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Vancouver, BC 06/08


Jun 08 2010
Vancouver, BC
GM Place

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers headed north of the border on Tuesday night for a highly anticipated appearance in Vancouver, British Columbia that rounded out the first week of the Mojo Summer 2010 tour.

With a week -til the release date, Canadians already appear to be familiar with Mojo - songs like "Running Man's Bible" and "Jefferson Jericho Blues" were not only appreciated by the packed house at General Motors Place, but also recognized. Fans sang along with Tom on "I Should Have Known It" and anticipated Mike Campbell's blistering guitar solo on "First Flash of Freedom."

Despite the presence of new songs in the set, Tom and the band still get it up for the classics in their extensive catalog. "Don't Come Around Here No More" and "Refugee" slammed the door on the set before the band emerged for "You Wreck Me" to start the encore. By the time "Runnin' Down A Dream" hit, the crowd was in a frenzy. Another night of incredible rock 'n roll in the books.

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GM Place
Tour Tracks: 
Jefferson Jericho Blues
First Flash Of Freedom
Running Man's Bible
I Should Have Known It
Good Enough
Mystic Eyes
American Girl
Oh Well
Kings Highway
Don't Come Around Here No More
Free Fallin'
I Won't Back Down
Mary Jane's Last Dance
Runnin' Down A Dream
Learning To Fly
Drivin' Down To Georgia


diannem's picture

Dear Tom Petty, I want to thank you for one of the most memorable evenings of my life. I dreamed of seeing you in concert for 15 years and my dream came true in Vancouver on June 8. Your music has seen me through some tough times and it was an amazing experience to see you live in concert. You were as wonderful as I could have imagined - thank you for that beautiful smile, for being grateful to your fans and giving us a truly fantastic performance along with the Heartbreakers. I love you for what your music has given me. Thank you Tom Petty!
jpaulpetty's picture

Mr. Petty, thank you. My wife and I have seen you many times, and you just keep getting better and better. I love how you bring a different performance to every song you sing. And thanks for inviting Mr. Cocker. He gave 'er. I'm still clapping for your encore. Paul
lazlow's picture

This is was my 8th show, and my first at the GM Place. (Maybe some day they'll play the Toyota Centre-- I imagine that shows there sometimes don't stop, hee hee).

Both the band and audience were as energetic and enthusistic as I've ever seen them. And it was great to get a generous helping of Mojo songs.

The sing-along part of "Learning to Fly" was especially well done.

For me, the highlight of Joe Cocker's set was his version of "Come Together" -- which is hands-down my favorite Beatle song.
sedunova's picture

It's been 31 years since you guys first caught my ear with 'Refugee' and there's been no turning back since then. That led me to discover the GREATEST ROCK 'N' ROLL ALBUM OF ALL TIME...

No, not your FIRST ALBUM, like many critics suggest, but in my opinion 'YOU'RE GONNA GET IT' was so full of raw, youthful energy and angst-filled' lyrics with Tom and the Heartbreakers in the the prime of their youth - it will forever stand up as good old American rock 'n' roll at it's finest, in it's finest hour.

This cocky angst carried right through to the smashing success of 'Damn the Torpedoes' which formally introduced them to the rest of the continent - and the world. Since then I've heard every album and have seen many concerts and it's just SO NICE to see you all back in Vancouver and having SO MUCH FUN performing together after all these years. Keep it up - have a great tour guys!!

mjhutchison's picture

I've been waiting for a few years to see TP&HB again, and the concert did not disappoint! Been a fan for 30 years, so I'm a little biased :) First, Joe Cocker was great - what a treat to see him live, and he got a wonderful reception from the crowd. Kudos to whomever chose Joe as an opener, when I first heard he was opening I was sort of ambivalent, but wow, I'm glad he did. Tom & the band were simply superb... great selection of songs, great sound, just the right amount of lighting & effects, especially the strobes and lasers during "Don't Come Around Here No More". The audience seemed a little unsure of the first two new songs from Mojo, but gave a warm reception to "Running Man's Bible" and "I Should Have Known" - those two seem to have that great TPHB edge to them, and are very catchy. Absolutely loved the audience singing along so enthusiastically to Free Fallin, I Won't Back Down, and Learning To Fly - what a great testament to their popularity. On the Ticketmaster site someone complained about the sing-along, saying they wanted to hear the artist; so I have to wonder how many concerts they've really attended - that's part of the experience! If I were an artist, it would be a great compliment to hear thousands of people singing along. Anyways, I was really happy with the set list - a nice cross-section of their material. Of course, I'd love to hear them play for hours on end, but we know that's not possible. As it is they played for a couple of hours, Joe Cocker sang for at least an hour, and I'll get to download the new album on the 15th as part of the fan package - I'd say it was a helluva deal, and can't complain at all ! Thanks Tom & the Heartbreakers, your magic/skill/art continues to amaze me and make me feel so incredibly grateful to witness.
proudwife's picture

