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Detroit, MI 07/22


Jul 22 2010
Detroit, MI
Palace of Auburn Hills

Afternoon showers didn-t dampen any spirits for Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers- triumphant return to the Motor City-s Palace of Auburn Hills on Thursday night.

With a recuperated Mike Campbell in tow, Tom and the gang came out guns blazing in Detroit. "We-re in a city that likes to rock, so how -bout we play some rock music, ok?" Tom asked the Palace crowd, which responded with a resounding roar.

The band kicked things off with "Listen to Her Heart" before leading the arena in a glorious sing-a-long to "You Don-t Know How It Feels." "Takin- My Time," from the band-s new album, Mojo, made its third appearance on the tour while "You Wreck Me" resurfaced after an eight-show hiatus.

After wrapping up the Mojo portion of the show, Tom thanked the crowd for appreciating the new music, remarking, "Michigan always has great crowds. You know I married a Michigan girl." By the time the band reached the set-closing "Refugee," you couldn-t wipe the grins off the band members- faces - especially Mike-s.

Next up: The Steel City! Come out and see us in Pittsburgh and check back for more photos, videos and recaps from the tour!

Palace of Auburn Hills
Tour Tracks: 
Jefferson Jericho Blues
Running Man's Bible
I Should Have Known It
Good Enough
American Girl
Oh Well
Listen to Her Heart
Kings Highway
Don't Come Around Here No More
Free Fallin'
I Won't Back Down
Mary Jane's Last Dance
Runnin' Down A Dream
Learning To Fly


mcbratt26's picture

I was at the show at the Palace in Auburn Hills and it was another great performance by Tom and the band. I especially enjoyed Something Good Coming, which is such a powerful track. The band was good and tight, but they had a Rolling Stones kind of looseness to them. If that makes sense. I would have liked to hear Let Yourself Go from Mojo, which I think is the best track on the album. Mojo maybe the first album that I ever bought where the tracks get stronger the further you go. This is the third time that I have seen Tom Petty, hopefully it will not be the last. Keep up the good work.
jptroy's picture

This was my 7th time seeing Tom and the boys and I can honestly say that the heartbreakers are one of the only bands that can keep a crowd on their feet the entire show. Great show as always and looking forward to number 8 hopefully in the near future. My very first heartbreakers concert was at the pine knob in the 90s. A friend and myself went there without tickets and bought some tix that were set aside for the band and vips. We sat right next to Mike Campbells nephew and one of his friends. They were following the band all around during the summer that year. Mikes nephew was pretty pissed that I didnt know who Mike was at the time. I loved the band just didnt really know all the history at the time. The show was great and I ended up front row with Mikes nephew who was jumping up and down much to Mike and Toms delight it was a night I will never forget. 6 shows later and prolly a decade since I can assure Mike nephew who is prolly in his late 20s now that I know who Mike Campbell is and since that night realize that without Mikes genious songwriting the heartbreakers wouldnt be the same. God bless Mike and Tom and the rest of the boys some no longer with us for a night that we could just kick back and forget all our troubles and just rock and roll. I hope they know how they make us feel.
jenr1's picture

Hi Guys!Was really lucky to be able to "literally" see you this time around. Last time you were here, due to my MS, I was so sick had to give my tickets away. This Spring, lost 1/2 the vision in each eye and thought "oh no, I'll miss out again". Music is my world and you guys are the biggest part of it. When I'm having a bad day or a day when I'm stuck in bed, I get relief from you or from the pain I go through. At any rate, came to your show, was ULTRA excited, have seen you guys several times before but it's been a while. You ROCKED The Palace! I danced, sang, jumped & yep even cried when you sang "I Won't Back Down" because in my life I simply won't, but then pulled it together. Loved all the new songs off of Mojo (& have since it's release(& it was so great to see all of you having so much fun too. You are all excellent muscians & poets! Thanks for giving me the best present of the ENTIRE Summer! I'm still grinning & jammin' out to you. Tom, I do miss you on satellite radio so hope you'll come back to doing that. Hope I get to see you 1 more time this year but if not "I had me a real good time" to quote Rod Stewart, and then some! Thank you ALL from the bottom of my heart! You guys are THE BEST and I've met so many muscians in my time & seen so many really big bands but you all get along & just sort of make it one big jamfest with the audience and yourselves included. I send this to all of you from the bottom of my heart! Keep on rockin'! Your Friend in the Motor City!
starrysky90's picture

