston. Typically slotted for encores, "Carol" appearing in the first half of the show should have served as a not-so-subtle hint that Tom and the band were ready to rock.

My Morning Jacket once again got the night off on the right foot, opening with the gorgeous "The Way That He Sings." An epic "Gideon" followed, but the highlight of Jim James and company's opening set was the intimate acoustic trio of "Wonderful (The Way I Feel)", "Golden" and "Nashville to Kentucky."

The Heartbreakers delivered on Tom's promise of a little rock 'n roll with a dynamic two-hour set. "Mary Jane's Last Dance" and "Breakdown" both brought the packed house at the Comcast Center to their feet, and "First Flash of Freedom" and "Mystic Eyes" returned to the set after nearly a month-long absence!

East Rutherford's Izod Center is up next! Come see us and keep checking back for more photos, videos and more!

Comcast Center
Tour Tracks: 
First Flash Of Freedom
Running Man's Bible
I Should Have Known It
Good Enough
Mystic Eyes
American Girl
Oh Well
Listen to Her Heart
Don't Come Around Here No More
Free Fallin'
I Won't Back Down
Mary Jane's Last Dance
Runnin' Down A Dream
Learning To Fly


bearhunt's picture

We drove 12 hrs from Nova Scotia to make this show, within minutes of arriving I managed to break my arm!! We had just parked , I went in the woods and tripped on the way back out. Huge bummer, but I wasn't about to miss this show! We made a make-shift sling and I cracked open a bottle of whiskey.... With no US health coverage It was a long painful ride after the show back to the Canadian border/hospital !! Thankfully I can still play.. I just hope my arm goes back to normal. I was out of work (musician) for 4 weeks after and am still limited to about 75% extension in my arm and still have pain. But, that show was amazing experience and worth the broken arm!! It made for one hell of a memory. TP&HB rocked Please bring your show to Nova Scotia!
Anonymous's picture

my mom was very sick from cancer she has now passed. she lived with my sister while she was sick. I would come over to help clean for my sister and my mother asked me to play her tom petty song . she used to play when she cleaned our house when we were kids HOMETOWN BLUES COULDN'T GO TO THE AUGUST SHOW SHE WAS TO SICK.gave my third row tickets to neice now shes a fan. tom please keep touring and if you could ever play home tow blues my life would be complete by the never missed a show accept this and one in 95 or 96 my son was very ill he IS fine know i had him go with me in 08 he knows all your music and he loves it and he is NO RAP
walterlast19's picture

Great show it was me and my wifes first rock concert in 68 years and we couldn't have picked a better one to see. You guys rock and can't wait to see you again.
germany's picture

Thank you Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers for an amazing show! It was unbelievable! I changed my flights back to Germany only for this concert. What a great idea. Greeting from Germany
propergation's picture

Thanks for keeping your legend alive.
I can't think you guys have ever written a bad song.
Been a fan since the beginning .
Now my kids luv you too.
hbchick_2's picture

It's been so many years now - and after 16 shows - each one of them is my favorite! Loved every minute of it - and was more than honored to have been a part of the Mojo party. Seats were awesome - I have photos to share!
dhorgan's picture

Best show ever!
generalgau's picture

What an amazing show! Words fall short in relating the quality of this performancet. Every song was upbeat, the tempo just kept building. Just when you wondered how they would top their last tune, The Heartbreakers pulled out another great song and jammed it. It was awesome to see the smiles on Mike Campbell's face as he played .I've seen rock shows for 34 years and this set was as tight and powerful as rock can be. Congratulatuions to TPHB for staying relevant and continuing to record and play their music. Where there other songs I would have loved to see? Sure, but that's what will keep me coming back. Thank you Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers for a job well done.
caha_1979's picture

... thank you for making this past weekend unforgettable to me. I came from Germany to Boston just to see your concert and I found it was absolutely great. The Setlist was superb. You were rocking the Comcast Center right from the beginning of the show and noone ever sat down. It was unbelievable to see that the whole audience was singing along your songs which shows that your music touches people from all ages. Hope to see you again someday...
sdeavor's picture

