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Kansas City, MO 07/13


Jul 13 2010
Kansas City, MO
Sprint Center

Ever wondered why certain songs become immediate favorites while others are slow burners that creep into your consciousness and slowly take root?

"Good Enough" is a great example of the latter. The last cut on Mojo, the song is an epic blues rocker that's driven by Mike Campbell's searing guitar playing and features some of the best lyrics Tom's written on Mojo.

You're barefoot in the grass/ And you're chewin' sugarcane/ You got a little buzz on/ You're kissin' in the rain/ And if a day like this/ Don't ever come again/ Well that's good enough

"Good Enough" has always been good enough, but tonight in Kansas City, the band treated the excited Sprint Center to an absolutely explosive version that is certain to be the benchmark for this tour. From note one, "Cherry," Mike's "59 Gibson Les Paul Reissue, was at the forefront, spitting solo after sinister solo over Ron and Steve's solid rhythm and Benmont's Hammond B3 organ swells.

We're off and running on this second leg of the Mojo tour! Come out and see us soon and check back for more photos, videos and recaps from the tour!

Kansas City
Sprint Center
Tour Tracks: 
Jefferson Jericho Blues
First Flash Of Freedom
Running Man's Bible
I Should Have Known It
Good Enough
American Girl
Oh Well
Listen to Her Heart
Kings Highway
Don't Come Around Here No More
Free Fallin'
I Won't Back Down
Mary Jane's Last Dance
Runnin' Down A Dream
Learning To Fly


rubberz's picture

hello tom petty. i am from mansfield,mo a small town in the middle of like no were. . . you are like one of my FAVORIT singers in this world. i like your song roll another joint,because people just dont know how it feels to be you me or just plano your self. well sir i got in some trouble in school with ms o maryjane and your music just made me chang into a better person. i really hope to get see you in person. well bye =]
jcregan's picture

Tom Petty is AWESOME! There is a group of us that go together every time they come to town and the best concert has been at Sandstone because he always come in the summer and it's so nice out! So, PLEASE TOM PETTY, Come to an outside Venue next time.... I promise you will sell out!! Outside Venues in the summer are so much better than inside the Sprint Center. Capital Federal Amp would be a great place for your next show THIS SUMMER!!! :)
jcregan's picture

I have been going to Tom Petty for YEARS!! I love him. The best concerts were at Sandstone!! The outdoor venue's in the summer is so much better than the Sprint Center! Please come back to KC and play at the Capital Federal Amp.. (old sandstone) I buy a ton of tickets and everyone agrees that is the best place for Tom Petty! Please Please Please!!!!
inalou's picture

Rockin!!!! Exceeded expectations! My 2 best friends and I had another one of those unforgettable adventures....... Hope you got the photo I left with the security guard. It is of TP, JL, HT and the stewardess that knew Mike Cambell who got JL the tickets... JL and HT are professional womens pool players. I am just lucky in life to be an experiencer of the fabulous! It was Reno, NV Lawler Events Center circa 1996. Taj Mahal opened and I my friend now Since JL is so famous now too.....and it was a really fun evening, I thought the band might like a copy of at least a couple good shots...hey we all looked better back then! I was in NYC recently and should have gone to see ya'll at Madison Square Garden....what was I thinking I could have slept through the meeting! Keep that MOJO guys really got it. How about this camera phone shot...
vickyd's picture

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers rocked it out Tuesday nite at the Sprint Center! This was a Mother's Day gift from my daughter. What a gift it was! "She loves her mama!" What a "good girl" for getting us tickets to the best rock n' roll show I've seen in ages! Been a fan since hearin "American Girl" back in the day. What a wonder to watch my daughter groovin' to geniune, authentic rock music that I was diggin' at her age. This goes for the new tracks also! Like fine wine, keeps gettin' better with time. Just goes to show ya that true rock n' roll will transcend thru the ages! God Bless You Guys for the memories, then and now!
campfan's picture

Wonderfull pictures....everybody rocks....! That Firebird and Mike is a killer...... You rock Tom!
melliemel1972's picture

.chella my daughter doesnt say much but she sure does ask for tom petty by name.This will be her second concert first was tom petty in stl on lawn last tour.we'll be back on lawn this sunday center lawn in a sea of tyedye, 5 days and counting.people ask what it is about your music and I say either you get it or you dont i'm sorry if you dont. i cant remember a time in my life when the heartbreakers werent part of it.Much love and thank you for many years of good music and goodtimes. .
ssauvain's picture

I have been a huge Petty fan from my wild College days in the early 80's to my grandpa days now. My favorite tune of yours is Wildflowers...would love to hear it!
heavypetty's picture

Tom, I know you are a history buff. Be sure to find some time to visit the WW1 museum in Kansas City. It's great. Thanks for touring, we love it! See ya from the 4th row section 1. Thanks to the Fan Club for the great seats.
tbonehall's picture

I have liked all Tom Petty songs I have yet heard. I really enjoyed the live anthology and would like to hear TP&HB play 'friend of the devil" again.
topang_cg's picture

Really getting psyched for Tuesday night's show. Sprung for MOJO seats so hoping to get a Mike Campbell pick! PLEASEOHPLEASE. Next change will be St. Louis next Sunday. This is probably only my 5th TPATH show-- I got onto this bus late in the game and am not ready to disembark!
Anonymous's picture

Anyone know if we can bring cameras in this time? Last time I was told yes by Sprint Center but when I got to the door I was told no cameras allowed. I have front row tomorrow and I want pictures!
nitemarish_911's picture

I've been psched for this show for MONTHS! It's gonna be great. I can feel it. I was hoping for some material from the Traveling Wilburys. But if you didn't want to I'd understand. What I really want, most of all, is "Here Comes My Girl". It's my all time favorite. Well, I wish you good travels and I'll see you on Tuesday!
americangirl1212's picture

I work at The New Dime Store in Brookside which is not far from the Sprint Center here in KC. In the basement the ceiling has been signed by alot of people, including Aerosmith. I thought maybe Tom and the band could come by there for a visit while they are in town for the show. He could sign the ceiling! Also one of our sales clerks used to live in Gainsville, long ago, and she served 'Tom room service once when he was back there for a show. But the biggest reason is that I am his biggest fan! I have loved the music for many years now. However, I am unable to afford to attend the show since my husband has been laid off for about a year now. See ya on the 13th? Thanx
kugirl2009's picture

Hi Guys! This will be my first time seeing you, and I am so incredibly excited!! I have been watching all the updates on the tour so far on your site and on Facebook. Since it seems like its unlikely that you will play my favorite song of all time, I thought I'd give it a try and see if you would consider playing it for this concert. Here Comes My Girl is one of my favorite songs, and I'd kill to hear it live. I have seen that American Girl is also on the setlist for several of the concerts so far, but I'd also like to beg that you choose to play it for KC as well. Thank you so much! I am sooooo pumped and ready for this concert! - Trisha
jley67's picture

I have seen TP&HB quite a few times, but this show will be the first for my 15 year old son who has become a big fan. Looking forward to hearing the band again. They are like good old friends.
maygirl72's picture

Tom Petty and Drive By Truckers???? Are you kidding me??? I have a court date this day but am seriously thinking about not going and going to see this show instead!!!