I have been a very loyal fan for 30 years. It was my birthday that night in Detroit. I go see Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers every time they tour. This was an incredible performance. I had also gone to the Summerfest show Jun.26th. I was 5th row there. So glad I got to be 1st row in Detroit. Such an awesome experience!!! So glad to hear lots of the new Mojo songs as they are all so tight. Also, if anyone from the band reads this please give my deepest thanks to the photographer who posted my pic on the website and was able to get me the setlist since when Mike threw his wrist band to me the guy next to me clawed it out of my hand and ran off with it. I really appreciate everything he did for me to make this an unforgettable part of my life. I am so glad to have gotten a memento out of it after all. Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers....I love you guys, your music is phenomenal...always a great show. Please keep rockin' this American Girl for many years to come. Best band ever!!!! :)
bluemoonpie's picture

My 20th Petty Show...this was the best ever!
americangirl82's picture

What an *AMAZING* show! our tickets got upgraded which was a great surprise! sat on Benmont's side of the stage and got to watch him rock, which is always awesome! Love those guys! Anyone figure out which hotel they stayed at?? I hung out by tour buses at the Townsend in Birmingham for 4 hours that day only to find out at the last minute they didn't belong to Tom and the guys...they were for Huey Lewis! haha! so disappointed! they have stayed there in the past, but anyone know where they were at this time?
cjlb's picture

Tom knew he rocked and he was so infused into his show business that he sauntered, posed, "conducted," and moved precisely because he knew the audience would eat it up. Each pose brought with it a chorus of "Woooo!" that worked its way back into the enthusiasm of the band on stage. “We’re in a city that likes to rock, so how ‘bout we play some rock music, ok?” Okay, Mr. Petty. He could've told me to eat worms and I would've contemplated it, as long as they were rock 'n roll worms. There's a full review here:
campfan's picture

Good to see that Mr Mike is back.....just remember the fluids.....Tom.....that red boots are'em
bluemoonpie's picture

Best Show EVER!
kswan's picture

I cant believe i saw what i just saw!! it was my first pertty show and i have been a fan for years... i cried a few times cause it was too good to be true i was 15 rows away from the man of the show! they are the best band ever and always will be in my eyes, keep it up i wanna see u more !!!love u toma petty and the heartbreakers!!!!!!
hneitzke's picture

Back home again. Was a fun road trip, so good to see the band and they sounded sooo incredible. The set list was great, really liked hearing the new MOJO songs. Had great seats, was loving being there. Seemed like the band was enjoying the feedback from the crowd too. Glad Mike is ok. Have a great Mojo tour! See you on your next tour through Michigan.
mar123's picture

Last night was my 4 show this summer(Both Milwaukee shows, Chicago and Detroit). Was not planning on the Detroit show. Bought my tickets @ 5pm last night(Ticketmaster) Section 113 Row A seats 3 & 4. Got to the Palace @ 8:30pm. Nicole at will call made our night by changing our seats to 7th row , seats 10 & 11. Tom & The Heartbreakers were outstanding once again. Mike Campbell came back from the disabled list(as Tom put it) and was incredible!!!!! What a summer. Now hoping to win the Hollywood Bowl tickets from Fox news. Thanks to Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers for an awesome summer!!!!!
gretsch_rocker89's picture

Because I won my tickets through Facebook... I've been unsuccessful in redeeming the free digital album because it doesn't recognize my e-mail! Yikes, can someone help me out or toss me a code so I can crank this great record through my stereo system?
marrythismichigangirl's picture

What an AWESOME show last night at the Palace in Detroit! We were in the 3rd row in front of Scott Thurston, awesome on harmonica.. Tom is SO sexy, loved the red boots baby! Hope you guys rock out here in Michigan for many, many years to come! Marry Me Tom!
gretsch_rocker89's picture