The redesign of the website is great - everything is in one place! The photos are amazing - I feel like I was there!
googoogajoob4's picture

May I also say well done on the I LOVE this tour recap feature. being able to see the set lists and click on each song to see when and how often its been played....just awesome. Its a Petty fan's candystore. And a feast for someone who loves live music. SO well done. Best one I have ever seen. Thanks so much for the extra effort.
warrenjn's picture

I took my 3 daughters to the concert and I don't think I've ever enjoyed a TP concert as much. My youngest is quite small and the security staff were so good with her allowing her to get right up front, giving her a glow stick and at the end of the concert they gave her the set list !! The music was as usual "Brilliant" and I am looking forward to the 'Hollywood Bowl" concert.
googoogajoob4's picture

I am almost glad I waited until the night after the show to write my review. I spent the day dodging several types of negativity to try and retain the elation and confidence the Tom Petty show had given me. It got pretty hairy. I also read some reviews of the show online and in the local papers, some of which had criticisms that very obnoxiously missed the mark. Some fans were upset to hear any of the new album Mojo, hoping more for a greatest hits show. I’ll be honest, by the time I sat down to write this, I had convinced myself I had lost the mojo, so to speak. So I put on the Peter Bogdanovich documentary Runnin’ Down a Dream about the birth and life of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. It took five minutes for me to get my mojo back; that is something only Tom Petty can do, and I got live proof of that at GM place on June 8. I employed my usual concert all-business approach once I got my ticket from will call. I go straight to the merch table to get my t-shirt, ruthlessly jumping line several times. Limited options for t-shirts at this show (Joe Cocker had more), but the grey shirt with the Tom Petty stencil drawing on it was amazing and a must have. After getting my shirt and changing into it while walking to the beer line, I purchased my death draught and beelined to the seats. 12 row on the floor, so close I could read the set list. And I kid you not; five minutes after we sat down, Joe Cocker’s band took the stage. I was totally jazzed to find out Cocker was playing; he has always been on my list of must-sees, it was a swell bonus to an already delightful concert scenario. Cocker has still got it, wailing the way he always did with just as much “throwing toaster in the bathtub” body spasms as we came to expect in his woollier Woodstock days. His band is perfect for his soul gospel delivery. A special shout out to the backup singers who reminded me how much I would love to have a sequined dress and sing backup for Joe Cocker: the wheels are turning. He thrilled me by pulling out three Beatles covers. His version of Come Together was gravelly and well chewed, and She Came in Through the Bathroom Window was a treat noticed by surprising few (I turned around and exclaimed to those around me “what’s the matter with you?!”), but it was the live version of his cover of With a Little Help from my Friends that really brought the house down. It took you over with impeccable backing vocals and loose jammy solos. Excellent. 1 ½ hour opening set with an encore, something I have never seen before. It was a perfect appetizer for what was to come. Once I got back from my second beer dash, the lights were going down for Petty. And that was the last time I remember feeling my toes for two hours. First of all, let me give Petty credit for representing and nurturing a sensibility within rock n roll that has been slowly dying since the mid 70s; he resurrects it with his pure love and fascination of it. The desire to do nothing else. He brings that out in his audience as well. His smile is so confident, not cocky but confident. Such a peace in knowing that this is what he lives for. It is the same quality that makes his music so rich and visceral. A Petty show is also a feast for the guitar geek. It's is a buffet of Rickenbacker and Les Paul. Rickenbacker porn is a phrase that could depict this properly. I was drooling. Classic and beautiful tools of rock n roll. Nothing overdone or gimmicky, just the classics that have been producing the sound that brought Tom Petty out of Gainesville and into the Hall of Fame. The set list was perfect. He gave me a nice dose of Wildflowers (1994) with You Don’t Know How it Feels and it made me realize that I was going to be expertly guided through his catalogue in an inspired way. Much like a perfectly made mix tape (I’m dating myself now). By the time he got to the tracks from the new album Mojo, the fans were already totally on board. And I was so proud of the Vancouver audience because we embraced the Mojo tracks lovingly. A great percentage of the audience knew all the words and we sang along with him, proving that our trust in Petty was so great, we were ready to make Mojo a classic one whole week before it is even released. In a music industry turning more fickle by the day, it is rare to see longevity and loyalty as pure as that. And then there is Petty himself, still a clear-eyed rock n roller with a taste of the devil behind his grin yet with absolutely no agenda. He embraced that old Fender and smiled like he had just slid into a Jacuzzi. He glided across the stage during the Fleetwood Mac cover Oh Well with maracas held in his outstretched arms, feeling every bounce of the rhythm in that tune. He isn’t your typical front man, he is just part of the band and he loves the music they make. The Heartbreakers self-proclaimed style of “don’t bore us, get to the chorus” just gets you there. Hard. No nonsense at all. It was so refreshing. It made me feel like I had just remembered something incredible about myself and about music, and the relief that washed over me was totally freeing. The band is such a great rock band. Notably lead guitarist Mike Campbell, a consummate lead guitar player, his presence is so tight and solid. His solo in the Mojo track “I Should Have Known” it is Zeppelin-ish and completely badass. Seriously, I cannot WAIT to hear this album on the 15th. Keyboardist Benmont Tench is such a remarkable asset to a rock band, his musical prowess and his deep understanding of rock n roll makes him irreplaceable. He injects everything from Little Richard to Paul McCartney to the proceedings, it’s pretty stellar. One can see quite easily why a rock fan like Petty would choose to make music with these men. This concert was a treat; I was enjoying a rock show by one of the last true rock artists. By the time Won’t Back Down was played, I was plugged right in. And I sang along with that song, I felt it deep within me as a way to be. I knew that this way of thinking was what made Petty who he was; the guy who wouldn’t let the record labels get away with pirating his work from him, who wouldn’t let a changing industry turn him into something he wasn’t, the guy who carried rock n roll on his shoulders through a battlefield of perversion over the years. Tom Petty is the real deal. He plays rock n roll and has nothing to hide. And he does it because he loves it and truly believes in what he is made of. That is what they call Mojo, and Tom Petty is chock full of it.
neenbay's picture

