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Winnipeg, MB 06/19


Jun 19 2010
Winnipeg, MB
MTS Centre.

On their last night in Canada until the Toronto show in August, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers played Winnipeg, unleashing two hours of non-stop rock 'n roll that left the MTS Centre crowd screaming for more.

Joe Cocker and his eight-piece band " keyboardist Nick Milo, drummer Jack Bruno, guitarist Gene Black, organist Mike Finnigan, bassist Oneida James-Rebeccu, saxophonist Norberto Fimpel and singers Nichelle Tillman and Vivian Sessoms " capped their 10-show run opening for the Heartbreakers with perhaps their most inspiring show of the tour. From opener "Hitchcock Railway" to the set-closing "Cry Me A River," Cocker and company were on fire and set Winnipeg ablaze with their combustible combination of soul, rock and funky R&B. Thanks to Joe, his band and crew for a memorable few weeks of music.

Tom Petty kicked off the Heartbreakers' set with "Listen to Her Heart," singing "She's gonna listen to her heart, it's gonna tell her what to do. She might need a lot of lovin', but she don't need you' with the same sense of snide urgency found on 1978's You're Gonna Get It!. "Don't Come Around Here No More" served as a appropriate bookend to the set, another classic kiss-off song penned by the Gainesville, FL native.

Check back soon for a report from St. Paul with photos of fans and the band as well as a video message from Joe Cocker!

MTS Centre.
Tour Tracks: 
Jefferson Jericho Blues
First Flash Of Freedom
Running Man's Bible
I Should Have Known It
Good Enough
Mystic Eyes
American Girl
Oh Well
Listen to Her Heart
Don't Come Around Here No More
Free Fallin'
I Won't Back Down
Mary Jane's Last Dance
Runnin' Down A Dream
Learning To Fly
Drivin' Down To Georgia


rockshop's picture

Another fantastic show. Played a couple of weak tracks (IMO) off the new album. There are better ones for sure and it is a great album. A Tom Petty concert should be a weekly event.
coolgary's picture

take a BIG hit off the set list WOW!! i told you this is it
josh0822's picture

That pic of Mike Campbell squatting and nailing a guitar solo is prize-worthy. What an awesome picture that truly shows his passion, talent, and gift for giving a wonderful show. It's more than just Tom who leaves the crowd thrilled and satisfied; feeling they just saw one of the best rock 'n roll bands of all time. Thanks for sharing those pics!
campfan's picture

psychedelia's picture happy to see the Heartbreakers play quite a few Canadian dates. Looking forward to Toronto - it will rock in August.
mel_anie's picture

What a show!!!!!! I enjoyed it as much as the last one at the mts centre 2 years ago....I am so glad they came back and glad the crowd showed up for them. I will be waiting for the next tour, though i'm sure it will be a while...but when it happens, i will be there...front row next time guys!! Have a safe tour for the rest of the summer...god bless u all....we love you here in manitoba!!!!
pvtpepper's picture

Bring King Highway Back!
henrytr's picture

these guys can play whatever the hell they want to at their shows, so back the f*** off
sdswami's picture

The set list hasn't changed for 5+ years now. We have paid to see the same thing year after year from a group that has a HUGE cataloge to choose from, but seems to ignore it. Now 'King's Highway' has been removed from the set list, but yet we stil have to sit through 'Oh Well' and 'Mystic Eyes'. I would love to hear other Petty songs in the place of these two covers that we all have heard done before. Thank god for the Mojo tracks to save use from another Greatest Hits tour.
jvp's picture

This was show number seven for me since 2003 and all I have to say is... GODDAMN AMAZING!!! Thank you guys for another unequaled performance from the greatest rock and roll band alive today!!! I can't wait to cross paths again!! P.S. I can't stop listening to Mojo, I love it!!
jvp's picture

This was show number seven for me since 2003 and all I have to say is... GODDAMN AMAZING!!! Thank you guys for another unequaled performance from the greatest rock and roll band alive today!!! I can't wait to cross paths again!! P.S. I can't stop listening to Mojo, I love it!!
stureid's picture

Not really a fan of the new album... Not really a fan of Joe Cocker... Not a fan of staid setlists at all... But it was a freakin' great show. Could've done without the dude screaming out for "Something Good Coming" after every damn song, but I can relate... sorta... Looks like we got a little short changed - Seems maybe "Kings Highway" was cut to give Joe Cocker some extra time on his last gig of the tour - which was fine. Joe was great too and I wasn't expecting that. Well done everyone. I'll be back if you will!
mwin1's picture

Once again TPATH were insanely awesome. I know I was standing for most of the show (sec 117)! They don't get old, they get better. Thanks for a great evening. Joe Cocker was really on tonight as well, tight as corset band backing him up. ***** Stars all around!
shonamcrae's picture

Tom and the Heartbreakers put on an amazing show! You wreck me baby! Come back to us anytime. Love the new Mojo too. Great stuff.
campfan's picture

The Steve picture is awesome....very can allmost hear him beat that drums......
awpolen's picture

Are you the same jerk from Edmonton? I meant to tell you that you spelled "right" wrong.
onthestreet's picture

whats your problem??this is going to be a great show. every one of their song is better than great. it don't matter what they play, can't wait. row 14
haroldhedd's picture

i'm so looking forward to hearing the heartbreakers live again tonight..the new album is possibly the best from the boys yet..can't wait to hear that bluesy guitar from mike wail out thru the arena..especially looking forward to i should have known it
coolgary's picture

damn,,those heartbreakers ,same old old old SHIT:( so many great songs.i know its a mojo tour nobody knows them like me. but what happen to highway companion? tom, mike, ron , ben, scott, oh and big mike' what the ---- come on boys this is it go out with a bang!! "shes the one" walls,hope you never,oh ECHO!! yeah thats a great at the top,hey you guys mike campbell can sing! i don't wanna fight,,but nooooo you get OH WELL!!! the worst tour never.hard promises, the waiting, a woman in love but you cant here all that, u get oh well, mystic eyes,drivin down to georgia, and whats up with all the tp solo shit
Anonymous's picture

I hope something good is coming....this song rules and you have to play it at this show!!!! Best song on the album IMO