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Washington, DC 08/15


Aug 15 2010
Washington, DC
Jiffy Lube Live

Most every show on the Mojo summer tour has been an exhilarating musical experience, but there are some nights when Tom and the band are just on. Sunday at Jiffy Lube Live was one of those nights.

Whether it was the bar set by Crosby, Stills and Nash with their outstanding opening set, the electricity created by over 20,000 screaming Heartbreakers fans or the steamy Southern heat, the Heartbreakers came to play in Virginia, proving once again the old maxim that Sunday shows should not be missed.

Hartford's up next! Check back soon for more tour recaps, photos, films and more!

Jiffy Lube Live
Tour Tracks: 
Jefferson Jericho Blues
Running Man's Bible
I Should Have Known It
Good Enough
American Girl
Oh Well
Listen to Her Heart
Kings Highway
Free Fallin'
I Won't Back Down
Mary Jane's Last Dance
Runnin' Down A Dream
Learning To Fly


heatherahaywood's picture

I won my tickets from Warner Bros Records, via the Tom Petty Facebook page! I've never been close enough to the stage to see the artist's shoes but I was this time. Those red boots were great! Awesome show-that band didn't miss a beat. Saving my money for the next tour cause I wouldn't want to take a chance of not getting to see Tom again!
cskitty's picture

We have been to see TP 20 times. This year was the best. People just leave feeling good. We feel that Tom and the Heartbreakers are truly gracious of our admiration and they work so hard to keep us entertained and happy. Have had to cut back on concerts due to the current economy but this one will always be on the list. Even if it is the only one!! MOJO is an awesome album. Love the bluesy feel. Never realized how talented Mike Campbell was but this album certainly showcases that talent. We were in the 7th row. Closest ever and a totally different experience. So cool that TP takes care of fans with presale tickets. PLEASE KEEP ROCKING,WE LOVE YOU GUYS!!
jrat72's picture

This band is so tight. They have tons of fun while playing their music. Mike's licks and Tom's lyrics truly make for some magical musical moments. I was fortunate enough to actually WIN front row center to this concert and man what fun it was. The energy was palpable, like an electrical current dancing through the air, passing through each and every fan compelling them to rise up and feel the music. I can't wait to see these guys again soon! Oh yeah, thanks again to Mike for throwing me a guitar pick!
crazedracer's picture

1 hour and 20 minutes of amazingly tight music and 2 encores... and the was the OPENER! TP&H would have to bring something special to beat that on a steamy night in Virginia... They did. From the first chord of "Listen to her Heart", it was obvious that there was something special about this night. Tom Petty shook like Elvis, pranced around the stage like Mick Jagger and rocked the packed house all the way out to the lawn. The Heartbreakers never missed a note all night and the crowd responded, shaking the venue with applause after every song. Perhaps the most telling thing about the popularity of TP&H is that along with the Grateful Dead hippie folks, the thirty somethings out for a night without the kids and the twenty year olds out on dates, there were many, many young children - from 3 on up, enjoying the show. That's a legacy to build on... and why Tom Petty remains cool - thirty plus years after his first big break.
freemomnow's picture

This is my fifth Tom Petty concert, but it is the first time I have been close to the stage. Yes, CS&N were awesome and set an electric tone for the night. Then came Tom in the coolest jacket ever and played the best concert I have ever been to. Love the new songs and can't think of an old one I don't want to hear. It was incredible to see Mike play--wish we could have seen more of Benmont. This band is a well-oiled machine and they sure let 'er rip Sunday night in Virginia!
madelblue's picture

Tom Petty show to top all shows. It was my wife's first TP and the HB show and she was blown away! We had great seats (I rushed home from work to buy 'em the second the presale started back in March), great summer night and an incredible set list jam packed with favorites and new favorites from Mojo. We wanted to hear Hunny Bee (that was us with the Bee sign) and Candy from Mojo... maybe next time. TP and the HB are the best concert experience money can buy. Great job guys, can't wait to catch your next tour!
campfan's picture

I' m lovin' the Tom and Mike pics.....they are sooooooooooooo cool.....and the 2 tails....Mike!!
tamini's picture

Yes it was a great night in Bristow Va!. Me and Caroline actually are in one of the photos, the one the photographer took of the crowd were in the second row, I'm the one with white shirt with my arm up in the air also getting ready to hold up my green neon sign that read "Tom, UR Mojo is definitely working! during the Mojo segment of the concert! Caroline is to my right! It was a very exciting night! The Band was on fire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
tamini's picture

that is so cool the one of the photographer taking the picture of the crowd, there is me and Caroline in the second row, I'm the one with my arm up in the air getting reading to hold my sign up for Tom that read "Tom UR Mojo is definitely working! during the Mojo part of the show and Caroline is to my right! That is so cool! I'll never forget that night, very magical!
ronnybergersen's picture

