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Chicago, IL 07/17


Jul 17 2010
Chicago, IL
United Center

Rumored to be the largest arena in the United States based on sheer physical size, Chicago's United Center certainly lived up to expectations. It is a behemoth, which makes it all the more impressive how effectively the band along with Robert Scovill, John "Haircut" Tompkins and the rest of the Heartbreakers' sound team can seemingly shrink the size of the room and give even the most massive venue an intimate listening experience. In the coming weeks, we'll be getting more in-depth with Robert and the sound crew on how they approach the Heartbreakers' live sound while working with their brand new K-1 System, hand built by French company L-Acoustics.

Tonight's show in Chicago held special significance for the Drive-By Truckers as most of the band members had their families at the show. Frontman Patterson Hood dedicated "Santa Fe" to them off the band's new album, The Big To-Do.

Soon after taking the stage, Tom promised the capacity crowd that they would have some serious fun on this Saturday night. "We're gonna raise hell here in Chicago," he said. Well it didn't take long before total pandemonium erupted inside the giant packed arena with the opening of "Free Fallin.'" Rare are the songs that can be identified within the first few notes, but "Free Fallin'" is definitely one of them. Never fails to produce goose bumps

We're headed to St. Louis for a Sunday show and then on to Cleveland, Detroit and Pittsburgh next week. Come out and see us soon and check back for more photos, videos and recaps from the tour!

United Center
Tour Tracks: 
Jefferson Jericho Blues
First Flash Of Freedom
Running Man's Bible
I Should Have Known It
Good Enough
American Girl
Oh Well
Listen to Her Heart
Kings Highway
Don't Come Around Here No More
Free Fallin'
I Won't Back Down
Mary Jane's Last Dance
Runnin' Down A Dream
Learning To Fly


crashil's picture

why is it that when the band comes to chicago they are playing at the united center I love tom petty dont get me wrong but it would be awsome if it was an outside show like tweeter center or somthing just saying
rmeier's picture


yes....I'm the girl with the Mojo hat and red Mojo shirt smiling and taking it all in while taking pictures... and I'm still smiling from your performance. This concert makes #10/therefore I continue to work.
Keep touring and I'll keep working to pay for your concerts.
rmeier's picture

They could sing the alphabet and it would still be the best concert performance. They require no costumes and lasers to perform just guitars and their voices...please keep writing and playing music Tom. Love your Mojo!
msjackieo's picture

Beautiful!! Thanks Guys!!! MsJackieO
rohnthack's picture

Honestly, the show was a bore outside of the NEW MOJO material. The guys looked bored to me. Going thru the motions on the "hits". The set-list needs to be changed with more surprises and perhaps even a bit longer...17,18, 19 songs just doesn't cut it anymore...
TPHummer - HummingbirdGirl's picture

I guess you need to be a fellow musician or at least musically inclined to appreciate First Flash as much as I do. I am so glad they played it as well as everything else they chose to share with us. First Flash is a combination of every good riff, lyric (trains, canyons, town with no name and horses) and note that Tom has composed through the years - listen a bit more and maybe you will hear it. We were blessed to hear their most popular old tunes for which they literally had to choose from a gigantic compilation to fill a two hour slot. With so many songs over the years I don't know how anyone can complain about anything they did or did not play! Anything is alright, right?
michaelgordon's picture

The Heartbreakers can play Captain & Tennille songs (not that there's anything wrong with that), and I'd be fine - they're that great of a band. (Bob Dylan also has a fantastic touring band these days.) I loved that they messed up the intro to "First Flash of Freedom," then recovered with such humor and professionalism. Quite a cool, progressive song for them I think - and you can't go wrong with lasers! Overall, last night in Chicago was the best Petty show I've seen in 30 years (although I may have forgotten more than I realize). So, like tawhite, I'll take as many new numbers as they care to play. Again, this is just a damn good rock 'n' band.
mw9496's picture

8th row tix were my son's graduation present (8th grade) and the show was great! Set list was tight, band sounded great, great blues cuts between DBT and TP & the Heartbreakers! You could always want more but it is a true blessing to here/see and artist deliver their craft as this band did last night! Thank you!!!
campfan's picture

Seemed like a huge old venue cram-packed full....just amazing.... look so good smilin'....and he wore my fav shirt!
jillnjim's picture

Great show last night. Agree with the previous poster, First Flash of Freedom wasn't a crowd favorite, but I Should Have Known It was outstanding. Wished the guys would have mixed up the set list a bit for us (I like the calls for Jammin' Me!!), but we loved it nonetheless!!
Anonymous's picture

