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Hartford, CT 08/17


Aug 17 2010
Hartford, CT
Comcast Theater

Even after more than 25 shows on this Mojo tour, it's rare that I hang around the artist dressing rooms before the show. The way I figure it, the minutes before an artist takes the stage should be left to them as they're about to share a whole lot of themselves with us.

Tonight in Hartford, I happened to be walking by Crosby, Stills and Nash's dressing room a few minutes before they went on and was treated to an a cappella rendition of "Woodstock" as the legendary trio warmed up their voices. The doorway next to theirs opened and out walked Tom, Mike and Benmont, peaking their heads around the corner like little kids wanting to steal a glimpse before Tom nodded at their vocal practice session and said, "I think that's gonna work out just fine." Priceless.

Boston is coming up! Come see us for two nights at the Comcast Center in Boston and keep checking back for more photos, videos and more!

Comcast Theater
Tour Tracks: 
Jefferson Jericho Blues
Running Man's Bible
I Should Have Known It
Good Enough
American Girl
Oh Well
Listen to Her Heart
Kings Highway
Don't Come Around Here No More
Free Fallin'
I Won't Back Down
Mary Jane's Last Dance
Runnin' Down A Dream
Learning To Fly


joangirl's picture

My husband and i saw tom petty at mohegan sun around 7 yrs ago brian setzer with the stray cats and we saw them 2 years ago and we both think the band is only gotton better and better Mojo is a standard in our house nice to hear their blues versions Crosby ,stills, and Nash were great too. best concert we have seen in a long time keep coming to conn
randa0104's picture

It took me 30 years of seeing Tom Petty in concert - but I finally made it to the front row center stage! Thank you for a night to remember!
irishwings830's picture

Big Kel, we were parked in that lot. It was weird walking out and seeing that bonfire up on the hill. Some idiot set a small row of trees ablaze. Nice trying to get out of there as the firetrucks were trying to get in. I couldn't believe the disaster zone of the parking lot upon leaving. Broken bottles everywhere - are people so damn lazy and careless they can't clean up with themselves?? And then had to set trees on fire?!?! That put a haze over the excellence of the concert. My issue is with Comcast Theatre, not Petty and the Heartbreakers.
campfan's picture

The red sky line is cool......the old the lonely sign.... like the red in Tom's apparel....What about Mr Mike?
Anonymous's picture

thank you Mike for the pic you gave me-Miek threw it and luckily my husband was sitting behind me got it. i know it's a little thing, but it means the world to me. I Love this band and had a great time at the show. they really ROCKED!! love the MOJO! i was lucky to be 2nd row ctr, but climbed over and was in front of Tom (behind a couple-but still there) i danced and sweated and loved every note, can't wait for the 2 Boston shows as i will be doing it all again! so nice to see fellow fans from over the yrs sitting around me who got the MOJO tixs too!
wizski's picture

Tom Petty was awesome and rocking! He played a nice number of songs and gave the crowd many opportunities for crowd participation! Love you Tom always ROCK!! I wished we could have talked last night about our mutual friend who recently died - "Ken Kinchen" - Ken, I'll see you in heaven man! Tom Petty I hope to hook up with you some day!
wizski's picture

Tom Petty was awesome and rocking! He played a nice number of songs and gave the crowd many opportunities for crowd participation! Love you Tom always ROCK!! I wished we could have talked last night about our mutual friend who recently died - "Ken Kinchen" - Ken, I'll see you in heaven man! Tom Petty I hope to hook up with you some day!
adamcarter's picture

Found my way here through a very cool feature on the Washington Post website about a kid who built a replica of Mike's Red Dog guitar. The video was amazing, and now I see that it was produced in-house by TP&TH. Unfortunately, the tour won't get within 200 miles of my house this summer, but I've just spent the last two hours reading the recaps and looking at the incredible photos, living vicariously. This is a first-class operation, which is what we've come to expect from Tom and the Boys after all these years. How about some live video from the road for those of us who can't make a show this summer?
irishwings830's picture

Just got home, was in Rock and Roll Heaven here on earth all night long ... GREAT concert!!! You guys were ON THE MONEY, every song, great song selections, and damn, you all looked GREAT! Thomas, your haircut reminded me of your younger days, you were absolutely HOT HOT HOT! Thanks guys for a wonderful evening! My fav song on the new album is "something good coming" ... that would have completely my night, but hey, this old girl can't get EVERY wish come true! :) Thanks!
bigkel814's picture

Does anybody know if that was really a car ABLAZE in the VIP lot?? All I could see from afar was like twelve foot flames and tons of smoke following the show!!
bigkel814's picture

CSN were great. But Tom and the BOYS kicked some serious #SS!!! Other than Mikes' BLOWN amp at the beginning. THEY ROCKED THE HOUSE. Action packed and filled with energy! I sure hope they come back next year.
igoy96's picture

Hey boys, this is going to be my 2nd show of your tour with 2 more to follow... We want some B sides, and covers! How about Apartment Song, Into the Great wide open, Girl On LSD, CANDY off Mojo! More Chuck Berry stuff ! Green Onions! Friend Of the Devil, Gloria. Screw the set list.. let's pretend it's fillmore 97'. Please mix it up ! Also just incase you guys didn't know the 24th of August is going to be a FULL MOON! So i hope you get the fever, and play the entire album, that would be incredible! I understand it's the Mojo tour but come on ! MSG, NY Comcast, CT IZOD, NJ SPAC, NY
charlierides's picture

I am excited to hear the new songs. I love the MOJO. I would love to hear The Trip to Pirate's Cove Tuesday night. C ya then!
rfk1986's picture

We weren't so sure this venue would be cool...but a couple years back we went to see Tom Petty & Steve Winwood and it was sweet! Saw the Allmans there last year and had the same impression. No hassles, good crowd, just a great time in Hartford!!!!! Only complaint is the insane...even for concert prices. Bring a flask. No hassles at all. We had the best time. Just awesome and we're headed back. Can't wait. Really lovin' the new album and can't wait to hear it live. Haven't seen CSN in at least 20 years, but I know they will be strong.
lucyshouse's picture

Cant count the times I have seen You.........But its never enought cant WAIT its the hardest part...LOVE YA Ellen
rfishboy's picture

Fellas, Good morning from Hartford...I love the new album and especically Trip to Pirates Cove. I'm thinking a beautiful August night in Hartfod across from the Connecticut River and its many Coves would be a great place to play that tune! Hoping you may feel the same Tom Fishy