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Nashville, TN 08/12


Aug 12 2010
Nashville, TN
Sommet Center

Hot off their show in Atlanta, Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers rolled into Nashville's Bridgestone Arena on Thursday night, giving Music City a heavy dose of the good ol' rock 'n roll.

Rock legend goes that David Crosby, Stephen Stills and Graham Nash discovered their unique vocal blend at a party at Cass Elliot's house in Laurel Canyon in July 1968 when Nash asked Stills and Crosby to sing a new song by Stills, "You Don't Have To Cry," with Nash improvising a second harmony. Forty-two years after that special day in the summer of '68, the legendary Rock & Roll Hall of Fame trio still creates that magic on stage. Opening with an electric "Woodstock," CSN bounded straightaway into "Military Madness" before slowing it down a bit for Crosby's funky "Long Time Gone." Neil Young's "Long May You Run" began the group's medley of covers, which included an arena-sized sing-a-long of the Rolling Stones' "Ruby Tuesday." Perhaps the highlight of the night was Nash and Crosby's transcendent reading of "Guinevere," but the double-encore of "Love the One You're With" and "Teach Your Children" wasn't too shabby either.

"How about that Crosby, Stills and Nash?" Tom asked as the band took the stage, the capacity crowd howling their approval. "Kings Highway" returned to the set on Thursday night while the one-two punch of "Running Man's Bible" and "I Should Have Known It" continues to be a deadly Mojo combination. And the anthemic "Don't Come Around Here No More" absolutely rocked Bridgestone Arena, which no doubt pleased producer Dave Stewart standing sidestage, a black hat and dark sunglasses barely disguising his wide grin.

On to Buffalo! Don't forget to check back often for more recaps, photos and videos!

Sommet Center
Tour Tracks: 
Jefferson Jericho Blues
Running Man's Bible
I Should Have Known It
Good Enough
American Girl
Oh Well
Listen to Her Heart
Kings Highway
Don't Come Around Here No More
Free Fallin'
I Won't Back Down
Mary Jane's Last Dance
Runnin' Down A Dream
Learning To Fly


Anonymous's picture

Went to Nashville show, which happened to be my third of the summer. What a good show. Tommy and the band rocked as usual. CSN was great too! Was just looking at the tour dates and we may come see you again in OHIO......and stop by Cedar Point on the way home! Sounds like an awsome end to a wonderful summer of Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers MOJO 2010 tour! P.S. Would LOVE to hear honey bee..........:)
pcpettyhead's picture

He was right next to me! As we were watching the show, my son says to me,"Who's that guy on the mushroom in the Don't Come Around Here No More video?" I said,"Dave Stewart?" I was wondering why he would ask me that. Then he said,"Isn't that him right there?" and points over to the VIP area right next to us. There he was. Dave Stewart in the flesh. He was writing something down in a notebook while a pro photographer was steadily taking pix of him. I took a few myself! After awhile, Dave drifted toward us for a better view. I stuck out my hand and said,(well, yelled is more like it) "DAVE STEWART!! WHAT'S UP, MAN?!!" He reached out and shook my hand and gave me a nod. I gave him a thumbs up and he gave me a thumbs up!!! I'll never forget that handshake for as long as I live. The grip strength, the size and texture of his hand, the softness of his jacket sleeve. I told my son that he was probably going to join them on stage for Don't Come Around Here No More so, when the band started playing it, both our heads snapped over to the right to see if Dave was heading for the stage. He wasn't moving though. I guess he was just visiting.
campfan's picture

I am a Nashvillian...for the past 14 years....was me and my family's first non dvd live Tom and the Heartbreakers experience..... are an excellent entertainer... persoanally saw you play live a few times before in LA...but my family who never has...say you rocked them to the roof...and as me you just frickin' awesome!!!!! I was dissapointed cause the kids would have loved to shake Mike's hand and meet him.....but as always maybe a next time.....!! Thanks ya'all the show was amazing!
campfan's picture

Me and family had our first non dvd "live"Tom Petty concert experience last night in the 14 years that we live in America......and wow....what is there to say...It was a sky-rocketing affair......Tom is a great artist.....a TRUE LEGEND.. Mike....I personally saw you played live quite a few times before in LA....BUT family said that what I always told them about you as an artist just got to be confessed last night....Michael you were sooooooooooooo amazing...... We were dissapointed not to be able to meet and greet.....since my mom and kids would have wanted to meet Mike so much too.....but maybe a next time...down the line... Thanks from the Bradley family in Nashville for an awesome show!
rgclasby's picture

Wow Awesome Show! Grew up in late 70's early 80's but never had chance to see Tom. 70's Rock is still alive and sounding as good as ever. Hit after hit. Be sure to give Mojo a listen before attending show. Tremendous Musicians. Thanks for the good times and great sound!
gadavidf's picture

I totally enjoyed the concert, but unfortunately we had to leave early because of all the medications that my wife takes. I really wanted to stay until the end. We had to leave during Learning to Fly
juice's picture

Can't get to the concert fast enough. Tom and the Heartbreakers are going give Nashville a show to remember. They are the best!
Anonymous's picture

What a great summer!!! Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatoon - Now Nashville!! I feel so happy and lucky! Looking forward to another outstanding show!!
dcampus87's picture

Eric & David are coming all the way from London, England for our 2nd Petty show of the Tour. We were in NYC a couple of weeks ago for the MSG show and we can't wait for the Nashville show in the Home of Rock n' Roll! Thousands of miles and it's so worth it.
Anonymous's picture

Well this will be the third concert this summer. Been to Indiana, MI and now just booked flights to Tennessee! Love to see Tommy rock, but goin backstage and getting to "see" what goes on back there is amazing. Cant wiat for this one as it must be my 20th+ Petty show! NASHVILLE, HERE WE COME!!! Cant wait to see you Dana! ♥
juice's picture

Hi Tom, I would like to request you play the song Candy. I think that song has a cool groove to it. I just can't wait to see you and the band. I never miss your shows so I am glad that you will be playing in Nashville. I had to wait close to 4yrs since the last time I saw you. I moved to TN and have been waiting ever since. The last time I saw you was at the Hollywood Bowl in 2006 with Stevie Nicks, what a show. Your number 1 fan. Nina
charris_8's picture

I'm coming from Bonavista, Newfoundland Canada it's 3368 kms away from Nashville! It's a awesome song and would be the highlight of the trip to come that far and hear that song live !
cruz's picture

It will be great hear you there. I'm very excited about it because I guess is going to be very dificult to hear you live here on my town (Puerto La Cruz - Venezuela). See you
toothpick_sisters's picture

Once upon a time I dated the legendary George Drakoulias. He promised me that you would play "Walls" in Nashville. Please... Toothpick Sister
earthtokim's picture

I'll be there, 5th row! I can NOT wait! I'll be coming from Mississippi. PLEASE please please play Honey Bee for me!
pcpettyhead's picture

Or I should say I earned the tickets! I won the contest to host a MOJO listening party and tickets along with the cd, blu-ray, and vinyl versions of MOJO were's way of saying thank you. YOU ARE WELCOME!! I'll be catching the show in Atlanta the night before!!
avsmrl's picture

I'm coming down south from West Chester, Pa to see the show. I hope they can throw in a little of that Southren Accents! I love that song!
laymon_27's picture

Hey guys, can't wait to see you in concert! Hopefully my name will be drawn to meet you all! Its a dream of mine. :) You are the best!
bigjimfreeman1395's picture

hey tim petty and hardrakers, i will be there to cheer you on. don't be nervous. wave to me in my sun records to shirt.