Great show last night! The new stuff was great too. They played 5 Mojo songs right in the middle of the show, they were all great with the exception of First Flash of Freedom. This song zapped the energy from the crowd, and then fans were impatient during I Should Have Known It, which was great live. Had they played Jammin Me, or Even the Losers instead of First Flash of Freedom, it would have been the perfect concert!
Anonymous's picture

I agree w/ the earlier post and am really hopin to hear Jammin Me tonight.
chi_towner123's picture

Have been watching the set lists closely, praying for a change. "Mojo" feels like more of a self-indulgent album for Tom & Co, with is totally cool and richly deserved. I can also completely appreciate Tom's desire not to be a walking juke box. All I ask is that maybe a few more old faves be added for the folks who are paying well over $100 of hard-earned per ticket to hear them. If they could throw in "I Need to Know", "Don't Do Me Like That" or "Even the Losers", I'd be one happy dude!
iris78's picture

play it in chicago tomorrow, love you, iris
reidk0326's picture

Great addition to the set list with Honey Bee, even though Driving Down to Georgia is awesome live. Hope to see both in Chicago!
emily_wilbury's picture

I'd love to hear some of the songs that the band played earlier in the tour, and I'm really disappointed that so far they've taken out Drivin' Down to Georgia, Kings Highway, and Mystic Eyes...I've never gotten a chance to hear ANY of those on tour (seeing as I'm only 15), and I was really psyched. Reading these setlists has made my excitement levels drop a foot, but I supposed I'm still totally pumped. See you all tomorrow!!!
kucerac's picture

I just watched your video recording of you at the Fillmore San Francisco and your opening with Jammin' Me made the place erupt. I have noticed that you do not play that song a lot on tour but it is my favorite. I saw you play in Denver with Steve Winwood a couple years ago. My only request would be to see you open with Jammin Me. :)
tawhite's picture

I can't wait until the show this Saturday. Tom and the HBs can play whatever they want and I'll be fine with it. This will be my 4th show this tour and I can't get enough. I do second “Something Good Coming” song as a great wild card in the Mojo set. The band played Don't Pull Me Over from Mojo at day 2 in Milwaukee and that song totally brought the house down, I would love to hear it again. I saw the band played Honey Bee for the first time this tour and I wouldn't mind seeing that, but I got to hear Driven Down to Georgia at least one more time live the last 2 minutes of that song is pure music heaven! See you at the United Center and at the 5th leg of my tour in NYC at Madison Square Garden.
Anonymous's picture

Agree with "clamman123", Makin Some Noise, and Somethin Good Comin would make the night!
rickmatheny's picture

Play "Rebels." And also "Something Good Coming." Special Request from the Force of Nature.
clamman123's picture

Please play these when you come to Chi-Town Tom. Kingshighway, California, girl on lsd, sweet home Chicago, the apartment song, You're so bad, southern accents, Honey Bee, tweeter and the monkey man, pretty woman, the waiting, free fallin, learning to fly, makin some noise.
TPHummer - HummingbirdGirl's picture

Can't wait to see the sweat beads under your eyes again Tom. That's the kind of detail that seats in front of the mic stand produce. It's really special to see such a group of hard working men with Petty at the helm sharing their life passion with us. Thanks guys, see you next week @ United Center.
durob's picture

I am heading to Chicago from Nova Scotia Canada. I am flying half way accross North America to see Tom. Would love him to play "The Waiting". This is my favorite song and will be the first time I see him live in my nose bleed seats haha!!!! I have been "Waiting" for 25 years now to see him!
dj's picture

Love Mojo and happy they're touring still! They could play anything, and I'd be blown away.
dm4taylor's picture

Can someone tell me if I can bring a small personal camera to the Chicago show?? Can't wait!
mmoranepm's picture

Saw the show in MKE, outstanding!! Wouldn't mind hearing more off the MOJO. Excellent Stuff!! Favorite "Runnin Man's Bible" Tom, why not play the whole album front to back. That's how good this one is!! See you at the United Center 7/17/10
Anonymous's picture

songs i hope they will play. zero from outer space, change the locks, california, born in chicago, zombie zoo, gloria, a women in love, a thing about you, louisiana rain, the apartment song, girl on lsd .i seen them in milwaukee what a show cant wait to see them here . wish it was at the vic for a week again
anaxander's picture

please play Something 's coming this way
anaxander's picture

Please put Kings Highway back on the set list. I'm dying to hear this one live as I've never had the opportunity before. Please?
anaxander's picture

I saw that you guys played "Don't Pull Me Over" during one of the shows at the Gorge. Any chance you could play it in Chicago? It's one of my favorites off of Mojo and I bet the crowd will agree, considering that many of them will be driving home after the show!