Thanks so much for such a terrific show...y'all were awesome!!! Tom and the Heartbreakers always give the best concerts and this one was so much fun. Thanks too for playing's still my favorite song and it's been way too long since y'all have played it in Boston. Can't wait till y'all come back this way again.
bmaureen518's picture

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers put on another great show at the Comcast Center in Mansfield, Ma. They proved to me again that they are the best band in the world. Thank you Tom and the Heartbreakers!!
mud_crutch_'s picture

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers sounded tight during the entire performance. It was great to see all the wonderful classic guitars and vintage amplifiers. They played 18 total songs, around two hours of music, including the encore. The opening band 'My Morning Jacket' played for 75 minutes, and they were incredible. Jim James has a unique voice, and the entire band are truly telnted, indeed.
rotobal's picture

I also found it odd that Jim James mentioned "The Heartbreakers" a number of times but never Tom Petty. And that Tom Petty never asked for the customary "how bout a hand for the warm up act". Especially when Petty mentioned him by name in Rolling Stone as one of his favorite new musicians. A song otgether would have been nice but too far away from the "act".
rotobal's picture

We went ot both shows and thought that Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers were great. I am more of a jam band fan so I had to get used to the songs sounding pretty much like they did on the radio and hearing about the same thing both nights. I went two nights because of a ticket fiasco which, long story short, Live Nation and Ticlet master suck. As for Petty if he is the one that set the price at 150 when they went on sale then dropped it to 109 for the same seats...shame on him. I love shows but it is getting ridiculous. As for oneof the previous posts that "had to leave" while MMJ was playing...also shame on them. Buut it was probably a fan of the formula show that Petty puts on where you can sing along and go back to your car and hear the exact same thing.
mrgriffith's picture

So we got 1 whole diff tune the 2nd nite, way to mix it up TP. Mystic Eyes and 1st Flash were nice to hear. Something better then nothing.
jdr6453's picture

Last nights show was my best. second row center. The Heartbreakers are the quint essential Rock'n'Roll band. Thanks Tom, for a night to remember. :-)
nicko10121979's picture

your the best. you are one of my favorite band and old tunes since i was a kid till now
mrgriffith's picture

another nite another same set list. perhaps 1 or 2 switched up from thur. about it id say.
mrgriffith's picture

another nite another same set list. perhaps 1 or 2 switched up from thur. about it id say.
schoondoggie's picture

Hey Tom - Would love to see you go off the setlist tonight. My biggest angst is Learning to Fly. The guitars are great in the song. This accappella shit needs to stop. You've done it for the last 6 tours. Please please play it with some rock. Any chance Change of Heart would come out of the closet?
dlowe32's picture

went to the concert on the 19th tom and the boys were really smoking that night best 25 dollars i ever spent talk about getting more bang for your bucks
ecinterval's picture

FINALLY!!!!! =)
brittweatherby's picture

hey, i'm looking for 4 lawn tickets for this if you can help i'd be endlessly grateful! -brittany
csarg's picture

This is a must from MOJO! The Comcast Center Mansfield will love IT!! I have seen Petty more time than I can remember! ; ) You just can not beat this Great Woods!
mygtar's picture

We're up!!
angeldreammgg's picture

please please please consider playing Angel Dream No. 2. It is absolutely the most gorgeous song ever. You know you'll be glad you did!!!!
davidrossi's picture

Ich warte auch schon seit 25 Jahren auf diesen Tag und am 21.8. ist es endlich soweit. Wir kommen extra aus Berlin nach Boston. Ich bin mir sicher, es wird ein geiles Konzert und die Stimmung wird gut sein.
petty_aholic's picture

After so many years of waiting this is going to be my FIRST Live Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers Experience!! Hoping you can squeeze in a song that means so much to me and cheered me up so many times: Wildflowers!!! If not though I know it's going to be an awesome show anyway!! Worth the 1500 miles we're driving to see you guys for sure!!!!