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New York City, NY 07/28


Jul 28 2010
New York City, NY
Madison Square Garden

"Well, hello New York!" Tom said as the lights dimmed at the outset of Wednesday night's sold-out show at New York's famed Madison Square Garden. "It's great to be here with you once again, here in this great temple of rock!"

Kicking things off with "Listen to Her Heart," Tom and The Heartbreakers blazed a two-hour trail through their hit-heavy catalog, including several songs off Mojo. The new blues of Mojo seems to really energize both artist and audience, especially last night after a scorching opening set from the legendary Buddy Guy.

As the last notes of "American Girl" echoed in The World's Most Famous Arena, the Heartbreakers gathered at the lip of the stage and bowed. "Thank you," Petty said before walking off for the time. "'Til we meet again, New York."

Two nights in Philadelphia are up next! Come out and see us and remember to check back for more photos, videos and recaps from the tour!

New York City
Madison Square Garden
Tour Tracks: 
Jefferson Jericho Blues
First Flash Of Freedom
Running Man's Bible
I Should Have Known It
Good Enough
American Girl
Oh Well
Listen to Her Heart
Kings Highway
Don't Come Around Here No More
Free Fallin'
I Won't Back Down
Mary Jane's Last Dance
Runnin' Down A Dream
Learning To Fly


baffig's picture

i saw the heartbreakers over 25 times and not once did they dissapoint the band is always tight and they get right to the songs people are there to hear. just look at artist tom works with he is a legend w the dylans and arrisons of the world
chrisreaich's picture

Travelled with my pregnant wife from Scotland via California and VA Beach to see Tom and the Heartbreakers. Lifetime ambition fulfilled. Now we have a wee boy and he will definitely be a fan! :-) Tom, please tour europe soon!
robascher's picture

Every single song was perfect! I went with my dad. This was my first arena show, and it was probably one of the best experiences of my life. My throat was sore for days afterwards, but it was worth it! I was sitting on stage left, about 100 feet away (diagonally) from Tom's mic stand! I loved it. Can there be a "10" rating down here?
americangirl74's picture

I came from florida to see the show at MSG with my die hard Petty fan cousins!! Nothing like seeing ur favorite band with like minded people!!! We had a GREAT time at this show and it was well worth the time off work, travel, and money. Can say there is NOBODY else I would travel to see! Thank you for an excellent show!
hallington3's picture

Arrived from the UK especially for this show and was not dissappointed!!! What a great show..we couldn't have had a better night...thanks Tom and the Heartbreakers for making our trip worthwhile Truly unforgettable...FANTASTIC.
pettybrew's picture

I actually found myself in the crowd shot provided by the site. What an amazing show! Can't wait for Saratoga. Mix up the set list a little please!
irelandfan's picture

tom and the band were just amazing!! Such energy such rock! They gave it all they had and more!! Hit after hit, new songs from Mojo all brilliant. Travelled from Europe for the show and worth every bit of effort but PLEASE come over here to perform too? Fans here would really appreciate the show to the limit? Fabulous nite in MSG but Europe needs you too please? Well worth the wait and the effort - full marks to Tom and the Heartbreakers for an amazing show.
laurakhatibzadeh's picture

This is the 3rd time that my sisters and mom and I saw the Heartbreakers at MSG, and it was the best concert yet. We were on the floor in the 8th row, and I swear, it was one of the best nights of my life. Buddy Guy totally rocked it, and you could really feel the passion through his music.
I've been listening to Tom Petty since I was a baby, and I still can't get over how awesome he and the HB's are. I'm a teenager, and I think that Buddy Guy and the Heartbreakers totally own the newer, younger music artists. We will definitely keep coming back to see Tom Petty live. Keep on rockin'!

motion's picture

Well, the only thing I was disappointed with really was that Buddy Guy didn't get some of the video screen magic etc that can enhance a set. Other than that, I knew who Buddy Guy was coming in only really because I had seen him perform on HBO once for one song and I was blown away by him so I was excited to see that he was opening. But I wasn't sure if I was gonna like his songs plural form...Well, he blew me away even more. Had he had the video boards and all that nonsense his set would have been the equal of Petty's. After Buddy Guy, Tom Petty came out and I recognize at that Tom Petty is getting old (even though I had just watched a 74 year old man rock the house, I knew he was a special case), so I was wondering whether Petty was still going to be able to rock out the classics. But I was pretty confident he would be able to based on what I had heard from the new album MOJO. And he most certainly did. Very much enjoyed seeing him live. Just the same way I did when I was fortunate enough to see him six years ago. Well, the show six years ago was a little better but it didn't have much to do with Petty...I had a better look at the stage and I was outdoors on a grassy knoll. I enjoyed the atmosphere of it all a little more than being in MSG. But being in MSG ain't bad, neither especially for an indoor venue.
swrairigh's picture

What a treat! I've seen TPATHBs several times over the years but had never seen the band perform at MSG(The temple of Rock). Couldn't wait to see the show. Was the first person to sit down in section two. Felt like a kid waitng for Santa Claus! Buddy Guy was great. In addition to the "hits", it was great to hear and dance to Honey Bee. The Wildflowers Album really helped me get through some change....under my feet, babe, the grass is growin.....anyway, a real treat for the boy from little Anna Maria Island. Only bummer of the night was that Krispy(Crackey) Creme Donuts in Penn Station was closed. Great Band, Great Crowd, Great Show. I might just need to get down to FLA for the Tampa Show!!!!!
Anonymous's picture

