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East Rutherford, NJ 08/24


Aug 24 2010
East Rutherford, NJ
Izod Center

New Jersey may be home to Bruce Springsteen and Bon Jovi, but for a summer night in August, Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers brought a little bit of California to the Garden State.

My Morning Jacket wrapped up their run opening for the Heartbreakers at the Izod Center on Tuesday night with an astounding set of songs from across their five fantastic studio albums, as well as one new unreleased song, "Circuital." Though they were only on the tour for three shows, MMJ brought an awe-inspiring energy to the show that seemingly converted the uninitiated into fervent fans every night.

With Tom sporting a long black duster jacket, the Heartbreakers took the stage promptly at nine o'clock and proceeded to pulverize the packed Izod Center with a blistering set of hits, deep cuts, covers and new songs off Mojo. "Mary Jane's Last Dance" stewed and simmered to a boil, but the highlight of the night may have been the guitar interplay between Mike Campebll and Scott Thurston on an explosive "I Should Have Known It."

Canada, we're coming back! Toronto is up next, so come see us and keep checking back for more photos, videos and more!

East Rutherford
Izod Center
Tour Tracks: 
Jefferson Jericho Blues
Running Man's Bible
I Should Have Known It
Good Enough
American Girl
Oh Well
Listen to Her Heart
Kings Highway
Don't Come Around Here No More
Free Fallin'
I Won't Back Down
Mary Jane's Last Dance
Runnin' Down A Dream
Learning To Fly


julian's picture

To cut a long story short, my wife and I were due to fly from the UK for the concert (third time we have made such a trip to see the band). Very sadly, she was diagnosed with breast cancer in June. Being the amazing lady she is, she insisted that I still come and a pal came with me. The show was fantastic - we were in the 4th row. Certain tracks blew me away and were all the more moving as they reminded me of my wife (Learning to fly in particular). Highlight were King's Highway and Breakdown. When she is better we will return for another TP&TH concert to celebrate her recovery.
campfan's picture

It is written in stone....nobody rocks harder than TPATH............... lOVE THE MIKE PIC!
qqmilky's picture

seen TP & the HBs about 6 times and this was way too short. background was better years ago with changing scenes on a sheet. hi tech is not better. view from the side was skewed. The songs he played were great, just not enough of them.
rustncrust's picture

just a fantastic show!!!! the boys are so passionate about their music, and it shows in every song! a concert i shared with my 2 girls , one was a fan, and now both are HUGE fans! a night and memories , we.ll never forget. thank you heartbreakers , you rock !!!!!!!!!!!
brknhearted's picture

My Morning Jacket ROCKED my face off and Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers, true to their name, loved me and left me broken-hearted!!!
sp4golf's picture

Tom Petty has one of the biggest music libriaries of great songs (and fans would no every word) but yet we only get about 18 of them and he plays for only about one hour and forty five min. Come on Tom you can do better than that you sound great and your band kicks ass but gee can you give me at least 2 hours and about 25 songs I was a little disapointed. I guess Bruce has spoiled me.
rknrlrbl's picture

Americaqn friend from Milwaukee, WI.. You know, where they build the most real rides on the planet? Anywho... best of luck that above band will be an astounding surprise for you. June 25, a beautiful Friday hereat Summerfest's Amphitheatre,, ZZ Top lead off and could have boogied for another hour. They were fun and Awesome. Get ready for Petty though. After thanking ZZ, the Heartbreakers just tore off the roof! Check the set list and 3 encores. God it was one the best concerts I've been to since like 1968. Have a blast and best of life from "America's 2nd East Coast"..
epforbes's picture

I can't believe people are knocking the opening band, My Morning Jacket. They're great live & are one of the reasons I'm going tonight. BTW, I'd LOVE to hear Good Enough from Mojo...
beezer's picture

Ask Tom to play Runaway Trains in NJ Woo Hoo!
tomandpatti's picture

We are coming to New Jersey to see Tom Petty!! Section 120!! So impressed with Winnipeg, Manitoba and the Saskatoon, Saskatchewan concerts that we had to see you again. We are calling this our "Tom and Patti do Petty" summer tour. Just got our tickets last night. So excited. I don't expect it but would freak out if I could hear Saving Grace or Wildflowers live... any chance?
igoy96's picture

ok, so I agree with Amy, play anything that's rock and roll I would be shocked, and extremely happy! Break away from that set list Tom... Tonight's going to be a FULL MOON, perhaps play that entire album... the apartment song ! Grab Nicks for the night and have her sing with you. CANDY From Mojo Please! more Chuck Berry, Bo Diddley, Green Onions, Gloria, Rolling Stones, Friend of The Devil..... remember those nights at the Fillmore 97'?? GIRL ON LSD! Thank you so much.
pettybrew's picture

Just added this to my summer concet list. Saw Tom and the boys at MSG in NYC and going to see them in Saratoga, NY on the 27th. My friend just offered me a ticket to Izod and couldn't pass it up!
themodfather1981's picture

Cannot wait until I see you again at the IZOD (section 7, row L). First time I saw you was Raleigh, NC back in 2008 - best gig of my life! Loved the Wilberry mention and then blastin out the classic 'End of the Line' - epic. RIP George and Roy. Im flying out from England on 22nd Aug staying in NYC. Pleeeeaaase come to English shores again. Lee
vmackey10's picture

I don't get it, they are touring with Joe Cocker, ZZ Top,CSN,Buddy Guy, all these legends and Jersey gets My Morning Jacket. Come on guys thats not fair. Who's gonna go to see them.
vancevincent's picture

The new album is okay I think the set for the concert could be a little better.
jt5598's picture

Play all the classic petty.... u the man
amyh0ver's picture

Hi my name is Amy and I figured I would comment to try and ask if you would please please please play either Hometown Blues or Anything that's Rock 'n Roll. This is my 1st time seeing Tom Petty, who I absolutely love, he's my future husband he just doesn't know it :) and those are my 2 favorite songs and would love to hear at least one of them live! Thank you! and see you at the IZOD! I'll be in section 107!!!