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Philadelphia, PA 08/01


Aug 01 2010
Philadelphia, PA
Wachovia Center

"Are you ready for some blues?" Buddy Guy asked as his face wrinkled into a sly grin.

Night two at Philadelphia's Wachovia Center started much like the first, with a thrilling opening set from Guy that drew most of the Heartbreakers and much of their crew to the side stage to watch the blues legend work his magic on his last night on the tour.

Guy covered a lot of ground during his hour-long set, from his own "Damn Right I've Got the Blues" and "Skin Deep" to blues classics "Hoochie Coochie Man" and "She's Nineteen Years Old" to a medley of John Lee Hooker's "Boom Boom," Cream's "Strange Brew" and Jimi Hendrix' "Voodoo Chile." It was a real treat to have Buddy on the tour, and everyone " from his management to the crew to the man himself " will be missed.

At a few minutes past 9 pm, Tom and the band took the stage to thunderous applause and launched straight away into a jangling "Listen to Her Heart." "Kings Highway" returned to the show after a month-long absence from the setlist, but the real treat tonight was the seemingly impromptu take on Chuck Berry's "Carol" sandwiched in between encores "Running Down a Dream" and "American Girl."

Oh Carol, don't let him steal your heart away I'm gonna learn to dance if it takes me all night and day

That's it for the second leg of the Mojo Summer 2010 tour! Keep checking back for videos from the last few shows of the tour and come see us when we return to the road in Atlanta on August 11!

Wachovia Center
Tour Tracks: 
Jefferson Jericho Blues
Running Man's Bible
I Should Have Known It
Good Enough
American Girl
Oh Well
Listen to Her Heart
Kings Highway
Don't Come Around Here No More
Free Fallin'
I Won't Back Down
Mary Jane's Last Dance
Runnin' Down A Dream
Learning To Fly


cbortner's picture

I am still shaking that my husband and I were captured in a tour photo of Tom & Mike and the front row fans. As one of TPATH's truest fans, I will cherish this forever. Can't wait to rock with you again in the front row at Phoenix!!! We'd love to hear some Mudcrutch and have Benmont take us down a "Good Street."
randz's picture

Stop dragging my heart around. MAYBE In addition Jagger would be be a perfect guest and the show that would make history... Just very excited for 10-1-2010. Tom is coming to town.
chris's picture

Well, it has been over a week since I was at the two Philly shows. Wish I could go again this tour. Two great shows!...I was in the 4th and 2nd rows. Thanks for playing First Flash of Freedom and Kings Highway on Sunday night! Keep healthy and in shape and hopefully we will see you again within the next two guys are the best American rock and roll band!
owangwashne's picture

Me and my fiancee really would love to hear "I'm In Love" at the October 1 show at the Hollywood Bowl! It is one of our favorite live tracks from the Live Anthology and we are going to use it as our first dance at our wedding. I have been to 5 Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers concerts and this will be her first but we love Tom and his gang! I cant wait to see you again!!!
rockitall's picture

I really hope they do "Carol" at the San Diego show!!!
rockitall's picture

I really, really, really hope Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers do "carol" in their San Diego show!!!!! Please!!! I love this song!!! I have it on my MP3 player! I listen to them do it all the time, I'm always hoping they will do it when I go in Sept. !!! I love all their songs! But the do a very gooooodddddd cover on this!!!!!
pvtpepper's picture

First night Philly got ripped :(
goodgirl's picture

Mr Buddy Guy was fantastic.How wonderful to see him. Thank you Tom et al for another great evening. After countless concerts and many TPHB shows, I would like to express that TPHB fans are the happiest and friendliest audiance I've had the pleasure to hang with/ sing along with. It restores one's faith in humanity :). Always a special MOJO in the air. Looking forward to the next tour !
bwrisch's picture

You guys rocked the house in Philly on Sunday night! What a great show. I'm still jammin to the songs in my head. Thanks for the great music. Keep it coming
campfan's picture

That pic.....Tom and Mike.....that Firebirds....."it's good to be kings"
Anonymous's picture

so nice to read the comments; glad all enjoyed the show, sounds like i missed a great show! looking forward to seeing my favorite band in hartford and boston..i hope the band enjoys so R and R the next week or so..Rock and Roll forever
rring's picture

woulda liked to hear High In The Morning tho, especially if its going to be the next single. maybe consider that for the next leg. Carol was a great addition to the encores. some photos here:
kristenlouise's picture

Just can't wait to see Tom Petty & The Heart Breakers on August 19th in Massachusetts!!! My best buddy Eva and I will be in the front row singing along with you guys. Been listening to MOJO everyday!!!!!!!! See you soon guys!
oceanmuzik's picture

I agree with Dave. i have been to hundreds of shows and this is on top as one of the best! TP was my husbands first concert in 1977 so you can only imagine how thrilled he was to be sitting in front row center right in front of TP. Dave, my husband is a musician as well and felt the same way. what was with all the people in front row that weren't singing and dancing?! how could you not know all the words to every TP song?!? my one little gripe....i am still deaf today and ears ringing badly.. there was an amp on full blast right in front of us. they turned it on for the WMMR announcer and then never shut it off. it distorted the sound for us at times. was this left on accidentally or is that amp on for every show? Soundman, please do your fans a favor and move that thing! Thanks TP & Heartbreakers for an incredible, phenomenal rockin' night!!!
daveworshipmusic's picture

I have been to 100s of show over the last 35 years and have seen everyone from the Stones to The Who, Van Halen, etc. Without a doubt, last evenings show was one of the best. Being a pro-musicisian, I tend to be fairly critical, but TP and the boys were so tight. In this world of corporate, manufactured music, it was nice to hear that the real deal still exists. Agruably they may be the best touring rock band currently in play. I paid alot for the tickets and would do it again in a heartbeat. Just get rid of the drunks around me who had no clue who was on stage. TP rules!
whreichl's picture

For playing Kings Highway last night! that song means so much to me! I went nuts when you announced it!
tphbfan's picture

absolutely STELLAR performance tonight. this was my 8th time seeing the band and hopefully far from my last. i'm already looking forward to my 9th time. Buddy Guy was great as well. i think he put the crowd in a good mood for rock and blues. i do wish TP could have played longer. tonight's show went by way too fast, but i will be thinking about it for a long time. well worth it and never ever disappointed. how could you not love it?
striper106's picture

Shortest Petty show and tickets are more expensive. I've seen him 4 times over the last 8 years. Tonite will be my last show. If you have not seen them play once then I would highly recommend. I cant wait to Buddy Guy when he comes around again.
cbct65's picture

The show was absolutely fantastic !! Buddy Guy was the best I've ever seen. He puts Prince and Jimi to shame. Tom Petty was incredible ! He and the Heartbreakers were simply outstanding. Could have watched them play all night.
greengiant's picture

Total long shot but would love to hear Built to Last on the Aug 1st philly show. My wife and I danced to that song at our wedding!
bill_tom's picture

Mojo is your best album to date. Looking forward to the show. ...And she was kinda cute If a little past her prime... on the Trip To Pirate's Cove Please add it to your set list! Thanks!
tphbfan's picture

20 days and counting. i am getting more and more excited with each comment i read from the shows that have already happened. this will be my 8th time seeing the band and i hope to be able to see them 800 more times!!! i have been a HUGE fan for the past 25 years. they never disappoint in concert. i am most positive it will be the thrill of my summer. the new album is awesome! hard to pick my favorite songs, but i think i would have to say "i should've known it" and "let yourself go" are the top two. TP and crew GROOVE THE BLUES !!!