It was an unbelievable show, it was everything I expected and more. Tom is truly the god of rock!!!
campfan's picture

As always the pictures are awesome......Ya'all are lookin'so good...and the high energy comin' from the stage was captured thru the camera in a spectacular that pic of Mike and Steve Tom's shirt is awesome....!! let's roll to the next one.....!
fmb777's picture

See? Mike Campbell approves! Grandma approves. Concerts are for dancing!
houstonscorner's picture

Tom Petty & The Heart Breakers were fanfuckingtastic!! what a double bill, reminded me of when I saw Edgar Winter and Lynrd Skynrd What a night that was! this one was just as good!! Saw Joe Cocker over 30 years ago and was blown away at his performance last night. 70 yrs young and still full of that growling bluesy soul that rock is all about!!! It's great to see musicians get on stage, throw some mud on it and fucking rip it!!! old school is the only school!!!!!!
kasasko's picture

excellent show!! the sound was amazing, they couldn't have picked a better set list and i loved the fleetwood mac cover, "oh well".
jennalynnflynn's picture

The show was SPECTACULAR! I LOVED the mix of hits with the new MOJO tracks! The Heartbreakers all looked like they were really into the new songs. You can tell that this new album really highlights each of their talents. We were 2nd ROW and it was so great to have TOM come over and just look you right in the eye as he pounded on the guitar! SUCH a great show! I HAD SO MUCH FUN! In the front row there was every age group right from a little boy of around 11 years old to a grooving grandma who danced the whole show! Mike Campbell kept on looking at her and smiling! SO GREAT! Thanks SO much for coming to VANCOUVER! Can't wait for the next show!
lisamc23's picture

So sad its over! BUt it was AWWEEESOME! AND also, i had to wait til 6 to pick up my tickets as well and there werent even any line ups, btw. No sense in whining.
branka's picture

Only one word can describe the show....AMAZING!!!!
googoogajoob4's picture

I had to rearrange deals too for the pre sale thing. But who cares? I am seeing Tom Petty!!!! Dinner can wait. I got floor seats without having to pay some asshole scalper. Thanks Tom. I will fucking be there and I will be making a scene! Thanks SO much for coming to Vancouver this time around. I find it symbolic that the sun came out today for the first time in days. Heft times ahead. Bring it on, sir.
houstonscorner's picture

Bot 4 tickets to tonight's show in Vancouver presale fan club. went this morning to pick up tickets as we were told we could do by box office quite sometime ago, only to be told we can't get them as a last minute decision from tour operator means pick up starts @ 6:00pm only(website now shows 5:45pm) I get the whole scalper issue... problem is I turn 50 today and we had a whole afternoon and dinner planned... even bot two more tickets a few days ago for friends as our 2 sons are coming with us, those 2 tickets are better than our 4 we bot months ago and were released same day. they will be counting the wrinkles on the bands faces!! we are last row section 114. have to cxl dinner plans as i will not gamble on missing Joe Cocker while standing in line to get tickets that were paid for months ago as box office has no idea how many tickets are for 6:00pm pick up and how long we might have to stand in line. it is still going to be the best b day ever, watching Joe Cocker and Tom Petty & the heart breakers with family but very disappointing to cxl plans and the realization that we could have bought better tickets and not have to line up like cattle! Mike h