I can't believe I rushed out the door without my camera when the tickets I won wound up being 2nd row center stage seats at $300 each! Holy cow the show was absolutley awesome! As a 20 yr old guitar player, to be so close to the stage and see TP, one of my musical heros, and the band right there in front of me was unreal. It was like a dream! Too good to be true! The band was flawless and the audio mix was awesome! Sounded like a CD. Thank you so much for the tickets. I will forever cherish tonight's show for the rest of my life! I'd have been happy sitting anywhere... I can't believe I was 2nd row! Thank you guys so much. This will be a moment that I will never forget! I was even lucky enough to get one of the guitar picks that the stage crew threw at the end!

(I tried my best with my cellphone camera HaHa)
Anonymous's picture

Detroit ROCKED tonight, MIke is ok - he told me. Special thanks for making my 1st show of the tour superb and my 15 yr nephew 1st concert ever. Steve gave him his drumsticks! STeve, thank you!! he is so happy. Thanks Tom for the pic. the setlist was jam packed awesome. love the new MOJO tunes! Ben looked great and continues to be the best dressed HB. love Scott's face expressions and Ron rocks! see you next month in CT and Boston. THANK YOU i am so happy
awomaninlove's picture

Hey TPHB website this site says anonymous and "not verified". I posted this I was sitting in the front row in front of Mike, I had a sign that said Stay Cool, (he had an issue 2 nites before in OH) Mike leaned over and told me he was ok and at the end of the concert Steve gave his drumsticks to my nephew sitting next to me, Back in 2010 TPHB website posted pics from each concert and YOUR photographer had pics of Steve giving the sticks to my big deal just at a family reunion now and my whole family is talking about how I turned them onto TPHB.....we went looking for the pics, look me up I have been "awomaninlove" on TPHB website for 15+ yeArs always posted true... Pls put my TPHB name next to my post from July 2010 show, will mean a lot to the kids in my family

piechez's picture

Look out Detroit! Here comes the greatest band of the last 30 years... If you never saw TP&the HBs.. do yourself a favor go to the show tonite.. Rock Detroit boys!
shoprat73's picture

How about playing Honey Bee!
mrbigglesworth123's picture

how do you find out the song list hell be playing? Plz play somthing good comming!
grew_up_fast's picture

...and an Apartment Song...I'm Waiting. Rest up Mike. Get ready to rock Detroit!
grew_up_fast's picture

...and an Apartment Song...I'm Waiting. Rest up Mike. Get ready to Rock Detroit!
km323's picture

We would love to hear Free Falling several times!!!
Anonymous's picture

i pray Mike is better and his doctors say its ok to perform; the only reason i am flying to Detroit is to see TPHB; JAMMIN ME is a great show opener..please play
dnord17's picture

Please play Let Yourself Go instead of Should have know it or Flash of Freedom. Also Honey Bee and Breakdown. I have seen this band more than any other band ever including the Stones
agp3075's picture

I can not wait for the show. TP's wife is from Michigan. Dana grew up in Flushing and is a great person. TP always puts on a great show when he plays Detroit area venues.
Anonymous's picture

Detroit will be my 1st show of the tour, flying to Boston to take my 15 yr old nephew to his 1st concert, it would be awesome if the band opened with our favorite tune JAMMIN ME; that would rock they haven't played it since opening the Echo tour in '99, i do love whatever Tom and the HB play
americangirl82's picture

Yeah! Somethin Good Comin and Pirates Cove would ROCK the Palace! Would love to hear them! Thanks for everything TP&HB! Love you guys!
gretsch_rocker89's picture

This is gonna be absolutley awesome! I just won tickets today through the Facebook page, not to mention that it'll be 1st TPATH show ever! Words can't describe how excited I am. I can't wait! For a 20 yr old guitar player such as myself to finally have a chance to catch the band play live, it doesn't get any better than this! Thank you TP for the free tickets! Palace Of Auburn Hills here I come!
bernieboop's picture

While everyone is in the request making mood: New song not in current rotation would love to hear: CANDY Old song not in current lineup would love to hear: EVEN THE LOSERS Yup. Bring it.