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Indianapolis, IN 07/10


Jul 10 2010
Indianapolis, IN
Verizon Wireless Music Center

Hundreds of pictures of the artists who have graced the stage of Verizon Wireless Music Center in Noblesville, IN line the backstage wall, serving as a constant reminder of the incredible history of the amphitheatre known best by its former name, Deer Creek. Perhaps the most infamous night here was in July 1995 when thousands of fans crashed the gates to get into a Grateful Dead concert, birthing the ubiquitous "Gatecrashers Suck" stickers.

No one crashed the gates on Saturday, though the 24,000-capacity amphitheatre was stretched to its absolute limit for Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers' triumphant return to the Hoosier State for first show of the second leg of the Mojo Summer 2010 tour. Though rain welcomed the band for their last two appearances here, the stormy weather held off and fans were treated to a gorgeous summer day for tailgating before the Drive-By Truckers took the stage as the sun dipped below the horizon. The Truckers welcomed David Hood, an original Muscle Shoals Swamper and father to lead singer Patterson Hood, to sit in for the Staples Singers' "Respect Yourself," a song the elder Hood played bass on for the original recording. Mike Campbell of the Heartbreakers could be seen standing sidestage watching with a wide grin.

From the opening notes of "Listen to Her Heart," it was clear Indiana was ready for Tom and The Heartbreakers. Mike Campbell's piercing guitar riff led a defiant "I Won't Back Down," but the highlight was "Mary Jane's Last Dance," with the massive crowd rising up to meet Tom's vocals as he sang, "She grew up in an Indiana town/Had a good-lookin' mama who never was around/But she grew up tall and she grew up right/With them Indiana boys on them Indiana nights." Doesn't get much better than that. The second leg of the tour is off to a fantastic start. We'll see you in Kansas City on Tuesday!

Verizon Wireless Music Center
Tour Tracks: 
Jefferson Jericho Blues
First Flash Of Freedom
Running Man's Bible
I Should Have Known It
Good Enough
Mystic Eyes
American Girl
Oh Well
Listen to Her Heart
Don't Come Around Here No More
Free Fallin'
I Won't Back Down
Mary Jane's Last Dance
Runnin' Down A Dream
Learning To Fly
Drivin' Down To Georgia


adamhilt's picture

The concert was sold out and I went anyways. I lucked out and a very nice gentlemen sold me a lawn ticket for 40 bucks. It was so hot during the day, but cooled down that evening. That was such an amazing show and I wish they would come back!!! Also, the most people I have seen at Verzion!!!
hibba's picture

I've got a fever an the only cure is more maracas. Running Man's Bible was the highlight of the show for me. A show like that does exactly what it's supposed to do for the artist and the fan. The fan gets to see a group of incredible musicians at the top of their game playing through a state of the art sound system, which rekindles his love for the old classics and brings clarity and context to the new songs. The artist gets to play in front of 24,000 paying fans with the knowledge that they got their money's worth, and the rush of not just performing the songs they know will go over, but also getting that confirmation that the new stuff stacks up. Tom is a national treasure, now I'm just waiting for him to put out his long-awaited all maracas concept album. Oh Well.
hibba's picture

I know Tom is a great songwriter, singer and guitar player, but I had no idea that he is also a virtuoso on the maracas. The highlight of the night for me (besides finding out that beers in the Green Room are free-can you say $13 for a Heineken?) was Running Man's Bible. What a pleasure it is to see such accomplished musicians doing their thing. After seeing the show I couldn't take Mojo off my iPod in my car. I also thought that the two songs that the Drive by Truckers did with Patterson Hood's dad were fantastic.
tphoneybee's picture

Thanks for the sticks Steve!!!!
tphoneybee's picture

I surprised my 10 year daughter with front row tickets to Indy. It was his first concert. At the end of the show Steve was kind enough to give her his drumsticks. It was one of those nights that we will remember and share forever. Thanks for a great show!!!!!!!
indypapergirl's picture

The first Tom Petty concert I took my daughters to they were 18 and 13. That was 11 yrs ago.
It misted rain and there was lightning in the distance and we danced and danced.
They have grown up and take me to his concerts now. (Center stage 5 rows from the stage even.)
They are true Indiana girls who love their mama.
They love the band...the instruments. The music.
May God Bless you and keep you safe on your tour.

elgudat's picture

Here's another great shot I got of the guys taking their final bow of the night.
rocknmamma's picture

Thank you the show was awesome as usual...had no doubt it would be anything but GREAT!!!! I had a great time and my husband was so moved by the fact we were in the first row area ..he cried. I gave Dana a the end of the show I got the playlist!!!!! One of the best things I've every gotten...barely tops the anniversary trip to Vegas to see the band, the trip to NY to see the band for my birthday,the trip to LA to the Truabador for spring break,the trip to Red Rocks for opening night and the list goes on and on...we don't take vacations we take Tom Petty trips!!!!! Thank you for all the great music and thanks for the playlist!!!! Much love...keep jammin me!!! See you again at Riverbend Thursday!! ;D
elgudat's picture

The guys put on such an amazing show Saturday night! It's Monday afternoon and everyone I know who saw the show is still in a state of musical bliss. I'm a guitar girl myself, and loved watching Mike work his magic fingers on all those gorgeous guitars. An all-around fabuolous show guys! It means so much to us that you still take the time to come and rock our socks!
tracy's picture