The Jiffy Lube Live show on Sunday was my first ever live show of Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers. They have only played in my home country Norway once (back in 92') and I missed them then. So here we are, a long way from the cold north in the 3rd row!!! And what a show it was, CSN kicked it all off and then Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers really blew my mind. It was truly worth every dollar I spent on the trip. And If they ever come back to Europe you'll see me in the front row waving the norwegian flag.
raymondlord's picture

Can you put the setlist of Crosby, Stills and Nash too?
campfan's picture

The red boots are awesome....the pics of Tom and Mike always speak for themselves..... Where's the smile Mike?
dabjab06's picture

This was my second of 3 tom petty concerts this summer with the last one in Sept in Charlotte NC. I wish you guys would play more hits from your bag. The set list has been so exact, I guessed it at the Nashville and Bristow show. What is the matter afraid to play things not practiced? Come on Tom give me more! Please!
richmox's picture

I hadn't been to a show since the '95 Dogs With Wings Tour; so glad I decided to go last night! I was hoping to be able to catch a show with the Truckers, but CSN were great! Hope you guys add another leg or two later in the year (or early next year)
bluefishrock's picture

Tom, thank you and the band for an incredible concert!! I hope you return to Virginia very soon.
bluefishrock's picture

Thank you and the band for a concert that was just incredible! I hope you will come back to Virginia very soon.
maria_lives4_music's picture

Hello, I truly enjoyed the concert you guys gave this evening in Bristow, Virginia. It has been a long time since I have seen you in concert, and I was not disappointed. Thanks for a wonderful evening filled with great music and entertainment. You have a great smile. Take care and get some rest.
terryleach58's picture

Seeing my sweet baby Tom Petty tonight and hope he sings "Here comes my girl" to me. Gettin a kiss from Tom is top of my bucket list!
tcr_gr8tfulfan's picture

Please Please Please play.... Even The Losers...One of my favorites!!! So excited to be able to take my daughter to the show tomorrow night. She was too young to join her teenage brother and I during the Wildflowers tour. Also can you slip in a Wilburys' tune for us??? Much love & peace!
chrish4's picture

Tom, We are a family who will be attending one of your concerts for the first time. Would you please add "Don't Do Me Like That" to the set list on the 15th? Thank you for coming to the Maryland/DC area. We can hardly wait!!
honeybeemama's picture

Having raised our two girls on TP/HB, they are huge fans. Mojo Package tickets were a splurge for us, but worth it for their first concert. It looks like American Girl has become a standard part of your encore (what better way to end the evening?), but just in case you're on the fence about it, we humbly request that you play it at Jiffy Lube. If you do, you'll make the night perfect for our daughters. Can't wait to hear the new Mojo tunes live. We'll be in the 4th row. Thanks for your consideration.
aaronhoughton's picture

Can't wait for the show. My sister and I have been fans for years. Free Falling to Jiffy Lube Live is going to be interesting. I am parachuting in.
kingkyle00's picture

Scott's stash, Benmont's hats and Tom's red shoes are all awesome! just scannin the pics
patty5's picture

I am so excited...amgoing with all my kids who love petty as I do....hoping to hear "something good comming" what a great song to meet the situation of our day after all that we have been thgrough as a country! tom has never forgotten his roots in the common man.
nankerphelge's picture

Me and mine have been going nuts here in Virginia waiting for the August 15th show. Gonna be hard to top the last time out (6/8/08) with Stevie Winwood, but I have complete faith... Don't care what you play - Twinkle Twinhle Lil Star is fine as long as Mike get some slide in there somewhere!!! Love Mojo -- can't wait to hear all the new stuff live!!! Is it August 15th yet????
nankerphelge's picture

Me and mine have been going nuts here in Virginia waiting for the August 15th show. Gonna be hard to top the last time out (6/8/08) with Stevie Winwood, but I have complete faith... Don't care what you play - Twinkle Twinhle Lil Star is fine as long as Mike get some slide in there somewhere!!! Love Mojo -- can't wait to hear all the new stuff live!!! Is it August 15th yet????
kingkyle00's picture

About the only CD's that I listen to is the Live Anthology and Mojo now and the song "Crawling Back to You" is one of my all time favorites. I see that it isnt on the set list, but if it is at all possible I would love to hear this song. It would probably make my whole year.