Sitting center stage in the second row and seeing every facial movement of the band is something everyone needs to experience. Buddy Guy was great. You can see just how much he loves doing what he does. I wish I could have seen more than just an hour of his act. Tom, Mike and the band were very much on, as they usually are when I've seen them at MSG. Tom referred to it as "the temple of rock 'n' roll". Highlights included the buildup to the end of the regular set including "Don't Come Around Here No More" and "Refugee". The Mojo material was enjoyable but the consensus was we'd rather he do a couple of less new songs (he did 5 in a row) and I personally wished he did "You Wreck Me" and "Love is a Long Road". But alas we all have our favorites.
cowboy's picture

The audience participation was amazing !!!! Thank You.
campfan's picture

Ya'all must have rocked the statue of liberty
candyman's picture

Just want to thank Tom and The Heartbreakers for that incredible performnace last night at MSG. It was a night I will not soon forget. I saw sooo happy when I won the tickets on the facebook contest and my seats were fantastic. Thanks again for an amazing night.
juliecanflyy's picture

Tom and the Heartbreakers put on a great show but I'm very disappointed at the number of people who walked out while he played songs from the new album. People in my section even booed the new album. Everyone's entitled to their own opinion but when you boo Tom Petty....really? Why were you even there then? That's just rude. But I had a great time at the show. Buddy played the blues which was great and he has a wonderful sense of humor. I loved the energy they had and I'm glad Mike's feeling better!
workinmom4's picture

What a great, great show last night!! I am still singing. Many thanks to the Tom, Mike, Benmont, Ron, Steve and Scott who seem to just get better with time, just like fine wine.Gearing up now for the Saratoga Springs show.
cofey's picture

Can we all cut the nonsense here and just admit that Benmont is the best musician in the band? He didn't get a single solo all night!!! Tom, I had an absolute blast, and Buddy was just the perfect opener! But it's like you have such a tremendous talent standing 20 feet from you on stage and it was just ignored!! What gives?
outlawpetenj's picture

1st and only other time I saw TP he was one of the opening acts for Bruce at the No Nukes concert in MSG. I remember he rocked the house with his early hits. I had seats over the stage door and Bruce hung out right below us watching Tom. He clearly got into the act. But what I saw tonight is a now seasoned legend/veteran who is playing better than I've ever seen. Great show Tom!
cbortner's picture

We're off to NYC. Can't wait to hang out with my favorite guys--my husband,Tom, Mike, Benmont, Ron, Steve, and Scott. I LOVE TPATHB season. See you again in Phila and Phoenix. Thanks for the past 58 shows. You truly are the most passionate and talented band and have been my top stress reliever for over 30 years. Keep rockin' and making me smile!!!! I have my maracas..."OH WELL."
workinmom4's picture

Bought these tickets as my birthday gift. This will be our 6th show to see the band - the 7th will be next month at Saratoga Springs (anniversary present - it's the "2010 summer of the Heartbreakers" for us). We have never, ever been disappointed in any show. You leave singing and wanting more. I have never seen a band that really loves playing together like this band - you can feel it through the music. I enlisted four new converts for their first time show and assured them it will be AMAZING! Thanks guys for all of the years of GREAT music. Oh, and we are so diggin' Mojo. Great, great album.
sugarmags66's picture

okay tom taking all my girls tomorrow to see you and checking out the previous sets i am soo excited!!! the st louis show sounded amazing!! play that for us new yorkers!! it will be my daughters first show and i cant wait to share the experience with them!! see you tomorrow!!
tpantino's picture

The weather has been hot. But it is going to be SCORCHING on Wednesday in New York City when the boys rock Madison Square Garden. And don't miss Buddy Guy, he's a legend and a big influence on Tom and the Heartbreakers. It's nice to see what got them going in their youth and helped shape what they became - our Rock 'n Roll heroes!
kenteby_2's picture

my best friend in high school and i hitched our wagon to the heartbreaker express in 1982 at stabler arena- lehigh university, PA. i was 15. he was 16- and could drive the hour to the show. it was the long after dark tour. stage was unadorned, band was insane. pure, unhinged rock and roll. that was 28 years ago. i haven't missed a tour. we're reuniting at the garden for the 2010 tour tomorrow, my best friend and i. who knew?! well, i think we had a pretty good idea...
mslizzie's picture

Going with my best friend for her birthday. Going to Heartbreaker's show's since 1981. Would love to hear "Woman in Love". A real throw back and a great song. The live version on the new box set is totally awesome!! See you tomorrow!!
p3rsson's picture

Came to USA on friday from Sweden. Really looking forward to the concert. You rock Tom!
unafaery's picture

So psyched about the show tomorrow! My fiance and I bought floor tickets months ago. Tom Petty has meant a great deal to us and this show is exactly 1 month from our wedding. We're hoping the set list switches up a little, as we'd love to hear The Waiting, but we are just thrilled to be able to go!!!
crispun's picture

I flew from Barcelona on Saturday, and I never thought I would be so close to live a live experience with TP & The Heartbreakers. If there's a surprise i'd love to hear on the setlist this would be JJ Cale's thirteen days. Anyway just to be there on wednesday will be one of the moments in my life.
pettybrew's picture

My girl bought us great floor seats for my birthday. I saw Buddy guy in Montclair a couple months ago and this is going to be a killer combo of a show. I hope Buddy jams with Tom and the boys. If I were to make one request for a song that hasn't been on the tour yet it would be "Even The Losers" (her favorite).
dmoneymaker's picture

boneroo's picture

i know its kind of lame but its my friends birthday but i figure who knows worth a shot, couple years back we went and saw springsteen on my same friends birthday and bruce randomly sang happy birthday which was pretty cool, and itd be cooler if you did it, and if you sing happy birthday then i dont have to and i think everyone with ears will appreciate that. see you wednesday