Just wanted to note that last year it did not rain. Tom very specifically mentioned, "It's Not gonna rain tonight! I told my friends about that show!" as those of us who danced through the monsoon cheered in agreement and utmost joy that he even remembered! To have Tom mention it AGAIN helps explain why I LOVE Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers!!! :)
mcduffeveryday's picture

When are you going to give us something recorded live from Noblesville, IN? You know and we know you love that venue. Sick show. "Don't Come Around Here No More" sublime.
zacharydp's picture

Wow, what a awesome show last night! The weather was perfect and you guys sounded great. Can't wait to see you again in Chicago next Saturday!
strike3urout's picture

My son Matthew and I were VERY pleased with the AWESOME show that Tom and the boys put on at VW outside Indy on Saturday 7/10!! The 23k fans PLUS were all singing to the hits and grooving to the new "Mojo" songs as well! Tom had them eating out of the palm of his hand all night long and he was really smiling while challenging Mike Campbell many times on several guitar riffs!!! This was our 3rd time to see TPetty and we are going to see him again in Nashville, Tn on 8/12! GREAT JOB BY TOM AND THE HEARTBREAKERS!! KEEP ON ROCKIN' BOYS!!!
bobbyd19's picture

First of all "Great concert" Once again the first four songs got the crowd going singing and shaking! Then came the first of the two covers "OH Well" it was received very well and the energy stayed high right thru "Mary Janes last dance" which brought the house down! Then Tom and the boys gave everyone a well deserved break when they played "Drivin down to Georgia" a lot of people headed for the consession stands and a lot more had a chance to sit down and rest a bit."Breakdown" got everybody pumped up again,then came "Mojo" which I really like a lot but 5 of them a bit much especially "First flash of freedom" just not that great of a song a real snoozer. The last "Mojo" song "I Should have know it" really got the crowd going again along with learning to fly, don't come around here and Refugee was a great finish! The encore was great with the exception of "Mystic Eyes" and a great finish with "American girl"! I'm just telling it like it is!
campfan's picture

Look like it was a blast......Tom....look so good in red... Michael....."Mr Maestro himself".....always soooooooooawesome! And Benmont....that sile fits good....! Thanks for the wonderfull pics and keep rockin'
rcboy52's picture

tp is king-mike is the crown prince-without each other their is no band.cant wait for the tampa show-say hi to dusty for me!
Anonymous's picture

I love the covers mixed in! It gives us a little more insight into some of the influences that helped to create the greatest band of all time. My only wish is that Tom and the Boys play what THEY want to play. If they do that, 100% of us are going to be satisfied when it's all said and done. Can't wait!
mariekintz20's picture

See that it hasn't been on the set list yet for the MOJO tour !! Hope this "little hippie girl" hears it in Indie, cause it ROCKS !!! Saw TP&HB's in 70's, again in 80's, can't wait to see them tomorrow night !! Just keep gettin' better !!
hotmusicguru's picture

Hey Indianapolis..... If there are still 2 tickets out there send me an email. I cant afford the regular price tickets cause of this great economy! If anyone can find it in there big midwest heart to help a young guy out send me an email ( I know Tom is going to burn it down!
scottlangdon's picture

Love the set list so far...hope Tom will shake it up a little for the Indy show!
jptoombs's picture

Does anyone know what time Will Call will open on Saturday?
kdrdunn's picture

Wow...that WOULD be a great addition to the Indy setlist!!!
cmain's picture

I agree, I wouldn't mind hearing "Swingin'"...
tjarzyniecki's picture

TP, Mike and the rest of the boys, my 5 yr old Zeke is a huge fan and demanded that I invite you over for a bbq. So if you are not busy Friday night or Saturday afternoon let us know! FYI Zeke sure likes his Candy, he don't go for no turnip greens
katkajon's picture

Please play "Honey Bee" and "It's good to be King"!!!! If not, we will love the concert anyway!
henrytr's picture

hasn't anyone seen Runnin' down a dream? These guys haven't played any songs from Echo since 2000 'cause of the reasons that Tom wrote them.
grubbulac's picture

How can someone say they speak for 99% of an artist's audience? Presumptuous and ridiculous. I'm happy to be in the same room for two plus hours with the greatest American rock and roll band ever. They can play anything they want.
kleinhjen's picture

PLEASE play me at this concert! It's such a great new song and it has so much emotion! i would absolutely love to hear it at your July 10th concert at the verizon center! Can't wait to see you guys, seriously.
bobbyd19's picture

My request is simple and this request I'm sure speaks for 99% of the folk's that will be in attendance! Please if possible only play your own songs! You guys have so many great songs! There is simply no need what so ever to play songs like "Gloria", Mystic Eyes" and "Oh Well" I would like to reach out & grab you guys and shake you guys and say "Are you guys brain dead or what" I don't care what songs you play as long as there yours! I could see throwing songs like that in there if you needed to fill some holes and didn't have enough material for a concert but you guys don't have that problem! You got so much material you could play 10 concerts without any repeats! Please think about what I said here and remember I'm speaking from the heart here and hope you understand we love you guys!
hibba's picture

I know you haven't been doing this one, and maybe it's one of those that you never play, but it sure would be cool.