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St. Louis, MO 07/18


Jul 18 2010
St. Louis, MO
Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre

In the six weeks since the Mojo tour kicked off at Red Rocks, we've seen some pretty gutsy feats, both on and off the stage. The band, the crew, the bus drivers, truckers and the opening acts have all been fantastic - but nothing tops the courageous performance delivered by Mike Campbell in sweltering-hot St. Louis on Sunday night.

Mike played his heart out as usual, but after suffering from heat exhaustion that forced him to leave the stage late in the set for a ten-minute break, he returned with Tom and the band for a courageous three-song encore of "Refugee," "Runnin' Down A Dream" and "American Girl." The roar from the appreciative amphitheater was deafening.

Next up: Blossom Music Center! Come out and see us in Cleveland and check back for more photos, videos and recaps from the tour!

St. Louis
Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre
Tour Tracks: 
Jefferson Jericho Blues
Running Man's Bible
I Should Have Known It
Good Enough
American Girl
Oh Well
Listen to Her Heart
Kings Highway
Don't Come Around Here No More
Free Fallin'
I Won't Back Down
Mary Jane's Last Dance
Runnin' Down A Dream
Learning To Fly


flyinghighrainbowsky's picture

I really wish I could have gone to this. I'm a younger Tom fan and I really hope he goes on tour again so I can see him live. I'd travel really far just to be able to see him and the Hearbreakers in concert, man.
casinagirl's picture

What a great great time we had at the concert! Won 5th row center tickets here on facebook and couldn't have been more excited. We had just seen you in Milwaukee, so I guess we can say, "We've just been hangin out with Tom this summer." Thanks so much for giving us such an awesome experience. You are truely the best!
rknrlrbl's picture

Must have been an amazing performance. The Heartbreakers also gave us 3 encores in Milwaukee. They love their work and it shows. They are playing their hearts out and giving it their all this hot summer. Looking forward to Live tracks selected for downloading. Wonder which they'll choose. Seriously, they could make a double live "album" including the entire set from Milwaukee. It was that good. Real punch and finesse to the sound. Old and new were played great. Thinking maybe there was too much crowd singing along, screaming, applause, sheer enjoyment with the music to record. Reminded me of the early Beatles concerts though crowd was a tad older. What do think down there? If possible, "Oh Well", "Refugee", and "Running Man's Bible" would be great to here live again. Best of all to St. Louis. We're straigh up the road from you all.
hfink94's picture

So after 5 days im still thinking about how amazing that concert was so I got crafty and made this painting today!
donnyb's picture

TOM You guys were awesome in kC &ST.LOUIS Thank God Mike is ok, my prayers are with the Heartbreakers. Look forward to a concert in ST.LOUIS next year. MOJO is awesome.
hfink94's picture

I gotta say that this was one of the best shows I have ever been to. Tom Petty's voice continues to sound the same as when the Heartbreakers first started. The band also sounds amazing still. Mike showed alot of commitment to his fans at this show because if I felt like crap I would not be going back out on that stage but he pulled through for us and played my all time favorite song and favorite petty song American Girl and for that I thank you guys! Oh by the way..if the guy with the long blond hair, red bandanna, black top hat and skinny face just like young tom petty sees are awesome dude!
pettyhead1979's picture

Mike, I hope you're feeling better. You're a class act to finish the show. Wishing you and the band a safe and healthy rest of the tour! Saw you at The Gorge in WA last month for the 14th never disappoint!
campfan's picture

I respected Mike Campbell so much...but this wonderfull pics only makes me respecting him more He had the courage,pride and professionalism to get back up on that stage and finish the performance......not wanting to let anybody down...and still looked pretty awesome up there.... What a Guy....What a Guitarist.... God bless you just some else!
samforaquicksec's picture

this was my first tom petty concert and it blew my mind! the seats we had were only 14 rows back and i couldve sworn i saw tom look at me! hahaha, at least i wish. come back to st louis sooooooooooooooon! so soon!
propaperboy's picture

I've been dreaming of that day since I was a small child. Been a Tom Petty and the Heart Breakers fan my whole life. It was more of an experience than I could ever imagined it would be. Glad Mike is okay and loved the encores. Driving down to Ga. was my fav. God bless and hope this is the first of many I will see!!!!!!!!!!!!
cscarter's picture

I have been a TPAHB fan for 33 years and traveled from my home in N. Fla. to St. Louis to see the show , as I won great tickets from a fb contest. I was in the third row center and it was worth every second of the drive and heat to see Tom and the Heartbreakers! Mike Campbell did an amazing job....It was incredibly hot and I am from Fl., I am very accustom to triple digit heat, but this heat was different! When I was 11 and living with abusive parents, the words to the band's songs, and the fact that Tom grew up close to our hometown, gave me hope for something better. Their music touches my soul..On Mojo,, I cry everytime I hear it. It was an awesome night....Thanks guys!
conzo8fan's picture

A very big thank you to Mike Campbell for coming out for the encore. You don't know how much that meant to the fans. I, for one, am very appreciative, however I was concerned about half way thru the 2nd song of the encore. I could tell it was a struggle for him, but he hung in there and gave it all he had. Hope you follow dr.'s orders, rest and take care of yourself. The show was awesome! I've seen the band at least 10 times and it never gets old. Loved the lasers. The frenzy of lasers and guitars at the end of "Don't Come Around Here No More" absolutely gave me chills. As long as TP & the HB keep playing, I'll keep coming to shows. Please, play indoor venues next time around and consider Peoria IL Civic Center. Its a great venue. Thanks for the great show!!!
thezoellners's picture

