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Cincinnati, OH 07/15


Jul 15 2010
Cincinnati, OH
Riverbend Music Center

Cincinnati's Riverbend Music Center was built on the banks of the Ohio River in 1984 on 15 acres donated by a local amusement park.

The land where the amphitheatre stands today was once the home of two popular roller coasters, The Wildcat and Shooting Star, which seems apropos considering the two bands slated for this steamy summer night.

Openers Drive-By Truckers are every bit the wildcat, a rag-tag bunch of scraggly rockers whose music lurks somewhere between rock and punk. The Truckers ripped through their hour-long slot tonight, obliging a fan request for "Sink Hole" before concluding with monster renditions of "Hell No I Ain't Happy" and "Let There Be Rock." Just like a shooting star, the Heartbreakers hit the stage for two hours of brilliance each night and are gone before you know it. If you catch a glimpse, even just for a brief second, it's an incredible sight that you'll never forget.

Anticipation was peaking in the minutes before the band took the stage in Cincinnati. "Oh Well" served as the catalyst tonight, the song's dark, dirty mojo igniting the thousands under the roof at Riverbend. "Honey Bee" stoked the flame, the Wildflowers deep cut blowing blues swagger into the mix. "Refugee" was the burning point as the thousands of sweaty Heartbreakers fans crammed into this concrete crucible screamed along with Tom to the song's memorable chorus.

We're off and running on this second leg of the Mojo tour! Come out and see us soon and check back for more photos, videos and recaps from the tour!

Riverbend Music Center
Tour Tracks: 
Jefferson Jericho Blues
First Flash Of Freedom
Running Man's Bible
I Should Have Known It
Good Enough
American Girl
Oh Well
Listen to Her Heart
Don't Come Around Here No More
Free Fallin'
I Won't Back Down
Mary Jane's Last Dance
Learning To Fly


windm001's picture

Tom always puts on a great show!
complexkid1976's picture

YES!!! It was incredible!!! I was in third row, but we stayed at the rail. It just rocked. I was the blonde with the "Straight Into Darkness" sign. :-D That was a great show. Doesn't get much better. They went on at 9:06pm.
tappl30's picture

what time did petty go on stage?????
aj1990's picture

Please come to Cincinnati next year, if not, please come 2012. Keep on keepin on.
tarasam's picture

Great night for a rock show!Loved the whole set list!!I love the new mojo record,and it rocks live!
bcermak's picture

This was the BEST show of the year. Bar NONE. Only Tom and the Heartbreakers could make the hot, humid weather, Smoking HOT! Thanks for Everything. Can't wait for the next time. Don't ever stop Rockin'.
margolyn's picture

Thanks for a wonderful Show! WE really enjoyed it! It beyond rocked on a hot sultry night in Cinci! Band is still just amazing!
joann43113's picture

Thanks for the fantastic show last night. My daughter and I never get tired of watching you guys play. You always seem so humble, like you can't believe we all showed up to hear you play!
campfan's picture

Cool pictures.....the black and white effect....looks so authentic.... The Benmont pic is cool....and MC....WELL just once again soooooooooooooo amazing!! love u guys......see ya'all soon!!
rocknmamma's picture

AMAZING!!!! Last nights show was great!!!! I never get tired of listening to or seeing you guys in concert!!!! I'm especailly digging the outdoor venues we've been to on this tour...Red Rocks, Indy and Riverbend. Got myself 1 more set of tickets for Nashville...I can't wait. Still waiting to see if NY works out for us...keeping my fingers crossed. I had lawn seats last night but that was 'Good Enough' for me!!!!!! Much love ;D
snyder's picture

The show tonight was amazing.
rocknmamma's picture

Well...I am still excited over the show I just went to in Indy..had 1st row and now have my playlist framed...Thanks again Dana!! Looking forward to gearing up and heading up to Riverbend tonight. Got lawn seats...the view definitely will not be as nice but hey I know the music will still ROCK!!! But if you feel a need to have me up front again..just say "Sherry come on down" and I'll gladly step forward I'm up for the job!!!! ;D Much love!!!
rcboy52's picture

pleease tell tom to play shadow of a doubt9-16-10
complexkid59's picture

Its my wife and I's 4th wedding anniversary the night of this show, please, please play Here comes my Girl for us if anyone in the band reads this, it would make our night guys. Driving up from Perryville, KY for this show, roughly 2 1/2 hours, its all good, the show will rock!!!!
daves's picture

Driving in to watch the beloved Truckers open and play at a big venue, and to see my first Petty show. It will be a night.
onemanbandrecords's picture

Really looking forward to this show. I am bringing my youngest son (who is 21) who has never seen the Heartbreakers. Also bringing two of my best friends and treating them to Pit row 3 seats. They have been hit hard by the recession, and haven't seen a concert like this for almost 30 years anyway. I just want to see the look in their eyes as they love TP and the Heartbreakers. They always said they wanted to see them. I love this venue for concerts. It's my favorite, and I have been to many a venue! Get em going Jersey Boy! Brooks and Dunn Sunday too! Yahooooo!
stotty's picture

I know you played this on your last tour but you sure can rock that song and whip the crowd into a frenzy with it. How about pulling that song out for us at Riverbend?
spud614ce's picture

I have gotten to see TPHB twice, easily I could say that they were the best concerts I have ever been to, and I have been to a lot of concerts. I really wish I could make it to this one, it even lands on my birthday, but this economy has really put a slump in my concert attending schedule. So to all that do get to attend, I hope you have a great time!
bornwithwilbury's picture

It's my favorite on Mojo, too! If they play it, I'll probably rush the stage.
catcher75494's picture

Please play Something Good Coming...awesome new song.
blixin's picture

complexkid1976's picture

I can't wait!!! I am so excited!!! I'm gonna be in third row! I could count Tom's teeth I will be so close! well, then again you could count them from 12th row. (sorry I like making jokes about tom's teeth even though they are cute!!)