Glad to hear Mike is OK. He made the news as the teaser into last night’s weather report. The Sunday night show in STL was perfect. Took my 13 year old son to his first concert. Needless to say he saw me perform a far-cry from my coaching role that he might have been accustomed to. :) You gotta see the Mojo material live! The beat and mix on “I Should Have Known" hooked me as I was a little skeptical going in on Mojo. I now understand the Mojo! The boys finally pulled the switch on their southern rock roots, as they may have been trying to stay out of that sound since there were so many of those bands coming out of Fla. at the time. I now have myself a new set of bar-b-que jams! Thanks Tom, Mike and the HB boys!
cleann13's picture

Last night in St. Louis was my first TP & HB show. I drove 6 hours from Arkansas to come and it was worth every mile. I am glad to hear Mike is ok. Thank you to all of the band for a rockin night of awesome music!!!!! This was the best show I have ever seen!!!! Cannot wait till the next tour!!!!!!
jojo10976's picture

You guys rocked it in STL last night! I was in the 4th row and could tell that it took everything left in Mike to come back on stage for the encore! I hope he got the hydration and rest he probably needed. TP and the HB is my favorite band and seeing you guys live transports me to another place every time!! Fabulous show!
kaiserm's picture

I wasn't at this show, but when is saw TP and the HB's in Virginia in 2008 it was about 100 degrees and they all came on wearing sportcoats. I was sweating so much wearing short and a t-shirts and these guys are wearing black pants, vests and long sleeve shirts. I am not surprised they don't pass out more often with their wardrobe choices, but you gotta look good to rock. Glad to hear Mike is doing better.
shakeherd's picture

First things first, glad to hear Mike is doing better or prayers are with you and the guys. All this talk about play this and play that is bull----. Your set list was awsome. You guys rocked the house and that's all we needed. Old stuff was top shelf and the new stuff was right there with the old, a all around rock'en night. It was my sons first concert and I said what did you think?, he said " I LOVED IT". Keep playing it your way. Love you guys. God bless you all. See you on the next one.
ohmymyohellyes's picture

I was in the front on the left with Mike Campbell 3 feet away from me. the heat & humidity were brutal, I can't imagine what it must have been like on stage with the heat from the lights. Mike was kickin it up on the guitar AWESOME but I could see that he was very pale & not looking good. But still kickin *ss with his fingers flying on the guitar. Then he turned white as a ghost & went down. 10 minutes later back out on stage, just goes to show you.... "you never slow down, you never grow old" Rest & be well Mike! You are surrounded with the love & good vibes of millions of fans.
mmlamore's picture

After performing for over an hour in our brutal midwest hear--Mike was overcome at the show last night. They helped him off the stage--had a doc check him out--cooled him off---and he came back with a vengance. Thank you for a great, hot, sweaty, ropck and roll night:)
tpathstl's picture

Mr. Petty, I have been a fan now for about 5 of my 16 years a live, but have learned everything i can about you. I've watched your documentary and listened to the live anthology and was sad to hear your show in Kansas City being very similar to the Live Versions of many of those songs I have, nothing really mind blowing. I'm going to your show in St. Louis tonight and my dad and I would love to hear Mystic Eyes, it looks like your setlist has been the same for several nights, which just doesnt seem like class Petty. Hopefully you get the post, Thanks.
normal45's picture

For some reason my comments are not posting..Please open tonights St Louis concert with Jammin Me or play it in tonights set... Thank you!
normal45's picture

Thank you...!!!
spalbers2141's picture

Can't wait for the show, the whole family is going. Took my 1st daughter when she was 3 to see the band and all of my kids back in 06. TP & the HBs has been all the kids 1st concert! Now I'm a bit upset over the price change. I bought 6 lawn tickets @ $38.50 each. Now they are $20 or 4 for $60. We all should be going for $100 but I paid $231. No refunds or exchanges - Big Rip Off - I blame Verizon Wireless for the exchange policy. Complete BS. But I will enjoy the show, my last at The Verizon Amphitheater!!!!
steveblome's picture

Can't wait for show in STL!! 2nd row center orchestra!!! Please, Please, Please play Trip to Pirates Cove in STL....High in the Morning is another great new one
shakeherd's picture

Sunday! Sunday!! Sunday!!! I will be taking my 11year old son to his first rock concert to see the best band ever. My first concert was TP&HB when I was 12 years old in 1978 in California and I have yet to miss one since. It never will get old, love the new and the old stuff. Thanks guys for the best music ever for the last 32 years of my life. San Fransico set list 1978 Concert. 1. Surrender 2. Anything That's Rock 'N'… 3. Fooled Again (I Don't Li… 4. Casadega 5. I Need To Know 6. Refugee 7. Making Love 8. Listen To Her Heart 9. You're Gonna Get It 10. Mystery Man 11. American Girl 12. Breakdown 13. Strangered In The Night 14. Too Much Ain't Enough 15. Shout 16. I Fought The Law 17. Any Way You Want It 18. Even The Losers
ohmymyohellyes's picture

Oh HELL YES, gonna put on my party dress!! (or in my case a t-shirt) lol. Had 5th row seats for ZZTop opening for Tom@ Summerfest. & now the Pièce de résistance ~~~ for my 10th Tom Petty concert.... 3rd row, center, orchestra seats!!! tick, tock... cuz the waaaaiting is the hardest part :)
conzo8fan's picture

I'll be wearing my original Full Moon Fever concert t-shirt when attending my 10th (at least) Tom Petty concert and I can't wait! I'll be bringing my son to his first Petty show and my daughter to her 2nd along with 2 of my best friends. They've all witnessed me being such a huge Petty (fan since 1980) that they've all become fans too! I'm in serious need of some MOJO! Love the new tunes. Thanks Tom!